Description of Acquisitions
by the Princeton University Library
with emphasis on Rare Books and
Special Collections
c1750 -- 1990

The following list is divided into two parts. Items are listed by year of acquisition.
Part I: From the Librarian's annual reports 1810 to 1963.
Added in are data gathered from various sources, such as Maclean papers, Trustee's minutes
Part II: From the section 'New and Notable' published in the Princeton University Library Chronicle, first starting with the calendar year 1963. Last 'New and Notable' here is for 1990


Annalistic list of accession of early printed books gleaned from
librarian's annual reports 1810 to 1911. Material is in Princeton
University Archives, Xeroxed set of such gathered from the Maclean Papers, Trustees Minutes, and other sources.
Made by Maritza Maxwell and Ben Ripley on 2 August 1991 with additions and changes by Steve Ferguson.

1760 (PUL 1916)

"Catalogue of Books in the Library of the College of New Jersey, January 29, 1760" - approximately 1300 volumes listed, including many volumes of the Delphin and other "choice editions" of the classics; Erasmus's edition of the Greek New Testament, Basileae, Frobenius, 1535; Eliot's Indian Bible; Marsilio Fecino's translation of Plato; Stephen's Thesaurus linguae latinae, 1740, 4 v. folio; Thucydides, translated by Lorenzo Valla, 1588, folio; Maimonides de sacrificiis; Scaliger de emendatione temporum, and Historia concilii constantiensis, 7 vols., folio.
*Note: Majority of library's holdings were destroyed during the Revolution.

"Concordantiae sacrorum bibliorum hebraicorum, auctore Mario de Calasio, Londini, 1747-49." 4 volumes, preserved from 1802 fire by President Smith.

Calvin's works - 11 volumes, folio, printed in Amsterdam, 1676, also saved from fire.

"Arturi Jonstoni psalmi davidici, interpretatione, argumentic, notisque illustrati, Londino, MDCCXLI", believed to be one of Governor Belcher's books. Rediscovered in 1876.

1785 (from PUL 1916)

Dr. Rogers gives an "elegant copy" of Montanus' Hebrew Bible.

"Apology for the true christian divinity, as the same is held by the people called, in scorn, Robert Barclay, 6th edition, London, 1736"; "Sermons on Several Subjects, by E. Pemberton,"; both volumes identified to be from Belcher's original collection. Survived two fires and the vandalism of two armies.
1810 - 29

Records of donations in MacLean Papers 14:


Jonathan Bayard Smith, Esq. of Philadelphia - Class of 1760 -- 36 titles including Willards Body of Divinity; Locke - On Human Understanding; Milton's Poetical Works, Baskerville Edition; Daniel's History of France; Maclauren's Fluxions; Smith's Voyage's to Guinea; Reynold's History of the Parliament of England; Fundamental Principles of the Quakers; Vertol's Revolutions of Portugal.

William Barton of Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 20 titles including Darwin's Botanical Garden; Telemachus.

Dr. Wharton of Burlington, NJ - 1 title - Seneca's Lives (?)

Rev. Professor Hunter of Princeton, NJ - 3 titles including Sidney on Parliament and Ramsey's History of the American Revolution.

M. Minto of Princeton, NJ - one title - Nouvelles de la Republique des Lettres.

Dr. MacLean of Princeton, NJ - 2 titles.

Other books listed in Maclean 14:

History of Insects
Ornithological Dictionary
Yeats Entomology
Falconers Collections
Klaproth's Mineralogy
Jameson's Mineralogy


26 first numbers of Pemberton's Collection of Voyages and Travels
Owen's Works, abridged in 4 volumes
Edinburgh Review - current editions


Nearly two dozen books on subjects such as minerals, geology, and chemistry.


93 volumes presented by various people as well as by the publishing firm of Collins & Company of New York.


Edinburgh Review and other subscriptions continued


Over a dozen volumes on scientific subjects


Several volumes, including an English Lexicon, a Greek Thesaurus, and various periodicals.


long list of several hundred volumes on selected subjects. Very little information given (i.e. no author, no year)


Periodicals including the Classical Journal, the Edinburgh Review, and the North American Review.


Notables include translations of Fischer, studies of electrical dynamics, Tuckson's Sights of Nature, six volumes of Dejean's Species general des Calestenier (?) and four volumes of Newton's Principia.


Astronomical books; Hitchcock's Geological Survey of Massachusetts.


"The Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Times to the Year 1800." 142 volumes, bought with funds left by James Madison.

First three polyglots of the Scriptures given by James Lenox, LL.D..

"Napoleon's grand Desciption de l'Egypte," given by Philadelphia merchant Matthew Newkirk.

List of books including The Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; various encyclopediae and dictionaries; 4 plays of Aristophanes and other Greek plays; collections of lectures as well as philosophical and religious works.


small listing of a half dozen books including Wilmet's Arabic Lexicon; lengthy list of such classics as the Koran, Hume's England, Locke, and Plutarch.


Small list featuring works by such authors as Racine and Chateaubriand; 12 volumes of Swift's works.


Several hundred volumes including a series of works on Parliamentary History; lengthy list of books on historical and religious subjects.


Original copy of Monuments of Washington's Patriotism; Thucydides, 3 vols; various dictionaries and compilations of philosophical debates.


Lengthy list of volumes on many subjects from chemistry to geology.


Small list of philosophical volumes


Small list of travel descriptions and observations


Long list of novels and historical books.


Long list of works including a volume containing Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the United States of America.


Books including historical works and philosophical discussions

1852 - 58

Lists begin to mention authors of the works, but not publishing dates.


List of books about religion, literature, history and geography.


List of books including histories of the Church, and the Constitution.

1856- 1859

Subjects include classic literature, philosophical works, and historical accounts.


Several books on the religion in early America, other religious titles, philosophy, mathematics, travel, history, and grammar.


Books on the origin of the human race, fine arts, and Egyptian and Sanskrit subjects.


Books concerning matters in classical Greece, religious histories, and biography.


English books; also books about political economy and history, and first volumes of Beecher`s autobiography and Kingslake`s Crimean War.


Several books on the history of England and certain Christian churches, along with dictionaries and grammar books.


A copy of Franklin`s Experiments in Electricity, printed in 1774.
Several other books and pamphlets printed after the turn of the 19th century.


Several volumes of congressional documents given by the Department of the Interior.
Other items including a Chinese Bible, and many single titles without dates of publication.


"List of Donations to the Library of the College of New Jersey for the session ending December 21, 1869:
1. A very rare and curious German work on Mining, with illustrations, description of implements, etc, printed in ---, presented by Gen. A. A. Halsted. Probably Vom bergkwerck, 12 bucher, [ by G. Acricola], verteuscht durch P. Bechius, Basel, 1557. Is this Ex 9306.115.11q ?? or Ex 9306.115 ??

Several books concerning religion, local history, Portuguese history, Japanese language, and science and mathematics.
A very rare and curious German work on Mining, with illustrations, with an unknown publishing date.


Books including Encyclopedias, local history, Civil War documents and accounts, and religious subjects.


Books of Indo-European literature, folklore, and tradition.
Biographies of Sir Walter Raleigh, among others.
Various travel books


Collection of Adolph Trendelenberg, metaphysical philosopher of Berlin, 10,000 volumes and pamphlets acquired, including 185 volumes of old editions of Aristotle and his commentaries.
See: Minutes of the Trustees of the College of New Jersey, vol. 5, p. 249 (Princeton University Archives, Mudd Library) // Meeting on 18 December 1872. // In the President’s report the following re the Trendelenberg Collection // “The Committee of the Trustees have, on the recommendation of the Faculty, instructed me [i.e. President James McCosh] to purchase the valuable library of the late Dr. Trendelenburg of Berlin consisting of about 12,000 volumes offered at 6,000 thaler, a little more above $5,000. These volumes will soon be forwarded and will help to fill the alcoves of our new Library. I ask the Trustees to advance the money out of the Elizabeth Foundation.”
Librarian Frederic Vinton’s memorandum book has this entry for 1873:
October 20th The library was first opened to the students-for purposes of study, between 10 and 11 o’clock, A.M. and between 3 and 4 o’clock, in the afternoon. The Trendelenberg library having been roughly arranged by my son, its examination by myself was commenced today. The immediate objects, however, are merely to enable the treasurer to report on its value, and me to select books for location with the rest of the library on the lower floor.
December 1st The first examination of the Trendelenberg collection has been completed, the Greek and Roman classics, several hundred in number, separated from the rest, and much of the remainder grouped according to

Vinton's annual reports in bound codex. Covers 1873-1889.
Mudd Library
Princeton University Archives.

p. 1: "Library of the College of New Jersey, August 18th 1873. Arrived in Princeton, today, and immediately commenced inquires preliminary to the removal of the library from its old quarters to its new lodgement. ...

Vinton estimates (p.2) that CNJ library at about 20,000 vol at this time. One of this jobs was to process the TRENDELENBERG collection which was on the order of 9,000 to 10,000 volumes.

See Richardson's 1916 PUL book for details on Trendelenberg. P. 22: "Prof. Adolf Trendelenberg, the metaphysical philosopher of Berlin, ... It includes 185 volumes of old editions of Aristotle and his commentaries, with a hundred modern essays in Latin on his philosophy; several hundred volumes of classics comparatively rare, and a large body of miscellaneous books. ...."


Annalistic list of accession of early printed books gleaned from
librarian's annual reports 1810 to 1911. Material is in Princeton
University Archives, Xeroxed set of such gathered from the Maclean Papers, Trustees Minutes, and other sources.
Made by Maritza Maxwell and Ben Ripley on 2 August 1991 with additions and changes by Steve Ferguson.

1873 - according to Coleman (36) this is the beginning date of the Pierson's donations for his Civil War Collection. Pierson died in 1907. That was the last year of his gifts.

1874 (Report of the Librarian)


Olson, Charles E. 290 volumes
Pierson, John S. Over a thousand volumes on Civil War
Childs, George W. 60 volumes, reprints of old English poets and theologians
Peyster, J. Watts de. 40 volumes on historical addresses and essays, many on the Civil War
Lenox, James. 12 volumes of The Historical Magazine, unbound; The Complete works of H.W.Prescott, the historian of Spanish America, 16 vols. in a new edition.
Alexander, Rev. S.D. 58 volumes

1875 (Report of the Librarian)


Governor C.E. Alden, of Princeton. 290 volumes
Childs, George W. 46 volumes
Pierson, John S. 720 more volumes on the Civil War

1876 (Report of the Librarian)


Pierson, John S. 250 Civil War volumes

1877 (Report of the Librarian)


Pierson, John S. 714 additional volumes to the Civil War collection
Long, Mahlon. One hundred volumes, many of them important editions of the classics

1878 (Report of the Librarian)

Pierson, John S. 200 volumes to the Civil War collection


A complete set of all editions of all the laws of New Jersey from the surrender of the government of Queen Anne in 1702 to the year 1800.
Other volumes representing the Fine Arts; also, medical journals and encyclopedias.


A complete set of the N.Y. Herald in 124 bound volumes given by J.T. Agnew Esq.
More Civil War pamphlets.


2,000 volumes including Steven`s Facsimiles


The Pyne-Henry Collection of Autograph Documents relating to the history of the College.
A number of first and early editions of the classics.

According to Coleman (35), "nearly five hundred autograph letters and documents, almost all relating to the College, were received from Moses Taylor Pyne '77 and J. Bayard Henry '76. Also, by 1894 Junius S. Morgan '88 had given various early editions of the classics..."


Coleman (36): Junius S. Morgan '88 gave the library the Vergils and other early editions of the classics. "Mr. Morgan, who was the Associate Librarian from 1898 until 1909, continued to present early editions of the classics and other works to the Library until shortly before his death in 1932."


Coleman (37): The Hon. William Nelson deposited his collection of New Jerseyana


Coleman (36): Robert Garrett '97 began depositing the world-renowned collection of manuscripts he would later give the Library in 1942.


Coleman (36): Robert W. Patterson '76 begins the Horace collection, adding to it over the next 20 years.

Among numerous acquisitions are these which were printed before 1800:
Bergier, N., Histoire des grands chemins de l`Empire romain. Bruxelles, 1728.
Collection of state tracts published in 1688 and the reign of William III. London, 1705-07. 3 volumes.
Hardwicke, P.Y., Miscellaneous state papers from 1501-1726. London, 1778. 2 volumes.


No detail about accessions.
Note p.[2]: The disproportion between the large sums provided for building with the similar sums talked of for instructors, and the relatively petty sums, seriously wanted for definite pressing needs in the manner of books, is bewildering to the professors and a challenge to scoffers in other in other institutions attempting like work to ours.

Aug 1, 1911-July 1, 1912:

The accessions numbered 14,676, of which 12,067 were bound volumes, 7,133 were acquired by purchase, 4,934 by gift. The most noteworthy gift was five Vespucci items from the Hoe sale, given by Cyrus H. McCormick '79, and among these the only American copy, out of only four existing copies, of the book which gave the name America to this continent. The additions to the Patterson Collection contain also items of unusual rarity and interest.

August 1, 1912-July 13, 1913

The gifts and deposits have been unusually noteworthy. They include additional volumes for the Vespucci Collection from Cyrus H. McCormick '79; the Laurence Hutton collection of association books and pictures; the gift of Mr. R.W. Meirs '88, of 533 volumes, with a deposit collection of more than 400 volumes, 125 autographs, original drawings, etc., by Cruikshank, making a unique working collection; a collection of 623 cuneiform tablets from Messrs. R. Brnnow, Robert Garrett, '97, Cyrus H. McCormick '79, M. Taylor Pyne '77, Russell W. Moore '83, and others; a collection of 35 cuneiform tablets from Messrs. W.J. Funl '09 and G.W. Gilmore '83. The additions to the R.W. Patterson '76, Horace Collection have also been of unusual significance and include the first English translation, two manuscripts of Horace and one of Virgil, and five Horaces from Robert Browning's library.

Other gifts include: a collection of photographs of Phillipine life from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson; a collection of Cruikshank illustrations presented by Alexander Van Rensselaer '71.


no specifics


no specifics

August 1, 1915-July 31 1916:

Noteworthy gifts include preeminently the remarkable collection of Cruikshankiana given by Richard Waln Meirs '88 and containing 1,589 numbers, including broadsides, drawings, etc. Two European War Collections - one of war posters by John W. Garrett '95, and one of war relics by Richard Ridgeley Lytle '13 - have attracted much interest. There were gifts of some special importance also from Pliny Fisk '81, and Allan Marquand '74, and the additions to the R.W. Patterson Collection maintained their customary distinction.
Coleman (37): Laurence Hutton's library arrives

August 1, 1916-July 31 1917:

Noteworthy gifts include several lots of war posters, books and medals sent by J.W. Garrett '95, S.R. Taber '83, Clifford N. Carver '13, and J.S. Morgan '88. The Philadelphian Society also has turned over their books.

August 1, 1917-July 31, 1918:

Special attention is called to the Benjamin Strong Collections of war posters, war currency, and bound newspaper clippings, including 1,403 items. The extensive literature of the Liberty Loans, also given by Mr. Strong, is not yet organized for report. Mr. Strong is adding to all these collections, with special attention to books and pamphlets on the economic aspects of the war. The Pitney fund for books on the war, with some special reference to the books on International Law aspects, has been peculiarly useful.

August 1, 1918-July 31, 1919:

The most important acquisitions are, the Magie, Brnnow, and Paton libraries, the Frothingham Collection of Revolutionary Communism, the items from the American Commission to Negotiate Peace at Paris, several rare books of importance from Messrs. McCormick, Patterson, and Coles, a choice collection of English translations of the classics from the library of Gustav Schirmer by Mrs. Schirmer, Dr. Robertson's collection of European War Relics in memory of his son Malcolm '15, additions to the Benjamin F. Strong special war collections and large additions by Mr. Strong and Mr. J.O.H. Pitney to the war books. The Magie library is the law library to the late Chancellor Magie, presented by Dean Magie and his sister Miss Henrietta Oakley Magie.


no specifics

August 1, 1920-July 31, 1921:

Through the interest and agency of Professor Harper, the Library has received as a deposit the collection od Wordsworthiana made by Mrs. Cynthia Morgan Saint John of Ithaca, New York. This collection consists of over one thousand books and periodicals representing practically all editions, both English and American, of Wordsworth's works. It includes many manuscripts, letters. photographs, and paintings, first editions and copies owned and read by the poet. It is the largest of its kind, with the exception of that at Dove Cottage, Grassmere. It is hoped that funds can be raised for the purchase of this very valuable collection.


no specifics

August 1, 1922-July 31, 1923:

Among the most notable gifts of the year is the collection of books on the French Revolution, made by the late W.D. Weaver, and given to the University by James W. McGraw. This collection, numbering 2,141 volumes and several hundred pamphlets, is of great value, including as it does many works which are very rare and are not to be found even in the President White Collection at Cornell University.

The bequest of the late Alexander Horton Travis '84, enriched the Library by the addition of several hundred volumes of the classics of English and American literature, all in editions that are a pleasure to handle and to use. This gift has enabled us to discard many badly printed and outworn volumes that were a discouragement rather than an incentive to reading.

Mr. Benjamin Strong has supplemented his former gifts by funds which have permitted us to place commissions in the hands of foreign booksellers for purchase of the original sources for the study of present day public finance.

To the generosity of Mr. Rodman Wanamaker '86, we owe the collection of books and pamphlets relating to the European War, made by Herbert Adams Gibbons, and a collection of 28 medals struck to commemorate the various Presidents of the United States.

August 1, 1923-July 31, 1924:

To the Class of '84, we are indebted also for a most interesting collection of autographs, together with the sum of $100, to be applied to their permanent installment; for a miniature of Dolly Madison; and for the original box in which the repeal of the Stamp Act was sent to America.

We are indebted to Mrs. Adrian H. Joline for one of the most valuable and interesting gifts this year, a collection comprising a Tibetan manuscript on Buddhist mysticism, a Persian illuminated manuscript, a manuscript copy of the Koran which was captured at the time of the relief of Lucknow in 1858 by Lt. Gen. Sir Edward Lugard, K.C.B. and three printed volumes distinguished for their bindings.

August 1, 1924-July 31, 1925:

The first of the larger collections to be received was the private library of George H. Boker, of the Class of 1842. ...friend of Leland, of Bayard Taylor and of most of the group who, during the second half of the nineteenth century, created an American literature. ... many first editions of American authors, inscribed as presentations copies...

The LeBrun Collections of Montaigne and Rabelais, comprising 367 volumes, is of very great value; containing, as it does, all of the 16th century editions of Montaigne and most of the significant and scholarly editions, published at later dates, of both authors; and a wealth of critical material that it would be difficult, if not impossible, now to assemble. It is emphatically a scholar's collection.

The Woodrow Wilson an almost complete collection of the original prints of the writings of President Wilson, as well as of the books published, both in this country and abroad, which contain specific estimates of his life and work. The obituary notices, appearing in the press during the months following his death, for which the Board of Trustees made a special appropriation, have been bound in 15 large folio volumes and are of unique interest. Through the courtesy of the Department od State, the Library has received a complete file of the Executive orders issued by President Wilson during his term in office.

To Dickson Q. Brown, we are indebted for a magnificently extra illustrated copy of Dr. Doran's life of Mrs. Montagu, "queen of the Blues". The extra illustration was the work of A.M. Broadley, who collected for this purpose portraits and autograph letters of hundreds of the men and women famous during the 18th century, including such names as Queen Charlotte, Lord Chatham, Alexander Pope, Samuel Johnson, Horace Walpole, and David Garrick. Sir Joshua Reynolds is represented by a signed sketch.

August 1, 1925-July 31, 1926:

By the death of David Paton, of the Class of '74, the Library has lost a loyal friend and generous benefactor. ... death on November 27, 1925 ... he gave to the Library his entire Egyptological and Assyriological Collection ...

Among the more notable acquisitions of the year is the collection of books by and about Rousseau, made by Hippolyte Buffenoir and consisting of 69 volumes and 242 pamphlets.

Of great interest is the gift of a group of 11 letters written by the Reverend John Woodhull of the class of 1766, and a member of the Board of Trustees from 1780-1824, during his service with the Continental armies in August and September 1776. These were given to us by George H. Cunningham, in memory of his wife, Evelyn De Vivon Woodhull Cunningham, a great granddaughter of the writer.

The bequest of Paul Weir '85 added to the Library 357 books of travel, of history, and of literature and enabled us to replace worn and soiled copies by those that are clean and fresh. The duplicates in the collection were, many of them, sent to the infirmary and others to the Public Library in Owensboro, Kentucky, the home of Mr. Weir.

August 1, 1926-July 31, 1927:

The most notable gift of the year was that of Mrs. Pierre L. LeBrun of Brooklyn, who was kind enough to endow the splendid collection on Montaigne and Rabelais, made by her husband, the well-known architect and scholar, which was presented to the Library two years ago. In March Mrs. LeBrun sent us her check for 15,000, 1,000 for the purchase of specified editions, and the balance as an endowment for the acquisition of books on Montaigne, Rabelais and their times, This income, expended through the years, should make and keep this collection in the first rank.

As a memorial to the late Charles Richard Williams '75, the distinguished editor, scholar and poet, Mrs. Williams has given his valuable private library to the University. A Section of it is to be used as the nucleus of the collection in a "browsing room" in the new Library building. In this room, we shall hang a portrait of Mr. Williams, painted by Howard Russell Butler '76, which is now temporarily placed in the old exhibition room.

Junius Morgan '88, has enriched the Vergil Collection which bears his name, by adding to it the Bucolica printed by Quentel in Cologne in 1495, the Georgica of the same printer, 1499, the very rare Opera printed by Soncino in 1508, and the Richer translation of the Eclogues, Rouen, 1718.

To the kindness of Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan we owe the completion of the set of Mansi, Concilia given to us by his father a number of years ago, a copy of the Roxeburgh Club edition of "A Book of Old Testament Illustration" and the Catalogue of the Murray Collection of drawings by the old masters.

Dickson Q. Brown '95 was so generous as to give us three valuable works on George Morland and a copy of Holman's graphic processes.

To Charles A. Pope we are indebted for a fine copy of Terence in the Venice edition of 1494 and to Charles Scribner '75 for the Julian edition of the works of Shelley.

Our collection of Princetoniana has received a number of notable additions, the most important of which is a manuscript record book kept by Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, who in 1753 gave to the newly established College the land on which Nassau Hall stands. This was presented by his collateral kinsman, Evan Randolph. Irving L. Roe '97 made it possible for us to secure photostatic copies of the letters written by Joseph Shippen Jr. during the Newark period of the history of the College. The originals are in the Library of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Edward L. Howe gave us a copy of the rare print "Washington at Princeton" made by Nathaniel Currier in 1846.

August 1, 1927-July 31, 1928:

Among the gifts which came to us from friends of the University the copy of the First Folio Shakespeare stands preeminent. Formerly a part of the splendid library of William Augustus White and given to us by his family, the copy is of the greatest interest and value. It has been owned successively, during the last hundred years, by Sir William Tite in England, and in America by Mr. Robinson, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Brayton Ives, and Mr. White. It is peculiarly gratifying to receive this gift, since Mr. White and his sons are of the Harvard family, and they desire that this gift should express the cordial interrelation of the two institutions.

Our collection of incunabula has been greatly enriched through the gift of another anonymous donor of a beautiful copy of the four-volume Bible printed at Strassburg in 1480 by Adolf Rusch. The edition is very rare, only 13 copies being known to exist in America.

Mr. Junius Morgan continues to find new Vergils to add to his collection. Of the fourteen early editions given to us, seven are from the presses of Spain, two from those of Portugal, two from Italy, and one each from Belgium, Germany and England.

Dr. Frederick J. Tooker '94 has presented an exceedingly interesting collection of ancient Chinese money.

To the generous cooperation of the Princeton Bank and Trust Company, the First National Bank and of Professor Kemmerer, we owe a subscription for the service of the Standard Statistics Corporation.

August 1, 1928-July 31, 1929:

Of the greatest importance is the gift of Junius S. Morgan '88, of a unique copy of the first edition of Vergil to be printed in Paris. It was issued by the press of the Sorbonne, about 1472. For a long time it was supposed that only Bucolics and Georgics were published, but this copy, which was described at length by M. Ch. Mortet in Bibliographe moderne in 1906, has proved the contrary. Mr. Morgan has further enriched the collection which bears his name by the gift of a fragment of a Virgil manuscript, written in the late 12th or early 13th century.

Another important incunabulum came to us from the estate of William B. Isham '79, - a Vulgate Bible, printed at Strassburg in 1470 by Henri Eggestyn...

A similar group of Princetoniana was given by Mrs. Bayard Henry, and the collection was further enriched by the gift of Dr. Ralston Fithian Elwell and Mrs. C. Edwin Buxler of the Master's diploma awarded to Philip Fithian in 1775...

In this connection should also be noted the gift of Charles L. Burke '01 of a sword once owned by General Hugh Mercer.

Dickson Q. Brown has consented to the use of his name as the giver of the valuable Rowlandson collection...

To M. L. Parrish we owe our thanks for a copy of his privately printed list of his uniquely valuable collection of the works of Lewis Carroll.

Mr. Lucius Wilmerding has been gracious enough to give the Library a copy of the beautifully printed edition of the Boswell manuscripts in the collection of Col. R.H. Isham; and Col. Isham was so courteous as to transfer to us, for the purchase of books, his honorarium for a public lecture, in which he described the manuscripts and told of their acquisition.

August 1, 1929-July 31, 1930:

Our collection of books on manuscript illumination has been enriched by the gift of Robert Garrett '97 of a copy of his privately printed edition of Sir Thomas Arnold's Bihzad and his paintings in the Zafar-Namah manuscript, and by J. Pierpont Morgan of the Miniatures des plus anciens manuscripts grecs de la BibliothŠque Nationale, by Henri Omont.

To Edward L. Pierce we owe the opportunity to purchase a copy of the Baskerville Book of Common Prayer, Cambridge 1760, and to Gabriel Wells the gift of the Seawood edition of the Works of Booth Tarkington.

August 1, 1930-June 30, 1931:

Mr. [Junius S.] Morgan has, during the past year, given us a copy of the facsimile of the magnificent Ambrosian manuscript of Virgil, which was once the property of Petrarch, and added eight important editions to the Virgil collection. He has given to us, as well, an example of the medal struck by the Italian Government in commemoration of the Virgil Bimillennial Celebration, and awarded it to him in recognition of his services in connection with it.

Mr. Cyrus McCormick '79 has presented to us copies of Stamler's Dyalogus. Augsburg, 1508, and Huttich's Novus orbis regionum ac insularum veteribus incognitarum. Basle, 1555, which supplement effectively the Vespucci collection which he presented to us a number of years ago.

July 1, 1931-June 30, 1932:

The lamented death of Junius S. Morgan '88, on Aug. 18, 1932, has removed from the circle of our friends a man whose interest in the welfare of the Library was constant and vital, and whose benefactions were very great indeed. The Morgan Collection of Virgils will remain his monument aere perennius. His last visit to the library was on Jan. 5, when, standing in front of the cases containing his collection, he received, from the hands of the Italian Consul-General at New York, the decoration of the Order of the Crown of Italy. Only a few weeks before his death, he sent us a beautiful copy of the Virgil printed in Leipzig by Wolfgang Stoeckel in 1511.

Cyrus McCormick '79 has added another to the list of valuable books related to the discovery of America, given to us in the past years, by presenting a copy of Maurolico's "Cosmographia", Venice, 1543.

July 1, 1932-June 30, 1933:

...the gift of Henry F. Montagnier '99 is a collection on Swiss history, particularly related to the Cantons of Geneva, Baud and Valais, Bern, and Neuchatel. Many of the books, particularly those related to the Reformation and the municipal history of Geneva are rare and difficult to secure.


no specifics

July 1, 1934-June 30, 1935:

Although it comes within the record of the present rather than the past year, I cannot fail to call attention to the deposit with us by Mr. Andre deCoppet of the papers of EugŠne de Beauharnais, the stepson of Napoleon, and his Viceroy in Italy from 1805-1814. The papers comprise about 6,000 letters and documents addressed to EugŠne by officials of the Empire, and about 28,000 letters, documents, and reports by officials in the Italian government, together with EugŠne's private papers during the period, after Waterloo, when he lived in retirement in Bavaria. So far is known, these papers have never been examined by competent historians and they are certain to contain much new material relating to the Napoleonic era in Italy. Dr. Richardson has most graciously consented to the release the room which he has occupied as an office so that we may have space for the installation of these manuscripts.

Articles in the Alumni Weekly and in Biblia have described the gift by Cyrus McCormick '79 of the manuscript of Strachey's "Historie of Travell into Virginal Britania", and of those excessively rare books, "For the Colony of Virginia Britannia: Lawes Divine, Morall and Martiall. London, 1612, and Rich's famous poem, "Newes from Virginia. The Lost Flocke Triumphant." London, 1610. The three are monuments in the history of Virginia of the highest importance and are another evidence of Mr. McCormick's continued generosity.

July 1, 1935-June 30, 1936:

An exceedingly important addition to our collections in 17th century English literature was the purchase of the Henry Austin Whitney Milton Collection, which included first editions of substantially all of Milton's works, except the very rare Comus, Lycidas, and Of Education, a large amount of critical material, and many books and pamphlets related to Milton's political career.

The manuscripts and the personal and literary correspondence of the Rev. Henry van Dyke '73 have been presented to the Library by Tertius van Dyke '08, on behalf of the literary executors...His papers contain autograph letters from hundreds of men and women distinguished in the field of letters, and they will be a mine for the literary historian of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Particularly interesting are the letters dated during his service as Minister at The Hague from 1913-1917.

July 1, 1936-June 30, 1937:

During the year announcement was made that John H, Scheide '96, a generous friend of the Library, has deposited with us two collections of manuscripts of the very highest importance. The first is a portion of the oldest manuscript of the Bible extant. Some time ago there appeared on the market a number of leaves of papyri containing both the New and Old Testaments, and Mr. Scheide was the fortunate purchaser of 21 of them, containing parts of Ezekiel, chapters 19-39. There is an agreement among scholars that this manuscript, which is remarkably well preserved, dates at approximately A.D. 200. Mr. Scheide has also deposited with us an extensive collection of vellum documents, deeds, wills, charters, marriage settlements, bulls, etc., originating in Central Italy and dated from the 10th to the 18th centuries.

We received from Mrs. W.P. Earle Jr. as a memorial to her son, William Pitman Earle III '38 who was killed in an accident in his sophomore year, a collection of 64 volumes which illustrate the modern treatment of the Arthurian legend. The collection contains the 2nd edition of Dryden's King Arthur, 1695, the suppressed Empedocles on Etna by Matthew Arnold [1852], and several other very fine items.

Gifts by Henry N. Paul '84 and Edward L. Pierce have greatly enriched our Shakespeare and Milton Collections. Mr. Paul gave us 12 early editions of Shakespeare and 2 volumes of early criticism, and Mr. Pierce presented 1st editions of Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. We are also greatly indebted to Mr. Pierce for a remarkable collection of postage stamps, containing about 30,000 varieties.

Mrs. Harry B. Fine presented two lovely volumes of John Donne's Sermons, which were printed in 1640 and 1649. They are a memorial to her father, the late Paul Elmer More.

John Forsythe Joline '07 and Mrs. Joline presented a collection of letters, journal and other documents relating to the Hon. John Forsythe, class of 1799. There were in addition 18 letters from Mrs. John Forsythe (Clara Meigs), 1803-1851. Mr. Joline also gave us some first editions of American authors.

An exceedingly interesting addition to our collection of Princetoniana was made through the generosity of Charles Scribner '13. This was a manuscript of The Tattler, an undergraduate publication of the '40's which preceded the Nassau Lit...W.L.L. Peltz gave us an interesting autograph letter of Charles Webster relating to the Great Rebellion in Princeton in 1816.

July 1, 1937-June 30, 1938:

Henry N. Paul '84 is giving us excellent help in rounding out our Shakespeare Collection. During the past year we received eight 18th century editions of collected works, together with two lovely editions of the Poems. Mr. Paul also presented a collection of books and pamphlets relating to Monmouth's Rebellion, Titus Oates, and the Popish Plot.

Our collection of the writings of Herman Melville is now complete, so far as American first editions go. This was brought about by the gift from Dr. Frank J. Mather Jr., Marquand Professor of Art and Archeology. Emeritus, of lovely copies of Timoleon, and John Marr and Other Sailors, two outstanding rarities in American literature. Dr. Mather also presented 54 miscellaneous volumes of special interest because of their illustrations.

Robert Frost delivered on the Stafford Little Foundation on October 26, a lecture entitled, "The Poet's Next of Kin in a College". During that week a collection of Mr. Frost's writings was on exhibition in the Treasure Room. Mr. Frost very kindly presented us with three first editions of his poems, and Frederic E. Camp '29 generously made a contribution for the purchase of other Frost volumes.

The William Seymour Theater Collection was enriched by the addition of an unusual collection os material relating to the circus, from the estate of Joseph T. McCaddon. An autographed print of Sir Henry Irving came from the Estate of Joseph P. Bickerton '00. Archibald MacLeish presented the original manuscript of his play Panic.

Our collection of Princetoniana now contains what is the keystone of such a collection. There is an original subscription list which was circulated for the raising of funds for the "purpose of Erecting a Collegiate School in the Province of New Jersey for the instructing of youth in the learned Languages, Liberal arts and sciences," dated March 5, 1745, a year and a half before the granting of the Princeton Charter. The acquisition of this most important item, together with two collections of papers of William Paterson (1763) was made possible by contributions by Henry J. Cochran '00, et al.

The original draft of the petition which was to have been sent to King George by the New Jersey Assembly protesting against taxation without representation is now in our collection of manuscripts. This is in the handwriting of Richard Stockton (1748). The purchase of it was made possible with money received from the following contributors: Mary F. Bradford, Katharine C. Clark, Arthur M. Conger '09, Juliana Conover, Daughters of the American Revolution - Princeton Chapter, Dean Mathey '12, Henrietta G. Ricketts, Richard Stockton III '09, Anice Terhune, and Owen Jones Toland '19.

Charles H. McIlwain '94 presented the Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Colony of New York, April 9, 1691-December 23, 1765, published by Hugh Gaine in the years 1764-1766...George R. Cook III '26 gave us a lovely copy of Georgius Agricola-De Re Metallica, translated by Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, and autographed by Mr. and Mrs. Hoover. Ten volumes containing the records of the cases of the S.S. Titanic and S.S. La Bourgogne were presented by A. Gordon Murray '91.

Coleman (37): "From 1937 until 1941 John Hinsdale Scheide '96 deposited some eight thousand European documents and manuscripts which were given to the Library by his widow and their son, William H. Scheide '36. in 1946.

July 1, 1938-June 30, 1939:

The Library continues to be fortunate in the receipt of gifts from Alumni and friends. Harry C. Black '09 presented a remarkable group of manuscripts of Louis Alexandre Berthier, Napoleon's chief of staff. There are over a hundred maps, Berthier's diary for 1977-1983, and several other documents, all related to French military operations in the Colonies during the American Revolution. The acquisition of this collection is of very great importance and enriches materially the Library resources for historical research.

Louis Banigan '04 presented a group of volumes on Latin American history, John W. Garrett '95 presented a copy Colonial and Historic Homes of Maryland, by Don Swann.

John C. Cooper Jr. '09 graciously turned over to us a complete file of the Daily Radio Press Bulletin, published during the period July 21, 1918-April 30, 1919, by the United States Naval Communication Service. This Bulletin, which was issued in mimeographic form in a few copies for very limited distribution to certain officials, gives the text of short wave propaganda messages picked up from foreign stations. Because of the period covered, this material is of very greatest interest, and it is unlikely that more than one of two files are being preserved in any other libraries.

Gabriel Wells, the well known rare book dealer, very thoughtfully sent to us the autograph manuscript by Albert Einstein of an address delivered at Swarthmore in June 1938.

A splendid gift came to us from Mrs. Dan Fellows Platt, consisting of a collection of books on mountain climbing. Among other volumes there is a file of the important periodical The Alpine Journal and a choice copy of the 8 volume edition of Horace Benedict de Saussure's Voyages dans les Alpes, published in 1803.

July 1, 1939-June 30, 1940:

Among the noteworthy gifts are the following: from William B. Bamford '00, Ars Quator Coronatorum, volumes 13049, a valuable and exceedingly interesting periodical of Masonic origin, devoted chiefly to architectural and historical subjects; from George W. Betts Jr. '92, 26 American bank notes 1824-46 and a pamphlet on Benjamin Franklin's examination before the House of Commons on the Stamp Act, 1766; from Edward Duff Balken '97 a group of 8 fine volumes, 3 of which are incunabula...St. Bonaventure, Sententiarum (Kilianus Piscator, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1493), Nicholaus de Ausmo, Supplementum (Hailbrun, Francfordia, Venice, 1474), and St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Epistle of St. Paul (Michael Furter, Basel, 1495); from John H. Scheide '96 Aphra Behn, Lycidus: or the Lover in Fashion (london, 1688), Wordsworth, Excursion (London, 1814), Suckling, Fragmenta Aurea (London, 1646) and Wither, Collection of Emblemes, ancient and moderne (London, 1646).

As illustrating the variety and interest of material in the Princetoniana Collection, the following gifts are worthy of note: from John F. Joline Jr. '07 some 1st editions of books by Booth Tarkington '93; from Robert M. Van Sant '07 two copies of the picture of the locomotive "Princeton"; a rare Currier print describing the explosion on the U.S.S. Princeton, presented by Philip Rollins '89, Stuart R. Stevenson '18, C. Vincent Armstrong '14, J. Harlin O'Connell '14, Shelton Pitney '14, and John N. Stearns '14; a letter signed by President Tyler March 7, 1844, referring to an accident on the Princeton, presented by Stuart R. Stevenson '18 and J. Harlin O'Connell '15...

July 1, 1940-June 30, 1941:

An anonymous established a fund for the purchase of poetry and prose of the English Renaissance in honor of Professor Charles G. Osgood. A small group of contributors enabled the Library to publish a scholarly bibliography of Paul Elmer More by Malcolm O Young. Mr. John H. Scheide presented a 17th century Bible box and added 1,189 pieces to his important deposit of European manuscripts, including 386 autograph letters and documents of royalty, nobility, statesmen, and other celebrities of France during the reign of Louis XII to the beginning of the French Revolution.

Through the good offices if Professor Chinard the Library received a highly interesting deposit from Mrs. Marie Leroux Dehay of manuscripts, letters, newspapers, broadsides, etc., altogether 432 pieces, pertaining to Socialist experiments in the United States in the 19th century. Two desirable incunabula were received as gifts from Sergei Cheremeteff, who presented a copy of Strabo's Geographia, printed in Treviso in 1480, and from David A. Reed '00 who presented an excellent copy of Cicero's Epistolae Familiares printed by Jenson in 1471.

July 1941-June 1942:

Among the notable acquisitions during the year the following items were received through purchase: about 800 documents of James Chaytor, a sea captain and officer in the Civil War; 34 letters of the Bache family, including a letter from William Stahan, the famous London publisher, to Benjamin Franklin and one letter from Franklin's sister, Jane Mecom; 44 letters of John Ruskin; Rainolds, Overthrow of Stage Playes, 1599; Vergil, Bucolica, printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1529; Sir Thomas More, Lubricationes, 1563; John Milton, Treatise on Civil Power, 1659; Rabelais, Oevres, 1558; Montaigne, Esais, 1594; Eusebius, Chronicon, 1512. The Library also acquired important microfilm sources during the year; a microfilm copy of The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1790, covering about 14,000 pages of Franklin's famous newspaper; and microfilms of 91 American periodicals of the 18th century. In addition, two further installments of microfilms of books printed in england before 1600 were received. About 8,700 photographs of actors and actresses were added to the William Seymour Theatre Collection, and also several thousand letters, portraits, scripts, account books, and other memorabilia of George C. Tyler, a New York producer.

The past year was distinguished by one of the most impressive gifts in the entire history of the library, the presentation by Robert Garrett '97 of the Garrett Collection Manuscripts, described by President Dodds as "one of the world's great collections of books and manuscripts, embodying the best of literature, art, religion, science, and history of the Islamic and Western Civilizations". This munificent gift, embracing approximately ten thousand volumes of manuscripts ranging through more than twenty countries, had been appreciatively described by various scholars in June, 1942, in the issue of The Princeton University Library Chronicle and has been widely commented upon in the public press of this and other countries. Through the appraisal of the Arabic, Persian, Greek, Indic, and Western European manuscripts in this collection, as made by competent scholars in The Chronicle, it is possible to obtain only an outline of the rich scholarly resources that have been added to the University's collections: years of scholarly research, cataloguing, annotation, comparison, and publication will be required to realize the full potentialities of this great collection. It is gratifying to report that the donor has added meaning and distinction to his gift by expressing the wish that these records of ancient civilizations should be made freely available not merely to the scholars of the University but to the entire world od learning.

Among other noteworthy gifts to the Library during the past year have been the following: from A.S.W. Rosenbach, a series of twenty-seven letters from Jonathan Dayton of the class of 1776 to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, covering the years 1805-1815; from the estate of Robert Bridges '79, through Mrs. Flora B. Witherspoon, 114 letters written by Woodrow Wilson to Robert Bridges from 1885-1919; from Stuart W. Jackson, two manuscript journals, with numerous maps, kept by Lieutenant Joachim du Perron, Comte de Revel, during his service under Admiral de Grasse. Through the generosity of various friends, the Library has been enabled to publish under its own imprint a handsome brochure describing the du Perron journals and including a full-size reproduction in color of the map of the fortifications at Yorktown, drawn in 1781 by Lieutenant du Perron. These journals and maps admirably supplement the Alexandre Berthier manuscripts previously acquired through the generosity of Harry C. Black '09. Generous contributions from Frederick E. Camp '28 and John H. Scheide '96 enabled the Library to acquire a handsome copy of the first edition of Richard Burton's Anatomy of a Melancholy, Oxford, 1621, thus completing the Library's holdings of all editions of this classic that were issued during the life of the author. Almost six hundred volumes of American History and literature, including such substantial works as Niles' Weekly Register and Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New york, were given to the Library by various persons as a result of an interesting experiment carried on in the summer of 1941. This venture was financed through contributions made ny Wolfgang S. Schwabacher '18 and others, enabling the Library to employ a member of the Class of 1941 to travel through New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania as a representative of the Library for the purpose of making its needs and policies better known and of securing gifts and books and manuscripts. The Committee having charge of the collection of letters and manuscripts of American literary interest.

July 1942-June 1943:

Among the notable gifts to the library during the past year was that of Eugene O'Neill -10, who presented the manuscripts of eleven of his plays, including drawings, scenarios, and proof sheets. These plays belonged to the earlier period of his work (1919-1924) and included the following: "The Straw", "Gold", "Anna Christie", "Emperor Jones", "Diff'rent", "The Hairy Ape", "Welded", "All God's Chill'un Got Wings", "The First Man", "Desire under the Elms", and "The Fountain". Mrs. O'Neill presented one of the fifty facsimiles of the handwritten dedication to "Mourning Becomes Electra", and Mr. Carl Van Vechten gave more than one hundred of his excellent photographs of the O'Neills. Winthrop M. Daniels '88 gave the typescript and proofs of his essay, "The Passing of the Old Economist", together with more that a hundred letters from prominent men commenting upon the essay.

July 1943-June 1944



Poe, E. A. - The Raven, and Other Poems. 1st edition. London, 1846.

MacPherson, James - Fingal. 2nd edition, 1762. (Herman Melville's copy with his notes.)

Habington, Wm. - Castara. Bristol, 1812. (Herman Melville's copy with his notes.)

Howells, William Dean - 14 holograph manuscripts, letters, etc.

Hutton, Laurence - Original Poem engrossed on vellum, and nine autograph letters.


Biddle - A.L.S. from Athens

Charlevoix - Voyage to North America. Dublin, 1766.

Hay, John - Letters and diaries. 1908. 3 volumes.

Hitchcock, Luman - Original autograph letter-book. 1859.

Lind, John - Answer to the declaration of the American Congress, 1766, bound with five other pamphlets.

Reed and Pettit letter-book.

Rush, Benjamin - seven holograph letters.

Stockton family manuscripts (deeds, etc.)

Chart: "From South to North River, New Netherlands", by Pieter Goos. 1666.

Maclurian Society: Manuscripts minutes...of a scientific society founded in Philadelphia in 1826.

Collection of books and papers dealing with Maritime cases and shipping records.

Manuscript Register kept by the Whaling Insurance Company of New Bedford, Mass. 1838-41.


Peters, Samuel - General History of Connecticut. London, 1781. (Philip Freneau's copy)

Robin, Claude - New travels through North America; in a series of letters, trans. by Freneau. Philadelphia, 1783.

Witherspoon, John - Eleven A.L.S.


Hodgkinson, John - Narrative of his connection with the Old American Company. New York, 1797. Playbills. (Approximately 700) of nearly all the Shakespeare plays and plays adapted from Shakespeare, (1785-1864).

Hervey, Charles - Miscellaneous writings on the drama, the theatre, actors and actresses... collected by Hervey...with specially printed titles, c1843-92, together with his Theatres of Paris. Paris, 1847. (many A.L.S. inlaid.).


Bacon, Sir Francis - Saggi Morali, (Trans, by Tobias Matthew.) Florence, 1618-19.

[Baxter, Nathaniel] - Sir Philip Sydney's Ourania. 1st edition, 1606.

Beaumont, Joseph - Some observations upon the apologie of Dr. Henry More...Cambridge, 1665.

Boileau-Despreaux, Nicholas - Le lutrin. London, 1682. 1st English translation.

Congreve, William - Works. 1710. 3 volumes. 1st collected edition.
Daniel, Samuel - Tragedy of Philotas. 1st ed. 1605. - Whole workes. 1623. - Collection of the History of England. 1636.

Davenant, Sir William - Salmacida spolia, a masque. 1st edition. 1639.

De Morgan, William - It never can happen again. A likely story Sally somehow good. When ghost meets ghost (Original typescripts).

Donne, John - A sermon preached...24 Febr. 1625. 1st edition, 1626.

Dryden, John - Tyrannick love. 1st edition. 1670.

Fielding, Henry - The opposition. 1st edition, 1742.

Lamb, Charles - Elia. 2nd series, Philadelphia, 1828, 1st edition.
Landor, Walter Savage - Poems. London, 1795. 1st ed. with Landor's own notes.

Moore, George - Anglo-Irish essays by John Eglinton. (Original typescript and printed version from The Observer.)

Nelville, Henry - Isle of Pines. 1668, 1st edition.

Sterne, Laurence - Life and opinions of Tristram Shandy. 1760-67. 1st edition.

Swift, Jonathan - Travels into several remote nations of the world. 2 volumes, 1726, 1st edition.

Wycherley, William - Love in a wood. London, 1672, 1st edition.
Croker - Balmanno correspondence. Manuscripts.


Baggallay, Sir Richard - Documents dealing with the slave trade. 1875. Many in ms. in Sir Richard's own hand.

Bossewell, John - Workes of armorie, devyded into three books. 1572.

Colnett, Capt. James - Voyage to the South Atlantic and around Cape Horn. 1798.


Albertus Magnus - Philosophia naturalis, 1506.

Galileo - Opere. Bogna, 1655,1656. 1st coll, ed.

Joannes and Damascus - Theologia. Paris, 1507.

Knox, Vicesimus - Spirit of despotism. London, 1595. 1st edition.

Locke, John - Letters concerning toleration. London, 1689.

Powell, Willis - Tachyhippodamia. New Orleans, 1838.

Sale-room, No. 1-28. Edinburgh, 1817. (Periodical)

Sporting Magazine. 1792-1870. (156 volumes)

VietŠ, Francois - Opera mathematica. Leyden, Elzeviri, 1646.

Collections of political cartoons by American Cartoonists.

July 1944-June 1945:


New Poems - Original typescript of the anthology prepared for the printer with author's corrections,
John Owen - Epigrammatum...libri Edoardum Noel...Guilielmum Sidley...Roger Owen...Editio prima. (London, 1612)

Epigrammatum...libri tres ad Henricum principem Cambriae duo. Ad Carolum Eboracensem unus. Edito prima. (London, 1612).

Epigrammatum...libri D. Marium Neville...Edito quarta. (London,1612.)
Alexander Pope - The rape of the lock. (London, 1714.) First separate edition.

Works. (London, 1717-35.) 2 volumes. First edition.
Percy Bysshe Shelley - The revolt of Islam. (London, 1829) This edition is composed of reminder sheets of the original edition with a new title page.
Songs in the Justiciary opera, composed 50 years ago. By C--M-- & B--I.C.C...

(Auchinleck, 1816.) 1st edition. (Attributed to James Boswell)
Thomas J. Wise - Collection of letters dealing with his publishing, autograph letters signed, etc.
William Butler Yeats - Deirdre. (Prompt book from the library of Mrs. Patrick Campbell with autograph notes by Yeats and Mrs. Campbell.)


Charles I, king of Great Britain - Reliquise sacrae Carolinae... (Hague, 1649?)
Lady Jane Douglas - Letters...with several other important pieces of private correspondence. (London, 1767.)
Thomas Fitzherbert - A defence of the Catholyke cavse.... (St Omer. 1602)
Nicholas French, bp. of Ferns - The vnkinde desertor of loyall men and true frinds. (n.p. 1676)
Stubbe, John - The discoverie of a gaping gvlf vvhereinto England is to be swallovved by another French mariage...(London, 1579.)


Samuel J. Bayard - Collection of his letters and manuscripts.

Aaron Burr - Autograph letter signed. May 10, 1755.

Thomas Jefferson - Observations sur la Virginie... (Paris, 1786.)

Christoph Heinrich Korn - Geschichte der krieg in und ausser Europa, vom anfange des aufstandes der Brittischen kolonien in Nordamerika an. (Nurnberg, 1776-1784) 3 volumes.

Joseph Jerome le Francaise de Lalande - Astronomie. (Paris, 1771-81) 2nd edition. 4 volumes. (Volume 1 contains a letter to Mr. Rittenhouse from Thomas Jefferson.)

New Jersey. A collection of manuscripts of New Jersey interest.
Thomas Pownall - A topographical description of such parts of North America as are contained in the (annexed) map of the middle British colonies, & c. in North America. (London, 1776.)
William Redmond Ryan - Personal adventures in Upper and Lower California in 1848-9... London, 1850. 2 volumes.


James Fenimore Cooper - England. (London, 1837) First English edition. The last of the Mohicans. (Philadelphia, 1826.) First edition. The oak openings. (New York, 1848.) First edition.
Sketches of Switzerland...part second. (Philadelphia, 1836.) First edition. Wyandott‚. (Philadelphia, 1843.) First edition.

Emily Dickinson - Poems. (Boston, 1890.) First edition

Edward Everett Hale - The man without a country. (Boston, 1865.) First separate edition.

Archibald MacLeish - Collection of first editions, manuscripts, and autograph letters signed.

Robert Rogers - Pontsach: or The savages of America. (London, 1766.) First edition.


Sir Francis Bacon - The wisdome of the antients. (London, 1619.) First edition in English.

Blessington Letters - Seventy items, (1837-1855) mostly letters and notes concerning Lady Blessington and her friends.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - The plot discovered. (Bristol, 1795) First edition.

Thomas Drue - The life of the Dvtches of Suffolke. (London, 1631.)
Thomas Gent - Serious reflections during the life and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe... (London, 1720) First edition.
Thomas Heywood - An apology for actors. (London 1612.)
Leigh Hunt - Dalby-DeWilde correspondence. Two hundred and ninety letters, concerned mainly with Leigh Hunt and his work.

John Locke - An essay concerning humane understanding... (London, 1690) First edition.

Thomas More - T. Crofton Croker correspondence. Eighty-three items 1827-1855.

Sir Thomas More - The debellacyon of Salem and Bizance. (London, 1533) First edition. A dialogve of cumfort against tribulation...which he wrote in the Tower of London... (Antverpiae, 1573) A dialogve...wherein he treatyd dyuers maters... (London, 1530) A fruteful and pleasaunt worke...of the newe yle called Utopia... (London, 1551.) First edition in English. A fruteful, pleasaunt & wittie worke...of the newe yle, called Utopia... (London, 1556.) Second edition in English. A most pleasant, fruitfull and wittie worke...of the newe yle called Utopia... (London, 1597.) Third edition in English. La description de l'isle d'Vtopia... (Paris, 1550.) First edition in French. Omnia quae hucusque ad manus nostras peruenerunt, latina opera... (Lovanii, 1566.)

Nathaniel Ward - The simple cobler of Aggavvamm in America... (London, 1647) Fourth edition.

Woodrow Wilson - Five autograph letters signed
to Frank I. Cobb, 1922.
to William Winter, 1910.
to Jefferson Winter, 1916.
to Dr. Thornton Whaling, 1918.
to W.L. Chambers, 1913.

Typescript (fourteen pages) of an article Hide and Seek Politics, with thirty seven autograph corrections, twice signed by Wilson.


Charles Hervey - Miscellanies in prose and verse...(London, 1842?-92) (Scrapbooks compiled by Hervey, containing articles by him on the theater, portraits of actors and actresses, playbills, views and autograph letters signed.)

Playbills - A collection of 18th and 19th century playbills. Collection of English and American Playbills.


..nteo Alam n - The Rogve...(London, 1623.) 2 volumes in 1.
Giovanni Boccaccio - (Il decamerone) The modell of wit, mirth, eloquence and conversation...(London, 1620-25.) 2 volumes in 1(volume 2 with title The Decameron, is first edition, 1620.)

De casibus virorum illustratium (Strassburg, 1475?)

The novels and tales of the...first refiner of Italian prose. (London, 1684.) Fifth edition.

A treatise of excellent and compedious showing and declaring...the falles of sondry most notable preince and princesses. . Dan John Lidgate. (London, 1554.)

...del Encina - Los psalmos de david; metrificados en lengua castellana...(Antwerp? 1606.)


...thius - Arithmetica boetij. (Augsburg, 1488) first edition.

Christiaan Huygens - Kosmotheoros, sive de terris coelestibus...(The Hague, 1698.) First edition.

Hans van Schooten - ...Exercitationum mathematicarum libri quinque...(Lugduni Batavorum, 1656-57) 5 parts in 1 volume.

Francois ViŠte - Opera mathematica. (Lugduni Batavorum, 1646.)


Franchino Gaffurio - ...De harmonia musciorum instrumentorum opus... (Milan, 1518.)

Library of Carl Engal - (183 volumes on music.)


Collection of thirteen miscellaneous original cartoons.

Collection of cartoons of Napier, Nast, etc.

Currier and Ives lithograph of Old Testament Parsonage.

Nast - Original wash drawing - Young negro soldier.

Russian posters (about 450 dealing with economic and political subjects.)


John Witherspoon - five autograph letters signed.

Various autograph letters signed, etc. (twenty-seven items of Princeton interest.)


Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette. Complete set of thirteen volumes. (London, 1822-28.)

Athen‚e Louisianais. New Orleans. Thirty-eight volumes.

Communist International. Two hundred and forty-five volumes.

Diplomatic Review. (1856-65). Two volumes.

Liberty. (1881-1908) Complete set of seventeen volumes.

Spirit of the Times. Various runs of numbers of this 18th century periodical.


Apuleius Barbarus - The herbal...from the early 12th century manuscript...(Ms. Bodley 130)...(Oxford, 1925.) (The Roxburghe Club Facsimile.)

Athenian society. London - One young student's library. (London, 1692.)

Bell's North country collection of broadsides.

Pierre Boaistuau - Theatrum mundi. (London, 1581)

Etienne Dolet - Dialogus, De imitatione ciceroniana, aduersus Desiderium Erasmum, (Lugduni, 1535.)

Desiderius Erasmus - ...Ecclesiastae sive de ratione concionandi libri quatuor. (Basle, 1535.) First edition.

June 1945-July 1946:

The Library has been enriched by several notable acquisitions. The Orlando C. Weber Library of about 3,000 titles, devoted chiefly to the field of political economy in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, was presented by the heirs of Mr. Weber. The splendid collection of Western Americana formed by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ashton Rollins, presented to the University some years ago, was formally transferred to the Library during the year. The Sinclair Hamilton collection of several hundred books illustrated by American wood engravers and the Charles S. Scribner collection of rare Charles Lamb titles were acquired by gifts and have been described in the Library Chronicle. Mr. Henry N. Paul presented about 3,000 volumes of American and English editions of Shakespeare. The names of donors, regularly recorded in the quarterly issues of The Chronicle, are too numerous to repeat here, but the following outstanding gifts are worthy of mention: from Blanchard W. Bates '41, a group of Italian newspapers including virtually all of the dailies that were approved by the Fascist Italian Socialist Republic in Northern Italy for 1944-45; from Robert K. Black '28, several Scott Fitzgerald first editions and Coleridge's translation of Schiller's The Piccolomini (London, 1800); from John N. Brooks '06, 25 eighteenth century pamphlets relating to American history and about 150 volumes of history and literature; from Mrs. Eric Brown of Ottawa, manuscripts and books by Philip James Bailey; from A Guyot Cameron '86, photographic albums, song books, and portraits pertaining to members of the Class of '86; from Bennett Cerf, several hundred letters relating to the Ezra Pound controversy; from Lieutenant R.H. Chapman '41, propaganda material obtained in North Africa; from Editions for the Armed Services, Inc., some 1500 volumes published for the American forces overseas, as well as the official archives of the Council on Books in Wartime; from Mrs Childs Frick, four Charles II chairs; from Robert Garrett ' 97, thirty-five letters by Woodrow Wilson; from Dean Christian Gauss, 173 volumes of literature and history; from Professor Gordon H. Gerould, 125 miscellaneous volumes of English and French literature, biography and fiction, including Letters Of Junius (2 volumes, London, 1770); from Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., Anne Bradstreet's The Tenth Muse (London, 1650), an exceedingly rare and perfect copy of an outstanding piece of Americana; from Donald L. Kemmerer '27, 39 volumes form the library of Edwin W. Kemmerer; from C. Otto v. Kienbusch '06, a manuscript by Arnold Bennett, some twenty letters by Joseph Henry, 3 Latin choir leaves, and a letter from Woodrow Wilson to Edward Sheldon; from Wheaton J. Lane '25, an autograph letter of General Frank P. Blair; from Denver Lindley '26, William M Thackeray's copy of Hume's The History of England (8 volumes, London, 1770) and other works; from Breckinridge Long, '03, several hundred volumes of history, law, and literature, including the Oxford, 1765, edition of Blackstone's Commentaries and the 1741 edition of Daniel Coxe's Carolana; from Professor Kenneth McKenzie, manuscript letters by Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles E. Norton, and others, together with various additions to the McKenzie fable collection; from J.V.A. Mac Murray '02, 80 miscellaneous volumes of literature, biography, and history; from M. Daniel Maggin, various first editions of Alexander Pope, together with documents by John Witherspoon, Sir William D'Avenant's The Platonick Lovers (London, 1636.) and John Lyly's Euphues (London, 1636); from Professor Frank J. Mather, Jr., a large collection of books of literature and history; from Dean Mathey '12, Ackermann's History of Oxford University (2 volumes, London, 1814), History of Cambridge University (2 volumes, London, 1815), and history of College of England (1 volume, 1816), all in splendid condition; from Mrs. Ira Nelson Morris a bronze bust of Woodrow Wilson executed by Jo Davidson; from Howard S. Mott various first editions of English literature; from E. Swift Newton, more than 800 volumes of history, travel, belles lettres, and topography from the library of the distinguished collector A. Edward Newton; from Mrs. Josephine Leaming Whitney Nixon, through the kindness of Boyd Nixon, '05, various New Jersey manuscripts and broadsides, together with several volumes of New Jersey laws, including Leaming and Spicer's Grants, Concessions and Original Constitutions of the Province of New Jersey (Philadelphia, William Bradford, 1756); from Mrs. Seth Low Pierrepont, a manuscript letter from Nathaniel Chauncey to Jonathan Belcher, 1717; from J. Duncan Pitney '43, a perfect copy of Paris, 1922, limited edition of James Joyce's Ulysses; from David A. Randall, correspondence and miscellaneous Princetoniana from the files of Robert Bridges '79; from David A. Reed '00, a fine calligraphic specimen of the sixteenth century, a servicebook for the chapal of Phillip II of Spain, Evangelia Dominica, 1566, together with 28 volumes entitled Summary of Operations prepared by the American Battle Monuments Commission, 1944; from Kenneth H. Rockey, '16, 43 volumes principally devoted to nautical and maritime history; from Roger Sessions, a group of his own manuscript compositions, including Sonata for Violin and Piano (May 1916) and Symphony in D Major (December 1917); from Frederick J. H. Sutton '98, 46 volumes pertaining to the history and manufacture of pewter; from Henry B. Thompson, Jr., '20, correspondence between Woodrow Wilson and Henry B. Thompson; from Mrs. McIlwain Thompson, an autograph letter by Jonathan Edwards, January 21, 1742; from Alexander J.B. Wainwright '39, Villaret's Antipamela (London, 1742), and various other works, including 13 autograph letters of Grover Cleveland, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sir Walter Scott, James McCosh, and others; from John S. Williams, '24, one very important addition to the fine group of Audubon materials that he has been contributing to the Library in recent years - an oil painting of the white breasted, black capped Nut Hatch by Audubon.



The Fugitive. A complete set of volumes.

Tichard Watson Gilder. A collection of A.L.S. to Miss Maria Lansdale.

William Basse (supposed author) - A helpe to disccurse: or, More merriment mixt with serious matters...12th edition, London, 1636.

Richard Brome - The Antipodes: A comedie...London, 1640. First edition.

John Chalkhill - Thealma and Clearchus. A pastoral history...London, 1683.

John Dryden - The tempest; or, The enchanted island. London, 1870. First edition.

Ben Jonson - The new inne, or the light heart...London, 1631. First edition.

Lucianus Samosatensis - Luciani Erasmo interprete Dialogi & alia emuncta...a Thoma Mora latina facta... Paris, 1514.

The mirour for Magistrates...Newly imprinted, and with the addition of divers Tragedies enlarged. London, 1587.

Mughouse diversion, or A collection of local prolouges and songs...London, 1717.

John Taylor - All the workers...cor., revised and newly imprinted...London, 1630.

William Butler Yeats - The player queen. Typescript with author's autograph notes, from the library of Mrs. Patrick Campbell.


Raphael Holinshed - The chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. London, 1587. 3 volumes.

Carel Jung - A nation in distress; five years of Dutch history depicted by the well known cartoonist, and printed secretly in a limited edition.) The Hague, 1945.

The remembrancer, or Impartial repository of public events. London, 1775-84. A complete set.


Israel Aerekius - Beskrifning om de swenska forsamlingars forna och narwarende tilstand, uti det sa kallade Nye Swerige sedan Nya Nederland, men nu for tiden Pensylvanien...Stockholm, 1759.

The Argus, or Greenleaf's new daily advertiser. New York, 1795-96. 416 numbers.

Corpus codicum americanorum medii aevi...Copenhagen, 1942-45. 2 volumes.

James Iredell - Manuscript dated June, 1776.

Nachrichten von den Vereingten deutchen evangelisch-lutherischen gemeinen in Nord America, absonderlich im Pensylvanien. Halle, 1787.


Giordano Bruno - De umbris idearum, implicantibus artem quaerendi, inueniendi, indicanadi & applicandi. Paris, 1582.

Baldassare Castiglione - The courtier...done into English by Thomas Hobby. London, 1588.

Voltaire - Lettres ‚crites par l'auteur, qui contiennent la critique de l'Oedyse de Sophocle, de celui de Corneille et du sien. Paris, 1719. Bound with eight other pamphlets published in the same year.


Collection of films and photoprints of early manuscripts dealing with the Arabian horse.


Collection of limited editions of famous composers published by the Lyre Bird Press in Paris.


Elias Boudinot - Six autograph letters signed.


James Murdoch - Collection of 700 playbills and about 300 letters covering the whole career of this American actor from 1829-1889.

June 1946- July 1947:

The list of donors during the bicentennial year is gratifyingly long, but it is impossible to record fully in this report. Individual acknowledgements are made for all donations and a detailed record of gifts appears in each issue of The Library Chronicle. The following donations of the past year are worthy of particular mention: from Marshall R. Anspach '19, volumes IV to VIII of Now and Then, a valuable local historical publication issued at Muncy, Pennsylvania; from Robert W. Anthony '02, various diaries, reports and publications concerning religious activities in Italy, 1943-45, together with class notes taken of lectures given by Woodrow Wilson; from Samuel E.Q. Ashley, 230 theater and concert programs; from Mrs. Charles A. Askren, 78 papyrus fragments in Greek, Latin and Arabic; from Edward Duff Balken '97, an important collection of early Pittsburgh imprints, including Patrick Gass' Journal (1807) and the Pittsburgh Business Directory, 1837; from Mrs. Peter Ballantine, some 350 volumes of the works of various literary and historical figures, including Irving, Thackeray, Henry Clay, Franklin, Jefferson, and Prescott; from Gordon Barbour '32, a copy of the rare Arte de la lengua Aymara (Lima, 1616), for which Mr. Barbour thoughtfully provided a microfilm copy of the book; from C.D. Batchelor, 319 original drawings of his cartoons; from Jacob Beam '96, 120 pocket editions of German classics; from Paul Bedford '97, a scrapbook containing complete press clippings of the meeting of the American Bar Association in London 1924; from August P. Biermann, a group of sixteenth and seventeenth century Cambridge imprints, including His Majesties Answer to the Declaration of Both Houses of Parliament (1642), together with seven manuscript letters from John Ruskin to his publisher, George Allen (1872-1875); from John Biggs, Jr. '18, 31 original cartoons, among them drawings of Nast, Dalrymple, Opper, Cushing and others; from Mrs. C.M. Bradford, 32 volumes of music; from Mrs. Malcolm G. Buchanan, 457 programs for the Seymour Theatre collection; from Alfred G. Carton '05, 102 volumes pertaining to World War I; from Henry J. Cochran '00, six interesting letters written by James McCosh to Mr. Cochran's grandfather, Robert Carter; from Louis H. Cohn, various first editions of Booth Tarkington and a scrapbook of clippings concerning H.L. Menoken; from Mrs. V. Lansing Collins, a collection of manuscripts, typescripts, and annotated copies of the publications concerning Princeton history written by the amiable and indefatigable student of Princeton lore, V. Lansing Collins once a member of the library staff; from Percy Crosby, autographed copies of 16 books by him; from Mrs. Ulria Dahlgren, a collection of books, pamphlets, letters and manuscripts of the late Professor Ulric Dahlgren '94; from Arthur T. Dear '03, five seventeenth and eighteenth century editions of Cicero and other classical authors; from Allison Delarue '28, a collection of programs, manuscript letters, and interesting notes by Eugene Berman, together with a letter written by Henry van Dyke; from John C. Dielhenn '34, Rameau's Demonstration du Principe de l'Harmonie (1749); from G. Vinton Duffield, an eight page pamphlet entitled Automatic Telephone Exchange of Princeton New Jersey, 1895, probably the first telephone directory issued for this community; from Mrs. Winthrop Dwight, A Practical Grammar of the Latin Tongue (London, 1729) including a letter written by Cotton Mather, 1717; from Amos Eno '32, a first issue of the first edition of hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter (Boston, 1850); from Miss Louisa Eyre, various sketches, plans and blueprints for buildings designed by Wilson Eyre; from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the manuscript of the bicentennial sermon delivered by him to the University on Sunday, September 22, 1946; from Miss Kate Friend, various volumes of sermons and addresses, together with a Catalogue of the College of New Jersey, 1848-49, and an autograph album of William R. Friend of the class of 1851; from Robert Garrett '97, forty original letters written by Woodrow Wilson to Mr. Garrett between 1904 and 1916; from Charles Garside '23, a manuscript entitled "Answer to Queries that were sent by the Right Honorable the Lords of Trade and Plantations to the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland" (1792), together with three Italian works of the sixteenth century and one of the eighteenth; from Frank T. Gorman '41, a collection of French novels and plays; from the executors of the estate of Professor George N. Priest '94, approximately 1500 volumes, chiefly in the field of German literature, together with seven boxes of manuscripts of lectures and writings bequeathed by him; from Mrs. Bayard Henry, the typescript of a diary written by Miss Kate Forrester Robertson entitled, "Robot Bombing over Surrey, England, June to October, 1944"; from J.G.E. Hopkins, a copy of the London Morning Post, September 12, 1809, of special interest because of the advertisement of books by Charles Lamb; from Thomas W. Hotchkiss '89, a pastel portrait of Charles Dickens and a large collection of clippings and Princetoniana items; from Arthur A. Houghton Jr., a presentation copy from Robert Fulton to Lord Grenville of Fulton's extremely rare Letters...on Sub-marine Navigation and Attack and the Effect which such inventions may have on the Commerce, Fleets and Independence of Great Britain (London, 1806); from Andrew C. Imbrie, '95, 30 original cartoons and drawings by Harold Imbrie '00; from B.J. Kelleher, an important group of volumes dealing chiefly with European painting, many of them issued during World War II; from C.O. v. Kienbusch '06, nine letters from John Witherspoon to Benjamin Rush, 1767-1768, a manuscript by Thomas Jefferson outlining a method for making nails, and miscellaneous letters by Boothe Tarkington, Richard Stockton, and Henry van Dyke; from Christopher la Farge, a very important collection of pencil renderings, blueprints, photographs and original drawings by C. Grant la Farge, including the rendering of the original scheme for the exterior of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and three renderings if the interior of St. Matthew's Church, together with a collection of books on architecture and related subjects and several boxes of miscellaneous photographs of subjects of architectural interest; from Wheaton J. Lane '25,
two autograph letters written by James McCosh; from John Adrian Larkin '13, an important volume of lecture notes on moral philosophy taken by John E. Calhoun of the class of 1774 under President John Witherspoon, together with other volumes of Princeton interest and an incunable, Donatus' Ars Minor, printed at Cologne by Heinrich Quentell, about 1495; from Harold J. Laski, the manuscript of a part of Sir Henry Maine's Popular Government; from Miss A.E. Lloyd, 44 eighteenth and early nineteenth century theater programs for Drury Lane and other theaters; from Helio Lobo of Rio de Janeiro, 163 pamphlets and books of Brazilian literature; from Mrs. Charles W. McAlpin, twenty-nine letters written by Woodrow Wilson to Mr. McAlpin between 1912 and 1923; from Robert W. McKnight '19, an important collection of literary and historical works with particular emphasis on the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, including two volumes from Stevenson's own library, The National Intelligencer from 1813-1828, The Democratic Free Press from 1814-1828, and the letters, business papers, and pamphlets of Samuel J. Wilson and Robert D. Wilson; from Mrs. Helen McLaury, of the Princeton University Library staff, about 75 miscellaneous volumes; from M. Daniel Maggin, George Chapman's The Whole Works of Homer (London, 1616), a fourteenth century document (1385) in Latin on vellum with the great seal of England attached, and various classical works of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; from Secretary of State George C. Marshall, the typescript of his speech delivered at Princeton on February 22, 1947; From professor Frank J. Mather Jr., a fifteenth century manuscript leaf, decorated with two miniatures and with the text of the dedication of a chapel in the Tyrolian mountains, dated July 4, 1482; from Herman C. Mergenthaler, The Tribune Book of Open-Air Sports (New York, 1887), the first book composed on the Mergenthal or Linotype machine; from Mrs. Van Santvoord Merle-Smith, 135 posters of World War I, and 55 Australian posters of World War II; from Professor R. Morey, various pamphlets and books of Italian origin, chiefly concerned with studies of art by Italian scholars; from Sterling Morton '06, a collection of periodicals and pamphlets on current economic and political conditions; from Edward Naumburg Jr. '24, nine letters
written by H.L. Mencken to Mrs. Ernest Boyd, 1924-1930, a manuscript essay on Thomas Hardy by Arnold Bennett, and a pamphlet sermon by John Witherspoon, preached May 17, 1776 (Philadelphia, 1777); from Charles T. Olcott '11, a collection of photographs, programs, and other items of Princetoniana; from Professor Charles G. Osgood, some 350 reprints and other Princetoniana items; from Mrs. Thomas M. Parrott, a manuscript containing the sermon headings and notes of the Reverend John Anderson, who died in 1712; from George Houston Pearson '50 and Robert Edward Pearson '50, a collection of nineteenth and twentieth century works dealing chiefly with chemistry and other branches of science; from Dr. Frank H. Pinckney, 162 volumes consisting principally of works of history and literature; from Professor Walter M. Rankin, about 100 volumes, chiefly biology; from David A. Reed '00, two important vellum manuscripts: an 11th or 12th century copy of The Miracles of the Virgin Mary, containing also dialogues between Alouin and Charlemagne, and several other tracts, with portraits of Alouin and Charlemagne, initials in red, and a cuir-cisel‚ binding of the fifteenth century made for a monastic library in Austria; and an excellent illuminated manuscript of the 12th century The Apocalypse of St. John, originating in southwestern Germany or Switzerland, bound in modern blind stamped Morocco; from Thomas E. Rhodes '26, 57 miscellaneous volumes, including a group on art and big game hunting, together with a collection of European coins; from Mrs. Chalfont Robinson, some 40 volumes pertaining to literature and the social sciences; from Walter Rothschild '13, six manuscript letters written by Charles Hodge from the class of 1850; from Michael Sadleir, for the Morris L. Parrish collection, a first edition of Charles Kingsley; Brave Words for Brave Soldiers and Sailors (London, 1855); from Pennington Satterwaithe '93, a collection of architectural works for the Marquand Library and for the Drafting Room; from the Senator H. Alexander Smith '01, three volumes of notes taken by him in Woodrow Wilson's course in The Common Law; from Lloyd W. Smith, three rare items concerning the early history of the College of New Jersey, particularly appropriate for the bicentennial year: A General Account of the Rise and State of the College Lately Established in the Province of New-Jersey in America (Edinburgh, 1754), The Petition of Gilbert
Tennent and Samuel Davies of the Infant College of New-Jersey (Edinburgh, 1754), and a printed circular letter dated 1790 and signed by Samuel Stanhope Smith appealing for contributions of funds for the purchase of a "philosophical apparatus"; from Professor W. Frederick Stohlman '09, a number of volumes concerned chiefly with art and art criticism published in Italy, together with a group of Italian posters; from Frederick J.H. Sutton and other descendants of Levi Holden, a manuscript muster roll of the Commander-in-Chief's Guard, 1782, given in memory of John O. Stoddard '45; from Mrs. Harry B. Van Deventer, 124 titles from the library of Professor Van Deventer, handsomely bound and chiefly concerned with classical authors; from Alexander D. Wainwright '39, a letter written by H.L. Mencken to Howard L. Spohn, February 3, 1930; from Professor Roy D. Welch, six scrapbooks of musical programs at Princeton from 1919-1944; from Dr. Louis C. West, a number of volumes of critical studies of Galen, Greek physician and medical writer, most of them published in the late 19th and early 20th century; through Howell N. White, Secretary to the class of 1901, five medals presented to Claude Silbert Hudson '01, in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the field of chemical research; and from Mr. Carl H Zeiss '07, a number of books concerning North American game, migratory birds, and other wild life to be added to the books given in memory of Henry Matthews Zeiss '40.

The foregoing indicates in summary form but by no means exhaust the list of donations made to the library through the generosity if alumni, Friends of the Library, and others. Many of these gifts are described and appraised more adequately in the pages of the Library Chronicle. Nor does the list include a number of highly interesting purchases made during the year. Among the latter are the following: 230 manuscript letters of Sir Paul Rycaut 1692-1699, giving detailed political and diplomatic information from Hamburg and the Hanse Towns to the Secretary-at-War in England; some 10,000 letters and documents covering the years 1900-1920 from the personal correspondence files of Arthur von Briesen, the leader of German-American organizations and activities preceding and during World War I; about 1250 manuscripts, letters, and documents, in part acquired by gift and in part by purchase, from the late Maria Lansdale, including letters of Hilaire Belloc, Richard Watson Gilder, and W.B. Blaikie. Additional purchases of important published works are listed in the appendix. Among the deposits made during the year was a collection of documents and manuscript writings or Parke Godwin of the class of 1834, deposited by Mrs. Harold Godwin. One of the gratifying donations made during the year was that of some 50 titles, all published by the Yale University Press in memory of the late Max Farrand '92. Though this important tribute to an admired and beloved scholar was anonymously made, a special bookplate bears the seals of both Princeton and Yale and carries the following inscription: "A Gift in Memory of Max Farrand, Graduate of Princeton in the Class of 1892, Professor of American History in YAle University, 1908-1925".

Books, manuscripts, prints, drawings and all of the other forms of recorded knowledge that have come to us in such generous quantity from the supporters of the library do not complete the list. In addition to the bequests of various chairs, desks, rugs, and other furnishings by Morris Parrish for the proper fitting out of his incomparable library, other gifts of furniture have been received. Mrs. Walter L. Whittlesey contributed a mahogany table of some historic interest which will be most appropriate for the Staff Conference Room in the new library. Mrs Dan Fellows Platt contributed to the Museum of Historic Art two fine Renaissance tables. These, with Mrs. Platt's permission, have been designated for use in the Conference or Exhibition Rooms of the new library. Such gifts, which will do much to enhance the comfort and attractiveness of the new library, are particularly appropriate at this time when costs of construction and of furnishings are rising.

Appendix D : Notable Acquisitions by Purchase


Serlio, Sebastiano - Il Primo (-quinto) libro d'architettura. Venice, 1551.


Ford, John - The fancies, chast and noble. London, 1638. 1st edition.

More, Sir Thomas - Utopia. London, 1624.

Rowley, Samuel - The noble souldier. London, 1634. 1st edition

Stuart Merrill - Rudmose Brown correspondence. A collection of A.L.S. complete for the period covered.

The tragedy of Nero, newly written. London, 1624.

White, James - Original letters &c. of Sir John Falstaff. 2nd edition. London, 1797.


Carroll, Lewis - Ms. Poem.

Rare circulars:

"American telegrams" circular.
"Stranger" circular.
Circular asking for appointments for friends.

Collins, Wilkie - The woman in white, proof copy of probably the 2nd edition with many autograph notes.

Twenty-eight pages of autograph notes on material gathered for use in writing The Moonstone.

Cruikshank - Ainsworth correspondence. A collection of A.L.S. addressed to the English publisher, Bentley.

Thackeray, William Makepeace - A brief ms. and A.L.S.

Note: For the Parrish collection, several other items including editions not in the collection and autograph letters of the Parrish authors have been added, but only the outstanding items are here listed.


Emili, Paolo - H¡storici clarissimi de rebus gestis francorum libri X. Paris, 1555.

Naud‚, Gabriel - Ivgement de tovt ce qui a est‚ imprim‚ contrele cardinal Mazarin. 2nd edition. Paris, 1650.

Rycaut - Blathwayt correspondence; a collection of A.L.S. from Sir Paul Rycaud to William Blathwayt. 1692-2699.

Tolstoi, F.A. - Obstoiatel'noe opisanie slavianorossiiskikh rukopisei. Moscow, 1825 (catalogue of old Slavic and Russian mss. in his collection).


von Briesen, Arthur - Ms. papers comprising about 10,000 pieces.
Collection of ms. material of New Jersey interest.

A short state of the proceedings of the proprietors of East and West Jersey. New York, 1775.


Mather, Cotton - Ratio disciplinae fratum Nov-Anglorum. Boston, 1726. Presentation copy from the author to Jonathan Belcher.


The Carbon Democrat. Vol. 1-5, 1847-52.

Naturalist's Poclet Magazine. Complete set of 7 volumes. London, 1798-1802.

The Sonnet. Complete set of 26 numbers.


James Renton collection of playbills and other theatrical material.


BŠze, Th‚odore de - Icones, id est verae imagines virorum doctrina simul et pietate illustrium...Geneva, 1580.

Comines, Philippe de - The History...London, 1674. _Charles Lamb's copy with his and Coleridge's autograph notes.

Guazzo, Stefano - The civile conversation...translated out of the French by G. Pettie. London, 1586.

Naud‚, Gabriel -Instrution … la France sur la verit‚ de l'histoire de freres de la Roza-Croix. Paris, 1630.

Le Marfore on discours contre les libelles. Paris, 1620. 1st edition.

June 1947-July 1948:

To describe with any degree of adequacy Mrs. Marshall Ludington Brown's magnificent gift to the library of over 450 of the choicest books and manuscripts from the library of the late Cyrus H. McCormick '79 is beyond the scope of an annual report. The editors of the Chronicle are planning an issue to be devoted largely to this extraordinarily rich and varied collection. It is difficult indeed to single out for mention here merely a few among so many exceptionally fine items, for every one of them is an important addition to the Library's shelves.

The most notable, perhaps, is the second Plannck edition of Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuetis of Christopher Columbus, printed in Rome in 1493, which is being exhibited on the Freedom Train as showing the very beginnings of American history. The 75 items on Virginia are all of greatest interest, but some are fairly breath-taking. There is James Rosier's A True Relation of the most prosperous voyage made this present yeere 1605, by Captain George Weymouth, in the Discouery of the land of Virginia, London, 1605; there is the Beckford-Kalbfleisch-Hoe copy of John Smith's The Generall Historie of Virginian New England, and the Summer Islae, London, 1624, known as the "dedication copy", in the original binding, with the arms of James I and the Duchess of Richmond; and there is the rare "second impression" of the narrative of John Brereton, A Briefe and true Relation of the Discourie of the North part of Virginia, London, 1602. Here are incomparable riches for the Library's resources in American history--and they are only a few selected as being fairly representative of Virginia items.

As for English literature, the range is from Shakespeare to the Victorians, the McCormick collection containing the first two Shakespeare quartos acquired by the Library, A Midsommer nights dreame, the second edition falsely dated 1600, and Poems, London, 1640, and Browning's excessively rare Pauline, London, 1833; Milton's Paradise Lost, London, 1667, the 1st edition with the second title page, and Dickens's The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby, London, 1839, a presentation copy to Mrs. George Cattermole with an autograph letter from Dickens to Mrs. Cattermole tipped in. To Princeton's list of the 100 Great English Books, so familiar by now to the Friends of the Princeton Library, three more 1st editions have been added: Goldsmith's The Vicar of Wakefield, Salisbury, 1766, Gray's An Elegy Wrote in a country church yard, London, 1751, and Spenser's The Faerie Queene, London, 1590-96.

Three more titles will serve to demonstrate the diversity of Mr. McCormick's interest and the collection's inestimable value to Princeton: a superlatively handsome copy of De claris mulieribus by Jacobus Philippus Bergomensis, printed in Ferrara in 1497; the Hoe copy of Homer's Opera, the edito princeps printed in Florence in 1488; and the Ives-Hoe copy of Hakluyt's The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English nation, London, 1599-1600, with a copy of the Wright-Molyneux map in the first state.

A quite different gift has come from Edward Plaut '12, a fine collection of books from his own library---among them many autographed presentation copies, volumes with letters from authors laid in, and first editions. Both English and American authors are represented. There are presentation copies of Matthew Arnold's A French Eton, London, 1864; Dumas' Th‚ƒtre Complet, in four volumes, Paris, 1868-70; Holmes' leaflet In Memory of Fitz-Greene Halleck with an autograph letter of Halleck laid in; Victor Hugo's Quatrevingt-Treiza, Paris, 1874; and Joaquin Miller's Songs of the Sierras, Boston, 1880, a copy sent to Oscar Wilde whose autograph initials appear on the title page. A copy of The Ingoldsby Legends, London, 1840-47, has a pencil sketch and an autograph letter of George Cruikshank laid in; Elizabeth Bisland's The life and letters of Lafcadio Hearn, Boston, 1906, has a page of a Hearn manuscript; and W.S. Gilbert's Original Plays, London, 1895, bears on the half title, a quotation from Ruddigore in the hand of the author. There are several of Mark Twain's works autographed, and one with an autograph letter to his editor concerning A Tramp Abroad. Henry James' The Aspern Papers, London, 1888, is inscribed "I must work in the garden--I must work in the garden" - an inscription which seems to uncover a new aspect of James. The Woodrow Wilson Collection will be enhanced by three volumes bearing signed inscriptions, and one with a typed letter signed by Wilson tipped in. The original manuscripts of John Burrough's Matthew Arnold's Criticism and F. Hopkinson Smith's Kennedy Square (incomplete) are notable additions to the Library's American literature resources. These are highlights of Mr. Plaut's very handsome gift.

The valuable collection of United States stamps of the late Edgar Palmer '03 was presented by Mrs. Palmer. It enriches the stamp collections already in the library and is of special interest at this time as the new building, where the Philatelic Collection will at least be adequately housed, is so nearly ready for occupancy. According to William H. Tower '94, the Palmer Collection closely approaches completion up to about 1936 in stamps for postal service, containing, in addition, many of the Fiscals, or revenue stamps. It abounds in rarities, among which may be mentioned most of those on blue paper, a block of twelve showing two of the five-cent error, the 1869 pictorial issue complete, the official department stamps (notably those of the Executive, Justice and State Departments), and three Pan-American Inverts, and the highly valued stamps of the second issue of the Internal Revenue Department. A decidedly interesting section of the collection consists of postmarked stamps on covers. Among them is the James M. Buchanan five-cent Postmaster's Provisional, in addition to a number of the more desirable of the early locals, some of them used in combination with the government's regular issue. The Edgar Palmer Collection will be a source of delight to the philatelist.

Through the generosity of Messrs. Thomas H. Eddy, Jr. '26 and Donald Simpson Eddy '37, and their father Thomas Eddy, of Evanston, nephews and brother respectively of the late George Simpson Eddy of New York, the Library received the splendid research collection on Benjamin Franklin. A lawyer by profession, Mr. George Simpson Eddy had spent some forty years investigating and studying the career of Benjamin Franklin. His collection, though it contained some rare and unique items, was primarily a scholar's rather than a collector's collection. Mr. Eddy was known to all Franklin experts as the last court of appeal on any disputed point in the versatile life of Benjamin Franklin. If his elaborate notes, photostats, and other data, aided by Mr. Eddy's wide and exact knowledge, could not answer the question raised, it was unlikely that any other scholar could expect to do so. Mr. Eddy was articulately impatient with slovenliness or easy generalizations: he was stimulated by any reasonable hypothesis, but he never voiced a categorical opinion until the documentary evidence had been overwhelmingly adduced. In consequence, his collection of notes, books, photostats of manuscripts, and miscellaneous will prove of immense value to students of Benjamin Franklin and his times. Among the interesting things in the 3,000 or so volumes and the various filing cabinets of carefully docketed notes is a bound volume of photostats of the manuscript of Franklin's autobiography in the Huntington Library, presented to Mr. Eddy by his good friend the late Max Farrand of the class of 1892.

Among other notable gifts are the following:

Justinian's Digest. Executed on vellum, the work of a copyist of North Italy. Late 13th or early 14th century. Gift of David A. Reed '00.

Manuscripts of: a review of Tennyson's The Holy Grail by Bret Harte, which appeared in The Overland Monthly, March 1870; of Mark Twain's A Curious Experience, published in The Century, November, 1881; of William Dean Howell's Edward Bellamy, printed in the Atlantic Monthly August, 1898. Gift of Edward Plaut '12.

Abraham Lincoln. A.L.S. to James Gordon Bennett, editor of The New York Herald, dated May 21, 1862, in which he defends Secretary of War Stanton in the matter of General Hunter's freeing of all slaves in his department in the South. Gift of Sidney J. Weinberg.

Woodrow Wilson. 2 A.L.S. to Richard Watson Gilder of The Century, Princeton, March 15, 1898, and to Miss Hillard, Princeton, October 2, 1900. Gift of Carl Otto v. Kienbusch '06.

Jacob Green. Circa 50 pieces including 12 A.L.S. from Ashbel Green to Jacon Green written between the years 1818 and 1823 and throwing light on the reasons for his leaving Princeton. Gift of Mrs. Phillip Waddell Smith.

Jean Le F‚ron. A. Ms. De la primitive institution des roys heraultz et poursuivans d'armes. May 1, 1533. Dedicated to Jacques Gourdon de Genouilhac, maitre d'artillerie de France. Gift of Carl Otto v. Kienbusch '06.

Sir Walter Scott. A.L.S. to Guthrie Wright, August 14, 1807, concerning business arrangements for sale of farm. Gift of Mrs. Walter Edge.

William Patterson. A group of seven documents and letters including a signed letter by George Washington, February 20, 1793. Gift of Dean Mathey '12.

Israel Putnam. Letter, said to be in the autograph of Aaron Burr, to Brig-Gen'l Rodney, Princeton, January 19, 1777. Framed with engravings of Aaron Burr and Israel Putnam. Gift of Mr. Reeve Schley.

Charles Lee. A.L.S. to Robert Morris. Cambridge, July 4, 1775. Gift of Mr. M. Daniel Maggin.

Twenty-eight letters by Woodrow Wilson were added to the Woodrow Wilson Collection. Of these two are in his autograph, three are signed by him, one has a rubber stamp signature, and twenty-two are photostatic copies. Typed copies of 150 pieces of Wilson's correspondence with Louis Wiley were added also, as well as lecture notes on his course in "Constitutional Government". Mr. Maurice Lyone, former secretary of William F. McCombs, gave a number of his shorthand notebooks which contain considerable information and data on the presidential nomination in 1911. Gift of C.D. Batchelor.

Fourteen letters by Charles Dickens and one by Anthony Trollope were added to the Parrish Collection. Gift of C.D. Batchelor.

200 original cartoons 1947-1948. Gift of C.D. Batchelor.

Thirty-four books by Rudyard Kipling including Just So Stories (London, 1902). Gift of Gordon A. Block, Jr.

Thomas Williamson - Oriental Field Sports; Being a Complete, Detailed and Accurate Description of the East. (London, 1807). Gift of Harry I. Caesar.

"The Trail of the Shod Horse." Oil painting by Frederic Remington. Gift of Francis Earle.

Thomas Hariot - A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia (Frankfort, 1590). The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos-Sir Thomas Phillipps copy. Gift of Arthur A. Houghton, Jr.

The Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493 and Historia...De Omnibus Gothorum (Rome, 1554) by Joannes Magnus. Gift of Henry N. Paul.



Vergilius Maro, Publius - Bucolica. Paris, 1498?

Opera. Rome, 1473.


Fitzgerald, F. Scott - Collection of autograph letters, signed, to Mrs. Richard Taylor.

Howells, William Dean - 42 autograph letters signed.


Browne, Sir Thomas - Hydrotaphia. London, 1658. (Browne's own copy with his corrections and unique errata slip of 24 lines.)

Cowley, Abraham - The Guardian. London, 1650. 1st edition.

Dryden, John - The Medall. London, 1682. (1st issue of 1st edition.)

Goldsmith, Oliver - The haunch of venison. London, 1776. (Bound with 17 other volumes.)

Harrington, James - The censure of the Rota upon Milton's book entitled, The ready and easy way to establish a free commonwealth. London, 1660. 1st edition.

Locke, John - An essay concerning humane understanding. London, 1690. Thomas Gray's copy.

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus - ...Pharsalia...English edition by Thomas May. London, 1627. 1st edition of May's translation.

More, Sir Thomas - Utopia. Paris, 1517.

Raleigh, Sir Walter - The Prince. London, 1642. 1st edition.

Yeats, Jack Butler - Letters and miscellaneous papers (typescripts, mss., A.L.S.'s, many with sketches by him.)


Eliot, George - Romola. London, 1863. Anthony Trollope's copy.

Dickens, Charles - The lamplighter's story; Hunted down, The detective police; and other nouvellettes. Philadelphia, c1861. (1st edition of Hunted Down.)

Dickens, Charles - 13 autograph letters signed to Peter Cunningham April - October 1848.

Hardy, Thomas - G.M., a reminiscence. London, 1927. (1 of 12 copies.)


Balzac, Honor‚ de - A complete collection of his 1st editions of his various works with the Brussels imprint.


Allinson - Gloucester county docket (ms.)

Chastellux, Francois, Jean ("Cives", pseud.) - The following publication, which shews the rancorous disposition of the American Republicans...New York, 1783.

Ms. bill in chancery, 1735. New Jersey.

La Rochefoucauld Liancourt, F.A.F. duc de - Travels through the United States of North the years 1795, 1796 and 1797...London, 1799.

Lawrence, John - Ms. journal.

Rusling, James - Mss. journal (in the hand of an amanuensis) on which he based his Across America.

Savannah River Baptist Ass'n - Minutes. Ms.

Sorsby, William - Commonplace book. Mss. 1754. (A very early example of Fraktur.)

Stockton, Richard - A.L.S. to his wife, dated Philadelphia, November 30, 1778.

Wytfliet, Corneille - Descriptionis Ptolemaicae augmentum...Lovanii, 1598. (Containing early maps of North America.)


D'Estaing - Relation de la campagne...navale...en Amerique 1778.

Les Lignies des roys de France, 15th century illuminated ms.
France. Tribunal revolutionnaire. Bulletin 17-73 (the issues dealing with the trial of Charlotte Corday.)


Tucker, Josiah - 19 tracts -18th century.


Green, Ashbel - A collection of autograph letters signed.

Jaeger, Benjamin - A collection of mss. 1830-1850.

A collection of mss. of Princeton interest.


Egan, Pierce - Boxiana. London, 1823-1829. 3 volumes.

Gordon, John - ...A supplement to the mathematical traverse table...Philadelphia, 1758. (Completing this excessively rare book.)

Gordon, John - New York Coach-maker's Magazine. v.2-v.11 (1860-1870)

Scot, Thomas - Philomythie. London, 1616. 2 volumes in 1.

Williamson, Thomas - Oriental field sports. London, 1819. 2nd edition.

July 1948-June 1949:

During the year, Dr. Howard C. Rice Jr., formerly Director of the United States Library of Information in Paris, was appointed head of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. He brings to the Library not only an appreciation of rare books as objects to be cherished but also an understanding of their value in research. As a scholar familiar with the problems of research, he assumed charge of a newly organized department which embraces the rare books collections, manuscripts, maps, Princetoniana, and such other related special groups as the Gest Oriental Library, the William Seymour Theatre Collection, the Graphic Arts Collection, etc. In addition to Dr. Rice, the personnel of this Department is composed of Miss Julie Hudson and Mr. Alexander Wainwright, Curators of Rare Books; Mr. Alexander Clark, Curator of Manuscripts, (who assumed his duties at the close of the year and who occupies the position left vacant by the resignation of Mrs. Caroline Dixon); Dr. Henry L. Savage, Archivist; Mr. Elmer Adler, Research Associate in the Graphic Arts; Mrs. Marguerite L. McAneny, Curator of the William Seymour Theatre Collection; and a secretary and a clerical assistant to the curator of Manuscripts.

The rooms prepared for the Department were not available for occupancy until January. The first task of the Department was that of installing the various collections of rare volumes -- the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, The Rollins Collection of Western Americana, the Grenville Kane and Cyrus McCormick Collections, the Princetoniana Collection, and the books from the libraries of Jonathan Belcher, Jonathan Edwards and John Witherspoon, all of which occupy a suite of rooms extending along the south side of the main floor. The staff also installed in the bookcases along the south side of the Exhibition Gallery the Morgan Collection of editions of Virgil, the Patterson Collection of editions of Horace, the Le Brun Collection of Montaigne, the Scribner Collection of Charles Lamb, the Meirs Collection, and the Rowlandson Collection. Though the position of Curator of Manuscripts was vacant from December until June, the distinguished Garrett Collection of Arabic and Western European Manuscripts, and the John Hinsdale Scheide Collection of Medieval Documents were installed in the Manuscripts Room. These various collections represent only a part of the important collections of rare books and manuscripts under the custody of the Department. The principal stack area for both rare books and manuscripts is situated on Floor A and is accessible only by an inside stairway from the departmental offices and reading rooms on the main floor.

The greatly improved facilities for the use or display of rare books and manuscripts have resulted in an increased demand upon the facilities of this Department. Naturally, the chief users of rare books and manuscripts collections have been graduate students, faculty members, and visiting research scholars from outside Princeton. Many seniors, however, have also had occasion to use the collections in connection with their senior theses. It is inevitable that, with the very large number of visitors to the Library during the year, attention should have been centered upon an area which, both in its furnishings and in its priceless treasures, aroused the interest of everyone. This had the same effect elsewhere in this report -- an interruption of normal work and increased difficulties for a small staff bent on its primary task of serving readers. The interruptions were suffered gladly, but they nevertheless presented difficulties.

This Department, by its very nature, also acts as a center in attracting numerous requests by mail for historical, bibliographical, and other information -- requests originating in all parts of the United States and from several European countries. It is also to be expected that this Department should be the recipient of many requests from scholars and other institutions for photostats, microfilms, or photographs of materials in our collections. The proper preparation of materials for photographing and their arrangement and verification has entailed a considerable amount of the time of this department.

The William Seymour Theatre Collection has been installed in its new rooms on the second floor, under the direction of its part-time curator, Mrs. Marguerite L. McAneny, aided by student assistants. The new equipment has provided adequate space for the storage and arrangement of such material as posters, playbills, programs, photographs, etc., so that considerable progress has been made in the proper classification of this material, on which Mrs. McAneny has drawn for interesting temporary exhibits.

The Numismatics Collection has been installed in a room on the third floor where it is under supervision of an honorary curator, Dr. Louis C. West.

The Woodrow Wilson Collection has been moved into its special room on the second floor, with the aid of its curator, Miss Laura S. Turnbull. As Miss Turnbull is fully occupied during the day in another part of the building, it has not been possible to have the room open during regular hours. The

curators have, upon occasion, made the material available for consultation in the Rare Book reading room.

Thanks to the interest and voluntary efforts of the Rev. William H. Tower, '94, assisted by Mr. A.S. Arnold, a beginning has been made during the spring months in the organization of the Stamp Collection now housed in the Philately Room on the second floor. Rev. Tower and Mr. Arnold prepared an interesting exhibit, from their personal collections, upon the occasion of the formal dedication of the Library.

The Graphic Arts Room on the second floor will not be used for this division until 1951; meanwhile, the activities of the Graphic Arts division have continued to be centralized at 36 University Place, where the collection remains for the present.

The Map division has unfortunately remained completely suspended during the past year, as no trained personnel has been available for the tremendous labor of checking, arranging, and cataloguing the Library's map collections. However, thanks to the voluntary assistance of Mrs. Fantova of the Catalogue Division, a preliminary survey of the map collections and problems raised thereby has been inaugurated.

These "related collections: raise a difficult practical question: they are located in separate and widely-separated rooms which cannot be thrown open to general use like the open stacks. Although the curators of rare books have willingly attempted to supervise these rooms within the limits of their other responsibilities, they are not able to provide adequate service. Without attendants in these areas at fixed times, such rooms risk becoming -- what they are not intended to be -- locked storage areas.

The Exhibition Gallery on the main floor was ready for use in February 1949, and exhibits have been on display there since that time. The preparation of these exhibits has entailed considerable experimentation with the new equipment. Much has been learned about their possibilities and limitations, which will be applied to future exhibits. The following exhibits have been arranged in the Exhibition Gallery:

February 15-March 15, 1949:

Selected books, manuscripts, and drawings from the A.E. Gallatin collection of Aubrey Beardsley's work. Upon this occasion, Mr. Gallatinwas the guest of the Library at a luncheon at the time of the opening of the exhibit.

March 21-April 8, 1949:

Printing designed by P.J. Conkwright, Jr., typographer, at the Princeton University Press, from 1939-1949. This exhibit, to honor Mr. Conkwright's ten years of work at the University Press, was arranged with the cooperation of Mrs. Helen Van Zandt and Mrs. Harriet Anderson, assistants to Mr. Conkwright. The exhibit formally opened in the Gallery in the presence of the staff of the Princeton University Press and other invited guests. Mr. Carl P. Rollins of the Yale University Press, Mr. J. P. Boyd, and Mr. Conkwright, himself, spoke briefly upon this occasion.

April 8-April 29, 1949:

Manuscripts from the Library's collection, exhibited in connection with the second annual meeting of the National Society of Autograph Collectors held in Princeton, April 11 and 12. Notable manuscripts, ranging from the Middle Ages through the Twentieth Century, selected to give an idea of the variety and wealth of the Library manuscript collections, were brought to the attention of the members of the NSAC. During the two days of the Society's meeting, certain display cases were devoted to member's exhibits.

April 29-August 15, 1949:

Panorama of America, 1492-1800. This exhibit, representing our most ambitious attempt, was prepared for the formal dedication of the Firestone Memorial Library on April 29 and 30. The exhibit presented an exhibit of books illustrating the development of America from 1492-1800, including many if the Library's rare and notable Americana. The resources of the Grenville Kane Collection were generously exploited for this exhibit. A brief four-page explanatory leaflet was printed for guests at the dedication ceremonies, and has been available to all visitors since that time.

July 1949-June 1950:

From Imbrie de Vegh, the Library received an exceptionally interesting group of over 60 books, mainly early books dealing with law, science, and economics. It would not be possible here to enumerate all the noteworthy items in this important gift, but brief mention may be made of the following: the 1st edition of the famous "Book of Sports", published in London in 1618; the 1st edition of Niccolo Tartaglia's Nova Scientia, Venice, 1537, the earliest printed work on the theory and practice of gunnery; the 1st edition of the most celebrated medieval work on falconry, De arte venandi cum auibus, Augsburg, 1596, the major literary production of the Emperor Frederick II; and the 1st edition of Gabriel Naude's classic Advis pour dresser une Bibliotheque, Paris, 1627.

A notable addition to the Library's material relating to foreign finance was made in the gift of Mrs. Edwin W. Kemmerer and Donald L. Kemmerer '27 of the papers and reports of the late Professor Edwin W. Kemmerer. Professor Kemmerer, who died in 1945, was the first Walker Professor of International Finance at Princeton, and the organizer and first director of the International Finance Section of the University.

Among the larger groups of manuscripts added during the year is the gift of Mrs. Harriet Hyatt Mayer, consisting of approximately 800 items, being mainly letters received by Alpheus Hyatt (1838-1902), Alfred G. Mayer (1868-1922), and Alfred M. Mayer (1836-1897) during their respective careers in science.

As the gift of the family of Cleveland Dodge '79, Princeton acquired from his Library approximately 1,100 volumes, together with a group of 145 letters, most of which are from Woodrow Wilson to Mr. Dodge. The papers of Bernard Flexner came to the Library as the gift of Miss Caroline Flexner, Mrs. Hortense Flexner King, and Mrs. Jean Flexner Lewinson.

Notable among recent additions to personal and family papers in the Princeton Library are the papers of Lindley Miller Garrison (1864-1932), Vice-Chancellor of New Jersey, 1904-1913, and the Secretary of War, in the first Wilson administration. The gift of Merritt Lane, Jr. '41, the Garrison papers include personal correspondence from the 1890's to 1916, newspaper clippings for the period of Mr. Garrison's service as Secretary of War, and family documents. The Mexican border controversy, the opening of the Panama Canal, the Ohio River flood of 1913, and the Preparedness question of 1914-1916 are among the topics covered by the correspondence.

Mrs. George McLean Harper presented to the Library papers and books belonging to her late husband, a distinguished member of the Princeton faculty from 1889 until his retirement in 1932. The papers include letters to Professor Harper from Gordon Wordsworth, grandson of the poet and from Professor Emile Legouis and others dealing with the preparation of successive editions of Professor Harpers's William Wordsworth, his life, works, and influence.

A donation from Robert H. Taylor '30, supplemented by an allocation from the Friends of the Book Fund, enabled the Library to purchase for the Parrish Collection a group of 95 letters written by Charles Kingsley to his wife. Being dated from 1844-1874, the letters cover virtually the entire span of Kingsley's married life. Included in the group are six letters written on his trip to Germany in 1851 and 24 written during his American lecture tour in 1874.

Important additions were made to the Library's John Davidson Collection. The manuscript of the Testament of John Davidson was purchased with the assistance of J. Harlin O'Connell '14, Bernhard K. Shaefer '20, William Thorp, and J. Benjamin Townsend '40, and approximately 75 letters were acquired on the Theodore W. Hunt and Francis H. Payne Funds, together with telegrams and other documents, mainly dating from the period following that day in March, 1909, when Davidson disappeared from his home in Penzance. The correspondence is for the most part that of Mrs. Davidson and her sons with Grant Richards, Davidson's publisher and literary executor, and reflect the progress of the long search for the missing man. The nearly complete manuscript of Fleet Street and Other Poems and one of the two autograph copies of Davidson's will are also included.

Allen Tate presented his correspondence for the years 1845-1949, as well as the manuscripts, galleys, etc., of several of his books. A series of 123 letters from John Butler Yeats to Mrs. Martha F. Bellinger was acquired with a donation from Oscar M. Kilby '19, supplemented by an allocation from the Friends Book Fund. The Library also acquired microfilm copies of 49 letters from John Butler Yeats to Van Wyck Brooks, through the courtesy of Mr. Brooks, and microfilm copies of 122 letters from John Butler Yeats to Mrs. Caughey, through the courtesy of the latter's daughter, Mrs. George H. Guest.

The generosity of Laurence R. Carton '07 enabled the Library to purchase a copy of the first edition of Alexander Pope's An Essay on Criticism, London 1711. A collection of over 50 letters on the 19th century English actor William Charles Macready, the larger part of which are addressed to Sir William Pollock, one of Macready's executors, was published on the Friends Book Fund. Henry N. Paul '84 continued to increase our resources in English literature by presenting over 50 early editions of 17th and 18th century plays.

A copy of the 1st edition of Boothe Tarkington's first published novel, The Gentleman from Indiana, New York, 1899, containing many annotations and markings by Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as an inscription in Mr. Tarkington's hand, was given by Miss Elizabeth Trotter.

The Sinclair Hamilton Collection, exemplifying the work of American book illustrators and wood engravers from 1670-1870, continued to grow in scope and comprehensiveness, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Hamilton. John S. Williams '24, who has given many Audubon items to the Library, presented four drawings of birds by John Woodhouse Audubon. The Library received from Mrs. Laurence R. Carton and her son, William P. Carton '43, for the Jim Bridger Room, a watercolor sketch by Alfred J. Miller of the Scottish traveller Captain William Drummond Stewart at Wind River.

Five important items of Princetoniana interest came to the Library during the year: a handsome silver gilt pitcher presented to President McCosh on his 80th birthday by his former Princeton students then instructors in American colleges, the gift of David Magie '97 and James McCosh Magie '04; Jonathan Dickinson's copy of Annotations upon the Holy Bible, London, c1688, the gift of Mrs. W. Lester Glenney; the only known copy of the broadside containing the exchange of letters between the Board of Trustees of the College and Governor Belcher relative to the naming of Nassau Hall (1756), the gift of 44 Princeton alumni of Monmouth County, N.J.; the version book of Joseph Shippen, class of 1753, dated 1749, the gift of Edward Shippen Morris '28; and a volume from the library of President Witherspoon (vol. I of the third edition of Miscellanea Curiosa, London, 1726), acquired by exchange.

July 1950-June 1951:

The past year has been a notable one in the acquisition of rare books and manuscripts, both by gift and by purchase. Among the gifts which will mean much to the students of the history of American literature are the Boothe Tarkington Papers, presented by Mrs. Tarkington; the F, Scott Fitzgerald Papers, presented by Mrs. Samuel Lanahan; and the Carl Van Doren Papers. All of these extensive collections include literary manuscripts, correspondence, books, and related material such as drawings and photographs. Other additions to the "Princeton Archives of American Letters" are the original typescript of Conrad Richter's 1951 Pulitzer Prize novel The Town, and typescripts of works by Princeton graduates such as Hamilton Fish Armstrong '16, Norman Thomas '05, James Ramsey Ullman '29, and John Brooks '42.

Notable manuscripts in the field of American history are three missing pages from Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book, presented by R.W. Barrett '37; a letter from Jefferson to R.H. Lee, presented by B.K. Shaefer '20; autobiographical notes by James Madison; original letters written by Philip Carteret, the first colonial governor of New Jersey; the corrected typescript of Woodrow Wilson's "The Tariff Makebelieve", presented by C.O. von Kienbusch '06. Manuscripts of interest for the history of New Jersey and of Princeton include a mathematical copy book written in intricate penmanship in 1721 by Stacy Beakes, presented by Daniel Maggin; and the 1849 diary of William Brisbane, presented by Mrs. Henry Pease. Manuscripts of scientific interest include the diary and photographs collected by Professor Charles F.W. McClure '88, who participated with other Princeton scientists in the Peary Relief Expedition of 1899, presented by Professor McClure. A fifth century folding manuscript almanac, known as a "girdle book" was presented to the Library by Mrs. Carl W. Jones of Minneapolis and Dr. Silvain Brunschwig of New York.

The recently published facsimile edition of the Book of Kells was published for the Library on the Theodore F. Sanxay Fund. Among the notable books acquired during the past year are "The Schwerdt Catalogue" of hunting books presented by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Benson '99 in memory of their son Peter Benson '38; a group of 17th and 18th century books from the library of Henry Young '93 presented by Mrs. Richard V. Lindabury; a fine group of Arthur Symons first editions, presented by Mr. Albert Gallatin; A Natural History of Ducks presented by Carl Zeiss '01 in memory of his son Henry N. Zeiss '40; Paper Making by Hand in America, presented to the Graphic Arts Collection by the author and printer Dard Hunter; a modern French translation of maxims of Heraclitus executed in a limited edition by the silk screen process and presented to the Graphic Arts Division by the artist Andr‚ Girard. The bequest of the late Robert K. Root brought his notable collection of books in the field of English literature to the Library. An original drawing by Lewis Carroll, letters by Anthony Trollope, manuscripts of W.H. Ainsworth and Sir James Barrie first editions have been added to the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, through the generosity of various donors including Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hyde. Mr. Sinclair Hamilton '06 has contributed additional books to the Collection of American Illustrated Books which bears his name. Memorabilia and several museum objects were added to the Philip Ashton Rollins Collection of Western Americana by the request of the late Mr. Rollins.

The extensive collection of postal covers assembled by the Reverend William H. Tower '94 was transferred to the Library after his death. John Currier '13 presented an interesting series of die proofs of United States postal stamps. The Theatre Collection has received additions from many sources including 19th century prompt books, costume designs, movie stills, and material concerning the "theater off-Broadway".

A more complete record of acquisitions for the period July 1, 1950 to July 1, 1951 will be found in The Princeton University Chronicle; it may also be mentioned that these acquisitions were brought together in an exhibition entitled "New and Notable", held in the Exhibition Gallery from May 15 to July 1, 1951.

July 1951-June 1952:

Some of the notable acquisitions for the year may be listed as follows: a collection of some 8,000 European legal documents dating from the 11th to the mid-19th century, given by William H. Scheide '36; 15 volumes printed before 1501, given by David A. Reed, '00 (these additions bring the Library's total count of incunabula up to approximately 350); an atlas compiled by Abraham Ortelius, published in 1580-84, presented by Edwin N. Benson '99 and Mrs. Benson, in memory of their son, Peter Benson '38; a significant group of illustrated books of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, given by Sinclair Hamilton '06; a group of original or early editions in this same period of famous works in economics, politics and social history, presented by Imrie de Vegh; a collection of French historical autographs, including signatures of French rulers from Louis XII through Louis XVI, presented by William H. Sheide '36; a collection in German literature from Benno Elkan of Larchmont, N.Y., including original drawings by Goethe, first editions and autograph letters by Goethe, Schiller and Kant; letters, annotated books and manuscripts of Hester Thrale Piozzi, friend of Dr. Johnson, from the collection of Raymond B. Mixsell '03, presented by Mrs. Mixsell; a group of important Robert Louis Stevenson items, presented by Henry Gerstley '20. Other gifts in the 19th century came from Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Hyde, J. Harlin O'Connell '14, J. Benjamin Townsend '40, and Mrs. H. Howard Hager. Purchases in this field include original drawings of Aubrey Beardsley -- to be added to the Library's Gallatin-Beardsley collection -- and an extensive group of papers of Arthur Symons. We also received Audubon's and Bachman's Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, with 150 colored plates, from Edwin N. Benson '99 and Mrs. Benson in memory of their son Peter Benson '38, and Rex Brasher's Birds and Trees of North America, from the class of 1906.

Among numerous other items, the Library's "Archives of American Letters" was further enriched by some 400,000 letters and documents comprising the records of Henry Holt and Company; by letters and other materials on Booth Tarkington '93; by letters of Ridgley Torrence '97; by a group of unpublished juvenile plays by F. Scott Fitzgerald '17, by fifty-seven typescripts of Fitzgerald's short stories with autograph corrections; and by the personal papers of Otto H. Kahn, consisting of some 300,000 pieces in 99 standard metal filing drawers. Also added were the personal papers of the late Dean Christian Gauss.

July 1952-June 1953:

Although use is a significant measure of the performance of a library, the acquisition and preparation for use of books, manuscripts, and related objects is obviously of equal importance. Without acquisition, there can be no use. The figures appearing in Appendix A give quantitative, if not qualitative,
measure of the acquisitions of the Princeton University Library during the year 1952-53. Comparative totals for the acquisition of printed volumes (either in the original form or in microphotographic reproductions) indicate the acquisition of more volumes than in any year of the Library's recent history except 1922-23, 1924-25, and 1947-48.

In the statistical table in Appendix A no figure is given form manuscripts. There have been during the past year 291 recorded accessions of manuscripts. This figure represents only the number of "transactions", 195 gifts and 96 purchases. However, it must be emphasized that such "transactions" range from a single autograph letter to such groups as the Wild Autograph collection numbering over two thousand individual items, and such large groups of papers as the James V. Forrestal Papers or the Edwin Grant Conklin Papers. There is no satisfactory way of estimating the number of items in these large groups - each of which fills a dozen or more file drawers.

As the figures indicate, the past year has seen a steady growth of the Library's collections to meet the needs of the academic community and the responsibility of the Library to preserve the records of the past and the present for future use. Beyond the statistics given in Appendix A there is space here for no more than a mention of some of the notable acquisitions of the year, especially those acquired through the generosity of the many friends of the Library.

Our collection of Near Eastern Seals was enlarged by 54 items donated by Robert Garrett '97, which have been described by Prof. Cyrus H. Gordon in the Chronicle, XIV, No. 1 (Autumn 1952), pp. 45-46. Outstanding among the early printed books is a group of five Florentine woodcut books printed during the 1400's. These incunabula, presented by a group of 21 Friends of the Library, have been described by Mr. Robert A. Koch in the Chronicle, XIV, No. 3 (Spring 1953), pp. 157-160. A copy of William Hubbard's A Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians, Boston, 1677, containing the rare "White Hills Map" of New England, the first map produced in America, was presented by Mr. Sinclair Hamilton '06. The press release concerning this acquisition, reproduced in the New York Times (May 29, 1953) and other newspapers, has brought to the Library numerous requests for photographs of the map. A more extended description has been printed in the Chronicle XIV, No. 4 (Summer 1953). Mr. Hamilton presented this map as the "cornerstone" of the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books from 1670-1879 to which he has also regularly added many other items during the past year. A unique collection of nearly 400 specimens of European papers with different watermarks (1377-1840) was acquired for the Graphic Arts Collection, at the suggestion of Mr. Elmer Adler, with a fund turned over to the Library by the Friends of the Library. Closely related with this, and as evidence of the Library's world-wide interests, we may mention the Handmade Papers of Japan, edited by T.K. and H.R. Tindale, published by Charles Tuttle Co., Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, Japan, 1952; this four volume work which includes actual specimens of paper from 742 A.D. down to the present, was purchased for the Graphic Arts Collection with funds provided by Mr. Edwin N. Benson '99 and Mrs. Benson, in memory of their son Peter Benson '38. A modern photo-lithographic reprint of "The True Records of the Manchu Dynasty" in 1,220 volumes, has been presented to Dr. Hu Shih, formerly Chinese Ambassador to the United States and an honorary curator of the Gest Oriental Library.

Among the notable groups of books acquired during the past year are some 900 volumes comprising the Hunting Library of the late Laurence R. Carton '07 presented by his widow; angling books given by Mr. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 and works on archery from the collection of the late Robert P. Elmer '99. First editions of Shelley, Kipling, Conrad, Oscar Wilde, and other English literature. A copy of Mrs. Piozzi's Retrospection (1801), with her manuscript corrections and annotations, was purchased on the Robert K. Root Fund. Charles Kingsley letters were purchased on this same fund for the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian novelists; Charles Reade manuscripts were acquired for the same collection with the Annie Rhodes Gulick and Alexander Reading Gullick Memorial Fund. In the same general field of English Literature may be mentioned manuscripts by Robert Louis Stevenson presented by Mr. Henry Gerstley '19, several Cruikshank items presented by Mr. Gordon A. Block, Jr. '36, and letters of Whistler addressed to Jonathan Sturges '85, given in memory of Mrs. Mary Fuller Chalmers Wilson.

Robert H. Taylor '30 has presented the John Wild Autograph Collection, assembled by several generations of an English family and comprising of some 2,000 letters and documents signed by the great and the near great, the noted and the notorious from the 17th to the mid-18th centuries. Of particular interest for Princeton history is a group of letters written between 1740 and 1755 to Thomas Foxcroft of Boston by Jonathan Dickinson and Aaron Burr, Sr., respectively first and second presidents of Princeton; the "Foxcroft letters", purchased by the Library, have been described by Pros. Wesley Frank Craven in the Chronicle, XIV, No. 4 (Summer, 1953). Letters of John Henry Hobart. Princeton 1793, and later Protestant Episcopal Bishop of New York, as well as drafts of his mother's letter to him while he was a student at Princeton, have been acquired through the generosity of Mr. Carl Otto v. Keinbusch '06. Princetonians of later generations are also represented in this past year's acquisitions. The Booth Tarkington ('93) collection has been enriched by a gift of Tarkington letters addressed to the actress Ruth Gordon, who acted in several of Tarkington's plays ("Tweedles" in 1923, for example), and by Tarkington's letters to his literary agents, Brandt and Brandt. These two acquisitions are the result of systematic efforts on the part of the Library staff, with the cooperation of Mrs. Tarkington (who has herself added many items to her previous gift of her husband's papers), to build up an existing collection. In this same connection should be mentioned typescripts of several short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald '17, turned over to us by the New York Public Library.

Another good example of "building on existing strength" is the purchase of two letters of John James Audubon relating to the collection of specimens for his Quadrupeds of North America, and the addition (as a gift of Mr. F. Sturgis Stout '25) of twenty-four of Audubon's manuscript descriptions of animals, later edited by John Bachman for inclusion in the published work. Our collection of materials relating to the 20th century American writers has been increased by an extensive group of books and letters of Edgar Lee Masters, presented by Mrs. Gertrude Claytor. The Archibald Gulick Fund made possible for the Theatre Collection of a series of bound handbills of the Boston Museum, covering thirty-nine seasons between 1848-1903; other material on the 19th century American theatre was presented by Mr. Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

Miss Isabel Conklin, daughter of the late Edwin Grant Conklin, professor of biology at Princeton for many years, has given the Library her father's extensive papers. These illuminate both Professor Conklin's personal and professional career, and provide important source materials for the study of scientific thought in the first half of the 20th century. Also of great significance for future historians, although in a different field of activity, are the personal papers of James V. Forrestal '15, presented to the University by Mrs. Forrestal. This important collection includes manuscripts of published works and speeches by Forrestal, correspondence, copies of reports and memoranda, particularly from his years as Secretary of the Navy (1944-1947) and as the first Secretary of Defense (1947-1949). Personal documents, such as appointments, commissions, and diplomas, awards, and medals are fully represented. For the time being, this collection is restricted, access being subject to the consent of Mrs. Forrestal and her two sons during their lifetime. In addition to the Forrestal papers presented by Mrs. Forrestal, the University has also received as a deposit from the United States government certain material which served as the basis for the published Forrestal Diaries (ed. Walter S. Millis, New York, Viking Press, 1952). Through the generosity of Mrs. Clarence Dillon and Mr. Laurence S. Rockefeller '32, arrangements have been made whereby Princeton University will acquire title to these documents at the end of Twenty-five years; until the termination of this period (January 19, 1978), the U.S. Government retains control over the "diaries", access to which may be granted only by the Department of Defense. Although neither of the two groups of Forrestal papers just described becomes immediately available to scholars on an unrestricted basis, it is nevertheless gratifying to know that Princeton holds them in custody for the future generations of historians.

In focusing our attention on "collections", large groups of materials and easily distinguishable rarities, this summary has inevitably tended to distort the picture by neglecting the many single items which are steadily being added by gift and by purchase to our resources. For example, one might mention the purchase of several 18th century travel accounts of America (Kalm, Castiglioni, Brissot de Warville, et al) which have filled gaps in our holdings on 18th century American history, or the gift of a manuscript order book by Peter Kinnan during the Revolution of 1776, presented by Maurice Kinnan '13, and which adds to our resources in the same field. Comparable instances could be cited for many other areas of knowledge. It is the continuous acquisition of such single items, no one of which is perhaps of exceptional significance in itself, that builds up the bone and sinew of our total collection.

During the year a continuing study of the Library's acquisition policy was commenced and should begin to bear some fruit during the next few years in a better knowledge of what we are and should be acquiring.

June 1953-June 1954:

During the past year, a total of 34,018 volumes of printed books and bound serials, including microphotographic reproductions, was added to the Library by purchase and by gift. This is the largest number of volumes acquired in any single year of the Library's history, except 1947-48, when the accessioning of more than 7,000 volumes in the Parrish and Hamilton Collections brought the total to 34,312.

These comparisons are cited here for the record and not in a spirit of boastfulness. As a matter of fact, in an era of mounting concern over research library costs, there would probably be greater glory in reporting a decline in acquisitions rather than an increase. Each of these volumes, however, meets some need in the University's total program of instruction and research and represents the most careful attention to selection by the specialists of the faculty and the library staff. It should be pointed out also that last year's near record total placed Princeton 23rd in the number of books acquired by the country's university libraries, even though it was eleventh in size. In other words, our growth, though accelerating, still lags behind that of many smaller libraries.

To the number of bound, printed volumes acquired in 1953-54 should be added some 1700 pamphlets, 1200 theater programs, more than 600 maps, nearly 300 manuscript acquisitions (some large collections), and various other types of library materials as listed later in this section of the report and in Appendix A.

There is a space here for individual mention of only a few of the more notable acquisitions of the year. Most of these are described in detail in the Chronicle as indicated, and others will be so recorded later.

Mrs. David A. Reed presented some 150 books, as well as 10 medieval manuscripts, from the library of her late husband David
A. Reed '00; these include early printed books, first editions and fine illustrated books. Raymond T. Parrot '02 presented his collections of first editions of the works of the American writer Thomas Bailey Aldrich (see Chronicle, XV, no.1, Autumn 1953, p.50). Walter Van Braam Roberts '15 presented several editions of a book by his ancestor A.E. van Braam Houckgeest, Voyage de l'Ambassade de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales Hollandaises Vers l'Empereur de la Chine, dans les ann‚es 1794 et 1795, which has been the subject of an article by George R. Loehr of the Library staff in the Chronicle, XV, no. 4, Summer 1954, pp. 179-193. Henry E. Gerstley '20 has presented additional materials, both books and manuscripts, on Robert Louis Stevenson (see Chronicle, XV, no. 2, Winter 1954, p. 107). The Library's holdings of materials on literary figures of the 90's have been increased by additional books and manuscripts concerning John Davidson and Arthur Symons, presented by J. Harlin O'Connell '14 (Chronicle, XV, no. 4, Summer 1954, pp. 216-217), and concerning Aubrey Beardsley and Francis Viel‚-Griffin, the latter purchased on the Friends revolving fund. Through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30, and of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hyde, it has been possible to add both books and manuscripts to the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists. Sinclair Hamilton '06 has continued to add to the extensive collection of American Illustrated Books already given by him to the Library. Funds contributed by members of the Library staff enabled the Library to purchase as a memorial to the former Librarian, the late James Thayer Gerould, a first edition of Lope de Vega's Jerusal‚n Conquistada (Madrid, 1609), described by Professor Raymond S. Willis in the Chronicle, XV, no. 3, Spring, 1954, pp. 159-161. As a result of the Library's exhibition of Emblem-Books, several such books have been added to the existing collections; these include a copy of St. Epiphanius' Ad Physiologum (Antwerp, 1588), presented by Philip Hofer of the Harvard College Library, and a copy of Philip Ayres' Emblems of Love (London, 1683), presented by Robert H. Taylor '30.

The manuscript collections have continued to receive important additions. There have been 291 recorded acquisitions during the year, about equally divided between gifts and purchases -- each acquisition representing anything from a single item to large groups of papers. Among the latter, special mention should be made of the papers of the poet Ridgely Torrence '97 and of his wife Olivia Dunbar Torrence, presented through the courtesy of Miss Jessie Ames Dunbar, sister of Mrs. Torrence, and Findley Torrence, brother of the poet; these have been briefly been described by Miss Dorothea Kingsland in the Chronicle XV, no. 4, summer 1954, pp. 213-214. Also of great interest for the study of 20th century American literature are the papers of Carl Van Doren, presented to the Library by his daughters. In the same general field belongs the correspondence of Samuel Putnam, acquired through the courtesy of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 (see Chronicle, XV, no. 2, winter 1954, pp. 108-109).

Contemporary affairs of the 20th century are represented by three extensive groups of papers: those of the late George McAneny, presented by his widow (see Chronicle, XV, no. 4, summer 1954, pp. 217-218); the papers of James Montgomery Beck (1861-1936), presented by his son James M. Beck '14 (see Chronicle, XV, no. 4, summer 1954, p. 218); and the archives of the American Civil Liberties Union. By arrangement with the ACLU the records of the organization since 1912, which have until now been deposited at the New York Public Library, with provision made for their continuation. It is expected that these records, comprising to date some 3000 scrapbooks (including correspondence, ephemeral printed matter and clippings, arranged chronologically and by topics), will be of increasing interest for the study of social, political, and economic currents of the 20th century in the United States.

Among the less extensive though not less interesting groups od manuscripts acquired are: correspondence and related documents of Elias Boudinot, presented by Mrs. Landon K. Thorne; letters of Jared Ingersoll, presented by R. Sturgis Ingersoll '14; letters of Chevalier Henry Wikoff, presented by Miss Louise Hartshorne (described by Allison Delarue '28 in Chronicle, XV, no. 4, summer 1954, pp. 215-216); letters of the English poet James Elroy Flecker, purchased on the Neilson Abeel '24 Memorial Fund (see Chronicle, XV, no. 4, winter, 1954, p. 108); the original manuscript of Somerset Maugham's novel Theatre, presented by the author through the intermediary of Frederick W. Frost '32 (see Chronicle XV, no. 2, winter 1954, p. 109); and an original Lafayette-Jefferson letter, presented in honor of Julian P. Boyd, by Stuart Jackson (see Chronicle XV, no. 2, winter 1954, p. 105-107).

Outstanding among the acquisitions falling outside the category of books and manuscripts strictly speaking are: an original Audubon drawing of a Red-shouldered Hawk, dated 1809, presented by Edwin N. Benson Jr. '99 and Mrs Benson in memory of their son Peter Benson '38 (described in an article by Alice Ford in the Chronicle, XV, no. 4, summer 1954, pp. 169-178); the rare first
printing (1768) of the map of the Mason Dixon line, presented by Mr. and Mrs. John Doran in memory of their son Joseph I. Doran II '35; and an extensive collection of Rumanian postage stamps, presented by James R. Arnold '43 in memory of his father Abraham S. Arnold (described in the Chronicle, XV, no. 3, spring 1954, pp. 163-164).

Equally important are the thousands of other books, periodicals, newspapers and government documents representing every aspect of human knowledge touching the University's chosen spheres of interest and coming from every area of the world which flow into the Firestone Library and the nine other libraries on the campus.

Continued, if unspectacular, progress was made during the year on the study of the Library's acquisition policies.

July, 1954-June, 1955:

During the past year a total of 34,219 volumes of printed books and bound serials, including microphotographic reproductions, was added to the Library by purchase and by gift. As the following table indicates, this is approximately the level reached last year, just short of the all-time peak year of 1947-48.

Not included in this total of books received are many equally important library materials of other kinds, such as 2953 pamphlets, more than 500 engravings, portraits and photographs, 2580 maps, more than 2000 programs and other pieces for the Theatre Collection, and a large number of manuscripts. (Since a count of manuscript pieces is meaningless, the practice of reporting statistics for manuscript acquisitions was dropped several years ago.) The most noteworthy change in these non-book statistics is the number of maps acquired, more than four times the total for last year and indicating some of the activity during the year of our first regular Curator of Maps, even on a half-time basis.

The most important acquisition during the year, and one of the most important in the LIbrary's history, was the collection of American historical manuscripts bequeathed to Princeton by the late Andre deCoppet '15. The deCoppet American manuscripts, conservatively estimated to number some 3700 pieces, extend from 1566, the date of letters of Catherine de Medicis and Charles IX relating to Florida, up to the year 1942, represented by a single letter of former President Harry S Truman. Although manuscripts from Colonial America are included in the collection, by far the largest number date from the period since the founding of the United States, especially from the years of the Revolutionary War, the Federal period, and the Civil War. The collection is an autograph collection in the sense that it consists largely of manuscripts from the hands of important national leaders, with most of these manuscripts being in the form of the personal letter. Most prominently represented are the Presidents of the United States, including all from Washington through Truman, with manuscripts of Washington (over 170 plus 7 autographed books), John Adams (over 40), Jefferson (125), Jackson (29), Lincoln (150), and Grant (over 100) forming the major groups. Military figures, not included among the Presidents, are represented by a sizable collection of the manuscripts of Nathanial Greene (over 160), William T. Sherman (50), Robert E. Lee (40), and by numerous smaller groups of other military and naval officers of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars especially. There are highly significant letters of many Americans of the stature of Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John C. Calhoun, and Henry Clay; and informative and characteristic ones of such diverse personages as Thomas Paine, Robert Fulton, and John Wilkes Booth. A selection of items from the collection was exhibited in the Library from May 16 through July 6, 1955. A catalogue of the exhibition (a preprint from the Summer 1955 issue of The Chronicle) was issued.

Robert J. Barry '53 gave a copy of Pietro d'Abano's De Venenis, Padua, 1487. Included in the gift from Gordon A. Block Jr. '36 were a large collection of first editions of A. A. Milne; several first editions of James Hilton; a number of editions of Gray's Elegy; William Langland's The Vision of Pierce Plowman, London, 1561; and a letter from Aaron Burr to G.W. Lathrop, January 27, 1814. From Sinclair Hamilton '06 came over 100 additional items for the Hamilton Collection, the most noteworthy of these being a very rare Massachusetts broadside, Boston, March 8, 1679/80, with a woodcut of the colony's seal by John Foster. Mr. Hamilton also presented a copy of Schatzbehalter, Nuremberg, 1491, one of the most famous illustrated books of the 15th century. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 continued to add books to the Rockey Angling Collection. Among the hundreds of volumes received from the Shakespeare library of the late Henry N. Paul '84 were a considerable number of 16th and 17th century books. An important addition to the Princetoniana Collection was made by Daniel Maggin, who gave a copy of the two-page Recommendation of the Synod of New York and Philadelphia, In Favour of the College of New Jersey, apparently printed in Philadelphia in 1769.

Through the generosity of several alumni of the University, three missing titles on the Princeton list of the Hundred Great English Books were received in the library. As a result, Princeton has now passed the three-quarter on the list (now having 76), a far cry from the nineteen it had in 1936. William H. Scheide '36 presented a copy of the Royal, or so-called Authorized Version of the Bible, London 1611. A complete file of The Spectator, March 1 1711 to December 6, 1712, replacing an incomplete file, has been given in memory of Edgar S. McKaig '08 by John G. Buchanan '09, Fred T. Fruit '08, and Aaron S. Swartz Jr. '08. Mr. Buchanan, whose generosity has already enabled Princeton to acquire a number of books on the list, also enabled the Library to purchase a complete file of The Tatler, April 12, 1709 to January 2, 1711.

From the library of the late Miss Henrietta G, Ricketts, Princeton received as her bequest a collection of 160 volumes, consisting of editions of Dante's works and books about the "divine" poet. Included in the collection are two 15th century editions of The Divine Comedy; Venice, 1477, and Florence, 1481. Imrie de Vegh gave two 15th century Savonarola tracts, Copia della lettera...alla Christianissima maesta del Re di Francia, Florence 1495, and certe persone, Florence, 1497(?), and a copy of the 2nd edition of Cornelius Jansen's Augustinius, Paris, 1641, the only copy of this important work apparently recorded as being in the United States in this edition.

William Elfers '41 gave a copy of the Offering, Cambridge, 1829, a very scarce little volume containing Ralph Waldo Emerson's first book appearance. Through the generosity of the Friends of the Library, Princeton acquired the unique dummy copy of the fifth volume of The Yellow Book with eleven cablegrams to and from John Lane concerning the suppression of Beardsley's drawings for this volume. Robert H. Taylor '30 presented to the Parrish collection the dedication copy of Dinah Maria Mulock Craik's The Head of the Family, London, 1852, which contains a presentation inscription in the hand of the author to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to whom the book is dedicated; and Stevenson's childhood copy of Cruikshank's Hop-o'-My-Thumb.

July, 1955-June, 1956

Our collections have continued to grow steadily through gifts and purchase, although there have been no "sensational" acquisitions comparable to the deCoppet collection of historical manuscripts received during the previous year. Additions to the book collections include: a group of some two hundred 16th century "Martin Luther tracts" presented by Bernhard K. Shaefer '20; approximately fifty emblem books presented by Mr. Silvan Brunschwig (as a result of the Library's expressed interest in the subject by its Emblem-book exhibition in 1954); a comprehensive run of the writings of the English novelist Rider Haggard, presented by C.O. von Kienbusch '06. Mr. William H. Sheide '36 presented several significant works of music, including the first edition of Handel's Messiah. Sinclair Hamilton '06 continued to make additions to the collection of American illustrated books. A grant from the Humanities Council has made it possible the acquisition of numerous works, especially drama, of the English Restoration period. John G. Buchanan '09 enabled the Library to purchase the first edition of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe as an addition to its roster of the "One Hundred Great English Books". In connection with the opening of the room for collections and sporting books, designed to house the Rockey angling books, the Carton hunting library and the sporting books presented by Eugene V. Connett 3rd '12, the Library received several rarities from the angling collection of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 -- a collection which Mr. von Kienbusch intends to present the library progressively.

In the field of Manuscripts, numerous purchases of single items or of small groups of papers have been made as additions to the existing holdings relating to such Princeton figures as Woodrow Wilson, and Aaron Burr, and to such literary figures as Arthur Symons, Stuart Merrill (of "The Nineties"), Wilkie Collins, Bulwer Lytton, Anthony Trollope and other "Parrish Collection" authors. Gifts of Princetoniana, such as diaries, notebooks, autograph albums and photograph albums of former Princeton students, have continued to strengthen this section of our manuscripts collections. It is gratifying to note that the Library is considered the appropriate depository for personal papers of noted Princeton professors and alumni. Among this past year's acquisitions may be mentioned a group of letters received by the late Warner Fite, Professor of Ethics; the papers of William Starr Myers, Professor of History, including an extensive sequence of diaries; additional material added to the scientific papers of the late George Macloskie. Professor Luther P. Eisenhart and Professor Willard Thorp, for example, have presented personal correspondence and other papers. Judge Harold R. Medina '09 has added to the collection of his personal and professional papers already in the Library's custody. Robert Garrett '97 has sent to us further selections from his correspondence relating to Princeton affairs. The University's Department of Public Relations has turned over to the Library scrapbooks of clippings maintained by that office during the 1930's and 1940's. According to arrangements previously made the American Civil Liberties Union has transmitted recent material to be added to its archives. Eugene V. Connett 3rd '12 had given the files relating to the activities of the Derrydale Press. Papers of the 19th century American writer, Parke Godwin, 1834 have been presented by Miss Elizabeth Love Godwin. In the field of contemporary American writing, John O'Hara has presented to the Library, in honor of Julian P. Boyd, the typescript of his recent novel Ten North Frederick; Philip Wylie '24 has given us the typescript of his Tomorrow!.

July 1956-June 1957

This brief survey of some of the notable acquisitions made by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections during the year July 1856-57 may appropriately start with the 16th century English manuscript scroll presented by the Chairman of the Council of Friends of the Princeton Library, by Mr. Robert H. Taylor '30. The versified text of this segmented scroll (adapted from earlier writers on alchemy) describes the methods for finding the Philosopher's Stone, while the impressive drawings symbolize the various steps in the process. This same world of traditional lore and imagery is reflected in another of Mr. Taylor's gifts, a beautifully-executed 16th century French manuscript emblem-book, which makes an appropriate addition to the Library's growing collection of emblem-books of this same period. (The new manuscript is described by David B. Lawall, one of Erwin Panofsky's graduate students, in the Summer, 1957, Chronicle). A gift from Mr. Taylor and William H. Sheide '36 is a manuscript copy of a treatise composed ca. 1590 by the French political economist Jean Bodin, entitled Colloquium, Heptaplomeres de abditis rerum sublimium arcanis. Bodin's work - considered in its day a daring plea for mutual religious tolerance among the major denominations - was known until its publication in the 19th century only in manuscript copies such as the one now at Princeton, which was executed in Berlin in 1738 by J.C.F. Bodenburg. Also form the period of the Renaissance, and also of interest for the history of ideas is the rare first edition (c. 1556) of a curious work of fictitious royal decrees, ostensibly issued by King Henri II of France, but actually composed by a half mad lawyer Raoul Spifame. This work, in French despite its Latin title, Dicaerchiae Henrici regis Christianissimi Progymnasmata, is the first of four valuable books presented to the Library by Timothy N. Pheiffer '08. The others in this gift are a handsomely printed and illustrated Description de l'Afrique, published by Jean Temporal at Lyons in 1556; the first French edition (Paris, 1686) of Exquemelin's famous history of the buccaneers (the fountainhead of all later pirate stories); and an author's presentation copy of Claude Lebeau's Voyage curieux et nouveau parmi les Sauvages de l'Amerique Septentrionale (Amsterdam, 1738). The three last-mentioned works further enrich the Library's excellent collection of early travel literature as exemplified in the Grenville Kane and Cyrus McCormick collections. Another gift from Imrie de Vegh (described in Chronicle, winter, 1957), who has for a number of years been a generous donor to the Library, has brought us several attractive early printed books, including: Savanorola tracts', with woodcuts, printed at Florence in 1498 and 1500; the Illustrations de la Gaulle belgique (Paris, 1531-1532), also attractively illustrated; the first edition in English of Erasmus' De Contemptu Mundi (London, 1533); the first English work on Russia, Giles Fletcher's Of the Russe Common Wealth (London, 1591); and the first edition in English of Rochefoucauld's maxims, entitled Epictetus Junior, or Maximes of Modern Morality (London, 1670).

In the field of American history, the Library has made several notable acquisitions during the past year. The Aaron Burr material collected by the late C.P. Greenough Fuller (presented in his memory by his brother-in-laws, William A. Kirkland '19 and Dudley C. Sharp '27) includes some 200 manuscript letters and documents by and about Burr, as well as a comprehensive group of books and pamphlets. (See the Chronicle, summer, 1957 for a fuller description). The autograph collection presented by E. Stanley Atkinson '10, numbering some 250, brings into our "pool" additional letters by such 18th and 19th century figures as Jonathan Belcher, Elias Boudinot, Henry Knox, John Hancock, George Washington, William Livingston, Samuel Southard, and Andrew Jackson. (See Chronicle, Autumn, 1956). A group of 79 letters written during the Civil War by General Adam Badeau to General James H. Wilson of Grant's staff, was presented by Mrs. Sherley W. Morgan. An exceptionally important addition to the Woodrow Wilson collection came from the estate of Charles L. Swem, who served as stenographic secretary to Wilson, and who had before his death presented a series of shorthand notebooks. The new Swem gift includes drafts of letters by Wilson, transcripts of Wilson letters, speeches typed by Swem from his short hand notes, memoranda, and ephemeral communications. (See Chronicle, summer, 1957.)

In the field of modern English and American literature the past year has also seen notable additions. The autograph manuscript of Sir Walter Scott's Waverly novel, The Pirate (1822) was acquired with funds contributed by Arthur A. Houghton Jr., Mrs Roy Arthur Hunt (in memory of Mortimer C. Miller '79), Kenneth H. Rockey '16 and Robert H. Taylor '30. Manuscripts of Charles Reade and Wilkie Collins - both "Parrish Collection authors" - were purchased through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Hyde, Bernard K. Shaeffer '20, Christian A. Zabriskie, and the Friends' acquisitions fund. Papers of the late Struthers Burt '04 - including literary manuscripts and correspondence - were given by Mrs. Burt and by the writer's son, Nathaniel Burt '36, as additions to material already given by Burt himself during his lifetime. The contemporary novelist James Gould Cozzens has presented literary manuscripts and correspondence, including the corrected typescript of his Pulitzer Prize novel Guard of Honor. Material relating to another important contemporary American literary figure, William Faulkner, has been enriched by a gift of Faulkner first editions from Clifton Waller Barrett, by Faulkner letters and manuscripts of French translations of Faulkner's novels from Professor Maurice Coindreau, and by numerous other gifts. (see Chronicle, spring, 1957)

Important additions have been made to several of our "named' collections, such as the Philip Ashton Rollins Collection of Western Americana, the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated books, The Isabelle A. Rockey Memorial Collection of Angling, the Otto v. Kienbusch Angling Collection. It is in a sense misleading to speak separately of additions to these collections, for such collections of course form part of the general "pool" or "magazine" of rare books and manuscripts, which is in turn part of a still larger pool of the general library (and university) resources. Nevertheless, such "collections" - usually the result of some individual's enthusiasm, acumen and zeal - focus attention on certain groups of books, and thus serve as catalytic agents for the attraction of new acquisitions. Whatever the individual collector's original reasons for acquiring certain books may have been, these same books, as part of our general pool, will interest other scholars for other reasons. Books collected as "illustrated books", for example, may also be "illustrated books" or important sources for local history...

During the past year, several rare "Western" items have been added to the Rollins collection, including William Gilpin's Notes on Colorado (London, 1871); Information relative to the city of San Diego, California (1874), with contemporary photographs as illustrations; Correspondence relative to the Discovery of Gold in the Fraser's River District, in British North America (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1858). Mr Sinclair Hamilton - who is preparing for publication by the Library in 1957-8 a printed catalogue of the collection of American illustrated books which he has assembled and presented progressively over the past decade - has continued to make additions to this collection. During the past year Mr. Hamilton has added, among many other items, several notable 18th century American imprints. Through the continuing generosity of Mr. Kenneth H. Rockey, the Library has added to The Isabelle A. Rockey Memorial Collection of Angling numerous titles including a file of Baily's Sports and Pasttimes, from 1860-1922. The most remarkable addition to the Otto v. Kienbusch Angling Collection is the hitherto unknown work, The Arte of Angling (London, 1577), which served as the basis for the 5th in the series of occasional publications issued by the Library under the sponsorship of the Friends of the Library.

July 1957-June 1958

Some of the most important new acquisitions have been in the field of American historical and literary manuscripts. More than ever, we are entitled to claim that Princeton has one of the great manuscript depositories in the country. The papers of Samuel Lewis Southard (1787-18420, which include an estimated 25,000 items, constitute the most extensive new group of manuscripts. These were acquired by the Library through the generosity of Albert Southard Wright '00, P.H.B. Frelinghuysen '04, Carl O. von Kienbusch '06, and Sterling Morton '06. Southard, a graduate of Princeton in the class of 1804, was later Secretary of the Navy during the administrations of Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams, and was an important political figure in New Jersey and in the nation. Southard's correspondence, consisting chiefly of letters received by him, will be of great value to students of the legal and political history of the first half of the 19th century. Many well-known names appear in the Southard Papers - James Monroe, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, John Marshall, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Edward Everett; many others, less prominent but nevertheless major political leaders in their own states, wrote to Southard giving him detailed information on the affairs of the day. Family correspondence as well as a wide variety printed ephemera represent other facets of the archive. The Southard Papers are now being organized and will in the course of the next year become available for research.

The Autograph Collection formed by Roger Williams Straus '13 has been deposited in the Library as a memorial to Mr. Straus by his widow Gladys Straus. This collection of American historical manuscripts numbering some 85 items or groups includes a contemporary copy of the Declaration of Independence transmitted to the state of Delaware, as well as significant letters from Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, and others. These manuscripts are all of a high quality compared to those in the Andre deCoppet Collection of American Historical Manuscripts, acquired by the Library 4 years ago.

Although not a manuscript, mention should be made here of an addition to the Boudinot family papers, presented by Mrs. Landon K. Thorne: a printed proclamation issued by Elias Boudinot as President of the Continental Congress announcing that Congress, as a result of disturbances created by rebellious soldiers in Philadelphia, would reassemble at Princeton on June 26, 1783. Green family papers presented by James L. Green and Beverley Green include important letters and other manuscripts relating to their ancestors, Jacob Green (1722-1790), Presbyterian minister of Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey, and his son Ashbel Green, a Princeton graduate in the class of 1783 and later the 8th president of the college. Through the generosity of Edward Duff Balkan '97, the Library has purchased one of John Trumbull's preparatory drawings for his painting "The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton". This pen and ink sketch now takes its place beside six other preliminary drawings for "the Battle" which have been in the Library's possession since 1904 when they were presented by Junius Spencer Morgan '88. The papers of Henry Norris Russell (1877-1957), Princeton '97, eminent astronomer, have enriched the Library's source materials on noted Princeton scholars. Professor Russell's well-arranged papers include his correspondence and manuscripts of scientific writings, reflecting his influence as a scientist and also as an interpreter of science to the layman.

In the field of American literature, we may record significant additions to important groups already in the Library's possession: a series of 28 letters and telegrams from Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald to their friends Mr. and Mrs Charles O. Kalman, presented by Mrs. Kalman; a series of more than 50 letters written by Booth Tarkington to John Peter Toohey, press agent in the office of the theatrical producer George Tyler, presented by Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 literary manuscripts and correspondence of Struthers Burt (1882-1954) added by Burt's widow and his son Nathaniel Burt '36, to the material previously presented by them (the spring-summer issue of The Chronicle will include an article on Struthers Burt by his son and a check list of his writings compiled by Alexander D. Wainwright); Countess Eleanora Marion-Crawford Rocca has given to the Library the manuscript of four novels written by her father Francis Marion Crawford (1854-1909). An extensive collection of great potential interest for American history and letters in the 20th century is the papers of Louis Adamic (1899-1951), the American writer of Slovenian origin, which have been presented through the efforts of Mrs. Adamic by the Louis Adamic Foundation. The Adamic Papers, as yet unorganized, include literary manuscripts, correspondence, and extensive research notes on the subject of minority groups in the United States.

Not all of the recently added manuscripts are in the field of American history and literature; English literature is also well represented. For example, letters of Penelope Pennington (1752?-1827), a friend and contemporary of Mrs. Piozzi, were presented by Mrs. Knight Wooley and other manuscripts of Mrs. Pennington by Robert F. Metzdorf. A group of original drawings and books illustrated by George Cruikshank were added to the Library's extensive Cruikshank collection by A.J. Rosenfeld. To the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists were added, through the generosity of Christian A. Zabriskie, manuscripts of Charles Reade. To the Library's unrivalled Beardsley Collection, more letters, drawings, and books by Aubrey Beardsley were presented by Charles Feinberg in honor of Edmund Wilson '16. Thanks to the Friends of the Princeton Library and to Eton Cromwell '16, the Library was enabled to purchase in memory of J. Harlin O'Connell '14 an extensive correspondence file of the English novelist Mary Chavelita Bright (1860-1945) who wrote under the name of George Egerton and whose correspondence includes such names as Sir James M. Barrie, W. Somerset Maugham, George Bernard Shaw, and William Butler Yeats. The collection of books and manuscripts of English authors of the 1890's formed by the late J. Harlin O'Connell '14, presented by his daughter, Mrs. Pierre Matisse, is one of the notable acquisitions of the year, and indeed one of the Library's outstanding literary collections. First editions, association copies, as well as literary manuscripts, letters and drawings are included, representing such authors such as Aubrey Beardsley, Max Beerbohm, Ernest Dowson, John Gray, George Moore, Stephen Phillips, A.E. Housman, George Bernard Shaw, and Oscar Wilde.

Turning from manuscripts to printed books, mention should be made of the extensive acquisition of works in the field of Germanic literature acquired through the generosity of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 and to be known as the Kretzschmar von Kienbusch Germanic Collection. This includes works extending from the 17th through the 20th centuries.; although it brings additional rare works and first editions to the Library's holdings, its special strength is in the works of historical and critical scholarship in various areas of Germanic studies. An important group of 16th and 17th century European works on the Near East, chiefly Turkey, formerly in the collection of G.J. Arvanitides, has been acquired on the Oriental Studies Fund. These well exemplify the theme of East and West relations, as do for the Far East a significant group of late 17th century pamphlets relating to the so called Rites Controversy. Also related to this key episode in the history of the European missionary effort in China is the rare Sino-European book presented by John M. Crawford, Jr. This book of 61 double leaves, with texts in Latin, Chinese and Manchu, was printed from woodblocks in the Chinese manner in Peking in 1701 under the auspices of jesuit missionaries from Europe; in their Brevis Relatio or Brief Narrative, the Jesuit missionaries whose signatures appear on facsimile on the final page of the book relate their presence at the Imperial court where they received, through the intermediary of high Manchu officials, the K'ang-hsi Emperor's reply to the memorial requesting his interpretation of the Confucian rites, A second and rare Sino-European imprint has been added to the Gest Oriental Library, thanks to a contribution from the Li Foundation; this is a single sheet printed from woodblocks in red ink, with text in Latin, Chinese, and Manchu, of an Imperial Rescript of 1716 intended to facilitate travel of missionary messengers within China.

During the past year, the inter-departmental project known as "Princeton Studies in the Latter 17th Century", has borne important fruit as far as the Library's rare book collections are concerned. As a result of a program os systematic acquisition, outlined by Professor James Holly Hanford, visiting bibliographer, and thanks to the response to the appeal for funds made by the Librarian in a special issue of the "Needs" bulletin circulated among the Friends of the Library, important acquisitions have been made. These are chiefly English works, including such authors as Thomas Traherne, Richard Baxter, Thomas Browne, Robert Hooke, and Walter Charleton, and representing various subject areas -- theology and philosophy, science, history, and journalism, poetry and drama.

An anonymous gift of a group of some 140 volumes, including splendid examples of binding, illustration, and printing, has also enriched the 17th century material with several important works such as: The Entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II, in his passage through the city of London to his coronation (London, 1662); Edward Waterhouse's A short Narrative of the Late Dreadful Fire in London (London, 1667); The History of the Coronation of...James II (London, 1687). The anonymous gift just mentioned is particularly strong in illustrated French works relating to coronations, entre‚s, festivals, and other great occasions. Mention may be made, for example, of the volume commemorating the reception tendered by the city of Paris to King Louis XIV and his Bride, Marie-Th‚rŠse of Austria, in August 1660; Les Plaisers de l'Isle Enchant‚e, plates depicting a ballet by MoliŠre and other festivities at Versailles in May 1664; and the elaborately illustrated volume issued by the city of Strasbourg to commemorate the visit of King Louis XV in October 1774. Another superb illustrated book received by the anonymous donor is the Monument du Costume Physique et Morale de la fin du 18e Si‚cle, an album of 76 engravings after Moreau Le Jeune, with text by Restif de la Bretonne. Still other works, important for 18th century taste, notably in the field of architecture and landscape gardening, include collections of views of Paris and Versailles by Perelle, Israel Silvestre, and others, as well as Humphrey Repton's treatise entitled Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening (London, 1794).

Closely related to the illustrated books mentioned are a series of 17th and 18th century engravings presented to The Graphic Arts Collection by Davenport West '05. Books presented by Sinclair Hamilton '06 - in addition to those regularly added to the collection of American illustrated books bearing his name - include early printed books of both artistic and textual significance: for example, Robert Gaguin, Compendium de origine et egstis Francorum (Paris, 1500); an edition of Terence's dramatic works, with woodcuts, printed at Paris in 1552; Andrea Alciati, Emblematum Liber (Augsburg, 1531), the first edition of the famous emblem-book which set the pattern for countless successors during the next two centuries. Two recently acquired books of importance for the history of music are: Sebald Heyden, Musicae (Nuremberg, 1537); and Ludovico Zacconi, Prattica di Musica (Venice, 1596-1622), presented by Harry C. Robb '97, Paul Bedford '97, Ernest Savage '19, and Nathaniel Burt '36. Mrs. Sinclair Hamilton has presented examples of fine modern hand binding executed by herself. Further examples of the work of the Derrydale Press have come from Eugene V. Connett III '12. The last major work designed by the modern American typographer Bruce Rogers printed in a limited edition in New York by the press of Abraham Colish in 1955 has been presented by Mr. Colish.

The above enumeration is far from complete, but it can serve as a sampling of recent acquisitions and as an indication of the fact that these additions are limited to no particular century, country, or subject - thus mirroring the universal scope of the Princeton University Library.

July 1958-June 1959

The establishment in the Princeton University Library of the John Foster Dulles '08 Library of Diplomatic History, centering around Mr. Dulles' papers, was announced in May, 1959. The Department of State and the University simultaneously made known an agreement concerning the establishment in the Library of a collection of microfilmed copies of official documents of the Department of State relating to Mr. Dulles' tenure as Secretary. His own personal papers were presented to the University by Mr. Dulles shortly before his death. The microfilms of the official documents will be physically located in the Dulles Library under approved safeguard conditions as prescribed by applicable laws and Executive Orders and will be subject to the same restrictions, limitations, and controls as are the original documents in the Department of State. Title and control of these copies will remain with the Federal Government until such time as all classification and restrictions have been removed from the originals. In giving his personal papers to Princeton as a research collection, Secretary Dulles declared that access to the papers, for the purpose of furthering bona fide research in the fields of history, political science, international relations, and related subjects, should be granted as widely as possible. Scholars seeking to consult these personal papers, once they have been completely organized and catalogued, must receive through the Library the written approval of a committee appointed by Mr. Dulles.

An important collection of papers of Edward Coles (1786-1868), second governor of Illinois and a noted early opponent of slavery, has been presented to the Library by George A. Robbins '20, Edward C. Robbins '22, James M. Robbins '26 and Oliver W. Robbins. This new acquisition of some 400 pieces adds significantly to the Library's extensive manuscripts of American figures of the first half of the 19th century, containing as it does significant letters of James and Dolley Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Robert Fulton, Nicholas Biddle, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster, and others.

An autograph collection numbering some 500 items has been presented by DeForest M. Alexander '24. Letters written to members of the Alexander family formed the basis of the collection, especially those received by the artist John White Alexander (1856-1915) and James W. Alexander, of the class of 1860. Numerous others of the autographs were collected from various sources by Henry Martyn Alexander '90, father of the donor. These are letters of Daniel Webster and Presidents Grant, Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and Theodore Roosevelt. There are six letters of Samuel L. Clemens. Walt Whitman, William Dean Howells, Henry James, Thornton Wilder, and Gertrude Stein are represented. James McNeill Whistler is represented by six letters to John W. Alexander; other autographs of artists include those of Eastman Johnson, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, John La Farge, and Rodin. There are several letters of officers in both the Union and Confederate armies in the Civil War, of which six are addressed to General Robert E. Lee. There are autographs of persons prominently identified with Princeton, such as Joseph Henry, Arnold Guyot, Samuel Miller, Charles Hodge, Henry Van Dyke, and Presidents James Carnahan, James McCosh, Francis Landey Patton, and Woodrow Wilson. A group of nearly fifty Italian autographs in the collection includes those of notables from the 16th to the 19th century. There are also several English autographs, among which are letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, and Alfred Noyes.

Papers of the late Ivy L. Lee '98, as well as some twelve hundred books from his library, have been presented by his sons, James W. Lee II '28, and Ivy L. Lee Jr. '31. A large body of papers of the author Philip Wylie '24 has been given by Mr. Wylie. James Gould Cozzens has added to the Cozzens Papers the corrected typescript and the corrected galley proofs of By Love Possessed, as well as more than 150 letters written to him by writers, publishers, critics, fans, and others, with carbons of his replies. Included in the correspondence, which covers the years 1933-1954, are letters from Louis Bromfield, Erskine Caldwell, Joyce Cary, Sidney Howard, and Oliver La Farge.

From Mrs. David H. McAlpin the Library has received the records of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Isabella McCosh Infirmary, Additions have been made to the Booth Tarkington '93 Collection. Barton Currie has given his correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. Tarkington. The file covers the years 1921-1945 and consists of sixty letters and ten telegrams from Tarkington, four letters from Mrs. Tarkington, and the carbons of thirty-five letters and sixteen telegrams from Mr. Currie to Mr. Tarkington. Mr. Currie has also given, with Mrs. Currie, a collection of more than 60 books by and about Tarkington, many of which contain autograph inscriptions by the author. From Miss Helen Hayes have come four long letters written to her in 1940 by Tarkington concerning the radio play Lady Hamilton and her Nelson. During the past year, the Library has also acquired by purchase a small number of Tarkington letters. Nine cartons of additions to the archives of the American Civil Liberties Union, for the years 1953-54, have been received from the Union.

The following are represented among various manuscripts and typescripts of books presented by the authors during the past year: Carlos Baker, A Friend in Power (1958); James Bruce '14, Those Perplexing Argentines (1953); Edward Dumbauld '26, The Bill of Rights and What it Means Today (1957); Richard Powell '30, The Philadelphian (1956); and Aaron Marc Stein '27, Sitting Up Dead (1958).

Robert H. Taylor '30, Chairman of the Friends of the Princeton University Library, has presented more than 40 books by English novelists of the 19th century. The gift is distinguished for the excellence of the condition of the volumes and for the considerable number of association items included in it. Among the authors represented are Anne and Charlotte Bront‰, Samuel Butler, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Frederick Marryat, Emily Eden, Elizabeth Gaskell, H. Rider Haggard, Charles Reade, Sir Walter Scott, Joseph H. Shorthouse, and W. M. Thackeray. Mr. Taylor has also presented more than twenty 1st edition English editions of books by Charles DIckens, the majority of which contain inscriptions in the hand of the author. This gift includes the well known Jupp-Kern-Bandler copy of Pickwick in parts, 1836-37.

Sinclair Hamilton '06 has added more than 110 titles to the Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books and has presented as well a small group of European illustrated books, including St. Birgitta, Revelationes (Nuremberg, 1500), and William Combe, An History of the River Thames (London, 1794-96). From Mrs. Hamilton have come useful additions to the equipment of the bindery and the press room in the shape of a standing screw press and a standing paper cutter. William H. Scheide '36 has made possible the acquisition of a number of important books in the field of music, including four first editions of J.S. Bach; Francisco de Salinas, De Musica libri septem, Salamanca, 1577; Francois Couperin, Pieces de Clavecin, Paris, 1713-30; and Johann Jakob Froberger, Diverse Ingegnosissime Rarissime.

Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 has added a number of items to the Kretzachmar van Kienbusch Germanic Collection and the Kienbusch Angling Collection (the latter group includes a copy of the rare first edition of the first American apology for angling as a sport, Joseph Seccomb, Business and Diversion Inoffensive to God, Boston, 1743; and a broadside proclamation regulating fishing in the Danube and adjacent waters, Ingolstadt, 1528); and has made possible the purchase of a letter written by John Witherspoon to his son David, March 17, 1777.

During the past year the Library has received for its Numismatics Collection four substantial gifts of coin and paper currency. Charles A. Cass '02 bequeathed an outstanding collection of United States paper money with particular emphasis on bills issued since the formation of the Federal Reserve Banks. With this paper money collection came some hundreds of coins, mostly United States and mostly in the denominations up to and including the quarter dollar. From Friends of the Library have been received fourteen European and South American gold coins; forty-seven of Roman and modern gold; and 437 modern gold coins struck by some sixty issuing bodies. Clifton Waller Barrett has given more than seventy books by and about Lafcadio Hearn. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 has added 150 volumes to the Rockey Angling Collection. Charles Scribner, Jr. '43 has presented the original copperplate for Saint-Memin's round engraved portrait of Thomas Jefferson, 1804. The Library has obtained as the bequest of Gordon L. Harris '16 a collection of books and prints on the orchid. Bernhard K. Scheafer '20 has given a copy of the handsome five-volume Bremer Press Bible, Munich, 1926-28. Among the several additions to the Carl W. Jones '11 Collection on magic received from Mrs. Jones was a copy of the scarce first edition of Johann Wier, De Praestigiis Daemonum, Basel, 1563, with a presentation inscription by the author and manuscript changes and notation attributed to him. The Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library, St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, Calif., has presented the Novum Psalterium Pii XII, Los Angeles, 1955, one of the forty-eight copies of the unfinished folio of Brother Antoninus. From Dorsey Richardson has come a copy of the first edition of Nathaniel Bowditch, The New American Practical Navigator, Newburyport, 1802. A copy of the first edition of Nathaniel Hawthorne's first book, Fanshawe, Boston, 1828, has been purchased on the Sutton Fund. An important purchase for the Gest Oriental Library was a copy of the 591-volume Shanghai edition (1936) of the Chi-sha Tripitaka.

The past year has been a beneficial one for the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists, 135 volumes, more than 350 manuscript items, and other material having been acquired for it. As has been the case in previous years, this continued growth of the collection has been largely due to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hyde, Robert H. Taylor '30, Henry E. Gerstly '20, Kenneth H. Rockey '16, Mrs. Roy Arthur HUnt, and the Friends of the Princeton Library. Among the notable acquisitions were: the autograph manuscript of Bulwer-Lytton's novel Eugene Aram (published in 1832); forty letters written by Bulwer-Lytton; a considerable portion of the autograph manuscript of Charles Reade's novel Griffith Gaunt, (1866); three Reade notebooks and two of his scare privately printed plays, with manuscript changes in his hand (Put Yourself in His Place, 1870, Singleheart and Doubleface, 1882); the notebook kept by Anthony Trollope on his trip to South Africa in 1877; six manuscript travel books maintained by Trollope from 1841 to 1871; and forty letters written by Charles Kingsley.

The acquisition program in English civilization of the latter seventeenth century, for which increased funds became available in the spring of 1958, has begun to yield results of potential importance for research at Princeton. The chronological limits of this period, comprising as it does the restoration of the house of Stuart in 1660 and the Whig revolution of 1688, have proved increasingly meaningful as the Library becomes experienced in selecting related materials according to categories of desiderata worked out in collaboration with the faculty and tentatively set forth in the March 1958 issue of Needs. The books purchased fall broadly into the following classes: (1) Politics, Journalism, Religion; (2) Science, Philosophy, Economics, and (3) Belles Lettres, Music, Drama. The coherence of this collection is greater than it would appear from a mere listing. The units reinforce each other in innumerable ways, providing materials for a comprehensive study of a great transition age in the life and thought of men of English speech. In the field of political and religious controversy the largest number of items fall into the latter part of the reign of Charles and around the accession of William and Mary. Taking into account the library of Theological Seminary as well as our own collection, the body of original materials of this sort available here is impressive. Literary materials, where the Library is even stronger, have come more slowly. We have nevertheless added about twenty-five new plays in 1958-59, and we have been particularly successful in securing rare items in the related field of English music, including the Vocal scores of eight operas, the two parts of Henry Lawes's Ayres and Dialogues, 1653-55, and a copy of Thomas Mace's extraordinary treaties Musick's Monument, 1676. An unusual item in prose fiction is the picaresque Don Tomaso or the Juvenile Rambles of Thomas Dangerfield, 1680. Early science is represented by original editions of works by Boyle, Locke, Hobbes, Glisson, Charleton, Ray, Sprat, Merrit, POwer and Wallis. Among the major contributors to this project have been Bernard Kilgore, William H. Scheide '36, Robert H. Taylor '30, and Christian A. Zabriskie.

July 1958-June 1959

The establishment in the Princeton University Library of the John Foster Dulles '08 Library of Diplomatic History, centering around Mr. Dulles' papers, was announced in May, 1959. The Department of State and the University simultaneously made known an agreement concerning the establishment in the Library of a collection of microfilmed copies of official documents of the Department of State relating to Mr. Dulles' tenure as Secretary. His own personal papers were presented to the University by Mr. Dulles shortly before his death. The microfilms of the official documents will be physically located in the Dulles Library under approved safeguard conditions as prescribed by applicable laws and Executive Orders and will be subject to the same restrictions, limitations, and controls as are the original documents in the Department of State. Title and control of these copies will remain with the Federal Government until such time as all classification and restrictions have been removed from the originals. In giving his personal papers to Princeton as a research collection, Secretary Dulles declared that access to the papers, for the purpose of furthering bona fide research in the fields of history, political science, international relations, and related subjects, should be granted as widely as possible. Scholars seeking to consult these personal papers, once they have been completely organized and catalogued, must receive through the Library the written approval of a committee appointed by Mr. Dulles.

An important collection of papers of Edward Coles (1786-1868), second governor of Illinois and a noted early opponent of slavery, has been presented to the Library by George A. Robbins '20, Edward C. Robbins '22, James M. Robbins '26 and Oliver W. Robbins. This new acquisition of some 400 pieces adds significantly to the Library's extensive manuscripts of American figures of the first half of the 19th century, containing as it does significant letters of James and Dolley Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Robert Fulton, Nicholas Biddle, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster, and others.

An autograph collection numbering some 500 items has been presented by DeForest M. Alexander '24. Letters written to members of the Alexander family formed the basis of the collection, especially those received by the artist John White Alexander (1856-1915) and James W. Alexander, of the class of 1860. Numerous others of the autographs were collected from various sources by Henry Martyn Alexander '90, father of the donor. These are letters of Daniel Webster and Presidents Grant, Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and Theodore Roosevelt. There are six letters of Samuel L. Clemens. Walt Whitman, William Dean Howells, Henry James, Thornton Wilder, and Gertrude Stein are represented. James McNeill Whistler is represented by six letters to John W. Alexander; other autographs of artists include those of Eastman Johnson, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, John La Farge, and Rodin. There are several letters of officers in both the Union and Confederate armies in the Civil War, of which six are addressed to General Robert E. Lee. There are autographs of persons prominently identified with Princeton, such as Joseph Henry, Arnold Guyot, Samuel Miller, Charles Hodge, Henry Van Dyke, and Presidents James Carnahan, James McCosh, Francis Landey Patton, and Woodrow Wilson. A group of nearly fifty Italian autographs in the collection includes those of notables from the 16th to the 19th century. There are also several English autographs, among which are letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, and Alfred Noyes.

Papers of the late Ivy L. Lee '98, as well as some twelve hundred books from his library, have been presented by his sons, James W. Lee II '28, and Ivy L. Lee Jr. '31. A large body of papers of the author Philip Wylie '24 has been given by Mr. Wylie. James Gould Cozzens has added to the Cozzens Papers the corrected typescript and the corrected galley proofs of By Love Possessed, as well as more than 150 letters written to him by writers, publishers, critics, fans, and others, with carbons of his replies. Included in the correspondence, which covers the years 1933-1954, are letters from Louis Bromfield, Erskine Caldwell, Joyce Cary, Sidney Howard, and Oliver La Farge.

July 1960 - June 1961

Major acquisitions are described regularly in the Princeton University Library Chronicle. What follows is a summary of some of the more interesting acquisitions of the year, intended to be merely illustrative.

Sinclair Hamilton '06 has added sixty-eight items to the Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books, including The History of Holy Jesus, 11th edition, New Haven, 1771; The American Primer, Boston, (1792?); and The Holy Bible Abridged, New York, 1792. Mr. Hamilton has also given thirteen illustrated books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Among these are: Horae...Romanum, Paris, 1543, with fourteen full page woodcuts and with the text enclosed by woodcut borders, all after designs attributed to Geoffrey Tory; Andrea Alciati Emblematum Libellus, Paris, 1536, Alciati, Los Emblemas, Lyons, 1549; Sant Hieronimo, Valencia, 1526; Ovid, Metamorphesin, Vince, 1509; in a morocco binding by Christine Hamilton; and Claude Paradin, Devises Heroiques, Lyons, 1557. Christian A. Zabriskie has presented Andrea de Barberino, Les Liures de Perrin Mesquin, [Paris, ca. 1555], the Roxburghe-Devonshire copy. A collection of seven hundred pamphlets and manuscripts, Spanish and American, assemble by the Hijar, relating to the war in Spain and the secessionist movement of the Spanish-American colonies, 1808-1823, was purchased on the Rollins Fund.

Approximately seventeen hundred volumes from the Library of the late Walter Lowrie '90 have been received as the gift of Mrs. Lowrie. Gifts from Robert H. Taylor '30 have included some sixteen hundred volumes of The Scots Musical Museum, Edinburgh [1787 - 1803]. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 has added ninety books to the Rockey Angling Collection. The Princeton Club of Japan, under the leadership of Yoshio Osawa '25, has presented 413 volumes to the Library's Japanese collection as its contribution to the current $53 Million campaign of the University. This important gift has not only enriched the Japanese collection but also given a greater balance to the resources of the various subject fields.

The generosity of the Friends enabled the Library to purchase one of the ten special copies of the first American edition of Kipling's The Day's Work, distributed by Frank Doubleday to associates and containing portions of contributions to periodicals revised in the author's hand. A notable addition to the Library's strong Civil War collection was a file of the Boston Morning Journal, April 13, 1861 to December 16, 1864, purchased on general Library funds. The outstanding addition to the Princetoniana Collection consisted of six gold medals awarded to the late Henry Norris Russel '97, Professor of Astronomy, the gift of Mrs. Russell and her children.

In February, 1961, Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 deposited his angling collection in the Library, and it has been placed in the special room constructed for it. Title to the collection is eventually to be transferred by Mr. Kienbusch to the University.
Robert H. Taylor '30 added a Renaissance manuscript to the Library's collection: Enselmino de Treviso, Devotissimo pianto della Gloriosa ... Maria, 1481. Two groups of manuscripts add to the resources for the study of early American History: a group of 125 letters addressed to Mrs. Benjamin Rush by her son, Richard Rush and other members of her family, acquired by purchase; and papers of William Pinkney, 1764 - 1822, diplomat, the gift of Mrs. T.P. Dixon, Jr. The important Pinkney correspondence contains twenty-five letters from James Madison and other letters from J. Q. Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and other American and European statesmen. Other early American material includes twenty-one letters addressed to Dolley Madison from various correspondents, acquired by purchase; a group of letters addressed to Lewis Case, from 1840 to 1865, by leading political and military figures, the gift of Mary C. Lewis of Philadelphia; and twenty-seven letters with sketches of Civil War battle and camp scenes by the artist Charles W. Reed, the gift of Mrs. Robert Schirmer.

For the more recent period, important sections of the papers of John Foster Dulles have been received during the current year. Kenneth H. Rockey '16 has presented a carefully indexed file of his papers relating to the activities of the Price Adjustment Board of the Navy Department and the renegotiation of contracts during World War II. Of similar naval interest are some twenty-five papers presented by Rear Admiral Henry E. Eccles, being analyses of militant concepts. Additions to the Woodrow Wilson Collection have been made by purchase and by gift of individual manuscripts in small groups by Henry W. Bragdon, Miss Margaret Campbell, Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06, The Lawrenceville School, and Walter S. Rogers '25.

Several outstanding collections have been added to the Library's American manuscripts relating to literature and the fine arts. Mrs. Harry Fine and Mrs. E. Gilbert Dymond have presented the papers of Paul Elmer More, and Arthur H. Dakin has given a supplementary collection of More's manuscripts and correspondences concerning him. Other acquisitions in the field include a collection of manuscripts of Jesse Lynch Williams '92, the gift of his son, and a collection of letters addressed to the American wood engraver, Benson J. Lossing, presented by Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Small groups of manuscripts have been added by Mr. Frederick Bracher to the James Gould Cozzens papers; by Roger Sessions, to his music manuscripts; and to the Booth Tarkington papers significant additions have been made by Mr. and Mrs. David Laurance Chambers, of the class of 1900; Mrs. Eugene S. Josephs; Mrs. Greene Lorimer; and Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Mott. Willard Thorp has given additions to his papers. Julian Street, Jr. '25, has supplemented the papers of his father by the addition of letters addressed by several noted authors to various members of the family of Julian Street. August Mencken ha presented, photostatic copies of the letters of his brother, H.L. Mencken, to James Branch Caball, supplementing the Library's large collection of photocopies of H.L. Mencken's letters. Several useful additions to the Library's resources relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald '17 have been acquired in the form of printed ephemera, records, and photocopy. Sheila Graham, of Hollywood, gave the Library permission to microfilm annotations written by Fitzgerald in a large number of books given to her by the writer. Important individual manuscripts have been given by Edward Neumberg -- Ford Madox Ford's Towards Tomorrow; and by Mrs. Samuel Shellabarger -- the manuscript of her late husband's Lord Vanity. Other additions to individual manuscripts have been made to the Library's collections of John James Audubon, Phillip Freneau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Henry James, Edgar Lee Masters, and Francis Viele-Griffin.

Among English literary manuscripts, the most outstanding is the Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection of Manuscripts of Rudyard Kipling, presented by Mrs. Nelson Doubleday and her children, Mrs. John Sargent and Nelson Doubleday, Jr., '55 (fully described in the Spring Edition of the Chronicle).

July 1961-June 1962

Robert H. Taylor '30 presented the Chatsworth copy of ...olonocus Anglicus, De proprietatibus rerum, Westminster, Worde, ca. 1495. A copy of Saint Bonaventura, Saint ...quium, Antwerp, 1487, was purchased on the Acquisition Committee Fund of the Friends of the Library. An important addition to the Library's famous Morgan collection of Virgil was an edition of Virgil's works published in Venice in 1482 by Tortis, purchased on the Harper Fund. Sinclair Hamilton '06 gave 16 illustrated books of the 16th century, including Erasmus, Christiani Matrimoni Institutio, Basel, 1526, ..., Precatio Dominica in Septum potriones, Basel, 1523; Sir Thomas More, De optimo reip. Statu, deque noua insula Utopia, Basel, 1518, the December edition; Orince Fine, Protomathesis, Basel, 1532; and the Robert Hoe-William L. Clements copy of the ...-Koberger Bible of 1521.

From the late Elmer Adler the Library has received a copy of Baif, De captiuis, & postliminio reuersis: in quibus ... de re nauali, Paris, 1549, and from the late Imrie de Vegh, a copy of the editio princeps of Archimedes, Opera, Basel, ..., and Alessandro Guahnino, Sarmatiae Europeae Descriptio...1578. Lorenzo Gambara, De Navigatione Christophori Columbi Libri Quattuor, Rome, 1583, was purchased on the Harper Fund. Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 made possible the purchase of a volume containing first editions of Albrecht Drer's works on descriptive geometry (1525), on fortifications (1527), and on ...proportions (1528).

From John S. Williams '31 has come an extensive collection of books manuscripts and other materials relating to the Mason L....A scarce Americanum, the gift of Christian A. Zabriskie, was ...Hall, A short account of the first settlement of the provinces of Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, by the English, London, 1735. Books and pamphlets relating to the French Revolution collected by the late Professor Cromwell B. Rogers were received as the gift od Mrs. Rogers. Julian W. Feiss '27 gave a collection of nearly 400 volumes relating to Africa. Judge A Demorest Del Mar presented copies of seven books written by his father, Alexander Del Mar, annotated by the author and with much interleaved supplementary material.

Two books from the library of President Jonathan Edwards were purchased on the Harper Fund: President Samuel Davies, A sermon on Man's primitive state; and the first covenant, Philadelphia, 1748; and Alexander Moncreiff, England's Alarm, Glasgow, 1757. The Rev. Edwin S. Ford '13 presented to the Library for the 18th Century Room a pair of silver sugar ... made by the American silversmith Daniel Van Voohis, onetime resident of Princeton.

Sinclair Hamilton '06 added more than 60 items to the Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books. From Robert Metzdorf came 175 books, comprising the first installment of the Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bindings. Mrs. Malvern B. Clopton gave a copy of Andrey Avinoff, Portraits of Orchids, New York, 1960. Gifts from Gillett G. Griffin included a number of New England imprints of the 18th and early 19th centuries, including a copy of the folio Bible published by ...Thomas in 1791. William H. Scheide '36 presented a copy of Don C. Normans, The 500th Anniversary Pictorial Census of the Gutenberg Bible, Chicago, 1961. A copy of Francis Blackburne's The Confessional. London, 1766, bound by order of Thomas Hollis for the author, was purchased on the Harper fund. Kenneth Rockey '16 added nearly 100 books to the Rockey Angling Collection.

An important Logan Pearsall Smith collection, containing many of the authors own copies of his books with many books from his library, as well as some manuscript material, was acquired mainly through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30 and the Friends of the Library. Mrs. F. Wallis Armstrong Jr. presented the extensive Christopher Morley collection assembled by her late husband, a member of the class of 1931. Thomas O. Babbott and Freeman F. Hepburn gave a copy of J.L. Comstock, Conversation on Chemistry, Hartford 1822, containing on the front flyleaf two quoted poems in the hand believed to be Edgar Allen Poe's. An outstanding addition to the Tarkington Collection was a copy of The Guardian, New York, 1907, by Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson, with a presentation inscription by Tarkington to William Heresford and extensively revised in Tarkington's hand, the gift of Mrs. John C. Maxwell. FOur extensive author collections were received from Mr. and Mrs. Barton Currie: Joseph C. Lincoln, 44 volumes, most of which are presentation copies with a small group of letters; Booth Tarkington '93, 43 volumes, many inscribed, with a few letters; George Bernard Shaw, 39 volumes with five letters; and Joseph Conrad 80 volumes (five of which are inscribed by Conrad), with 2 letters. From the estate of Miss Marie Shank, the Library received 11 volumes by and about Scott Fitzgerald '17, including three with presentation inscriptions from Fitzgerald to Miss Shank. A small collection of John Galsworthy, many with inscriptions in the hand of the author, was the gift of John S. Williams '24. Robert H. Taylor '30 made possible the acquisition of a copy of Edith Wharton's scarce 1st book Verses, Newport, 1878.

Through the continued generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hyde, Christian A. Zabriskie, Robert H. Taylor '30, and the Friends of the Library, significant additions were made to the Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists. 92 volumes and more than 425 letters were acquired by gift and purchase. The major manuscript items obtained were: the office book of ...Words, the weekly edited by Charles Dickens, 1850-1859, through the generosity of Mr. Zabriskie and Daniel Maggin; the manuscript of a lecture by Charles Kingsley on the study of ... history, 1870, purchased on the Acquisitions Committee Fund of the Friends of the Library; the manuscripts of 30+ of Kingsley's sermons, many unpublished, through the generosity of Mr. Zabriskie; part of a manuscript of Charles Reade's ... through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde; and the autograph manuscript of Anthony Trollope's novel An Eye for an Eye, the gift of Mr. Taylor.

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts:
1. A collection of medieval manuscript leaves, 9th to 15th centuries, the gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.
2. A Manuscript of unusual interest, a volume of accounts of the wardrobe for the year 1478, compiled during the reign of Edward IV of England, was presented by Robert H. Taylor '30.

American Manuscripts of General Historical Interest
1. Dulles Papers. Important sections of this group of papers have been received during the year just passed.
2. Ashbel Green sermons, a collection of 24 original manuscripts, with related papers, the gift of Mrs. Thomas Guthrie Speers.
3. A collection of account books and other documents of Benjamin Howell, of Troy, New Jersey, dating from 1812. One of the more interesting series in the Library's collections of merchants' account books.
4. A collection of some 100 letters and other documents relating to Brig. General Paul A. Oliver (1831-1912), the gift of Samuel Bonnell.
5. Sermons of Colonial clergymen, a collection of photostats and original manuscripts presented by Stewart M. Robinson '15.
6. Numerous additions have been made to the Woodrow Wilson Collection, largely through the efforts of Professor Arthur Link. The most notable group comprised c. 260 pieces of correspondence between Wilson and Lawrence Woods '01..



Jan 1, 1963 - Dec 31, 1963

Rare Books
Recent Acquisitions - Books

Abano, Pietro D'. Conciliator controversiarum, quae inter philosophos et medicos versantur. Venice, 1548. Purchase.

Aiken, Conran Potter. Thirty-three of his books and several related items. Gift of Willard Thorp.

American Fiction, 1774-1875. Twenty-three titles including William Adams' Hatchie, the guardian slave; of, the heiress of Bellevue, Boston, 1853, presented by the author to J.T.Trowbirdge. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06

American Illustrated Books, Sinclair Hamilton Collection. Fifty-eight volumes including an album of drawings by F.O.C. Darley; Louisa May Alcott's On picket duty and other tales, Boston and New York [1864]; Hutching's illustrated California magazine, San Francisco, 1856-61; and a broadside printed at Dunbarton, N.H. containing A true and particular narrative of the late tremendous Tornado, at Philadelphia and New York, on Sabbath Day, July 1, 1792. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Angling. One hundred eight books added to the collection presented in memory of Isabelle A. Rockey by Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

Arrianus, Flavius. Arriani historici et philosophi Ponti Euxini & maris Erythraei periplus. Geneva, 1577. Purchase.

[Beckford, William]. Vathek, conte arabe. Paris, 1787. Parreaux's first issue without the Approbation and PrivilŠge. From the library of the late Professor Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., presented by Mrs. Margaret Mather Turner.

Behn, Aphra. The forc'd marriage, or the jealous bridegroom. London, 1671. Gift of John R.B. Brett-Smith.

[Bellon, Peter]. The mock-duellist, or, the French vallet. A comedy. London, 1675. Purchase.

Bemis, George. Report of the case of John W. Webster, Boston, 1950. Presented to the President of the United States by the Attorney General of Massachusetts/ Gift of Mrs. Barton W. Currie.

Bernard de Clairvaux, Saint. A hymn of St. Bernard's to the Holy Jesus. Boston, 1744. Gift of Mrs. L. Wardlaw Miles, from the library of the Stockton family.

Biblia Germanica. Nuremberg, 1483. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.
Bishop of Cloyne Association: Appianus of Alexandria. Romanarum historiarum. Paris, 1551. Presented to James Stopford, Bishop of Cloyne, by Jonathan Swift. - Arbuthnot, John. Tables of ancient coins, weights, and measures. London, 1727. Presented to James Stopford, Bishop of Cloyne, by Jonathan Swift. - Pope, Alexander. The dunciad, variorum. London. A. Dod, 1729. Presented by Pope to James Stopford, Bishop of Cloyne, a copy of the edition on heavy paper. -Pope, Alexander. An essay on man. London, 1734. The first edition of the epistles as a single poem, with an "Index to the Ethic Epistles: at the end, not mentioned by Griffith or Wise. Presented by Pope to James Stopford, Bishop of Cloyne. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Blaeu, G. and J. Theatre du monde ou nouvel atlas. Amsterdam, 1643 - 46. See description in the Chronicle, Winter 1963, vol. 24, no. 2. Gift of Dr. J. Monroe Thorington '15 and Mrs. Thorington.

Boccaccio, Giovanni, Le Plaisant Livre de noble homme Jejan Bocace...des faictz & gestes des illustres & cleres dames. Paris, 1538. Purchase.

Boussuet, Francois. De natura acquatilium carmen, in alterum. Cologne [ca. 1571 - 1575]. Given by James C. Pehler '18 and Mrs. Oehler in memory of the Reverend James C. Oehler, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1886.

Breuiarium iuxta ritu predicatorum lectioibus p ferias & oct'. refertum. Venice, 1514. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Buchanan, George. De jure regni apud Scotos. Or, a dialogue, concerning the due privilege of government, in the kingdom of Scotland, betwixt George Buchanan and Thomas Maitland, by the said George Buchanan. And translated out of the original Latin into English by Philalethes. Philadelphia, 1766. Gift of Mrs. L. Wardlaw Miles, from the library of the Stockton family.

Buonamici, Francesco. De moto libri X. Florence, 1591. Purchase.

Cavallo, Tiberius. Elements of natural or experimental Philosophy. Philadelphia, 1813. The fly leaf has twenty-three signatures including those of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams; a textbook used at Princeton. Gift of Mrs. L. Wardlaw Miles, from the library of the Stockton family.

Champier, Symphorien. Mirabilium divinorum humanorumque volumina quattuor. [Lyon, 1517]. Purchase.

Chapman, George. The tragedy of Alphonsus emperour of Germany. London (1654). Purchase.

Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste Ren‚ de. Nearly three hundred volumes of his works and books about him, with numerous editions of his most popular writings. From the collection of Gilbert Chinard.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. A collection of seven of his works. Gift of John S. Williams '24.

[Colonia, Dominique de]. Bibliotheque Janseniste, ou catalogue alphabetique des principaux livres Jansenistes, ou suspects de Jansenisme, qui one paru depuis la naissance de cette h‚r‚sie. Seconde edition. [Lyon] 1731. Purchase.

Comines, Philippe de, sieur D'Argenton. Cronicque et histoire faicte et composee par feu messire Philippe de Commines. Paris, 1539. Purchase.

A companion to the altar showing the nature and necessity of a sacramental preparation in order to our worthy receiving the Holy Communion to which are added prayers and meditations. London [ca. 1790]. Fly leaf inscribed: "Jane Austen, April 24, 1794." Gift of Mrs. Barton W. Currie.

Constitution des r‚publiques francise cisalpine et ligurienne; avec l'acte d'independance des Etats-Unis d'Amerique, dans les quatre langues francaise, anglaise, allemande et italienne. Paris, An VII [1798\99]. Purchase.

Cowper, William. (1731 - 1800). The large collection of books written by him and relating to his activities made by the late Professor Neilson Campbell Hanney. Included is a set of Cowper's works extra-illustrated by William Upcott. For a description of the collection see the Chronicle, Autumn 1962, vol. 24, no.1. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Crowne, John. City politiques. A comedy. London. 1683. Purchase.

[Day, John]. The ile of gulls. London, 1683. Purchase.

Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. Copyright edition. Leipzig, 1843. Purchase for Parrish Collection.

Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge. twenty-five books by or relating to Lewis Carroll, including: Rhyme? and reason?, London, 1883, with a presentation inscription from the author to his sister Henrietta H. Dodgson; Sylvie and Bruno, London, 1889, and Sylvie and Bruno concluded, London, 1893, both with presentation inscriptions from the author to his sister Mary C. Collingwood; Lewis Carroll's copy of Mingaud's The noble game of billiards, London, 1830; and Lyra innocentium, Oxford, 1854, inscribed "Mary Charlotte Dodgson, A Birthday gift from her affectionate brother Charles, 1856." From the library of the late James Brownlee Rankin '23, presented by Mrs. Rankin.

Drayton, Michael. Poems...newly corrected by the authour. London [ca.1616]. The title page in the second state. From the library of the late Professor Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., presented by Mrs. Margaret Mather Turner.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Fourteen titles by and relating to Emerson including the four volumes of The Dial presented by Mrs. George L. Stearns to Thomas Whittemore; Nature, Boston and Cambridge, 1849, presented by the author to Dr. Charles T. Jackson; Society and solitude, Boston, 1870, inscribed to J. Haven Emerson; and Letters and social aims, Boston, 1876, inscribed to Miss Mary Queen. Also Emerson's copy of George Sand's Lemeunier d'Angibauly, Brussels, 1845. Gift of William Elfers '41.

Fletcher, John. The tragedy of Thierry king of France, and his brother Theodoret. London, 1649. Purchase.

Fosdick, Raymond B., editor. Princeton verse. Buffalo, 1904. Inscribed from Booth Tarkington to Barton Currie. Gift of Mrs. Barton W. Currie.

Fournier, Pierre Simon. Del'oirgine et des productions de l'imprimerie primitive en taille de bois. Paris, 1759. With this are bound his observations sur un ouvrage intitul‚ Vindiciae typographicae, Paris, 1760; Remarques sur un ouvrage intitul‚, Lettre sur l'origine de l'imprimerie, Paris, 1761; and Lettre … M. Fr‚ron, au sujet de l'edition d'une Bible [Paris, 1763}. Purchase.

Fransicans, Saint-Michaels, Arizona. An ethnographic dictionary of the Navaho language. Saint Michels, Arizona [1910]. Copy number 197 of an edition limited to two hundred copies. Purchase for the Rollins Collection of Western Americana.

Franco-American Relations in the Far West. About one hundred volumes by and concerning Frenchmen who travelled and settled in the western United States. Of particular interest are the four volumes and atlas of plates making up the Voyage de La P‚rouse autour du monde, Paris, 1797. From the collection of Gilbert Chinard.

French Revolution. Approximately six hundred pamphlets and leaflets collected by the late Professor Cornwell Burnham Rogers. Gift of Mrs. Cornwell Burnham Rogers.

Galsworthy, John. His first four novels: From the four winds, London, 1897; Jocelyn, London, 1898; Villa Rubein, London, 1900; and A Man of Devon, Edinburgh, 1901. Gift of Daniel Maggin.

Giannettasio, Niccol• Partenio. Halieutica. Naples, 1689. Listed in "Needs" and given by Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

[Goldsmith, Oliver]. An history of England, in a serious of letters from a nobleman to his sons. London, 1764. Purchase.

Graham, John Andrew. A descriptive sketch of the present state of Vermont. London. 1797. Given in memory of Alden L. Randall by his friends in the Library.

Grassi, Orazio. Libra astronomica ac philosophica qua Galilaei opinions de cometis a Mario in Florentina Academia expositae. Perugia, 1619. Purchase.

Greenaway, Kate. A collection of twenty-seven items. Includes a large paper copy of Dame Wiggins of Lee, Orpington, 1885; Rhymes for the young folk, London [1887] with Helen Allingham's illustrations signed by her; The quiver of love, London, 1876, with only four plates; and Infant amusements, London, 1867. Also the copy of Language of Flowers, London [1884] presented by Miss Greenaway to Frederick Locker-Lampson with a letter to him dated 4 April 1879 about the cost of illustrations; the Almanack for 1892 presented to Mrs. Locker-Lampson with a water-color drawing on half the title. From the library of the late James Brownlee Rankin '23, presented by Mrs. Rankin.

Halyburton, Thomas. The great concern of salvation. Philadelphia, 1801. With the signature of Ann Walker (the second Mrs. John Witherspoon) on the title page. Gift of Mrs. Frederic James Dennis.

Higden, Ranuph. Polychronicon. Southwarke. 1527. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Homer. Les dix premiers livres de l'Iliade d'Homere, prince des poetes: traducitz en vers francois, par M. Hughes Salel. Paris, 1545. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Horwood, R. Plan of the cities of London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark and parts adjoining showing every house. [London] 1794-99. Listed in "Needs" and given by Hans A. Widenmann '18.

Hughes, Thomas. The scouring of the white horse...and the ashen faggot. London, 1889. Presented by the author and his wife to the Honorable Mrs. Lawly. Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf for the Parrish Collection.
Johannes Geiler, Von Kaisersberg. Doctor Keiserszbergs Postill: uber die fyre Euangelia durchs ior, sampt dem Quadragesimal, und von ettlichen heyligen. Strasbourg, 1522. Four parts; bound between parts two and three is the author's Der Passion opder dy lyden Jesu Christi Unsers Herren. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Kipling, Rudyard. Ninety-five items most of which are pamphlets printed for copyright purposes. See the Chronicle, Spring 1963, vol.24, no.3. Gift of Mrs. Nelson Doubleday and her children. Mrs. John T. Sargent and Nelson Doubleday, Jr., '55 for the Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection.

Kipling, Rudyard. The writings in prose and verse. New York, 1989. Volumes 1-11 of the Outward Bound Edition presented by Kipling to Miss Margaret Ryerson. Listed in "Needs" and given by William D. Wright '34.

Knox, John. The first blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of women. To which is added, the contents of the second blast, and a letter from John Knox to the people of Edinburgh, anno 1571. Philadelphia, 1766. Gift of Mrs. L. Wardlaw Miles, from the library of the Stockton family.

Labat, Jean Baptiste. Reisen nach Westindien. Nuremberg, 1782-88. Listed in "Needs" and given by Hans A. Widenmann '18.

La MarteliŠre, Pierre de. Plaidoye de Mr. Pierre de La Marteliere...pour le recteur et universite de Paris, deffendeurs et opposan. Contre les Jesuites demandeurs. Paris, 1612. Purchase.

Lawrence, T.E. The mint. Garden City, NY. 1936. See the Chronicle, Spring 1963, vol.24, no.3. Gift of Mrs.Nelson Doubleday and her children, Mrs. John T. Sargent and Nelson Doubleday, Jr., '55 for the Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection.

Lessius, Leonardus. The temperate man, or the right way of preserving life and health. London, 1678. Purchase.

Lewes, George Henry. On actors and the art of acting. New York, 1878. Francis Wilson's copy with notes transcribed from Edwin Booth's copy. Purchase.

Lilly, William. Monarchy or no monarchy in England. London, 1651. Purchase.

Lockhart, John. The Life of Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh, 1902-03. Presented by Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson to Stockton Axson. Gift of Arthur Brooks Baker.

Lowell, Amy. John Keats. Boston, 1925. Presented by the author to Thomas Hardy. Gift of John S. Williams '24.

Ludohphus de Saxonia. Van den leven ons Heeren Jesu Christi. Antwerp, 1521. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

[Marvell, Andrew] A collection of poems on affairs of state. By A.M. Esq. and other eminent wits. London, 1689. Purchase.

Mather, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Americana: or the ecclesiastical history of New England. London, 1702. Has the map and the errata printed on the recto and verso of one leaf. One volume in a collection of books, many of them by and relating to the Mather family, formerly the property of the late Professor Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., presented by Mrs. Margarat Mather Turner.

Maugham, W. Somerset. A man of honour, a play. London, 1903. Presented by the author to Nelson Doubleday. Gift of Mrs. Nelson Doubleday and her children, Mrs. John T. Sargent and Nelson Doubleday, Jr. '55 for the Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection.

MoliŠre, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. L'imposteur ou le Tartuffe, comedie. Paris, 1669. An edition not mentioned by Guibert. Purchase.

Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de. Discorsi morali, politici, et militari. Ferrara, 1590. Purchase.

Moody, Joshua. A practical discourse concerning the choice benefit of communion with God in His house. Boston, 1685. Gift of Edgar J. Sherman '25 and Mrs. Sherman.

Mnster, Sebastian. Cosmographiae universalis lib. VI. Basel, 1572. Listed in "Needs" and given by Albert J. Parreno '41.

Nayler, Sir George. The coronation of his most sacred majesty King George the Fourth. London, 1837. Gift of Middleton Train '34.

Nicolson. Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'Isle de Saint-Domingue. Paris, 1776. Listed in "Needs" and given by Walter F. Fullam.

Nolli, Giambattista. Map of Rome, 1748. Gift of John L. Burns.

Olympiodorus, the Aristotelian philosopher. In Meteora Aristotelis commentarii. Ioannis Grammatici Philoponi scholia in I.Meteorum Aristotelis. Ioanne Bapista Camotio philosopho interprete. Venice, 1551. Purchase.

[Pepys, Samuel]. Memoires relating to the state of the Royal Navy of England, for ten years, determin'd December 1688. [London?} 1690. Purchase.

Peurbach, George Von. Theoricae novae planetarum. Cologne, 1591. Purchase.

The Philadelphia medical museum. Volume II, 1806. With a communication from Doctor Samuel Stanhope Smith, President of the College of New Jersey, to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Class of 1760, on bloodletting. Gift of Dr. Fred B. Rogers '47.

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. The constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America containing the confession of faith, the catechisms, the government and discipline. Philadelphia, 1789. Half title signed by John Witherspoon. Gift of Mrs. Frederic James Dennis.

Rockham, Arthur. The Peter Pan Portfolio. London, [1912]. One of about twenty sets issued with each plate signed by the artist. Gift of Middleton Train '34 and Mrs. Train for the Parrish Collection.

RAWLINGS, THOMAS. The rebellion: a tragedy. London, 1640. Purchase.

RAY, JOHN. Synopsis methodica avium et piscium. London, 1713. Listed in "Needs" and given by Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

REYNOLDS, JOHN. The triumphs of God's revenge against the crying and execrable sin of murther. London, 1679. Purchase.

ROCHEFORT, CHARLES DE. Histoire naturelle et morale des Iles Antilles de l'Amerique. Rotterdam, 1658. Listed in "Needs" and given by Albert J. Parreno '41.

[ROHR]. Un missionnaire republicain en Russie. Paris, 1852. Purchase.

ROWSON, SUSANNA HASWELL. Slaves in Algiers; or, a struggle for freedom. Philadelphia, 1794. Listed in "Needs" and given by Sinclair Hamilton '06.

SANDBURG, CARL. Abraham Lincoln: the prairie years. New York, 1926. Presented by the author to Mrs. R.R. Lake. Gift of John S. Williams '24.

SAXTON. Map of Cornwall, 1576. Gift of J. Monroe Thorington '15.

SHIRLEY, JAMES. The wedding. London, 1633. Purchase.

STEVENSON, ROBERT LEWIS. Memoires and portraits. New York, 1887. With a presentation inscription from the author to Walter Aitken Powell. Virginibue puerisque and other papers. London, 1881. Unique large paper copy. Virginibus puerisque and other papers. New York, 1887. With a presentation inscription from the author to Walter Aitken Powell. Parrish Collection, purchased through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hyde.

SWAMMERDAM, JAN. Bibel der natur. Leipzig, 1752. Listed in "Needs" and given by Hans A. Widenmann '18.

SWAN, JOHN. Speculum mundi. Or a glasse representing the face of the world. Cambridge, 1643. Listed in "Needs" and given by William D. Wright '34.

TALBOT, HENRY FOX. The pencil of nature. London, 1844. See the Chronicle, Spring 1963, vol.24, no.3. Gift of David H. McAlphin '20.

TARKINGTON, NEWTON BOOTH. The plutocrat, Garden City, N.Y., 1927; Growth, London, 1927, both presented by Tarkington to Barton W. Currie; and The Collector's Whatnot, Boston, 1923, presented to Barton W. Currie by three authors, Tarkington, Kenneth Roberts, and Hugh M. Kahler. Gift of Mrs. Barton W. Currie.

THEOBOLD, JOHN. Miscellaneous poems and translations. London, 1724. Purchase.

TILLOTSON, JOHN. The works of the most revered Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. London, 1704. Gift of Dr. Edward H. McLean '08.

TITSINGH, ISAAC. Illustrations of Japan; consisting of private memoirs and anecdotes of the reigning dynasty of the Djogouns, or sovereigns of Japan. London, 1822. Purchase.

TOLAND, JOHN. The life of John Milton. London, 1761. In a Thomas Hollis binding. Purchase.

[TUTCHIN, JOHN]. The foreigners. A poem. Part I. London, 1700. Purchase.

UTAH TERRITORIAL IMPRINTS. Eight items issued during the first decade of the press in the intermountain West, including the 1852 and 1857 messages of Governor Brigham Young to the Legislative Assembly; the Acts, resolutions and memorials of the Territorial Legislature for 1852 and 1857 and the Desert News - Extra for September 14, 1852 which contains the first printed announcement of the doctrine of polygamy. Purchases for the Rollins Collection of Western Americana.

VICTORIAN BINDINGS/ Approximately two hundred volumes for the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bindings. See the Chronicle, Winter 1963, vol.24, no.2. Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf.

VILLANUEVA, JOAGUIN LORENZO. Juicio de la ombra del senor Arzobispo de Pradt intitulada Concordato de Mejico con Roma. London, 1827. Purchase.

[VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE]. Le temple du goust. [Rouen] 1733. Purchase.

VORAIGNE, JACOBUS DE. Legenda aurea. Augsburg [ca.1474]. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

WALLICH, GEORGE CHARLES. The North Atlantic sea-bed; comprising a diary of the voyage on board H.M.S. Bulldog, in 1860. London, 1862. Listed in "Needs" and given by Walter F. Fullam.

[WALTON, IZAAK]. Love and truth: in two modest and peaceable letters. Concerning the distempers of the present times. Written from a quiet and comfortable citizen of London. London, 1680. Purchase.

WASHINGTON, GEORGE. Thirty-one funeral orations and eulogies of the first President. Gift of Bernhard K. Schaefer, '20.

Der Weiss Kunig. Eine Erzehlung von den thaten Kaiser Maximilian des Ersten. Vienna, 1775. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

WESTON, JOHN. The Amazon queen; or, the amours of Thalestris to Alexander the Great. A tragi-comedy. London, 1667. Purchase.

WHEELER, STEPHEN. History of the Delhi Coronation Durbar. Held on the first of January 1903 to celebrate the coronation of his majesty King Edward VII, Emperor of India. London, 1904. Gift of Middleton Train '34.

WIDEKINDI, JOHAN. Historia belli Sveco-Moscovitici decennalis. Stockholm, 1672. Purchase.

WILKINS, GEORGE. The miseries of inforst marriage. London, 1629. Purchase.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS. Kora in Hell, Boston, 1920; and The tempers, London, 1913, the latter inscribed by the author to the donor, Mrs. Frederick James Dennis.

WITHERSPOON, JOHN. Essays on important subjects. Vol. II. London, 1765. End paper signed by Ann Witherspoon. Gift of Mrs. Frederick James Dennis.

WOODWARD, JOHN. An essay toward a natural history of the earth: and terrestrial bodies. London, 1695. Purchase.

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. A collection of twenty-one volumes of which the following are particularly noteworthy: Concerning the relations of Great Britain, Spain and Portugal. London, 1809. Emended text page 97. Ecclesiastical sketches. London, 1822. Drab wrapper, without advertisements. A.l.s. of Wordsworth laid in. Grace Darling. [Carlisle, 1843]. - Lyrical Ballads. London, 1798. Lyrical Ballads, second edition. London, 1800. Like other copies described by Healey, Volume 1 having cancelled a3 and on page v "The First Volume". Rebound but I3 and I4 are apparently the cancellans fold with misspellings on page 137 and "agency" page 196, line 14. Volume 2 is in the state described by Healey as the one "usually found". Memorials of a tour on the continent, 1820. London, 1822. As collated by Healey but with different advertisements bound in the front. Poems. London, 1807. Like all the copies known to Healey, Vol. 2, pg. 98 having the corrected spelling. Poems, London, 1815. A large copy measuring 8 7/8 x 5 1/2 inches. The engraving for "Lucy Gray" is inserted in Volume 1 at page 14; the frontispiece in Volume 1 is an engraved portrait of Wordsworth dates 1833. With the usual cancels; in blue boards without backstrip. The River Duddon. London, 1820. Has the cancellations; lacks the collective title-page; in blue boards with tan backstrip, the label having been used on the spine. The Waggoner. London, 1819. Has a leaf of advertisements at the end. Gift of John S. Williams '24. -E.E.C.


An outstanding gift to the Theatre Collection was made on May 27, 1963; fifty-one scrapbooks, covering seventy years (from 1893 to 1963) of attendance at musical and dramatic performances by their donor, Mr. Arthur L. Friedman. The names in the programs of the 1890's - Emma Eames, Lilliam Russell, Nellie Melba, Sir Henry Irving, Jean de Reske, Joseph Jefferson, Ignace Paderewski - and those of the 1960's - Eileen Farrell, Jack Benny, Joan Sutherland, Henry Fonda, Van Cliburn, John Gielgud, Marcel Marceau, indicate the span which is covered by Mr. Friedman's generous gift. - Marguerite McAneny.


The Librarians annual report for the year 1962 - 1963 announced the establishment of the following ten library funds having a total capital of $76,187.36.


Elmer Adler Memorial - Established by the executors of the estate of Elmer Adler and by friends For additions to the graphic arts collection.

Elmer Adler Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize - Established by the executors of the estate of Elmer Adler. Income to be awarded to the winner or winners of the undergraduate book collecting contest.

Emily H. Cowperthwaite Fund - Established by Mrs. Emily H. Cowperthwaite for Philosophy.

William A. Dusenbury, Class of 1902, and Edgar T. Dusenbury, Class of 1907, Memorial. Established by the Duncan C. Dunesbury Foundation for geology.

International Relations Fund. Established by an anonymous donor.

June 1964-April 1966

The following represent significant additions to the Library's Rare Books Section and related special collections made during the past two years.

AERONAUTICA: The Harold Fowler McCormick Collection consisting of prints, drawings, correspondence, and photographs primarily related to ballooning from 1783 on, and aviation in the early 20th century. Gift of Alexander Stillman. See the article by Maurice Smith in this issue of The Chronicle.

AMERICAN ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. Sinclair Hamilton Collection. Approximately 130 volumes plus several albums of proofs of wood engravings, 14 letters of Thomas Nast, a pencil sketch and a pencil and wash drawing by FOC Darley, several wood blocks, and a proof of the wood engraving for the frontispiece of Part II of Little Women with a manuscript comment by Louisa May Alcott. Among the books are the following: The Pennsylvania Packet, January 1773 through May 1775; California Characters and Mining Scenes and Sketches, San Francisco [1855]; The History of Little Goody Two Shoes, Boston, 1783; A New Guide to the English Tongue, Philadelphia [ca.1770]; The Tricks and Traps of Horse Dealers by Henry William Herbert; and A Proclamation by the Honorable George Thomas, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Provence of Pennsylvania, printed by Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia, 1744. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

ANGLING. Approximately 200 volumes given in memory of Isabella A. Rockey by Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES. Four pen and water color drawings of birds. squirrels and four pattern prints of birds. Gift of John S. Williams '24 - New York State. Natural History Survey. Part I. Zoology, New York, Boston, and Albany, 1842, Audubon's copy. Purchase - Sir John Richardson. Fauna Boreali-Americana; or the Zoology of the Northern Parts of British America... Part Second, the Birds, London, 1831. Audubon's copy annotated by him and John Bachman. Purchase.

BLAKE, WILLIAM. America, a Prophecy. London, 1963. Gift of Lessing J. Rosenwald.

DAIX, FRANCOIS. Polydore, ou le Printemps des Amours. Lyon, 1606, Purchase.

EUROPEAN HISTORY, ART, LITERATURE AND ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. A collection of about 140 volumes published from the 15th through the 20th centuries many of them concerned with royal ceremonies and occasions involving royalty. Gift of Miss Susan Dwight Bliss from the library od Mrs. Jeannette Dwight Bliss. This collection has been described as the gift of an anonymous donor in the Chronicle XIX, Nos. 3&4 (Spring and Summer, 1958), 209-211 and XX, No 1 (Autumn, 1958), 53-56.

FRENCH POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, TRAVEL ACCOUNTS, IMAGINARY VOYAGES, AND UTOPIAS. Approximately 500 volumes from the library of Gilbert Chinard. The books range over a very broad area of subjects, and among the many noteworthy titles are the following: Anarcharsis Brissot de Warville. Voyage au Guazucoalcos, aux Antilles et aux Etats-Unis, Paris, 1837; Dralse de Grand-pierre. Relation de Divers voyages faits dans l'Afrique, dans l'Amerique & aux Indes Occidentales, Paris, 1718; Jean Guenebauld. Le Reveil de Chyndonax, Dijon, 1621; Baron Ludvig Holberg. Nicolai Klimii Iter Sunterraneum, Copenhagen and Leipzig, 1741. Philippe Quinault. Bellerophon, Tragedie, Paris, 1671; Relation d'un voyage du Pole Arctique au Pole Antarctique par le Centre du Monde, Amsterdam, 1723; La Republique des Philosophes, ou Historie des Ajaoiens, Geneva, 1768; Simon Tyssot de Patot. La Vie, les avantures et le voyage de Groenland du Reverend Pere Cordelier Pierre de Mesange, Amsterdam, 1720. Also several editions of Gabriel de Foigny. Les Avantures de Jacques Saduer; Simon Tyssot de Patot. Voyages et Avantures de Jacques Masse; and Denis Vairasse. Histoire des Severambes, as well as numerous works of Morelly including various editions of his Code de la Nature.

GRAPHIC ARTS. Hippolyte Bayard. Bayard
Halotypes 1842-1850, Paris, 1965. Acquired through the generosity of David H. McAlpin '20 - Giovanni Battista Bodoni. Manuale Tipografico, Parma [1964] Purchase. - Le cantique des cantiques. Lithographies Originales de Gilioli, Lausanne [1961] Gift of Francoise Mermod in memory of Alfred C. Boswell '05 - S. Guy Endore. Selections from Satan's saint, a novel by Guy Endore based on the life and works of the Marquis de Sade with lithographs by Robert Hansen, Los Angeles, 1965. Purchase - Walasse Ting. 1 cent life, Bern 1964. Purchase.

HISTORY OF SCIENCE. Nathan Albineus. Bibliotheca Chemica, Geneva, 1654. Purchase - Willem Janszoon Blaeu. Instito Astronomica, Amsterdam, 1634. Purchase. - JOhn Edward Gray. Gleanings from the Menagerie and Avery at Knowsley Hall, Knowsley, 1846. The plates were made from drawings by Edward Lear. Purchase. - Rene Just Hauy. Traite de Mineralogie, Paris, 1801. Purchase. - Jan Ingenhousz. Experiences sur les Vegetaux, Paris, 1780. Purchase. - Robert Koch. Gesammelte Werke, Leipzig, 1912. Purchase. - Peter Simon Pallas. FLora Rossica; seu, Stirpium Imperii Rossici per Europam et Asiam Indigenarum Descriptiones et Icones, St Petersburg, 1784-88. Gift of Christian A. Zabriskie. - Claude Perrault. Oeuvres Diverses de Phisique et de Mechanique, Leyden, 1721. Purchase. - Recueil de Traites sur l'Electricite Traduits de 'Allemande et de l'Amglois, Paris, 1748. Purchase. - Gaspar Schott. Organum Mathematicum, Herbipoli, 1668. Purchase.

ILLUSTRATED BOOKS OF THE 15TH AND 16TH CENTURIES. 18 volumes including the following given by Sinclair Hamilton '06. Georgius Aemilius. Biblicae Historae, Magno Artificio Depictae, & Utilitatis Publicae Causa Latinis Epigrammatibus, Frankfurt [1539]; Jost Amman. Gynaeceum, sive Theatrum Mulierum, Frankfurt, 1586; Ars Moriendi [Landshut, 1514]; Giovanni Boccaccio. De Claris Mulieribus, Bern [1539]; Symphorien Champier. Les Gran Croniques des Gestes et Vertueux Faictz [Paris, 1516]; Peterman Etterlin. Kronica von der Loblichen Eydtgnoschaft [Basel, 1507]; Hrotsvit. Opera [Nuremberg, 1501]; Laurenzo Justiniano. Dottrina della Vita Monastica [Venice, 1494]; Louis XI, King of France. Le Rozier Historical de France. [Paris, 1522]; Petrus von Rosenheim. Memorabiles Evangelistarum Figuras [Pforzheim, 1502]; Werner Rolewinck. Fasciculus Temporum, Venice, 1479; Jacobus Sluperius. Ominium Fere Gentium, [Antwerp, 1572]; Casagli Habiti Antichi, et Moderni di Diverse Parti del mondo, Venice, 1590.

JOAN OF ARC. A collection of 44 volumes and memorabilia relating to Joan of Arc. Included are an extra-illustrated copy of the Didot, 1795 edition of Voltaire's La Pucelle d'Orleans, and a copy of the Boston 1798 edition of Southey's epic Joan of Arc in a binding by Henry B. Legge. Gift of Mrs. John P. Poe.

KIRCHNER, ATHANASIUS. Obeliscus Pamphilius. Rome, 1650. Purchase.

LATIN AMERICA. Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl. Reise in Innern von Brasilien, Vienna, 1832-1837, 2 volumes and atlas. Gift of E.A. Lederer. -Approximately 100 volumes. Gift of Bernhard K. Shaeffer '20.

LITERATURE. A collection of some 50 works by Edmund Spenser and relating to his works and times, including Charles G. Osgood's annotated set of the variorum Spenser. IN addition to a copy of The Faerie Queene, London, 1590, 1596 there are 8 exemplars of early 17th century folio editions of The Faerie Queene and the following: Colin Clouts Come Home Againe, London, 1595; Fowre Hymnes, London, 1596; Complaints. Containing Sundrie Small Poemes of the Worlds Vanitie, London, 1591; The Shepheards Calender, London, 1597. Gift of the late Professor Charles G. Osgood.

LITERATURE. Approximately 1500 books from the library of the late Professor Charles G. Osgood. Gift of Mrs. Robert N. Smyth.

LITERATURE, SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE. Roger Ascham. The Scholemaster, London 1571. The W.A. WHite copy. Gift of the late Professor Charles G. Osgood. - Francis Bacon. De Sapientia Vtereum Liber, London, 1609. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Roger Bieston. The Bayte and Snare of Fortune, London [1550]. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Michael Drayton. Poems, London [1619]. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Samuel Hieron. An Answere to a Popish Ryme, London, 1608. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. Christopher Marlowe. The Tragicall HIstory of the life and death of Doctor Faustus. With New Additions, London, 1619. Gift of Johnson Garrett '35. - Richard Puttenham. The Arte of English Poesie, London, 1589. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

LITERATURE, RESTORATION PLAYS. 22 plays acquired through gift and purchase including the following: Robert Armin. The Valient Welshman. Or the thru chronicle history of the life and valient deeds of Caradoc the Great, London, 1663. Purchase. - John Banks. The Albion Queens: or the Death of Mary, Queen of Scotland, London [1700?]. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp. - Nathaniel Lee. Mithridates King of Pontus. London, 1685. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp. - Roger Boyle, First Earl of Orrery. The History of Henry the fifth. And the Tragedy of Mustapha, son of Solyman the Magnificient, London, 1668. Gift of Professor WIllard Thorp. - Thomas Otway. The History and Fall of Caius Marius, London, 1692. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp. - James Shirley. The Politician, A Tragedy, London, 1655. Purchase.

LITERATURE, WING SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE. John Bulteel. A collection of Apothegemes or sayings of the Ancients. London, 1686. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - John Dryden, An Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell, London, 1696. Purchase, Friends' Book Fund. - George Meriton. The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, To which is added, A Yorkshire Dialogue, York 1685. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Alexander Oldys. The Fair Extravagant or the Humorous Bride. An English Novel, London, 1682. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.- Samuel Wesley. Maggots: or poems on several subjects, never before handled, London, 1685. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

LITERATURE, 18TH CENTURY. William Cowper. Approximately 500 volumes by the poet and concerning him, comprising the collection of the late Kenneth Povey. Purchase, Friends' Book Fund. - Oliver Goldsmith. The Mystery Revealed; COntaining a series of transactions and authentic testimonials, respecting the supposed Colk Lane Ghost. London, 1742. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Samuel Johnson and his contemporaries. A collection of approximately 100 volumes including a copy of Poems for Young Ladies, London, 1767, edited by Oliver Goldsmith. Purchase.

LITERATURE, 19TH CENTURY. Approximately 40 volumes mainly of the works of Matthew Arnold, Walter Savage Landor, Algernon Swinburne, and Lord Tennyson. Gift of John S. Williams '24. - Thomas Carlyle. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, Boston, 1838-39. The copy presented by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who was responsible for the American edition, to Charles Stearns Wheeler who helped see it through the press. Gift of William Elfers '41. - Charles Gibbon. A group of 5 of his novels, nearly all presentation copies. Purchase. - William Butler Yeats. John Sherman and Dhoya, London, 1891. Purchase.

LITERATURE, 18TH AND 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN FICTION. Approximately 75 volumes were given by Sinclair Hamilton '06, some of which are included among the following. Other titles were acquired by gift, purchase, or exchange. Hugh Henry Brackenridge. Modern Chivalry: containing the adventures of Captain John Farrago, and Teague Oregan, his servant. Volume I, Philadelphia, 1792. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Charles Brockden Brown. Alcuin; a dialogue, New York 1798. Purchase. - Ethelinda Custard. The Discipline of Storms: a tale of the Old World and the New, New York and Indianapolis, 1859. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06. - The Homeless Heir; or, Life in Bedford Street. A Mystery of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 1856. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06. - E.L.Lasselle. Magdalen the Enchantress, Philadelphia, 1858. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06. - Lydia M. Millard. Olie; or, the Old West Room. The Weary at Work and the Weary at Rest. New York, 1855. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06. John McDermott Moore. - The Adventures of Tom Stapleton; or, 202 Broadway, New York, 1850. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06. - Wonderful Disclosure! The Mystery Solved!! Or, Narrative of Dr. M. Lorner, New York, 1847. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

LITERATURE, 20TH CENTURY. The library of the late Professor Richard P. Blackmur covering a very broad range of subjects. Only the unannotated books have been given, including about 500 volumes of contemporary poetry and criticism and sixty-five volumes of the work of Professor Blackmur and books which he edited or which contain contributions by him. Gift of the estate of Richard P. Blackmur. - A collection of approximately 1250 volumes by English, American, and French authors including many first editions of such notables as Jean Cocteau, Ronald Firbank, Joseph Hergesheimer, Wyndham Lewis, and Man Ray. The collection complements the Sylvia Beach Collection and contains such comparative rarities as Pound's A Draft of the Cantos 17-27, published by John Rodker in 1928 and Joyce's Work in Progree Volume I, issued by Donald Friede in 1927. Gift of James D. Pitney '43. - Approximately 400 titles by such authors as John Kendrick Bangs, Willa Cather, Edna Ferber, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Eugene O'Neill, and Thomas Wolfe. Gift of Mrs. James Brownlee Rankin. - Thomas Stearns Eliot. A collection of 15 publications of the poet, several inscribed from him to Professor and Mrs. Willard Thorp and to Miss Emily Hale; also a group of periodicals with contributions by Eliot and other materials relating to him. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp.

NAUDE, GABRIEL. La Bibliographie Politique du Sr. Naude. Contenant les livres & la methode Necessaires a Estudier la Politique. Paris, 1642. Purchase.

NAUTICAL. A collection of 400 books relating to ships and the sea with several logs and documents concerning whalers and other ships. Among the books are publications of the Golden Cockeral Press issued in limited editions, and a copy of Barlow's Journal of his life at sea in King's ships, east and west Indiamen and other merchantmen from 1659-1703. Transcribed from the original manuscript by Basil Lubbock, issued in an edition of 100 copies in 1934. Gift of Mrs. F. Wallis Armstrong, Jr.

PARRISH COLLECTION. Recent additions have included the following: Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre, London, 1847, in an unusual binding of boards with a purple diaper cloth spine. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30. - Charlotte Bronte Shirley, London, 1849, in marbled boards with a purple cloth spine (the grain differs between volumes), the publisher's copy, later in the possession of Sir Edmund Gosse. Purchase. - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Philadelphia, 1844, in a handsomely decorated blue fine-ribbed cloth binding (J.G.Russell, binder). Purchase. - Thomas Hardy, Desparate Remedied, London, 1871, in red sand-grain cloth with the advertisement of Tinsley's Magazine, and a second copy of a remainder binding of maroon and sand-grain cloth, the three volumes bound in one. Both purchases. - Robert Louis Stevenson, New Arabian Nights, London, 1882, in blue smooth cloth, possibly a trial binding, formerly in the collections of George Saintsbury and John C. Eckel. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hyde. - Francis M. Trollope, the life and adventures of Michael Armstrong, London, 1839-40, in 12 parts. Purchase. - Francis M. Trollope, Jessie Phillips, London, 1843, in 11 parts. Purchase.

RONSARD, PIERRE DE. Les Oeuvres de P. de Rosnard, Reveues, Corrigees, et Augmentees par l'Autheur, Paris, 1584. Purchase.

ROOSEVELT, THEODORE. A collection of about 100 books and pamphlets mainly about Theodore Roosevelt but including some of his own works. The collection was assembled by the late Julian Street, Sr. and several of the volumes have annotations or insertions showing changes made in the course of publication of those works. Gift of Julian Street, Jr. '25.

UNITED STATES HISTORY. A collection of approximately 350 volumes published for the most part from the 18th through the 20th centuries, important for the study of the history of the United States. The collection was assembled by the late Edward M. Crane '18. Gift of an anonymous donor. - Jacob Nicolas Moreau, compiler. A memorial, containing a summary view of facts, with their authorities, in answer to the observations sent by the English ministry to the courts of Europe. Philadelphia, 1757. Purchase.

UTAH TERRITORIAL IMPRINTS. 30 examples of territorial printing. Included is a set of 4 bills in the denominations of 50 cents, $1.00, $2.00, and $3.00 which were the official currency of the State of Deseret and were the first imprints of the intermountain west, crudely printed in script type and validated by several signatures including that of Brigham Young; the 1854 Acts and Resolutions and the 1855 Resolutions, Acts and Memorials of the territorial legislature; unique copies of the separate printings of 11 legislative acts dated 1865-1869; D.B. Huntington's Vocabulary of the Utah and Sho-sho-ne or Snake Dialects, Salt Lake City, 1872; George W. Hill's Vocabulary of the Sho-sho-ne Language, Slat LAke City, 1877; and the only surviving fragment of Enoch's Advocate, a Temporary Journal Devoted to the Interests of the United Order of Wooden Shoes. Given by J. Lionberger Davis '00.

VIRGIL COLLECTION. Il Libro Chiamato lo Eineida Vulgare, Bologna, 1491. Purchase.

VICTORIAN BINDINGS. Approximately 100 volumes for the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection for Victorian Bindings, including one that plays a tune. Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf.

WALKER, JAMES P. A group of books published by Walker, Wise, and Company and by Walker, Fuller and Company. Gift of Mrs. Willard Thorp.

WORLD WARS I & II. A collection of books, pamphlets, newspapers, photographs, and other material issued in France and the United States mainly during the war years and including some items from post-war years. An especially notable portion of the collection consists of material regarding the organization France Forever, the Free French Movement in America, and of the various publications distributed by it. Gift of Gilbert Chinard.

ZINKGREF, JULIUS WILHELM. Emblematum Ethico-Politicorum Centuria, Heidelberg, 1666. Purchase.

May '66 - Ap '67:


The following pages describe significant additions to the Library's Department of Rare Books and Special Collections for the year ending April 30, 1967.

ABBOT, ROBERT. Bishop of Salisbury. Antilogia adversus Apologiam Andreae Evdaemon Ionnis Iesvitae pro Henrico Garneot Iesuita Porditore. London, 1613. Purchase.

AERONAUTICA. Seven volumes with limited edition relating to or written by Richard E. Byrd, Amelia Earhart, Charles A. Lindbergh, and others. Gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20.

ALEXANDER, JAMES. (1691 - 1756) of New Jersey. Twenty-one printed items relating principally to the New Jersey Proprietary Councils from 1703 to 1749. Among the broadsides, pamphlets, and newspapers are Lewis Morris' "Some observations on a Print, called, An Advertisement, said to be published by order of the Council of Proprietors, by John Wills," ca. 1703, which seems not to have been recorded in any standard bibliography of printed colonial Americana, and "General Instructions by the Surveyor General, to the Deputy Surveyors of the Western Division of New Jersey," 1747. Gift of Mrs. Walter K. Earle.

AMERICAN ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. Sinclair Hamilton Collection. More than seventy books and other printed items from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries including works illustrated by F.O.C. Darley, H.L.Stephens, Frank Merrill, and A.C. Warren as well as The New England Primer, Improved...,Boston, 1767; Issac Watt's Diving Songs,Philadelphia, 1773, sixteenth edition; and "The Tragedy of Louis Capet..." Boston, 1793. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

AMERICAN LITERATURE, nineteenth century. Approximately forty volumes, chiefly fiction, published in the United States between 1850 and 1859. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

AMERICAN LITERATURE, twentieth century. One hundred and seventy-five volumes from the library of the late James Brownlee Rankin '23, including first editions of works by Faulkner, Caball, Sherwood Anderson, O'Neill, and Wolfe. Gift of Mrs. Rankin.

AMMAN, JOST. Knstliche und Wolgerissene Figuren der Furnembsten Evangeelien. Frankfurt am Main, 1579. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

BAERLE, KASPAR VAN. Marie de Medicis, Entrant dans Amsterdam. Amsterdam, 1638. Purchase.

BALE, JOHN. Bishop of Ossory. The Actes of Englysh Votaryes...[London?] 1546. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

BROWNE, SIR THOMAS. Five volumes by or relating to Sir Thomas Browne and his Religio Medici and Hydriotaphia, including Alexander Ross's Medicus Mediacatus, London, 1645. Gift of Jeremiah S. Finch in memory of Jeremiah Thomas Finch.

CARION, JOHANN. Chronicon Carionis Expositum at Autum...vsque ad Carolum Quintum Imperatorum a Philippo Melanthone et Casparo Peucero. Geneva, 1581. Gift of Charles A. McClintock '07.

CELAN, PAUL AND CELAN-LESTRANGE, GISELE. Atemkristall. [n.p.] 1965. For the Graphic Arts Collection. Purchase.

CELLIUS, ERHARDUS. Eqves Avratvs Anglo-VirtembergicusL id est, Actus Admodum Solennis: quo...Iacobus...Rex Angliae...Tubingae, 1605. Purchase.

[THE CHRONYCLE OF ENGLONDE] The descryption of Englonde [Wales, Scotland, Irlonde] London, 1502. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

CHERMANS, JOANNES. Disciplinae Mathematicae Traditae Anno Institutae Societatis Jesu Seculari. Louvain, 1640. Purchase.

CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE. Forty-three printed items by or relating to the career of Mark Twain. Gift of Daniel Maggin.

CLEVELAND, GROVER. Inscription. George N. Curzon's Problems of the Far East. Third edition. London, 1894. Gift of Donald Roberts '09.

CORONELLI, MARCO VINCENZO. Effeti Naturali delle Acque. Venice, 1718. Purchase.

CRANE, HART. Voyages. Six poems. Wood engravings by Leonard Baskin. New York, 1957. For the Graphic Arts Collection. Gift of Gerand E. Bentley.

CRANMER, THOMAS. Archbishop of Canterbury. A Defense of the true and Catholike Doctrine of the Sacrament...London, 1550. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton, '06.

DANCE OF DEATH. Les Simulachres et Historiees Faces de la Mort, autant Elegammet Pourtraictes, que Artificiellement Imaginees. Lyon, 1538. With forty-one woodcuts designed by Hans Holbein, The Younger, and executed by Hans Lutzelburger. Acquired through the generosity of Christain A. Zabriskie.

DUHAMEL DU MONCEAU, HENRI LOUIS. Traite de la Fabrique des Manoeuvres pour les Vaisseaux. Seconde edition. Paris, 1769. Purchase.

ENGLISH LITERATURE AND HISTORY of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Apuleius Maduerensis. The XI Bookes of the Golden Asse. Translated out of Latine into English, by William Aglington. London, 1639. D'Argences. The Countess of Salisbury; or The Most Noble Order of the Garter. As Historical Novel. Done out of French by Mr. Ferrand Spence. London,1683. From the library of John Quincy Adams. Matteo Bandello. Love in its Variety: Being a Collection of Select Novels. Made English by Mrs. Eliza Haywood. London, 1727. Aphra (Amis) Behn. The Emperor of the Moon. London, 1687. Jean Pierre Camus. Elise, or Innocencie Guilty. A new romance, translated into English by Jo Jennings, London, 1655. Jean de Cartigny. The Voyage of the Wandering Knight. Showing the Whole Course of Man's Life, How Apt he is to follow Vanity. London, 1661. Paul Chamberlin. Love in its Empire, Illustrated in Seven Novels. London, 1721. Gilbert Saulnier du verduer. The Love and Arms of the Greeke Princes. Or, the Romant of Romants. London, 1640. G.E. Authentic Memoires of the Life and Surprising Adventures of John Sheppard: Who was executed at Tyburn, November the 16th, 1724. Second edition. London, 1724. Eliza (Fowler) Haywood. The Husband. In answer to the Wide, London, 1756. Heliodorus, of Emesa. An AEthiopian Historie. Translated into English by T.V. Newly Corrected and Augmented. London, 1605. The History of the Blind Beggar of Bednal-Green. London, 1715. Holborn-drollery. Or, The Beautiful Chloret Surprized in the Sheets. All the Love-songs and poems with which she hath been treated...London, 1673. The most famous history of the learned Fryer Bacon. London, 1715. Palmerin of ENgland. The first part of the No Lesse Rare then Excellent and Stately History of the Famous and Fortunate Prince Palmerin. Translated out of French, by A.M. London, 1639. Palmerin de Oliva. Palmerin d'Olica. The First (second) Part. London, 1637. The Pleasant and Delightful History of the Renowned Northern Worthy, Johnny Armstrong, of Westmoreland. London (1715). Charles Sorel. The Comical History of Francion...Done into English by a person of Honor. London, 1655. Valentine and Orson, the Two Sons of the Emperour of Greece. Newly Corrected and Ammended with New Pictures. London, 1685. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '03.
The Honor of the Taylors, or The Famous and Renowned History of Sir John Hawkwood, Knight...London, 1687. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere. Tartuffe: or The French Puritan...Rendered into English with much Addition and Advantage by M.Medbourne. London, 1670. Jean De Prechac. The Amours of Count Teckeli and the Lady Veronica de Serini. London, 1686. Stebbing Shaw. The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire. London, 1789-1801/ [Thomas Shepard] Thomas Shepard's Certain Select Cases Resolved. London, 1648. Christopher Smart. The Parables of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Done into Familiar Verse...London, 1768. Purchase.

FAVYN, ANDRE. Histoire de Navarre, Contenant l"origine, les Nies et Conquestes de ses Roys, depius leurs Commencement iusques a Present. Paris, 1612. Purchase.

[FLINT, TIMOTHY]. George Mason, the Young Backwoodsman. Boston, 1829. Purchase.

FRANCE - HISTORY. More than three hundred and fifty volumes relating largely to the history of France and particularly to the period of the Revolution, with additional works concerning Canada, the history of science, voyages and travels, and political theory as well as books of American literary interest. From the library of Gilbert Chinard.

FRENCH LITERATURE. Joachim du Bellay. Les Oeuvres Francoise...Reueues, et de Nouveau Augmentees...Paris, 1573. Andre Paul Guillame Gide. Les Poesies d'Andre Walter. Paris, 1892. Presented by the author to Felicien Rops. Etienne Jodelle. Les Oeuvres et Maslanges Poetiques...Paris, 1574. Claude de L'Esoile. La Belle Esclave. Paris, 1645. Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux. Oeuvres Poetiques...Paris, 1573. Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire. Candide, ou L'optimisme, Traduit de l'Allemande de Mr. Le Docteur Ralph par M. de V...Geneve, 1759. A variant. And Candidus. London, 1759. Purchase.

HALLIBURTON, RICHARD. Five books by Richard Halliburton '21. including The Royal Road to Romance, The Glorious Adventure, New Worlds of Conquer, The Flying Carpet, and Seven League Boots, all inscribed first editions, and Richard Halliburton: His Story of His Life's Adventure as told in Letters to his Mother and Father. Gift of John H. Leh '21.

INCUNABULA. Pierre d'Ailly, Cardinal, 1350 - 1420? Concordantia Astronomiae cum Theologia. Augsburg, 1490. Goff A-471. Ourchase. Meditationes de Vita et Beneficiis Jesu Christi sive Gratiarum Actiones. Basel [ca.1489] Goff M-432. From the library of Clifford N. Carver '13. Publius Vergilius Maro. Opera. Vergilius cum Quinque Commentis. Venice, 1491. Proctor 5289. Purchase.

LUTHER, MARTIN. More than one hundred printed works by Martin Luther or relating to his and the Reformation including a presentation copy of Biblia des ist die Gantza Heilige Schrifft Deudsch, Wittenberg, 1536, bearing an inscription in Luther's autograph. Additional works containing Luther inscriptions are Philipp Melanchthon's Oratio Dicta ab ipso cum Decerneretur Gradus Magisterii D. Andreae Winclero Vratisla, Wittenberg, 1535, and Duns, Joannes, Scotus' Quaestiones in Quattuor Libros Sententiarum, Pars III & IV, Nuremberg, 1481, and Quaestiones Quodlibetales, Nuremberg, 1481. Other important figures of the Reformation and its controversies represented here include Johann Draconites, Johann Eck, Henry VIII, King of England, Pope Leo X, and John Wycliffe. Gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20. [See Chronicle, XVII, No.4 (Summer 1956) 265 for a description of an earlier gift of Luther tracts from Mr. Schaefer.

MACHEN, ARTHUR. More than 380 items including first and subsequent notable editions of the author's works, critical and biographical appraisals, periodicals, pamphlets, photographs, and other related memorabilia from the collection of Joseph Kelly Vodrey '26, to which Mr. Vodrey has generously provided for the addition of the Nathan Van Patten Arthur Machen Collection of more than 200 pieces including first editions, photographs, and a variety of incidental publications and souvenirs of the novelist's career. [See Chronicle XXVI, No.2, (Winter 1965), 113.]

MACKENZIE, SIR COMPTON. Two columes inscribed by the authors: his own Brockhouse, West Bromwich, 1945, and Fay Compton's Rosemary; Some Remembrances, London, 1926, together with Machenzie's Poems, Oxford, 1907, and Hunting the Fairies, London, 1949. Gift of Frederick L. Arnold.

[MENESTRIER, CLAUDE FRANCOIS] Ballets Anciens et Modernes selon les Relges du Theatre. Paris, 1682. Both purchases.

NANTEUIL, ROBERT. A collection of 134 prints, mainly seventeenth and eighteenth century portrait engravings, chiefly the work of Robert Nanteuil but including work related to his school. For the Graphic Arts Collection. Gift of John Douglas Gordon '05 in memory of his wife, Janet Munday Gordon. An article by Mr. Gordon appears elsewhere in this issue of the Chronicle.

NUIX, JUAN. Reflexiones Imparciales sobre la Humanidad de los Espanoles en las Indias...Madrid, 1782. Purchase.

PARRISH COLLECTION OF VICTORIAN NOVELISTS. Recent additions have included: Lewis Carroll, The Hunting of the Snark, London, 1876. in a presentation binding of vellym and gold, inscribed "Presented to Henry Holiday, most patient of artists, by Charles L. Dodgson, most exacting, but not most ungrateful of Authors. Mar. 29, 1876." Purchase. Thomas Hughes. The Scouring of the White Horse. Cambridge, 1859, two variant copies, both in blue morocco cloth, one with a presentation inscription from the illustrator, Richard Doyle, dated December 1858. Both purchases. George Meredith, The Ordeal of Richard Reverel, London, 1859, in olive-brownish ripple-grain cloth (varying from Mr. Parrish's copy), and a second copy in a remainder binding of chocolate-colored sand-grain cloth. Both purchases. Robert Louis Stevenson, The Black Arrow, London, 1888, unbound, unstitched sheets, entirely uncut. Gift of Mrs. Donald F. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson, Beau Austin, by William Ernest Henley and Stevenson to Walter Aitken Powell. Gift of Mrs. Donald F. Hyde. Francis M. Trollope, The Lottery of Marriage, London, 1849. Purchase.

PLANCHE, JAMES ROBINSON. Dramatic Costume. London, 1823 - 25. Colored plates illustrating costumes for six Shakespearean plays "selected and arranged from the best authorities expressly for the proprietors of the Theatre Royale, Covent Garden..." Purchase.

Poland and Lithuania - Law. Statut Wielkiego Xiestwa Litewskiego...Wilna, 1744 [i.e. 1788], and a compendium of Lithuanian laws an statutes, Wilna, 1788. Two volumes in one. Gift of Joseph D. Lieberman.

Postel, Guillaume. Cosmographicae Disciplinae Compendium, in suum finem, hoc est ad Divinae Providentiae Certissimam Demonstrationem Conductum. Basel, 1561. Purchase.

Sandys, Edwin, Archbishop of York. Sermons of the Most Reverend Father in God, Edwin Archbishop of Yorke. London, 1616. Gift of Charles Ryskamp.

Tarkington, Booth. The Turmoil. New York and London, 1915. A copy inscribed by the author, Class of 1893. Gift of Joseph D. Dudley '27.

The Torch; A Journal of International Socialism. London, 1891. Thirty two numbers of a socialist-anarchist paper first published in June 1891 by Helen, Olivia, and Arthur Rossette, the children of William Michael, brother of Christina Georgina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In format as well as sub-title and imprint, The Torch varied during the course of its publication, and the numbering of its issues was erratic. Early numbers were produced by a gelatin copy process, but later editions were printed from hand-set type. The Princeton holdings of The Torch, lacking perhaps as many as twenty-three numbers, begin with the issue believed to be for September 1891 and conclude with that for December 1895 although the Rossettis continued to publish the paper at least as late as June 1896. Purchase.

Van Dyke, Henry. Fisherman's Luck. New York, 1899. With two letters and one postal card from Henry Van Dyke Class of 1873 to J. Lionberger Davis '00. Gift of Mr. Davis.

Victorian Bindings. Nearly two dozen volumes illustrating various nineteenth-century English and American binding materials and techniques. For the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings. Gift of Mr. Metzdorf. And a salesman's dummy showing additional examples of the binder's craft. For the Metzdorf Collection. Gift of Nast Publications.

Vigenere. Blaise de. Traicte des Chiffres, ou Secretes Maniere d'Escrire. Paris, 1586. Purchase.

Wise, Thomas James. A Byron Library. London, 1928. Inscribed by the author. Gift of Harold Byron Smith '31.

Wordsworth, William. The poetical Works. London, 1836-37. Six volumes with ten pages of corrected page proof and the original manuscripts of eight poems inserted. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

The Young Clerk's Vade Mecum: Or, Compleat English Law-Tutor. Belfast, 1763. With the signature of John Rhea, Princeton CLass of 1780, on the title page, and an inscription by Matthew Rhea, a student at Princeton during the Revolution. Gift of McQuown Wright '40.

May 67-Dec 31, 1967:

New and Notable.

Recent Acquisitions - Books

The following pages note significant additions to the Library's Department of Rare Books and Special Collections from May 1 to December 31, 1967.

Anderson, Hans Christian. Eventyr, Fortalte for Born. Kjobenhavn, 1837. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

American Illustrated Books. The Holy Bible Abridged: or, The History of the Old and New Testaments. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1786. Acquired through the generosity of Sinclair Hamilton '06. Eight eighteenth- and nineteenth- century publications including an impression of Anderson's wood engraving "Returning from the Boar Hunt" after the painting by Ridinger, ca. 1818, for the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books. The gift of Mr. Hamilton.

Angling. Juliana Berners' In so moche that gentylmen and honeste persons have grete delyte in hawkynge and desyre to have the manere to take hawkys...Westminster, Wynkyn de Worde, 1496. The second edition of the Book of St. Albans and the first to contain "The Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle." The Thoresby-White Knights-Ashburnham-Gilbey-Lynn copy. Goff B-1031. And her The Boke of Haukyng Huntynge and Fysshyng with all the Properties of Medecynes that are Necessary to be kept. London, ca. 1550. The Marsh-Gott-Schwerdt-Lynn copy. Together with Izaak Walton's The Complete Angler, London 1653. The Bemis copy of the first edition. For the Karl Otto von Kienbusch, class of '06, Angling collection. The gift of Mr. Kienbusch.

Arnold, Matthew. Twelve volumes, chiefly first editions, including inscribed copies and variants, and among them a copy of Thomas Arnolds Thirteen Letters on our Social Condition, Addressed to the Editor of the Sheffield Courant. The gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Beauharnais, Eugene de, Prince D'Eichstatt. Tactique Navale Additionmelle et Mouvemens Nouveaux a l'Usage des Cannonieres ou Autres Petits Batimens de Guerre. Venice, 1807. Purchase.

Beaumont, Robert. Loves Missives to Virtue. London, 1660. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

[Beckford, William] Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters. London, 1780. Purchase.

Besson, Jacques. Theatrum Instrumentorum et Machinarum...Lyons, 1582. Purchase.

Bible, English. The Holy Bible, Translated from the Latin Vulgate...Newly revised and corrected according to the Clementine Edition of the Scriptures. Philadelphia, 1790. The gift of Mrs. Albert B. Hildebrecht.

Bookplates. A collection including albums of representative plates together with books and periodicals concerning the art and collecting of bookplates. Given in memory of Gilbert McCoy Troxell by Mrs. Troxell.

[Bourne, George] Lorette, The History of Louise, Daughter of a Canadian Nun...New York, 1833. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Cambridge University. Anthologia in Regis Exanthemate...Cambridge, 1632. Purchase.

[Chambon] fl. 1775. Traite General du Commerce de l'Amerique. Amsterdam, 1783. First edition. Purchase.

Charnock, John. History of Marine Architecture. London, 1800-1802. Purchase.

Clap, Thomas. The Annals or History of Yale College...New Haven, 1766. John Witherspoon's copy. Purchase.

Cumberland, George. Outlines from the Antients. London, 1829. Purchase.

Davies, Samuel. Sermons on the most Useful and Important Subjects...London, 1767. A copy of the second edition inscribed by William Cowper to John Johnson (Johnny of Norfolk). Purchase.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Eight volumes by or containing contribution by Emerson for the Herman ELfers Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The gift of William Elfers '41.

English History. Thirty-two pamphlets relating largely to English politics and religious controversy in the seventeenth century. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

French Literature and History. Approximately forty volumes concerning primarily the period of the Revolution. From the library of Gilbert Chinard.

Fulton, Robert. Recherches sur les Moynes de Perfectionner les Canaux de Navigation...Paris, 1799. The first french edition. Purchase.

[Georgevic, Bartholomej] Tractatus de Ritu Moribus. Aequitia et Multiplicatione Turcorum. [Cologne, 1505?] Purchase.

Homerus. Ilias Homeri bound with Aenies Virgiliana. Augsburg, 1610. Acquired through the generosity of K. Otto v. Kienbusch '06.

Houghton, John. Husbandry and Trade Improv'd...London, 1727-28. Purchase.

Ibsen, Henrick. Twenty-six volumes principally first editions of the works of the Norwegian playwright, encompassing his entire life's work. An Ibsen Collection in honor of Robert H. Taylor '30. The gift of the department of English.

Jones, D. A Discourse upon the Great Fire of London, In the Year 1666. Boston, [n.d.] The gift of James Tanis.

[La Fayette, Marie Madeleine (Pioche de la Vergne) Comtesse de] Zayde, Histoire Espagnole...Paris, 1670. Purchase.

Lawes, Henry. Ayres, and Dialogues, for One, Two, and Three Voyces. London, 1658.

London. Musaeum Minervae. The Constitutions for the Musaeum Minervae. London, 1636. Thomas Jolley's copy with his signature. Purchase.

Luther, Martin. Thirty-five additional works by Martin Luther or relating to him, his contemporaries, and the Reformation, including Philipp Melanchthon's copy of Biblia cum Summarioru...Lyons, 1522, and the 1517 Basle edition of the Ninety-five Theses. The gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20. [For remarks on the Schaefer Luther Collection see Chronicle, XXIX, No.1 (Autumn 1967), 103-6.]

Lutherans in Georgie. Ausfrliche Historie derer Emigranten, oder Vertriebene Lutheraner aus dem Ertz-bissthum Saltzburg. Leipzig, 1732-34. The first authentic account relating to the establishment of a colony by Salzburg emigrants in George. Purchase.

McCosh, James. Christianity and Positivism. New York, 1871. A signed presentation copy from the author. Gift of James Whaler '11.

Mackenzie, Sir Compton. The Lost Cause. Edinburgh and London, 1933. The gift of Frederick L. Arnold.

Maps. Twenty-one colored maps, mainly of Europe, from seventeenth-century atlases. For the Map Division. The gift of the Reverend Mr. William S. Chalmers '29 and Mrs. Chalmers.

Middleton, Thomas, The Changeling. London, 1653. Purchase.

Moore, Thomas. 1821-1887, Curator of the Botanic Gardens, Chelsea. The Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland...Nature-Printed by Henry Bradbury. London, 1857. Presented in memory of Childs Frick '05 by Everett C. Jessup '11.

Morse, Samuel Finley Breese. Modern Telegraphy, Paris 1867, a presentation copy with inscription from the author to Wm. W. Pell, stitched together with Amos Kendall's Morse's Patent, Paris, 1867, and other edition of Kendall's pamphlet, n.p., n.d., inscribed by Morse. The gift of William Pell, Jr., '33.

New Jersey (Colony) Surveyor General. General Instructions by the Surveyor General, to the Deputy Surveyors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey. [New York? 1747] Purchase.

Nunez de Toledo Y Guzman, Hernan. Refranes o Proverbios en Romance...Lerida, 1621. Purchase.

Ogden, David. The Claim of the Inhabitants of the Town of Newark...Woodbridge, New Jersey, 1766. Purchase.

Princeton University, Triangle Club. Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi-. [Princeton? 1914] The cast-candidates' copy of the Triangle Club showbook with plot and lyrics by F. Scott Fitzgerald '17. The gift of Alfred L. Booth '15.

[Rogers, George] The Horn Exalted or Roome for Cuckolds. London, 1661. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Ross, Alexander. Mel Heliconium: or Poeticall Honey Gathered out of the Weeds of Parnassus. London, 1642. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Salazar, Pedro de. Hispana Victrix. Medina del Campo, 1570. Purchase.

Seladon. Cochleatio Novissima. [Munich?] 1648. Acquired through the generosity of K. Otto v. Kienbusch '06.

Sheppard, William. The Parsons Guide. London, 1671. Purchase.

Silius Italicus, Tiberiuos Catius. The Second Punick War Between Hannibal and the Romanes...The Thomas Ross translation. London, 1661. The Bridgewater copy presented in honor of George E. Duckworth '24 by James Whaler '11.

Spanish Americana. Arenas, Pedro de. Vicabulrio Manual de las Lenguas Castellana y Mexicana...Mexico, 1728. -Franciscans in Mexico. Constituciones de la Provincia de San Diego de Mexico de los Menores Descalcos de la Mas Estrecha Observancia Regular N.S.P.S. Franciso en esta Nueva Espana. Mexico, 1698. -Levanto, Leonardo (fl. 1741 - 1776). Cathecismo de la Doctrina Christiana en Lengua Zaapoteca. [Puebla de las Angeles] 1776. - Perez, Manuel. Arte de el Idioma Mexicano. Mexico. 1713. -Perez, Manuel. Cathecismo Romano, Traducido en Castellano, y Mexicano...Mexico, 1723. -Perez, Manuel. Farol Indiana, y Guia de Curas de Indios. Mexico, 1713. -Vasquez Gastelu, Antonio. Art de Lengua Mexicana. Mexico, 1726. Purchase.

Tate, Allen. The Mediterranean and Other Poems. Privately printed, 1936. Copy 2 of five final press proofs signed by Allen Tate and Lew Ney, the designer and printer. The gift of Mr Tate.

Vairasse, Denis. Geographisches Kleinod...Sultzbach, 1689. Acquired through the generosity of K. Otto v. Kienbusch '06.

[Vaughan, Thomas] Maria Adamica, or The Antiquitie of Magic. London, 1650/ The Man-Mouse Taken in a Trap, and Tortur'd to Death for Gnawing the Margins of Eugenius Philalethes. London, 1650. Purchase.

Vergilius, Maro Publius. Opera. Lyons, 1499. Goff V193. Acquired through the generosity of Christian Zabriskie. Vergilii Maronis Dreyzehen Eneadische Bucher von Troianischer Zerstorung, und Auffgange des Romischen Reichs. Strassburg, 1559. Purchase.

Victorian Bookbindings. Six addition amazing examples of nineteenth century bookbinding for the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings. The gift of Mr. Metzdorf.

Williams, William of Cornwall/ Divine Poems and MEditations. London, 1677. Purchase.

The World, by Adam Fitz-Adam [pseudonym of Edward Moore and other contributors] London, 1760. The gift of Charles A. Ryskamp - P.R.W.


The following is an informal record of significant additions of printed materials to the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections between January 1 and December 31, 1968.

ACADMIE FRANCAISE, PARIS. Recueil des PiŠces d' Eloquence et de Po‚sie qui ont remport‚ les prix de l'Academie Francaise. Paris, 1671-1701. Purchase.

ALPINE LITERATURE. 15 volumes dating from the 16th-19th centuries concerned largely with the history of customs of Switzerland and with mountaineering, including Thomas Coryate's Crudities, London, 1611, and Josias Simmler's Vallesiae Descriptio...Zurich, 1574, in the armorial binding of Auguste de Thou and his first wife, Marie Brabancon. The gift of J. Monroe Thorington '15. (see pp. 90-94 in this issue.)

AMBROSE, ISAAC. Prima, The First Things; The Doctrine and Directions; Ultima, The Last Things. London, 1650. Three pamphlets of which the first, Prima, contains manuscript marginalia attributed to John Bunyan. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor' 30.

AMERICAN ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. 34 Additional 18th and 19th century books and broadsides for the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books, including the Life of Joaquin Murieta, by John Rollin Ridge, San Francisco, 1859. The gift of Mr. Hamilton.

ANDERSON, JOHN. Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the House of Hamilton, Edinburgh, 1825. Purchase.

ARBUTHNOT, JOHN. supposed author. An account of the sickness and death of Dr. W.----dw---rd; Dr. Technicum. London, 1719. Purchase.

ARIOSTO, LODOVICO. Comedie. Venice, 1562. The first collected edition. Purchase.

AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES. The birds of America...Reissued by J.W. Audubon. New York, 1860. The Bien Lithographs. From the library of F. Carrington Weems '07, the gift of Mrs. Weems.

BAKER, SIR RICHARD. A chronicle of the Kings of England. London, 1643. Purchase.

BALTHASAR, DE PORTA. Canon Sacratissime Misse. Nuremberg. 1503. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

BASKERVILLE, JOHN. 7 editions of works by Catullus, Horace, Juvenal, Lucretius, Sallust, Terence, and Virgil printed by Baskerville between 1757-1773, together with Elm Tree Press edition of The Vigil of Venus, 1911, and Richard Taylor's 1813 edition of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura Libri Sex. The gift of Robert F. Goheen '40.

BATES, JOSEPH D. Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania [1966]. One of 10 presentation copies. Inscribed by the author to Kenneth H. Rockey '16. Full decorated green morocco, top edge gilt. In a lined case of African ebony with an insert containing a Grey Ghost fly tied by the author. The gift of Mr. Rockey for the Rockey Angling Collection.

BEHN, APHRA AMIS. To Poet Bravius; Occasioned by his Satyr he writ in his verses to the King, upon which the Queens being delivered of a Son. London, 1688. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

BERNOULLI, DANIEL. Hydrodynamica. Strassburg, 1738. Presented by Lewis F. Moody '32 in memory of his father Lewis Ferry Moody, first Professor of Hydraulics in the School of engineering at Princeton.

BIBLE. O.T. SONG OF SOLOMON, ENGLISH PARAPHRASES. Shir ha Shirim, or The song of Songs; being a John Lloyd, London, 1682. Purchase.

BOSWELL, JAMES. The Essence of Douglas Cause. London, 1767. First edition, second issue. Bound with Letters of the Right Honourable Lady Jane Douglas. London, 1767. Boswell's A Letter to the People of Scotland, and the Alarming Attempt to Infringe the Articles of the Union. London, 1785. Purchase.

BRETON, RAYMOND. Dictionnaire Caraibe-Francois. Auxerre, 1665. Purchase.

BUCKINGHAM, JOHN SHEFIELD, DUKE OF. The Works. London, 1723. Presentation copy to Lord Harley with Inscription by the author. Purchase.

BURGER, GOTTFRIED AUGUST. Leonora. London, 1796. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

BUNYAN, JOHN. See Ambrose, Isaac.

BURKE, EDMUND. A Vindication of Natural Society. London, 1756. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

BYRON, GEORGE GORDON NOEL BYRON, 6TH BARON. 46 first editions or other early editions of works principally by or attributed to Lord Byron, including first editions of Don Juan and Child Harold's Pilgramage. Presented in memory of Henry Fairbanks Montagnier '99 by Mrs Montagnier.

CARADOG, OF LLANCARVAN. The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales. [London, 1584] Purchase.

CHUDLEIGH, MARY LEE, LADY. The Female Advocate. London, 1700. And her Poems on Several Occasions. London, 1703. Acquired through the generosity of Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert.

CLARKE, ELIZA. The Sword; or Father Bertrand's History of his own Times, from the Original Manuscript. Liverpool, 1791. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

COBBE, WILLIAM. Considerations and Remarks on the Fisheries. [n.p., n.d., ca.1776?] Purchase.

CORPUS, JURIS CIVILIS. Paris, 1548-1550. The gift of Mr. Richard M. Honig.

COTTON, JOHN. The Powring out of the Seven Viles. London, 1642. Purchase.

WILLIAM COWPER. The Task. London, 1817. With a fore-edge painting of Olney Church. The gift of Frank P. Leslie '15, in honor of Norman H. Strouse.

COZZENS, JAMES GOULD. Recent editions of three of his novels, including Children and Others in Hindi, New Delhi, 1967. The gift of Mr. Cozzens.

DICKINSON, EMILY. More than 70 volumes, including 1st and subsequent editions and their variants, of the poetry and letters of Emily Dickinson. The gift of Mrs. John Pershing.


DIXON, ROBERT. Canidia, or the Witches. London, 1683. Purchase.

DRAYTON, MICHAEL. Poems. Newly Corrected by the Author. London, 1613, Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

DRYDEN, JOHN. The Tempest, London, 1676. Purchase.

DURET, CLAUDE. Thresor de l'Histoire des Longves de cest Univers. Yverdon, 1619. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO. Three additions to the Herman Elfers Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson, including Selected Poems, new and revised edition, Boston, 1876. The gift of William Elfers '41.

ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE. An asylum for fugitive pieces, in prose and in verse. London, 1785-86. William Cowper, the Last Hours of Rev. John Cowper, A.M. London, [ca. 1825]. George Crabbe, Tales of the Hall, A new edition. London, 1819. Presentation copy to Miss Tongue with an inscription by the author. Henry James, Daisy Miller. New York, 1900. Signed by the author. The gift of Charles A. Ryskamp in memory of Donald F. Hyde.

ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS. The Colloquies, or Familiar Discourses of Desiderius Erasmus of Roterdam, Rendered into English. London, 1671. Purchase.

FLUDD, ROBERT. Opera. 1st editions of volumes 1-5 only. Oppenheim, 1617-1621. Purchase.

FRENCH HISTORY AND LITERATURE. Approximately 70 volumes of French literature from the library of Gilbert Chinard.

FISHER, JOHN, SAINT, BISHOP OF ROCHESTER. Assertionis Lvtheranae confvtatio. [n.p.], 1524. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor ' 30.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON. The Sorrows of Werter. London, 1779. The first English translation. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor ' 30.

GREAT BRITAIN. TREATIES, ETC., 1685-1688 (JAMES II). Treaty of Peace, Good Correspondence, and Neutrality in America, between James II and Lewis XIV. [London}, 1686. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor ' 30.
HABERMANN, JOHANN. Postilla, das ist: Auszlegung der Sontage Euangelien. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

HALLER, ALBRECHT VON. Elementa Physiologiae Corporis Humani. NAples, 1776. Purchase.

HARRIS, FRANK. 8 editions of Harris' My lifes and Loves, including translations into French, German, Danish and Swedish. The gift of Arthur Leonard Ross.

HENRY VIII, KING OF ENGLAND. quandum Epistolam Martini Lutheri. Rome, 1527. Benzing 2395. Acquired through the generosity of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20.

HITLER, ADOLF. Mein Kampf. Munich, 1925-1927. 1st edition with volume one in its original binding. Purchase.

JAMES, WILLIAM. The varieties of religious experience: a study in human nature. New York, 1902. The gift of Robert K. Black '28.

JOYCE, JAMES Ulysses. Paris, 1929. Translated by August Morel. Number 73 of 100 copies printed on v‚lin d'Arches, and a 2nd copy, number 487 of 875 copies printed on alfa verg‚. For the Sylvia Beach Collection. Purchases.

KIPLING, RUDYARD. The light that failed. From Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Jan. 1891. The gift of Norman Armour '09.

KLINCKOWSTR™M, AXEL LEONHARD, FRIHERRE. Bref om de F”rente Staterne. Stockholm, 1824. Purchase. See Chronicle XXX, 39.

LANCELOT. Lancelot du lac. Paris, 1494-1504. Volume 1 is believed to be from an unrecorded edition, while volumes 2 & 3 correspond to the description of Goff L34. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor ' 30.

LANGEBECK, JACOB. Scriptores Rerum Danicarum Medii ’vi. Copenhagen, 1772-1878. Purchase.

YOUNG NOBLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN, AT THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE WESTMINSTER SCHOLARS. London, 1731. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

LOUISIANA. An Account of Louisiana laid before COngress...November 14, 1803. Providence 1804. Purchase.

LUTHER, MARTIN. A Commentarie upon the fiftene Psalmes. London, 1577. Sir John Harrington's copy of the Henry Bull Translation. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. De Libertate Christiana, Nuremberg, 1524. Benzig 764. Purchase.

MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE. La Mappe Monde et de le Pape Monde. London? 1966. Purchase.

MAPS. A selection of atlases and maps dating largely from the 16th , 17th, and 18th centuries and including works by Ortelius, Speed, Moll, Blaeu, Ptolomaeus, and Sanson. The gift of Norris S. Haselton '25.

MARSTON, JOHN. The Insatiate Countesse. London, 1631. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

MARITI, GIOVANNI. Viaggi per L'Isola di Cipro e per la Soria e Plaestina. Lucca and Florence 1769-1776. The gift of Erik Sj”qvist.

MATHER, COTTON. Tela Praevisa. A short essay on Troubles to be look'd for. Boston, 1724. And, Thoughts for the Day of Rain. Boston, 1712. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Miscellanies over claret, or, the friends to the tavern the best friends to poetry. London, 1697. Purchase.

Monumentum regale: or, a tombe, erected for that incomparable and glorious monarch, Charles I. [London?] 1649. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

MOORE, MARIANNE CRAIG, Litt.D. '68. A collection of 1st editions, periodicals appearances, ephemera, and souvenirs of the American poet. Presented by Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 in memory of Mildred Clarke von Kienbusch, '09, Bryn Mawr College. Poems. London, 1921. The 1st edition of the author's first book, containing more than 30 textual corrections in the author's hand. Acquired through the generosity of Mr. Kienbusch.

MUSIC. The Fred D. Valva Collection of Theatre Orchestra Music. 37 cartons containing the working theater orchestra library assembled by Fred D. Valva (1878-1933) of Worcester, Massachusetts. Valva was described at the time of his death as the "premier orchestra leader in Worcester on the Poli circuit" having spent his thirty year long professional life as conductor for the Plaza, Palace, and Elm Street theatres. The Valva Collection includes both orchestral parts and the conductor's scores for several thousand popular songs and special musical effects used to the end of the silent picture era in the late 1920's. For the Theatre Collection. The gift of the Worcester Public Library.

NAZI ART. Kampfst„tten der Waffen-SS in Griechenland. Mnchen, 1943. Presentation copy to Baron Konstantin von Neurath with inscription by Heinrich Himmler. The gift of Robert A. Koch.

A NEW-YEARS-GIFT FOR THE LATE RAPPAREES. A SATYR. London, 1691. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

ORRERY, ROGER BOYLE, 1ST EARL OF. Poems on most of the festivals of the church. [London] 1681. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

OVIDIUS NASO, PUBLIUS. The Metamorphosis. Translated by William Caxton. New York 1967. Facsimile of the Phillips-Pepys manuscript, Magdalene College, Cambridge. Purchase.

PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, CAIUS. An address of thanks to a good prince, presented in the Panegyrick of Pliny upon Trajan the Best of Roman Emperours. London, 1686. Sir Isaac Newton's copy with his signature. Purchase.

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. Catalogue of the officers and students of the College of New Jersey for 1836 & 1837. Gilbert Rodman McCoy Class of 1837, copy with his autograph annotations. The gift of Mrs. Gilbert McCoy Troxell.


REYNOLDS, JOHN MURRAY '22. 111 Stories and articles by John Murray Reynolds published between 1925 and 1947 as they appeared in 108 numbers of magazines as Action Stories, Five Novels Monthly, Jungle Stories, Thrilling Adventures, and Weird Tales. The gift of Mr. Reynolds.

ROME. An album of plates entitled Il Carnevale di Roma, Rome, 1820. The gift of Erik Sj”qvist.

ROME'S FOLLIES, OR THE AMOROUS FRYARS, A COMEDY. London, 1681. WIng N-52. Attributed to N.N. Purchase.

ROSENBERG, ALFRED. Schriften und Reden. Munich, 1943. Presentation copy to Heinrich Himmler with inscription by the author in volume 1 and with Himmler's signature in volume 2. The gift of George M. Chester '44.

RYMER, THOMAS. An essay concerning critical and curious learning. London, 1698. Purchase.


SARBIEWSKI, MACIEJ KAZIMIERZ. The odes of Casimire. London, 1646. Purchase.

SAULNIER, GILBERT, SIEUR DU VERDIER. The Love and Armes of the Greeke Princes. London, 1640. Purchase.

SCHWEITZER, ALBERT. Five works by Albert Schweitzer translated into Spanish, Norwegian and Japanese. The gift of G. Woytt.

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. A collection of early Shakespeare and Shakespeare-related quartos including Hamlet 1607-11, Bartlett 38; Henry V, 1608 [i.e., 1619], Bartlett 381; A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1600 [i.e., 1619], Bartlett 769; Love's Labor's Lost, 1598, Bartlett 565. The gift of Daniel L. Maggin '48. Together with King Lear 1608 [i.e., 1619], Bartlett 530; Pericles, 1619; Sir John Old-Castle 1600 [i.e., 1619]; The Two Noble Kinsman, 1634; Othello, 1695, Bartlett 634; Hamlet 1703, Bartlett 190; Julius Caesar, 1684, Bartlett 795. The gift of Daniel Maggin. (see pp. 69-76 in this issue).

SHIPMAN, THOMAS. Henry III of France, Stabb'd by a Fryer. With the Fall of the Guise. London, 1678. Purchase.

SIMCOE, JOHN GRAVES. Remarks on the travels of the Marquis de Chastellux, North America. London, 1787. The gift of William D. Wright '34.

SIMEON, REMI. Dictionnaire de la langue Nahuatl ou Mexicaine. Paris, 1885. Purchase.

SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM. The Chase. London, 1796. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

SPRUANCE, BENTON. Moby Dick: the Passion of Ahab. Barre, Massachusetts, 1968. Purchase.

STAPLETON, ROBERT. The Step-mother. A Tragi-comedy. London, 1664. The gift of John R.B. Brett-Smith.

STRABO. Geographia. Venice, 1494. Goff S797. Purchase.

SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds. London 1864-65. In 12 parts. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

SWIFT, JONATHAN. A discourse on the contests and dissensions between the Nobles and Commons in Athens and Rome. London, 1701. Some advice humbly offered to the members of The October Club in a letter from a person of honor. London, 1712. Some reason to prove that no person is obliged by his principles, as a Whig, to oppose Her Majesty on her present ministry. London, 1712. The Works of J.S. Dublin, 1735. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

TASSO, TORQUATO. Di Gervsalemme Conquistata...Libri XXIIII. Rome, 1593. Purchase.

TAYLOR, JOHN. The Needles Excellency. [London] 1640. The 12th edition. Acquired through the generosity of Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert.

THOMPSON, THOMAS. A Letter from New Jersey, in America, giving some Account and Description of that Province. London, 1756. Purchase.

TOPSELL, EDWARD. The Historie of the Foure-Footed Beastes. London, 1607. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

TURBERVILLE, GEORGE. The Book of Faulconrie or Hauking. London, 1575. Bound with his Noble Arte of Venerie or Hunting. [London, 1575]. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

THE UNEXPECTED OBSERVER, IN THE SPIRIT OF THE LATE FAMOUS MARTINUS SCRIBLERIUS. London, 1782. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

VALLE, BATTISTA DELLA. Vallo Libro Cotinente Appertinentie a Capitanij Reternere, & Fortificare una Citta co Bastioni. [Venice, 1529]. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor.

VALLENTIN, HUGO. Sniggel, Snuggel, och Andra Sagor. Stockholm [1904]. Presentation copy to Bernard Shaw with inscription for the author. The gift of Charles A. Ryskamp in memory of Donald F. Hyde.

VELAMATIUS, JOANNES MARIA. Ueteris & Noui Testameti Opus Singulare. Venetiis 1538. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

VERGILIUS MARO, PUBLIUS. The Destruction of Troy, An essay upon the second book of Vergils ’neis. London, 1656. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

VICTORIAN BOOKBINDING. 50 examples of 19th century German bookbinding and 7 additional specimens of American, English, and Scottish bindings. For the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian BookBindings. The gift of Mr. Metzdorf.

VILVAIN, ROBERT. Enchiridium Epigrammatum Latino-Anglicum. An Epitome of Essais, Englished out of Latin. London, 1654. Presentation copy to Mr. Dunstan with inscription from the author. Purchase.

WAGSTAFFE, WILLIAM. The Character of Richard St--le, Esq.; With some remarks. London, 1713. Purchase.

WALDENSTROM, P. Genom Norra Amerikas F”renta Stater. Stockholm [1891]. The gift of Erik Sj”qvist.

WEST, WILLIAM. The 1st part of symboleography. Which may be termed, the art of description, of instruments and presidents.
London, 1632. The gift of Aaron L. Willouer '11.

WILD, ROBERT. Iter Boreale, with large additions of several other poems, being an exact collection hitherto extant. London, 1670. Purchase.

WILLIAMS, JOHN. The redeemed Captive returning to Zion. Boston, 1758. Purchase.

WILLIAMSON, PETER. French and Indian Cruelty: Exemplified in the life, and various Vicissitudes of Fortune, of Peter Williamson. London, 1759. Purchase.

WISE, THOMAS J. Verses. London, 1883. Purchase.

WITHERSPOON, JOHN. Essays on Important Subjects. Edinburgh, 1768. Volume one of the second edition, completing the Princeton copy. The gift of William Knox Atkinson.

YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER. The Hour Glass. [Dublin, 1914]. Presentation copy to Mrs Meiklejohn with inscription from the author. One of 50 copies. Purchase.


BERTON, FRANCIS. Un Voyage sur le Colorado. San Francisco, 1878. One of 50 copies privately owned by the author who was then Swiss Consul in San Francisco. From the Streeter collection. Purchase.


CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS. Minutes of the General Conference, Held at Great Salt Lake City, Deseret, April 6, 1850... Great Salt Lake City, 1850. From the Streeter Collection. Gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00, Donnelly Erdman '60 and William H. Sheide '36.

CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS. Second General Epistle of the Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints from the Great Salt Lake Valley, to the Saints Scattered throughout the Earth...Great Salt Lake City, 1849. From the Streeter Collection. The only perfect copy of the first book printed in the Rocky Mountain West. The gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00, Donnelly Erdman '60 and William H. Sheide '36.

DESERET. SECRETARY OF STATE. Address. Willard Richards, Secretary of State; to the Chancellor and Regents of the University of the State of Deseret, delivered in the Bowery, at Great Slat Lake City, in presence of His Excellency, Governor Young, April 17th, 1850...Great Salt Lake City, 1850. From the Streeter Collection. Gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00, Donnelly Erdman '60 and William H. Sheide '36.

ENGELHARDT, ZEPHYRIN, FATHER. The Missions and Missionaries of California. San Francisco. 1908-1915. 5 volumes. Purchase.

GREAT SALT LAKE CITY. MUNICIPAL COUNCIL. [Proof for currency in the denomination of 25 cents in a printed form which being: "G.S.L. City. March.28. 1849."] An imprint of the first year of the press in the Rocky Mountains. Purchase.

HINKLE, JAMES FIELDING. Early days of a cowboy on the Pecos. Roswell, New Mexico, 1937. Purchase.

IOWA. BOARD OF IMMIGRATION. Iowa, die Heimat fr Einwanderer. Eine Abhandlung ber die Hlfsquellen...Des Moines, 1870. Purchase.

LASATER COLLECTION OF WESTERN AMERICANA. 10 works on Colorado for the Lasater Collection of Western Americana, including Hiram P. Bennet, Speech...on the Natural Products, Mineral Resources and Future Prospects of the Territory of Colorado. [Washington, 1963]; Biennial Message of Governor E.M. McCook, to the legislature of Colorado. Denver, 1879; and H.L. Wason, Letters from Colorado, Boston, 1887. The gift of Thomas M. Lasater '33, and Mrs. Lasater; of Laurence M. Lasater '63, Dale Lasater '65, and Lane Lasater '68.

LYMAN, ALBERT. Journal of a voyage to California, and life in the gold diggings, and also of a voyage from California to the Sandwich Islands. Hartford, 1852. Purchase.

LYND, WILLIAM JOHN. Brantley, a drama in five acts. Golden, Colorado, 1876. The earliest play written and printed in Colorado. Purchase.

MACDONALD, A.F. AND W.D. JOHNSON, JR. The Mexican Colonies. Descriptions of the best routes for colonists, together with a great deal of valuable information about the climate and soil; also regarding customs, duties, purchase of lands, etc. [Salt Lake City?] 1888. This broadside served as a guide to Mormons escaping the enforcement of anti-polygamy laws in Utah. The gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00.

MORGAN, P.A. Ballad of Love's Independence and Poetry for the Times, two broadside poems printed at Fort Rice, Dakota Territory, 1865. From the Streeter Collection. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

ART. Volume 1, Number 1 (October 20, 1864) through volume 1 Number 6 (November 25, 1864). A complete run of the first literary periodical of the Rocky Mountain West. Purchase.

POEMS ON ALASKA, THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN. Sitka [1891]. The earliest poetry written and printed in Alaska. Purchase.

PRATT, ORSON, GEORGE A. SMITH, AND GEORGE Q. CANNON. Discourses on celestial marriage. Salt Lake City, 1869. From the Streeter Collection. Gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00, Donnelly Erdman '60 and William H. Sheide '36.

SLOAN, EDWARD L. The Salt Lake City directory and business guide for 1869. Salt Lake City Utah, 1869.

SMITH, JOSEPH, AND BRIGHAM YOUNG. Discourses delivered by Presidents Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, on the relation of "the Mormons" to the government of the Unites States. Great Salt Lake City, 1855. From the Streeter Collection. Gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00, Donnelly Erdman '60 and William H. Sheide '36.

SMITH, JOSEPH. 1805-1844. Doctrine & covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Kirtland Ohio, 1835. Purchase.

STRATTON, ROYAL B. Captivity of the Oatman girls: being an interesting narrative of life among the Apache and Mohave Indians. New York, 1860. Bearing the autograph of the surviving captive, Olive A. Oatman. Purchase.

J. MONROE THORINGTON COLLECTION OF WESTERN AMERICANA. More than 100 additions, including A Vindication of the Cherokee Claims, addressed to the town meeting in Philadelphia. [Philadelphia, 1830]; Milton Braman, The Mexican War, a discourse. Danvers, Massachusetts, 1847; I. M'Gee Van Dusen and Maria, his wife, Startling Disclosures of the great Mormon conspiracy against the liberties of this country. New York, 1849; D.W. Kilbourne, Strictures, on Dr. I. Galland's Pamphlet, entitled "Villany Exposed," with some account of his transactions in the land of the sac and Fox Reservation, etc., in Lee County, Iowa. Fort Madison, 1850; Godbe & Mitchell, Circular. Great Salt Lake City, 1866; Governor's Message to the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah. Salt Lake City, 1870; Proceedings in Mass Meeting of the Ladies of Salt Lake City, to Protest against the Passage of Cullom's Bill. Salt Lake City, 1870; Impeachment Trial of David Butler, former Governor of Nebraska. Omaha, 1871; Centennial celebration, Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 4, 1876. Centennial historical oration by ex-Governor W.F.N. Arny...Toasts and Sentiments...Centennial Poem, by A. Z. Higgins. Santa Fe, 1876; Discourse by President Brigham Young, at Logan, Cache County, Monday Morning, May 25, 1877...Reported by G.F. Gibbs [Logan, Utah, n.d.]; George Q. Cannon, Before Territorial Canvassers, Allen G Campbell vs. George Q. Cannon. Washington, 1880; Report of the Board of Capitol Commissioners to the Governor and Legislative Assembly, of the Territory of Dakota. Bismarck, 1885; La Virgen del Tepeyac. Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1885; Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Notes on the Location of Tiguez, n.p., 1905; and Enos A. Mills Long's Peak Inn. n.p., 1913. The gift of Dr. J. Monroe Thorington '15.

WATSON, DOUGLAS SLOANE. West Wind, the life story of Joseph Reddeford Walker, knight of the golden horseshoe. Los Angeles, privately printed for his friends by Percy H. Booth. 1934. Purchase.

WEIGHTMAN, RICHARD H. To the Congress of the United States...Requesting Passage of a Bill Declaring New Mexico one of the United States of America on Certain Conditions. Washington, 1851. Purchase.

YOUNG, BRIGHAM. Proclamation by the Governor. Citizens of Utah - We are invaded by a hostile force who are evidently assailing us to accomplish our overthrow and destruction. Great Salt Lake City, 1857. Broadside. The gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00.

Jan - Nov 1969:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

The following ia an informal record of significant additions of printed materials to the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections between January 1 and November 20, 1969.

Agricola, George...De Re Metalliza. Translated from the fist Latin Edition of Herbert Clark Hoover...and Lou Schullinger '17 with inscription from Herbert Hoover. Presented in memory of Dr. Schullinger by Mrs. Schullinger.

Aguirre, Manuel. Doctrina Christiana, y Platicas deoctrinales, traducidas en Lengua Opata...Mexico, 1765. Purchase.

American Illustrated Books. Some forty additions to the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books including a broadside, The last Words and dying Speech of Elisha for the Murder of Captain Peter Drowne, Portsmouth (1788?). The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Anacreon...Odae. Ad Henrico Stephano luce et Latinitate nunc primum donatae. Paris, 1554. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30

Andersson, Nils Johan. En Verldsomsegling; Skildrad i Bref. Stockholm, 1853-1854. Purchase.

Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. De Trinitate. [Strassburg, not after 1474.] Goff A-1342. Purchase.

Baltimore, Frederick Calvert, 7th Baron. Gaudia poetica. Augsburg, 1770. The author's corrected copy of the first forty-six pages. Purchase.

Banks, John. Cyrus the Great. London, 1696. A variant. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Bayly, Thomas. Herba parietis: of, The Wall-flower. London, 1650. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Beccaria, Giovanni Battista. Dell' Elettricismo artificiale, e naturale...Turin, 1753. Purchase.

Bell, Mackenzie. Christina Rossetti. London, 1898. 4th Edition. The author's working copy with numerous notes, letters and clippings fastened in. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Benet, Stephen Vincent...The Drug-shop, or, Endymion in Edmonstoun. [New Haven] 1917. Yale University prize poem 1917. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Bentham, Jeremy. Defence of Usury...London, 1787. Purchase.

Blair, Robert. The Grave, A poem. London, 1808. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Bloemaert, Abraham. The drawing book of Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651), engraved by his son Frederick Bloemaert. [n.p., n.d.] Purchase.

Boccaccio, Giovanni. A Treatise excellent and compendious showing and declaring in manner of Tragedye, the Falles of sondry most notable Princes and Princesses with other Nobles, through ye Mutabilitie and Change of unsteadfast Fortune together with their most detestable and wicked Vices. London, 1554. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

B”mer, Antonius. Triumphus novem seclorum Imperii Romano-Germanici, Carlo Magno...Augsburg, 1725. Purchase.

Brooks, Van Wyck. Verses. By two Undergraduates [Van Wyck Brooks and John Hall Wheelock]. [n.p.] 1905. With an inscription dated April 6, 1965, in Wheelock's autograph describing the circumstances of publication. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '06.

Burns, Robert. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Philadelphia, 1788. Purchase.

Butler, Samuel. On the Trapanese Origin of the Odyssey. Cambridge, 1893. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Manual Mexicano, de le Administracion de los Santos Sacramentos, conforme al Manual Toledano. Mexico, 1634. Purchase.

Cavazzi, Giovanni Antonio. Istorica Descrittione de tre Regni Congo, Matamba, et Angola...Milan, 1690. 2d edition. Purchase.

Cordiale Quattuor Novissimorum. Cologne, 1492. Goff C-897. Purchase.

Crumpe, Miss. Geraldine of Desmond, or Ireland in the Reign of Elizabeth. London, 1829. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Dickenson, Emily. More than 200 printed works by and about Emily Dickenson, including books, periodicals, and pamphlets together with approximately eighty clippings, photographs and other ephemera and 180 pieces of correspondence relating to the formation of the Margaret Jane Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson. The gift of Mrs. John Pershing (see the Chronicle, XXXI, No. 1 [Autumn, 1969]. 47-54).

Donne, John. Ignatius his Conclave...London, 1635. 7th edition. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Drake, Daniel. Natural and statistical View, or Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami County...Cincinnati, 1815. Purchase.

Dryden, John. King Arthur: or, The British Worthy. London, 1691. Purchase.

Ekelof, Adolf. Ett Ar i Stilla Hafvet. Stockholm, 1872. Purchase.

Elliot, James. The poetical and miscellaneous Works...Greenfield, Massachusetts, 1798. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Seven printed additions to the Herman Elfers Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson, including two broadside catalogues of the officers and students of Harvard University for 1817 and 1818 in which Emerson is listed as a freshman and as a sophomore respectively. Gift of William Elfers '41.

[Ettmuller, Michael. Ettmullerus adridged: or, a complete System of the Theory and Practice of Physic...London, 1699] Presented in memory of Rudolph N. Schullinger '17. The gift of Mrs. Schullinger.

German literature of the 16th century. A collection of approximately 300 volumes including first and other early editions of works by Luther, Erasmus, Melancthon and other leading figures of the period of Reformation. Acquired through the generosity of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06.

[Gigantomakhia] or a full and true relation of the great and bloody fight between three pagan knights and a Christian gyant. London, 1682. Purchase.

Goldsmith, Oliver. The Bee, being essays on the most interesting subjects. London, 1759. Purchase. And his The Deserted Village, A poem. London, 1770. Containing two autograph signatures, dated 1770, of H.W.Bunbury, a friend of the author. Presented in memory of Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 by Mrs. Schullinger.

Gosselman, Karl August. Resa i Norra Amerika. Nykoping, 1836. Purchase.

Grew, Nehemiah. The Anatomy of Plants. [London] 1682. Purchase.

Hayley, William. Ballads...London, 1805; and his The Triumphs of Temper, London, 1803, together with a second copy of the same title and date on large paper. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Heliodorius, of Emesa. The Faire Aethiopian. London, 1631. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Hemingway, Ernest. For whom the Bell Tolls. New York, 1940. A first edition, one of fifteen copies bound with all edges untrimmed, uncut,and unopened with the author's autograph inscription to Charles Scribner, Jr/. '43. And his The Old Man and The Sea. New York, 1952. A first edition, one of the first thirty sets of sheets, uncut in a binding described as being for presentation, with the author's autograph inscription to Mr. Scribner. The gift of Mr. Scribner.

Herodotus. Historiarum Libri IX. Venice, 1494. Goff H-90. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Homerus. The Iliad. London, 1715-1720. And his The Odyssey...London, 1725-1726. Both in the translations of Alexander Pope. The gift of Edward F. D'Arms '25.

Ireland, Samuel. Picturesque Views on the Upper, or Warwickshire Avon...London, 1795. Presented in honor of Charles Ryskamp by Frederick W. Hilles.

Juvenile Fiction. Approximately 800 numbers of various paperbound juvenile series published from ca. 1905 to ca. 1920, including selections from Alger Series, Buffalo Bill Border Stories, The Burt L. Standish Library and The Liberty Boys of '76. Presented as The Mary Robinson Memorial Collection of Hero Fiction. The gift of Roy Robinson.

K.,C. Art's Master-piece. London, 1697. Purchase.

Kidgell, John. Fables originales...Original Fables...London, 1763. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Kipling, Rudyard. The absent-minded Beggar [London, 1899] "This souvenire is presented by Mrs. Langtry on the occasion of the 100th performance of the "Degenerates" at the Garrick Theatre..." The gift of Gerard B. Lambert.

Krul, Jan Hermansz. Pampiere Wereld Ofte Wereldsche Oeffeninge...Amsterdamn, 1681. Purchase.

La Chambre, Marin Cureaude. Discourse sur les Principes de la Chiromance. Paris, 1653. Purchase.

Langley, Batty. The London Prices of bricklayers Materials and Works...London, 1749. Purchase.

Lemaire de Belges, Jean. Le premiere [second et tiers] Livre[s] des Illustrations de Gaule et Singularitez de Troye avec les deux Epistres de Lamant Verd...[and] Le Traictie de la Difference des Scismes...Paris, 1529. Purchase.

Leybourn, William. An Introduction to Astronomy and Geography: Being a plain and easie Treatise of the Globes. London, 1675. Narcissus Lutrell's copy containing his autograph. Purchase.

Liberati, Francesco. La Perfettione del Cavallo. Rome, 1669. Purchase.

Ludolphus de Saxonia. Vita Jesu Christi...[Paris, 1502]. Purchase.

Luther, Martin. Eighteen sermons, tracts and commentaries largely from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries both by and about the Great Reformer. The gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20. His Wider die Antinomer...Wittemberg, 1539. Purchase.

Machen, Arthur. Fifteen additional titles for the Arthur Machen Collection of Joseph Kelly Vodrey '26. The gift of Adrian H. Goldstone.

Malkin, Benjamin Heath. A Father's Memoires of his Child. London. 1806. Frontispiece designed by WIlliam Blake. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Martialis, Marcus Valerius. Epigrammata. Milan, 1490. Goff M-309. Purchase.

Martin, John, Jonathan, and William. A collection of more than 300 books, pamphlets, and broadsides by and relating to the eccentric Martin brothers: John (1789-1854), the painter and engraver; Jonathan (1782-1838), preacher and pyromaniac; and William (1772-1851), inventor, "natural philosopher and poet." Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Mer des HIstoires...Paris, 1543. The Marshal Massena prince d'Essling-Robert Hoe copy. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Miller, Joaquin. Joaquin, et al...Portland, Oregon, 1869. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Montanus, Arnoldus. Gedenkwaerdige Gesantschappen der Oost-Indische Maatschappy in't Vereenigde Nederland, aan de Kaisaren van Japan. Amsterdam, 1669. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor.

More, Sir Thomas, Saint...Viri Epistola, in qua non minus facete quam pei, respondet Literis Iaonnis Pomerani...Louvain, 1586. Purchase.

[Moreri, Louis] The great historical, geographical and poetical Dictionary...London, 1694. Presented in memory of David Noble Corson '16. The gift of Mrs. Herbert P. Greenwood.

Morris, Wright. Nineteen volumes including first and some subsequent editions of his novels and his non-fiction. The gift of Robert J.M.Horton '33.

Musset, Alfred de. Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie. Paris, 1830. Purchase.

[Newton, John] Cardiphonio...London, 1781. Presentation copy to Jane Flower, with inscription from the author. Purchase.

Paredes, Ignacio de. Promptuario manual Mexicano...Mexico, 1759/ Purchase.

[Penn, William] Some fruits of solitude, in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life. London, 1693. 2d edition. Purchase.

Popul, Vuh. Le Livra Sacre et les Mythes de l'Antiquite americaine, avec les Libres her”iques des Quiches...Edited by Brasseur de Bourbourg. Paris, 1861. Purchase.

[Powell, Thomas] The Attourney's Academy...London, 1647. Purchase.

[Pratt, Samuel Jackson] Shenstone-Green; or, The new Paradise lost. London, 1779. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Quarles, Francis. Divine fancies. London, 1641. Purchase.

R., C., of C.C.C. Oxford. The Danger of Masquerages and Raree-shows, or the Complains of the Stage. London, 1718. Purchase.

Ramsay, Allan. The Fair Assembly, A Poem. Edinburgh. 1723. Purchase.

Read, Alexander. [Somatographica anthropine] or, A Description of the Body of Man. London, 1634. Presented in memory of Rudolph Schullinger '17. Gift of Mrs. Schullinger.

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. The collected Works...London, 1901. With marginalia including variant readings and a then-unpublished poem by Rossetti transcribed in 1903 by Arthur L. Benson from Rossetti manuscripts then in the possession of Charles Fairfax Murray. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Rossini, Giovanni Pietro, the Elder. Il Mercurio errante...Rome, 1760. Purchase.

[Rowe, Elizabeth (Singer)]. Poems on several Occasions, Written by Philomela. London, 1696. Purchase.

Rowlandson, Mary (White). A true history of the captivity and restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, a minister's wife, in New England. London, 1682. Gift of Christian A. Zabriskie.

Rundle, Thomas. A sermon preached at St. George's Church Hanover Square, on Sunday February 17, 1733/4. London, 1734. Purchase.

Schioppalalba, Joannes Baptiste. In perantiquam sacram Tabulam Graecam Insigni Sodalito Sanctae Mariae Caritatis Venetiarum. Venice, 1769. Purchase.

Scrbonius, Wilhelm Adolf, 16th Century. Naturall Philosophy...London, 1621. Purchase.

Select tracts relating to colonies. London (1732). Purchase.

Shadwell, Thomas. The Lancashire witches...London, 1682. A variant. Aquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

[Shaw, SImeon]. History of the Staffordshire Potteries; and the Rise and Progress of Manufacture of Pottery and Porcelain. Hanley, 1829. Purchase.

Shebbeare, John. The Marriage Act. A novel. In which the ruin of female honour, the contempt of the clergy, the destruction of private and public liberty, with other fatal consequences, are considered; In a series of interesting adventures. London, 1754. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

[Shelley, Percy Bysshe] Shelley and Mary. London, 1882. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Sperello, Alessandro, Bishop of Gubio. Paradoxa moralia...Frankfurt-am-Main, 1698. Purchase.

State of the British and French Colonies in North America. London, 1755. Purchase.

Steinbeck, John. Saint Katy the Virgin. Mount Vernon, New York, 1936. Acquired with the generous assistance of Theodore D. Tieken, Jr., '66.

Stubbs, George. The Anatomy of a Horse. London, 1766. Purchase.

Stuart, Charles. Narrative of an Expedition into Central Australia...London, 1869. Purchase.

Surtees, Robert Smith. Handley Cross. London, 1853-1854. In seventeen parts. And his Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour. London, 1852-1853. Thirteen parts in twelve. Purchase.

Tahureau, Jacques. Les Poesies...Paris, 1574. Purchase.

Tarkington, Booth. Presentation copies of twelve books by Booth Tarkington '93 with inscriptions to his Princeton roommate, Harold Griffith Murray '93. Gift of Miss C.E. Murray.

[Tornquist, Carl Gustaf] Grefve Grasses Sio-Batailler...Stockholm, 1787. Purchase.

Turner, Joseph Mallord William. Picturesque Views on the southern coast of England... London, 1826. Purchase.

Udall, Ephraim. Noli me tangere: Or, A thing to be Though On. [n.p.] 1642. Purchase.

Velasquez de Cardenas Y Leon, Carlos Celedonio. Breve Practica, y Regimen del Confessonario de Indios, en Mexicano y Castellano... Mexico, 1761. Purchase.

Victorian Bookbindings. More than fifty enthralling examples of nineteeth-century English and Scottish bookbindings for the Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings. The gift of Mr. Meztdorf. And an example of nineteenth-century Russian binding, a photograph album bound in velvet-colored boards to which enameled panels are fixŠd, the front decorated with a colored winter scene showing two men and a troika and the back a plain panel of unembellished black enamel. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30 and presented to the Metzdorf Collection in honor of Mr. Metzdorf.

Ward, Edward. The city Madam and the country Maid... London, 1702. Acquired through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30. And his The secret History of Clubs... London, 1709. Purchase.

Ward, Nathaniel. A Word to Mr. Peters... London, 1647. Purchase.

[Washington, George, Association Copy.] Adam Smith's An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Philadelphia, 1789. "A New Edition," the first American, in three volumes, each containing the signature of George Washington at the head of the table of contents and each containing his bookplate. Number 45 in the inventory printed in Edward Everett's The Life of George Washington (1860) and Lot 9 in the M. Thomas and Sons auction of Washingtoniana, Philadelphia, November 28, 1876. The gift of Bertram Lippincott '23.

Werner, Abraham Gottlob. Letzes Mineral-System. Vienna, 1817. Purchase.

Wilberforce, William. A Letter on the Abolition of the Slave Trade... London, 1792. Purchase.

Wolff, Christian, Freiherr Von. Elementa Matheseos Universae. Geneva, 1740-1741. The gift of Heinz von Schlling.

Wood, John, of Bath, the Younger. A Series of Plans, for Cottages or Habitations of the Labourer... London, 1792. Purchase.

Zen, Annania. Il Cavallo de Razza, riconosciuto dal Segno de'Merchi. Delle piu perfette Razze del Venetiano, Lombardia, & Parte della Romagna. Venice, 1658. Purchase.

Western Americana:

Amesse Colorado Collection. In Memory of John Charles Amesse, Class of 1964. Montague R. Leverson, Draft of a Constitution Published under the Direction of a Committee of Citizens of Colorado, for Consideration and Discussion by the Citizens of the Centennial Sate. Denver, 1875; The Constitution of the State of Colorado, Adopted in Convention, March 14, 1876; Also the Address of the Convention to the People of Colorado... Denver, 1876; The Revised Statues of Colorado: As Passed at the Seventh Session of the Legislative Assembly... Also, the Acts of a Public Nature Passed at the Same Session, and the Prior Laws Still in Force, Together with The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Organic Act, and the Amendments Thereto. Central City, 1868; Election Laws of the Colorado Territory, Compiled by the Authority of the Tenth Legislative Assembly... Central City 1874; Mensje Bienal de Sur Excelencia Frederico W. Pitkin, a Ambas Camaras de la Legislatura de Colorado, Enero 5, de 1881; The Pueblo Colony of Southern Colorado, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1874; Boulder and Surroundings... Presented to the Readers by the Citizens of Boulder, Colo. Boulder, 1883; Ernest Whitney, Legends of the Pike's Peak Region, the Sacred Myths of the Manitou. Denver, 1892; Guide Book to Manitou and the Scenes Around It. Colorado Springs, 1885; Colorado. Some Pictures and a Few Facts Gathered for the Denver Meeting of the American Medical Association... Denver, 1898. The gift of the family and friends of John Charles Amesse.

Barreiro, Antonio. Ojeada sobre Nuevo-Mexico, que de una Idea de sus Producciones Naturales, y de Algunas Otras Cosas Que se Consideration Oportunas Para Mejorar su Estado, E Ir Proporcionado su Futura Felicidad. Pueblo, Mexico, 1832. Purchase.

Bingham, John Armor. Bill and Report of John A. Bingham, and Vote on its Passage, Repealing the Territorial New Mexican Laws Establishing Slavery and Authorizing the Employers to Whip "White Persons" and Others in their Employment, and Denying Them Redress in the Courts. Washington, 1860. Purchase.

The Book of Mormon. Kirtland, Ohio, 1837. Purchase.

Brown, James S. California Gold, an Authentic History of the First Find. Oakland, 1894. Purchase.

Clarke, Robert Dunlap. The Works of Sitting Bull in the original French and Latin, with translations, diligently compared. Chicago, 1878. Purchase.

Dictionary of Indian Tongues, Containing Most of the Words and Terms used in the Tshimpsean, Hydad, and Chinook, with Their Meaning or Equivalent in the English Language. Victoria, British Colombia, 1865. From the Streeter Collection. Purchase.

The Eskimo Bulletin. Only Yearly paper in the world..., Volume 1, Number 1, March 1893. Cape of Prince Wales, Alaska. From the Streeter Collection. Purchase.

Indian Boys' Press. Two 1897 imprints from the Indian Boys' Press, Kosoreffski, Alaska: Catholic Prayers and Hymns in the Tinneh Language and the Tinneh Indian Catechism of Christian Doctrine. From the Streeter Collection. Purchase.

Ludwig Salvator, Archduke of Austria. Eine Blume aus dem Goldenen Lande oder Los Angeles. Prague, 1878. From the Streeter Collection. Purchase.

Thompson, David. A Brief Narrative of the Journeys of David Thompson in Northwestern America. Toronto, 1888. Purchase.

J. Monroe Thorington Collection of Western Americana. One hundred and eighty-one additions, including Alexander Mackenzie, Voyages d'Alex'dre Mackenzie... Paris, 1802 (Streeter copy); James Trow, A Trip to Manitoba. Quebec, 1875 (Streeter Copy); The Diamond. Boyne, Michigan, 1885; First Annual Report of the President of the Mercantile Library Association of San Francisco. San Francisco, 1855; Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Nevada. Carson City, 1885; J.C. Fremont, Die Felsengebirge Oregon und Nord-californien. Stuttgart, 1847; The Academic Review, A Journal of the Polysophical Society. Provo, Utah. Volume 1, No.1, through vol. 1, No. 8, 1884-1885; The Referee. Salt Lake City, Utah, Volume 1, No.3 (31 January 1885) and vol. 1, No., 4 (7 February 1885); The Governor, Territory of New Mexico, Proclamation...for a Constitutional Convention, 1890; The Governor, Territory of New Mexico, Mensaje del Gobernador, 1894; Telegraphic, No. 241. Great Salt Lake City, Utah, 7 January 1863; Chinook and Shorthand Rudiments. Kamloops, British Columbia, 1898; Brigham Young's Will, 1877; John W. Hoyt, Wyoming Territory. Cheyenne,n.d.; His Ten Wives. The Travels, Trial, and Conviction of a Mormon Apostol Lorenzo Snow. From Nauvoo to the Penitentiary. From the Record. Butte, Montana, 1887; [Saratoga circular on the Missouri Compromise, beginning:] Sir, At a Public Meeting, held in the Park on the 8th inst., the following Resolutions were adopted... New York City, 1854; Omaha Illustrated... Omaha, Nebraska, 1888; Frederick Taylor, The Mormon Flip Flap. n.p., n.d.; and three broadside poems satirizing the polygamous underground in Utah during the 1880's: The Underground Road; Winding the Clock, and Are You Getting Much Now? The Gift of J. Monroe Thorington '15.

Utah Territorial Imprints. Fifty-four items including Deseret News Extra (broadside). Great Salt Lake City 31 January 1852; The Mountaineer, 13 October 1860; Lewis Robinson, (broadside beginning:) Notice to all whom it may Concern! Whereas, the Premises, known as Fort Birdger, including the lands adjoining... Salt Lake City, 1861; (broadside reading:) Tax-Payers of Davis County. The Territorial and County Taxes for Davis County must be paid, according to Law, before the 1st of September,,, Lot Smith, Assessor and Collector, per William Budge, Deputy. Salt Lake City, 1861; Telegraphis. Great Salt Lake City, Numbers 97, 150, 152, 153, 154, 156, 157, 158, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 177, 178, 248, 254. 21 April 1862 to 12 January 1862; Thomas D. Brown, Utah Silver Mines, Great Salt Lake City, 1865; Edward Hunter and others, (broadside reading:) By return mail you will please forward to us a full, detailed and complete list of the number of teams...sent East for the poor officers in Utah Territory, Great Salt Lake City, 1866; C.M. Hawley, Arrest of the Militia officers in Utah Territory. Salt Lake City, 1870. The Utah Pomologist, vol.1, no.2, St. George, May 1870; Salt Lake Mining Institute: its present condition, and plans for useful work in the future (broadside). Salt Lake City, 1875; The World of the Lord. Unto the Saints in all the World. Salt Lake City, 1877; Platform of principles of the pretended reformers of Utah. Salt Lake City, 1881; Extracts from "Solid Facts from a Loyal Man." Speech of U.S. Attorney W. H. Dickson. Salt Lake City, 1884; How Polygamy is Dying. Salt Lake City, 1884; three broadsides by Angeline French (Thorston) Newman, Observation No. 2; A Scene in Salt Lake City; To the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the 50th Congress. Salt Lake City, 1884; Murder by a Deputy U.S.Marshal, E.M.Dalton Waylaid and Assassinated in Cold-Blood. Salt Lake City, 1886; Statehood for Utah!! Have Abolished Polygamy? Read! (Broadside) Salt Lake City, 1887; John Lynch and others, Salt Lake Boodlers. The County Court and City Government Deplete the Public Treasury... Salt Lake City, 1889; O.W. Powers, Campaign Document No.3, Address of the Liberal Committee... Salt Lake City, 1889; C.W.Bennett, The Wasatch Mining Company vs. Crescent Mining Company. Salt Lake City, 1892. The gift of J.Lionberger Davis '00.

Vollmer, Carl Gottfriend Wilhelm. Kalifornien och Guldfebern, Stockholm, 1862. Purchase.

Dec 1969 - Dec 1970:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

American and English Literature. Over two hundred volumes, including: Robert Frost, Closed for Good. (New York, 1948) and New Hampshire. New York, 1923, both with lengthy presentations from the author; Herman Melville, Mardi, and a Voyage Thither, New York, 1925, formerly owned by Hart Crane and Allen Tate; Ebenezer Jones, Studies of Sensation and Event. London, 1843, from the library of William Michael Rossetti and Charles Kingsley, Glaucus. Cambridge, 1855, with author's presentation to Rev.H. Owen. Gift of Willard Thorp.

American Literature.

[Belknap, Jeremy]. The Foresters. Boston, 1792. Robert K. Root Fund.

Brackenridge, Hugh Henry. An Eulogium of the Brave Men who have Fallen in the Contest with Great Britain. Philadelphia [1779]. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase. Modern Chivalry. pt.2 [v.1] Carlisle [Pa.] 1804. Robert K. Root Fund.

Hemingway, Ernest. Eighteen first editions in mind condition, including three presentation copies from the author to Milford J. Baker. Gift of Mrs. Milford J. Baker.

O'Hara, John. One hundred seventy titles in various editions and translations. Gift of Mrs. John O'Hara.

Woman's Daring. [Annisquam, Mass.? 1872]. Robert K. Root Fund.


Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe. Breve Relatione d'Alcune Missioni de P.P. della Compagnia di Giesu nella Nuoua Francia. Marcerata, 1653. Friends of the Library Fund.

Cuoq, Jean Andre. Kaiatonsera Ionterennaientaka. Tiohtiaki. [Montreal] 1852. Canadian Princeton Alumni Fund.

Madison, James and Dolly. One hundred nineteen books and pamphlets and two hundred thirty-six newspapers, mainly from 1805 to 1820, by and about the President and his wife. Bequest of Jaspar E. Crane '01.

Marban, Pedro. Arte de la Lengua Moxa, con su Vocabulario y Cathecismo. [Lima, 1702]. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Mexico, Junta Colombiana. Antiguedades Mexicanas. Mexico City, 1892. james Bacon Ford Foundation.

Prince, Thomas. A Chronicle History of New-England. Boston, 1736. Presented by Jonathan Belcher to Thomas Coram, who subsequently presented it to Rev. Henry Winder. Gift of Seven Gables Bookshop in honor of John Nevius Dodd '93.

Reflections Politiques et Morales, Tant sur La France, que sur L'Amerique. Paris, 1652. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Rooseveldt, Franklin Delano. Three Christmas books containing works by the President, and printed for his use. Each inscribed by him to Bernard Baruch. Gift of the Trustees and Officers of the Princeton Library in New York.

Tapia Centeno, Carlos de. Arte Novissima de Lengua Mexicana. Mexico City, 1753. Friends of the Library Fund.

Waldeck, Jean Frederick Maximilien, Compte de. Voyage Pitoresque et Archeologiques dans la Province d'Yucatan. (Amerique Centrale), Pendant les Annees 1834 et 1836. Paris, 1838. Friends of the Library Fund.

Continental Books:

Annecdotes Historiques sur les principaux personages qui jouent maintenant un role en Angleterre. [n.p.] 1784. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Anthologia Gnomica. Frankfut am Main, 1579. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Le Arme overo insegne di tutti li nobili della magnifica & illustrissima citta di venetia, c'hora viuono. Venice, 1661. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

L'Art: Revue herbdomadaire illustree. Deuxieme Annee, Tome IV. Paris 1876. Bound by Marius Michel. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Carnot, Sadi Nicholas Leonard. Reflexions sur la Puissance Motrice du Feu et sur les Machines. Paris, 1824. Gift of Professor Charles C. Gillispie.

Catalano, Niccolo. Fiume del Terrestre Paradiso. Florence, 1652. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Consolatio; vel, De Luctu Minuendo. Lyon, 1584. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

[Clichtove, Josse] De Mystica Numerorum Significatione Opusculum. Paris [1513]. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Corneille, Pierre. D. Sanche d'Aragon. Rouen, 1650. Oeuvres, Paris, 1644. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Du Bellay, Joachim. Les Oeuvres. Paris, 1569. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Duval, Pierre. Recherche Curieuse des Annales de France. Paris, 1640. Gift of Robert W. Carton '42.

Ferrarius Montanus, Joannes. De Republica bene Instituenda. Basel, 1556. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Florio, Michelangelo. Historia de la Vita e de la Morte de l'Illustris Signora Giovanna Graia. [Middlebyrg] 1607. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Godoi, Giovanny de. Comentary della Guerra Fatta nella Germania da Carlo Quinto. Venice. 1548. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Hermansz, Willem. Expositio Mysteriorum Missae. Deventer, 1497. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Hoeniger, Nicolaus. Hoffhaltung des Turchischen Keyseys und Othomannischen Reischs. Basel, 1596. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Jarry, Alfred. Le Moutardier du Pape. [n.p.] 1907. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Leon Pinelo, Antonio Rodriguez de. Tratado de Confirmaciones Reales de Encomiendas. Madred, 1630. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Luiken, Jan. De Zedeelyke Gezangen. Amsterdam, 1709. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Maeterlinck, Maurice. La Vie des Abeilles. Paris, 1908. Bound by Charles Meunier. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Perrault, Charles. Contes de ma Mere l'Oye. The Hague, 1745. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Piranesi, Giovanny Battista. Vedute di Roma. [Rome, 1740-78]. Friends of the Library Fund.

Plato. Opera quae Extant Omnia. Paris, 1578. Gift of Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert.

Platon, Metropolite of Moscow. Rechtglabige Lehre, Riga, 1770. Gift of Mrs. Gerald Eades Bentley.

Porta, Giovanni Battista Della. Ars Reminiscendi. Naples, 1602. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Ptolemaeus, Cladius. Sacratissime Astronomie Ptholemei Liber Diuersaru Rerum. Venice, 1509. Old Dominiom Foundation Grant.

Rotmarus, Valentinus. Almae Ingolstadiensis Academiae. Ingolstadt, 1581. Katharine J.P. Sutton Found.

Strode, Ralph. Consequentiae. Venice, 1481. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Sumarokov, Aleksandr Petrovich. Der Erste und Wichtigste Aufstand des Strelizen in Moskau. Riga, 1772. Gift of Mrs. Gerald Eades Bentley.
Treuer, Gottliab Samuel. Einleitung zur Moscovitischen Historie. Leipzig und Wolfenbuttel, 1720. Gift of Mrs. Gerald Eades Bentley.

Vergilius Maro, Publius. Probae Falconiae Lentonis Clarissimae Foeminae Exceptum e Maronis Carminibus. Venice, 1522. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Early English Books:

Absalon's IX Worthies. [London, 1682]. Robert K. Root Fund.

The Art of Complaisance; or the Means to Oblige in Conversation. London, 1673. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

The Banished Duke; or, The Tragedy of Infortunatus. London, 1690. Robert K. Root Fund.

Booker, John. The Dutch FOrtune-Teller. London [1690?] Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Brathwaite, Richard. Essaies upon the Five Senses. 2d edition, revised and enlarged. London, 1635. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Buckingham, George Villiers, 2d Duke Of. The Rehearsal. 2d edition. London, 1673. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

[Cassagnes, Jacques] A Moral Treatise upon Valour. London, 1697. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

A Collection of Advertisements, Advices, and Directions Relating to the Royal Fishery Within the British Seas, etc. London, 1695. Isabella A. Rockey Fund.

[Cornielle, Pierre]. The Cid. 2d edition, corrected and amended. London, 1650. Bound with his The Second Part of the Cid. London, 1640. Robert K. Root Fund.

Dalton, Michael, editor. Officium Vicecomitum: The Office and Authorite of Sherifs. London, 1623. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Daniel, Samuel. The First Part of the Historie of England. London, 1613. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Donne, John. Letters to Severall Persons of Honour. London, 1654. Gift of Willard Thorp.

Dover, John. The Roman Generalls; or, The Distressed Ladies. London, 1667. Gift of John R. B. Brett-Smith.

Fougasses, Thomas de. The Generall Historie of the Magnificent State of Venice. London, 1612. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Gale, Theophilus. The True Idea of Jansenisme. London, 1669. Gift of the Late Jacob Viner.

Harris, Joseph. Love's a Lottery, and a Woman the Prize. With a new Masque called Love and Riches Reconcil'd. London, 1699. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Harvey, Gideon. Archelogia Philosophica Nova. London, 1663. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Hobbes, Thomas. De Mirabilius Pecci: Being the Wonders of the Peak in Darby-Shire, Commonly called the Devil's Arse of Peak. London, 1678. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Locke, John. Two Treatise on Government. London, 1698. Gift of the late Jacob Viner.

Lowndes, William. A Report Containing an Essay for the Amendment of the Silver Coins. London, 1695. Gift of Berhard K. Schaefer '20.

Magirus, Johannes. Physop;pgiae Peripatetica Libri Sex. Cambridge, 1642. NSF Institutional Grant.

Newcastle, Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, Duchess of. Observations upon Experimental Philosophy. 2d edition. London, 1666. Old Dominion Foundation Grant. Plays Never Before Printed. London, 1668. Poems, or Several Fancies in Verse; with the Animal Parliament in Prose. 3rd edition. London, 1668. Robert K. Root Fund.

An Occasional Dialogue at a Coffee-House Between Philanax and Calophilus Anglus. Authore Coffo-Philo. [n.p.] 1667. Old Domination Foundation Grant.

Owen, John, 1556?-1622. Latine Epigrams Englished by Tho. Harvey. London, 1667. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

[Peers, Richard]. Four Small Copies of Verses upon Sundry Occasions. Oxford, 1667. Robert K. Root Fund.

Playford, John. Catch that Catch Can; or, the Second Part of the Musical Companion. London [1685]. The Musical Companion 3rd edition. London, 1673. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Plutarchus. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans. London, 1631. The Gift of Willard Thorp.

Pointis, Jean Bernard Louis Desjean, Bardon de. Monsieur de Pointi's Expedition to Cartagna. London, 1699. Old Domination Foundation Grant.

Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von. The whole day of Man according to the law of Nature. 2d edition. London, 1698. Gift of the late Jacob Viner.

Raleigh, Sir Walter. A collection of over two hundred forty books and sixty-four period articles by and about the Elizabethan satesman and explorer. Imprints contemporary with Raleigh are represented by twenty-five titles from the STC period; also included are fifty-eight Wing books. The collection is particularly strong in Raleigh's History of the World with examples of twelve of fourteen English editions from the seventeenth century. Gift of Hamilton Cottier '22.

Ravenscroft, Edward. Scaramouth. [London] 1677. Robert K. Root Fund.

Sandys, Sir Edwin. The Relation of the State of Religion. London, 1605. The author's copy annotated throughout. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Seller, John. 1658-1698. The History of England. London, 1696. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Settle, Elkanah. The Triumphs of London. London, 1693. Robert K. Root Fund.

Shadwell, Thomas. A True Widow. London, 1689. Robert K. Root Fund.

Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. 5th edition. London [after 1691]. The History of King Lear. 2d edition. London, 1689. The Tempest. London, 1670. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Tatham, John. London's Glory Represented by Time, Truth, and Fame, London, 1660. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Twyne, John. De Rebus Albioncis Britannicis atque Anglicis. London, 1590. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Upton, Nicholas. De Studio Militari Quatuor. Iohan. de Bado Aureo Tractatus de Armis. Henrici Spelmanni Aspilogia. London, 1654. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Valcroissant, Melchior de Marmet, sieur de. Entertainments of the Cours. London, 1658. Old Domination Foundation Grant.

Wilbye, John. The First Set of English Madrigals. London, 1598. Bound with the second set of Enlgish Madrigals. London, 1609. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

History of Science and Medicine:

Amati, Giacinto. Ricerche Storico-Critico-Scientifiche sulle Origini, Scoperte, Invenzioni e Perfezionamenti Fatti nelle Lettere, nelle Arti e nelle Scienze. Milan, 1828-30. NSF Institution Grant.

Bouillaud, Jean Baptiste. Traite Clinique des Maladies du Coeur. Paris, 1835. NSF Institution Grant.

Carus, Karl Gustav. Lehrbuch der Zootomie. Leipzig, 1818. NSF Institution Grant.

Cloquet, Jules Germain, Baron. Manuel d'Anatomie Descriptive du Corops
Humain. Paris, 1825-31. NSF Institution Grant.

Cowper, William, 1666-1709. The Anatomy of Humane Bodies. 2d edition. Leyden, 1737. NSF Institution Grant.

Jussieu, Antoine de. Traite des Vertues des Plantes. Paris, 1772. NSF Institution Grant.

Nelli, Giovanni Battista Clemente. Vita e Commercio Letterario de Galileo Galilei. Losanna, 1793. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Pinel, Philippe. Nosographie Philosophique; ou, La Methode de l'Analyse Appliquee a la Medecine. Paris, an VI [1797\98]. NSF Institution Grant.

Woodward, John. Fossils of All Kinds. London, 1728. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Map Collection:

More than 100 out of print Geological Survey maps of the United States regions dating from the 19th century. Coverage of areas within New Jersey and Pennslyvania is singularly good. Gift of Robert R. Robertson.


Alliluyeva, Svetlana. Twenty-one volumes, including: translations of Twenty Lettes to a Friend (1967) into Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean (a pirated edition), Polish, Spanish, and Swedish; translations of Only One Year into French (with annotations by the author), German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish; and the author's copies of both titles in special bindings with presentations from her publisher, Harper and Row. Gift of Mrs. William Wesley Peters.

The Compete Country Dancing-Master. London, 1718 - 19. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Crosse, John. An Account of the Grand Musical Festival held in September, 1823, in the Cathedral Church of York. York, 1825. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Detective Fiction. Some eighty volumes of works by Samuel Hopkins Adams, James M. Cain, Raymond Chandler, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ellery Queen and Cornell Woolrich. Also, more than forty volumes by and about Matthew Phipps Shiel. Gift of Adrian H. Goldstone.

Economics. The Library of the late Jacob Viner, consisting of over 2500 books and pamphlets mainly about nineteenth-century economics, philosophy and related fields. Gift of the late Jacob Viner.

Emblem Books. Jean Jacques Boissard, Emblemata. Frankfurt, 1597. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase; Sebastian de Coverrubias Horozco, Emblemas Morales. Madrid, 1610. Old Dominion Foundation Grant; Claude Paradin, Heroica et D. Gabrielis Symeonis Symbola. Antwerp, 1563. Old Dominion Foundation Grant; and Giuseppe Ricci, Pisacatio Philosophica. Venice, 1662. Robert H. Taylor '30. Purchase.

Ibbetson, Julius Caesar. A Picturesque Guide to Bath, Bristol Hot Wells, the River Avon and the Adjacent Country. London, 1793. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Maule, Henry. The History of the Picts. Edinburgh, 1706. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Stark, James. Picturesque Views on and near the Easter Coast of England. London, 1834. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

Modern English Literature:

Blake, William. All Religions are One. London, 1970. Robert Hartley Cromek, Prospectus of a New and Elegant Edition of Blair's Grave Illustrated... by William Blake. [London, 1805] Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

[Dafoe, Daniel]. Party-Tyranny; or, An Occasional Bill in Miniature as now Practised in Carolina. London, 1705. Christian A. Zabriskie Purchase.

Gay, John. Miniature Pictures. London, 1781. Alexander Burnet, Achilles Dissected: Being a Compleat Key of the Political Characters in that New Ballad Opera Written by the late Mr. Gay. London, 1733. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Gosse, Sir Edmund William. A collection of more than eighty books and pamphlets by or relating to the English literary critic. Purchased with funds given by Mrs. Andre T. Chisholm in memory of her hudband '02.

Kipling, Rudyard. Mesopotamia. [London, 1917]. Robert K. Root Fund.

Lawrence, Thomas Edward. The Diary of T.E. Lawrence MCMXI. [London, 1937]. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Lenoble, Eustache, Baron de Saint-Georges et de Tenneliere. Pure Love: A Novel. London [1718]. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Rosetti, Dante Gabriel. Hand and Soul. [Maastrict, Holland] 1928. One of six copies printed on vellum at the Halcyon Press. Poems. London, 1870, John A Symonds' copy with his annotations. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Penny WHistles. [Cambridge, 1883]. Gift of the late Richard Gimbel in honor of Henry E. Gerstley '20.

Yeo, James. Omar and Zemira: An Eastern Tale. London, 1782. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Fund.

Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists:

The continuing generosity of Mrs. Donald F. Hyde, Mr. Robert H. Taylor '30 and the Friends of the Library has made possible the acquisition of a considerable number of printed items for the Parrish Collection, a few of the more interesting of which are listed here. William Harrison Ainsworth, Rookwood, London, 1834, with a presentation inscription from the author to the fifth Earl of Harrington; and Stanley Brereton, Leipzig, 1881, with a presentation inscription from the author to Thomas Baker, to whom the book is dedicated. Sir James M. Barrie, A Window in Thrums, 16th edition, London, 1898, with a full-page presentation inscription from Barrie to Mrs. Augustine Birrell, in the form of ten rhymed couplets, dated February, 1900, and paste to the front flyleaf a letter from Barrie to Birrell, 18 February 1929, oin which e refers to the inscription as "what must be pretty nearly my only poem." Mrs. Craik. King Arthur, London, 1886, with a presentation inscription from the author to R.R. Bowker, "with thanks for kindly help four years ago, in the planning of this story." Charles L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Curiosa Mathematica, Part I, 2d edition, London, 1889, with a presentation inscription from the author to his sister, Henrietta H. Dodgson. Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles [London] 1900, with a presentation inscription from Hardy to Lady Dorothy Nevill, "who preferred this edition of the story." William Ernest Henley and Robert Louis Stevenson, Admiral Guinea, Edinburgh, For Private Circulation Only, 1884, with a presentation inscription by the authors, in Henley's hand, to Charles Warner. Their Deacon Brodie, [Edinburgh] 1880, with a presentation inscription from the authors, in Henley's hand, to Andrew Lang. Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child's Garden of Verses, London, 1885, with a presentation inscription to Algernon C. Swinburne "from his friend Edmund Grosse," March 16, 1885; and Kidnapped, New York, 1887, with a presentation inscription from Stevenson toMr. and MRs. George Saxby, Saranac Lake, December 30, 1887. Three books from Stevenson's library: James Harris, Hermes, 6th edition. London, 1806, with Stevenson's signature on the recto of the front flyleaf; The Portrait Birthday-Book of Famous Names, London [1877] with a presentation inscription to "Childe Robert Louis Stevenson, the Elfin Knight," from Emma Henley, and entries by Fanny Van de Grift, E.J. Henley, W.E. Henley, Emma Henley, and Stevenson himself; and George H. Putnam, The Question of Copyright, New York, 1891, with Stevenson's signature on the inside front cover. Anthony Trollope, John Caldigate, London, 1879, in gray cloth with blocking not described by Sadleir.

Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings:

Twenty-five additional and spellbinding examples of English, Scottish, and American cloth bindings of the latter half of the nineteenth century. Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf.

Sinclair Hamilton Collection of Early American Illustrated Books:

Eighty-five additions for the Second Supplement (in progress), including: Bensen J. Lossing's sketch box, with an original pencil drawing of the Hudson River, showing Newburgh Bay, Poughkeepsie and Fishkill Landing (preseted in honor of Sinclair Hamilton by Seven Gables Bookshop); and Mary Martha Sherwood, The Re-captured Negro. Newark, 1823. From Evans period the following have been received: Able Morgan, Anti-Paedo-Rantism Defended. Philadelphia, 1750; George FIsher, The American Instructor. New York, 1760; Nathan Culver, A very Remarkable Account of the Vision. Boston, 1795; and William Kendrick, The Whole Duty of Woman. Philadelphia, 1798 (presented in honor of Sinclair Hamilton by Machael Papantonio). Unless otherwise noticed all items are gifts of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Theatre Collection:

Two scrapbooks of playbills, dating from July 1, 1967 to February 13, 1971, bringing to fifty-six volumes in the Friedman Collection. The collection now covers seventy-eight years of theatrical and, especially, operative productions in New York, with additional European performances. Gift of Arthur L. Friedman.

Western Americana:

Bates, Edward. Edward Bates against Thomas H. Benton. St. Louis, 1828. Class of 1910 American Civilization Book Fund.

California. Attorney General's Office. Opinion of the Attorney General in the Case of the "Soscol Rancho." [Sacramento? 1866]. Class of 1901. American Civilization Book Fund.

Catholic Church. Catechisms. Kalispel. Szmimeie-s Jesus Christi: A Catechism of the Christian Doctrine in the Flat-head, or Kalispel, Language. St.Ignatius, Montana, 1880. Gulick Fund.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First presidency. Yr Epistol Cyffredinol Cyntaf Oddiwrth Brif Lywyddiaeth. Mertyhr Tydfil [Wales] 1849. Gulick Fund.

Duflot de Mofras, Eugene. Expeditions des Espagnols et des Americains au Mexique en 1829 et en 1847. Paris, 1862. Elizabeth Foundation Fund.

Gebow, Jospeh A. A Vocabulary of the Snake or Snoshone Dialect. Great Salt Lake City, 1859. Rollins Fund.

Howe, Eber D. History of Mormonisml; or, A Faithful Account of the Singular Imposition and Delusion, with Sketches of the Characters ofits propagators. Painesville, Ohio, 1840. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

J. Monroe Thorington Collection of Western Americana. Twenty-four additions, including Lista de los Ciudadanos. Santa Fe, 1834; John Palliser, Solitary Rambles and Adventures of a Hunter in the Praries. London, 1853; Gabriel Franchere, Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America in the Years 1811, 1812, 1814; or The First American Settlement on the Pacific. New York, 1854; El Nuevo-Mejicano. Santa Fe, 1878; and William Gillet Ritch, Jesuitism in New Mexico. Santa Fe, 1878. Gift of Dr. J. Monroe Thorington '15.

Omaha, Neb. Ordinances, etc. The Charter and Ordinances of the Cith of Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha, 1857. Class of 1901 American Civilization Book Fund.

Pratt, Orson. An Interesting Accound of Several Remarkable Visions, and of the Late Discovery of the Ancient American Records, which Unfold the History of this Continent from the Earliest Ages after the Floor to the beginning of the Fifth Century. New York, 1841. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Daughters of Zion. Revised Constitution and By-Laws... Adopted at Lamoni, Iowa, April 12, 1894. Lamoni, 1894. Gift of J. Lionberger Davis '00.

Strang, Jesse James. The Book of the Law of the Lord. St. James [Beaver Island, Michigan' A.R. 1. [Anno Regio 1, i.e., 1851]. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Sumner, Charles Allen. Oration Delivered at Dayton, N.T. April 26, 1864. Virginia City, Nevada, 1864. Class of 1901 American Civilization Book Fund.

Thayer, H.L. Thayer's New Map of the San Juan Country Compiled from the Latest Surveys and Explorations of Prof. F.V. Hayden, Lieut. G.M. Wheeler and Others. Denver, 1877. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Thomas P. Baird Collection of Western Americana. Eight additions, including Journal of the Council at the First [and Second] Regular Sessions, of the General Assembly of the Territory of Nebraska. Omaha City, 1855-56; William Hepworth Dixon, La Conquette Blanche, Voyage aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique. Paris, 1877. William T. Helmuth, Yellowstone Park and How it was Named. Helena, Montana, 1892; Philetus W. Morris, The Calumet of the Coteau and Other Poetical Legends of the Border. Philadelphia, 1884; and Black Hills Views. Deadwood, South Dakota, 1903. Thomas O. Baird '45 Purchase.

United Order. Articles of Association. Salt Lake City, 1874. First issue. Friends of the Library Fund.

Utah (Ter.) Recorder of Brands. Book of Recorded Marks and December 9th, 1874. Salt Lake City, 1874. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Winchester, Benjamin. A History of Priesthood from the Beginning of the World to the Present Time, Written in Defence of the Doctrine and Position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Philadelphia, 1843. Gift of Lionberger Davis '00.

July 1, 1971-June 30, 1972:

The following is a listing of significant additions to the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections between July 1, 1971 and June 30, 1972.


BAESSLER, ARTHUR. Ancient Peruvian Art: Contributions to the Archaeology of the Empire of the Incas. Berlin: A. Asher & Co.; New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1902-03. James Bacon Foundation Fund.

CLADWELL, ERSKINE. A Message for Genevieve. Mount Vernon, Me.: old Colony Press, Portland, 1933. No. 62 out of 100 copies. Signed by the author. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

DICKINSON, EMILY. Poems, Second Series. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1892. Bound in white cloth, decorated in gilt, for presentation. Presented to Yale University Library by Millicent Todd Bingham. The gift of Margaret Jane Pershing.

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO. Eight 1st editions, each inscribed to Samuel G. Ward and one periodical appearance. Also two item connected with Emerson's brother Charles, 1820-1876. The gift of William Elfers '41.

GIBBONS, HERBERT ADAMS. 32 books and pamphlets and 24 periodical articles by the former Princeton fellow. Also received were 7 works by his wife, Helen Davenport Gibbons. The gift of Miss Mila Gibbons, Mrs. Alpheus T. Mason, and Miss Hope Gibbons.

GAUSS, CHRISTIAN FREDERICK. Through College on Nothing a Year. Literally recorded from a student's story. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1915. The dedication copy inscribed by Gauss to the dedicatee, George McFarlane Galt, 90, with a letter of presentation tipped in. The gift of Matthew J. Bruccoli.

JANEWAY, JAMES. A Token for Children. Elizabeth-town: S. Kollock, 1797. From the late d'Alte Welch's collection. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT. Vacation Song. Hanover, N.H.: Baker Library Press for Daniel Oliver Associates, Dartmouth College [1936]. No. 10 of 85 copies. English Seminar Fund.

MORRIS, WRIGHT. War Games. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1972. No. 35 of 300 hardcover copies signed by the author, Princeton's former writer in residence. Willard and Margaret Thorp Fund.

RAFINESQUE, CONSTANTINE SAMUEL. Ancient History, or the Annals of Kentucky. Frankfort, Ky.: Printed for the author, 1824. Class of 1889 Fund for American History and Politics.

RIBERO Y USTARIZ, MARIANO EDUARDO DE. Antigedades Peruanas, por Mariano Eduardo de Rivero y Juan Diego de Tschudi. Vienna: Imprenta Imperial, 1851. James Bacon Ford Foundation Fund.

ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES. Selections From the Works. Edited for the use of College Christian Gauss. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press [etc.] 1914. Contains autograph of F. Scott Fitzgerald '17. Purchased on the Charles M Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

SHEPARD, ISAAC FITZGERALD. Scenes and Songs of Social Life. Boston, New York: Saxon and Kelt, 1846. Presentation copy to the author's daughter, Ella G. Shepard. Wright 1, 2380. English Seminar Fund.

STEINBECK, JOHN. 29 first editions, 26 of which have been inscribed to Mr. Edwin Herzog. The gift of Edwin H. Herzog '21.

ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY. 146 titles of the author's copies of his own works. Several are foreign language translations or paperback editions. The bequest of the author, '29.

WHITMAN WALT. Three books of extraordinary association: Leaves of Grass (Philadelphia: D. McKay, 1891-92) presented to William Sloan Kennedy, one of Whitman's closest friends, by Horace Traubel, one of the poet's literary executors. This copy is heavily annotated by Kennedy and contains several clippings and photographs. Also tipped in is a letter from W. H. Raymenton to Whitman, the poet's reply, and Raymenton's responding note. Complete Prose Works (Philadelphia: D. McKay, 1892) from the library of Thomas B. Harned, the author's surviving literary executor, with Harned's presentation to Miss Rene Stillman. Leaves of Grass (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page and Co., 1917) presented by the publisher to T.B. Harned with the note: "This book is issued for the purpose of driving the McKay (incomplete) Edition off the market..." The gift of Mrs. James H. Beal.


AMMON HIERONYMUS. Imitatio Crameriana; sive, Exercitium Pietatis Domesticum. Noribergae: Dmlerus, 1647. Illustrated with 40 emblems. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

ANDRELINUS, PUBLIUS FAUSTUS...Epistolae Prouerbiales & Morales. Mainz: J Schoeffler, 1521. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

BAUDIN, JEAN. Recueil d'emblemes; ou, Tableaux de sciences & des vertus morales. Paris, Veuve J. Cochart, 1698. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

BESOLD, CHRISTOPH. Discursus Politici. Argentorati: L. Zetznerus, 1626. Bound with his Discursus Politicus de Incrementis Imperiorum, eorumque Amplitudine Procuranda. Argentorati: L. Zetznerus, 1640. Old Dominion Foundation Grant.

BOEMUS, JOHANN. Mores, Leges, et Ritus Omnium Gentium. Lvgvdvni: Apvd S. Gryphivm, 1541. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

BURCHARDUS DE MONTE SION. Veridica Terre Sancte. [Venice: T. da Tridino, 1519]. The best edition of a book written to describe the Holy Land for Crusaders. Friends of the Library Fund.

COLONNA, FRANCESCO. Hypnerotomachie; ou, Discours de songe de Poliphile. Paris: I. Keruer, 1554. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

GOGOL, NIKOLAI VASILEVICH. Pokhozhdenia Chichikova ili Mertvyia dushi; Poema. Moscow: 1842-1846. From the estate of Frank W. Rounds, Jr.

LVIS-MANO, GUY. 11 books and 2 musical scores printed by him in Paris during the 1930's. The gift of Miss Mila Gibbons.

MANN, THOMAS. 22 titles inscribed to the author's close friend, the late Erich Kahler. Several of the volumes bear heavy annotations by Kahler. Friends of the Library Fund.

MARTINUS LUTHER. [n.p.: G. Rhau? 1546?]. A broadside obituary notice with the Cranach portrait of Luther. Gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20.

PROBA. utriusque Testamenti Hystoriis ex Carminibus Virgilii Selectii. [Oppenheim: J. Koebel, 1514?]. The title page woodcut is a portrait of Proba Falconia. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

SPANISH LITERATURE AND HISTORY. 36 works from the 16th and 17th centuries. Gift of the late Albert J. Parre¤o '41, and purchase by the Friends of the Library.

STRINDBURG, AUGUST. 29 first editions in 35 volumes. Mainly Stockholm: 1876-1912. Friends of the Library Fund.

VILLON, FRANCOIS. Oeuvres. La Haie: A. Moetjens, 1742. Friends of the Library Fund.


ARGYLL, ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 8th EARL OF. Instructions to a Son. London: D. Trench, 1661. Wing A3656. Robert K. Root Fund.

BEAUMONT, FRANCIS. The Elder Brother: A Comedy. London: Printed by T.N. for D.N. and T.C. and are to be sold by George Marriott, 1678. Woodward and McManaway 41; Wing B1588. Robert K. Root Fund.

BROOKE, SAMUEL. Melanthe. Cantabrigiae: C. Legge, 1615. STC 17800. Presented in honor of Robert H. Taylor '30 by William Elfers '41.

CAMDEN, WILLIAM. Institutio Graecae Grammatices Compendiaria. London: M. Flesher and R. Young, 1640. This edition not listed in STC. Robert K. Root Fund.

COTTON, CHARLES. Scarrannides; or, Virgile Travestie. London: T.N. for H. Brome, 1678. Wing C6386. Jeremiah Thomas Finch Memorial Fund.

CROWNE, JOHN. The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian. London: R. Bentley, 1693. Woodward and McManaway 289; Wing C7386. Robert K. Root Fund.

DRYDEN, JOHN. Aurenge-Zebe; or, The Great Mogul. London: T Warren for H Herringman, 1699. Woodward and McManaway 396. Wing D2250. Robert K. Root Fund.

DRYDEN, JOHN. Robert K. Root Fund. Oedipus: A Tragedy. The Second Edition. London: R Bentley, 1682. Woodward and McManaway 437; Wing D2323. Robert K. Root Fund.

DRYDEN, JOHN. Secret Love; or, The Maiden Queen. London: H Herringman, 1668. Woodward and McManaway 437; Wing D2353. Robert K. Root Fund.

DRYDEN, JOHN. The Spanish Fryar; or, The Double Discovery. London: R Tonson, 1681. Woodward and McManaway 460; Wing D2368. Robert K. Root Fund.

FLETCHER, JOHN. La Fida Pastora: Comoedia Pastoralis. London: R. Daniel, 1658. Wing F1343. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

INGELO, NATHANIEL. A Discourse Concerning Repentance. London: T.R. for R. Marriott, 1677. Wing I182. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Fund.

LUCY FAMILY. 7 funeral sermons bound in the following order: Wing titles H3741, C4501, P792, H869; S5092 and D2463, and STC 25094. Robert K. Root Fund.

LUTHER, MARTIN. A Commentarie...upon the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galathians. London: G. Miller, 1644. Wing L3510B. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

MILTON, JOHN... Pro Popula Anglicano Defensio contra Claudii Anonymi, alias Salmasii. Defensionen Regiam. London: Du-Gardian, 1651. This edition is not in Wing. Friends of the Library Fund.

NEDHAM, MARCHMONT. The Levellers Levell's. or, The independents Conspiracie to root out Monarchie. An Interlude. [London] 1647. Wing N394. Robert K. Root Fund.

OTWAY, THOMAS. The Orphan; or, The Unhappy Marriage. London: R Bentley and S. Magnes, 1685. Woodward and McManaway 887; Wing O553. Edward Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

RAPIN, RENE....Comparison of Thucydides and Livy. Oxford: L. Lichfield for A. Peisley, 1694. Wing R261. Baldwin Maull '22 Classics Fund.

STAPLETON, SIR ROBERT. The Slighted Maid. A Comedy. London: T. Dring, 1663. Woodward and McManaway 1177; Wing S5260. Robert K. Root Fund.

STEERE, RICHARD. The History of the Babylonish Cabal. London: R. Baldwin, 1682. Wing S5397. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

WALLER, EDMUND. Mr. Wallers Speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday the fourth of July, 1643. London: G. Dexter, 1643. Wing W523. Robert K. Root Fund.


BELLEGARDE, JEAN BAPTISTE MORVAN DE. The Modes; or, A Conversation upon the Fasions of all Nations. London: 1735. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

CLARKE, EDWARD DANIEL. A Tour through the South of England, Wales, and part of Ireland, made during the summer of 1791. London: Minerva Press, 1793. Robert K. Root Fund.

PIECES IN PROSE AND VERSE. London: J. Almon, 1769. Compiled by Samuel Derrick. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

DORMAN, JOSEPH. Folly: A Poem. London: T. Cooper, 1737. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

HARINGTON, SIR JOHN. Nugae antiquae. London: J. Dodsley, 1779. Hester Lynch Piozzi's copy with her annotations. Wilton Lloyd-Smith '16 Memorial Fund.

KING, WILLIAM. Usefull Miscellanies, Part 1. London: B. Lindcott, 1712. No more published after part 1. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES. A Translation of passages from Greek, Latin, Italian and French Writers, Quoted in the Prefaces and Noted to the Pursuits of Literature: A Poem in Four Dialogues.

MAURICE, THOMAS. Poems and Miscellaneous Pieces, with a Free Translation of the Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles. London: Printed for the author [etc., etc.] 1779. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

MEMOIRS OF THE LOVE AND STATE INTRIGUES OF THE COURT OF H--. London: J.H., 1743. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

RUSTAING DE SAINT-JORY, LOUIS. The Adventures of Malouka, the Beautiful Arabian. London: J. Huggonson, 1738. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY. Clio's Protest; or, The Picture Varnished. Addressed to the Hon. Lady M-rg-r-t F-rd-ce. Bath: R. Cruttwell [1771]. A hitherto unlocated first edition of Sheridan's first publication, other than a broadside. Bound with James Macpherson's Fingal (London: 1762), James Cawthron's Poems (London: 1771), and Samuel J. Pratt's Sympathy: A Poem (London: 1782). Given anonymously in the honor of Robert H. Taylor '30.

STEELE, SIR RICHARD. The State of the Case between the Lord-Chamberlain...and the Governor of the Royal Company of Comedians. London: W. Chetwood, 1720. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

TAYLOR, JOHN. A Letter To Samuel Johnson, L.L.D., on the Subject of a Future State. London: T. Cadell, 1787. Gift of the Yale University Library in honor of Robert H. Taylor '30.


THE VINDICATION: OR, DAY THOUGHTS ON WISDOM AND GOODNESS. London: J. Noon and R. Baldwin, 1753. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

[WARD, EDWARD]. Nuptial Dialogues and Debates; or, An Useful Prospect of the Felicities and Discomforts of a Marry'd Life. London: H. Meere for T. Norris, 1710. Robert K. Root Fund.

WILKINSON, RICHARD. Vice Reclaim'd; or, The Passionate Mistress. A Comedy. London: B. Lintott, 1703. Robert K. Root Fund.

WITHERSPOON, JOHN. Practical Discourses on the Leading Truths of the Gospel. Edinburgh: Kincaid and Bell and Gray, 1768. Gift of Colonel Alvin H. Thiele Jr.


ARABIAN NIGHTS. The Thousand and One Nights...A new Edward William Lane. Illustrated...from original designs by William Harvey. London: Charles Knight and Co., 1839-41. The original 32 [i.e. 33] parts in 3 volumes. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

BRETON, ISABELLA MARY (MAYSON) The Book of Household Management. London: S.O. Beeton, 1861. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

BLAKE, WILLIAM. Europe, A Prophecy. W. Muir, S.E. Muir, H.T. Muir and M. Hughes. Edmonton, Eng.: W. Muir, 1887. No.32 of 50 signed by Wm. Muir. Robert K. Root Fund.

[BLAKE, WILLIAM]. Poetical Sketches. London: 1783. One of 23 known copies. Keynes 26-I. Provenance: T.G. Arthur (bookplate); A. Edward Newton (bookplate); Caroline Newton (bookplate). Presented by Miss Caroline Newton in honor of President Robert F. Goheen.

BLAKE, WILLIAM. There is No Natural Religion. London: Trianon Press for the William Blake Trust, 1971. Robert K. Root Fund.

BROWNING, ROBERT. Letters from Le Croisic. London: Printed for Private Circulation Only, 1919. Presentation copy to Maurice Buxton Forman with inscription by Thomas James Wise. With a letter of presentation laid in. The acquisition of this Wise publication brings Princeton's holdings to 215 of a possible 401 listed in William Todd's "A Handlist of Thomas J. Wise". Robert Alan Hamilton '58 Memorial Fund.

BRYDGES, SIR SAMUEL EGERTON. Stemmata Illustria; Praecipue Regia. Paris: J. Smith, 1825. Robert K. Root Fund.

FLAXMAN, JOHN. Plates to illustrate works by Homer, Aeschylus, and Hesiod. Four titles in all, two of which have engravings by William Blake. London: 1795-1817. Gift of Donald N. Wilber '29.

HAGGARD, SIR HENRY RIDER. The Last Boer War. London: K. Paul and Co., 1899. Alice Coes Coyle and Irwin Dunn Coyle '06 Memorial Fund.

KEATS, JOHN. Poems. London: C. & J. Ollier, 1817. Uncut, in original boards with printed label on spine. Presented by Miss Caroline Newton in honor of President Robert F. Goheen.

[LAMB, CHARLES]. Prince Dorus; or, Flattery put out of Countenance. London: M.J. Goodwin, 1811. The nine plates, all hand-colored, have been variously attributed to Miss Flaxman, sister of the sculptor, and William Blake. This copy bears the bookplate of Jerome Kern. The gift of Mrs. Frank W. Hubby III.

MEEKE, MRS. MARY. Count St. Blanchard; or, The Prejudiced Judge. A Novel. London: Printed for William Lane at the Minerva Press, 1795. Robert K. Root Fund.

[MEEKE, MRS. MARY]. Independence: A Novel. London: Printed at the Minerva Press for Lane and Newman, 1802. Robert K. Root Fund.

REPTON, HUMPHREY. Odd Whims and Miscellanies. London: W. Miller, 1804. Robert K. Root Fund.


BLACKSTONE, SIR WILLIAM. Dissertation on the Accounts of All Souls College, Oxford. London: J.B. Nichols & Sons, 1898. "Presented to the Roxburghe Club by Sir William Anson, Bart." Hon. Alban George Henry Gibb's copy. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

BRETON, NICHOLAS....Praise of Virtuous Ladies. Kent: Private Press of Lee Priory, 1815. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

GOGARTY, OLIVER ST. JOHN. Wild Apples. Dublin: Cuala Press, 1928. Thomas Riggs Jr. Memorial Fund.

GRAY, THOMAS. Ode on the Pleasure arising from Vicissitude. San Francisco: Printed for Williams Andrews Clark Jr. by John Henry Nash, 1933. No. 2 of 200 copies printed. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

LACLOS, PIERRE AMBROISE FRANCOIS CHODERLOS DE. Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Paris: Black Sun Press, 1929. Library Special Fund.

MILTON, JOHN. Paradise Lost. Birmingham: J. Baskerville, 1760. English Seminar Fund.

RICKETTS, CHARLES S. Beyond the Threshold. [Plaistow: Curwen Press, 1929]. Illustrated with five plates by the author. Bound in full morocco leather with an art nouveau design signed CR. Presented by the author to Cecil Lewis, the editor of Self-portrait, Taken from the Letters and Journals of Charles Ricketts, R.A. (London: P. Davies [1939]). Robert K. Root Fund.

ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL. Sonnets and Lyrical Poems. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1894. Robert K. Root Fund.

TOLHURST, ROGERS. In the Emperor's Garden and Other Poems. Dublin: Cuala Press, 1928. Presentation copy. J. Frank Rushton Fund.


BOTANICAL BOOKS. Five works in 20 volumes, including; The Compleat Florist (London: J. Duke & J. Carwitham, 1740) and Redout‚'s Les Roses (Paris: C.L.F. Panckoucke, 1824). The gift of Mrs. Charles Denby.

HALLER, ALBRECHT VON. A Dissertation on the Sensible and Irritable Parts of Animals. London: J. Nourse, 1755. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

LALLEMANT, JOSEPH. Essai sur le m‚chanisme des passions en g‚n‚ral. Paris: P.-A. Le Prieur, 1751. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

NOLLET, JEAN ANTOINE. Programme ou Id‚e g‚n‚ral d'un cour de physique exp‚rimentale. Paris: P.G. Le Mercier, 1738. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH. Essays and Observations, Physical and Literary. Volume I. Edinburgh: G. hamilton and J. Balfour, 1754. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

POINTER, JOHN. A Rational Account of the Weather...The Second Edition. London: A. Ward, 1738. Library Special Fund.

SHARP, SAMUEL. Critical Enquiry into the Present State of Surgery. The Third Edition. London: J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper., 1754. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

SUZOR, JEAN RENAUD. Hydrophobia: An Account of M. Pasteur's System. London: Chatto & Windus, 1887. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

SYDNOR BARKSDALE PENICK COLLECTION OF BOTANICAL BOOKS. 17 works in 31 volumes, including American Medical Botany, by Jacob Bigelow (Boston: Cummings and Hilliard, 1817-20); De Vera Antiquorum Herba Brittanica, by Abraham Munting (Amsterdam: H. Sweerts, 1681); Theatrum Botanicum, by John Parkinson (London: T. Cotes, 1640); Seplasium: The Compleat English Physician, by William Salmon (London: M. Gilliflower and G. Sawbridge, 1693); A New Family Herbal, by Robert John Thornton. The plants drawn from nature, by Henderson and engraved on wood, by Thomas Bewick. (London: R. Phillips, 1810), The First and Second Partes of the Herbal of William Turner (Collen: A. Birckman, 1568) bound with A Most Excellent and Perfect Homish Apothecarye, by Hieronymous Brunschwig (Collen: A. Birckman, 1561) and the first two editions of Medical Botany by William Woodville (London: J. Phillips, 1790-94 and 1810). Mr. Penick presented funds to restore several volumes, Gift of S.B. Penick Jr. '25.

TISSOT, SAMUEL AUGUST ANDR DAVID. An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Literary and Sedentary Persons. London: E. and C. Dilly, 1768. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

BOOKS: 135 additions to the Collection. Among the 18th century imprints are: The Holy Bible in Verse [by Benjamin Harris] ([Boston: J. Allen] 1717) from the collections Elizabeth Ball and the late d'Alte Welch; Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners [by] John Bunyan (Boston: J. Allen for N. Boone, 1717), with a woodcut portrait of the author; The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (Boston G. Rogers and D. Fowle, for T. Fleet, J. edwards and H. Foster, 1740) with several crude but spirited woodcuts; The Hermit of the Forest, by Richard Johnson (Philadelphia: B. Johnson, 1793) from the Welch Collection; A Bag of Nuts Ready Cracked (Worcester: I. Thomas, 1786), the Welch copy, which is one of two recorded; and The Remarkable History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, by Henry Fielding (Worcester: I. Thomas, 1799), edited from the first edition of six volumes to a mere 28p. A sampling of Mr. Hamilton's recent acquisitions of 19th century books demonstrates the wide range of subjects represented in the Collection. A View of South Carolina, by John Drayton (Charleston: W.P. Young, 1802) with folding plates and maps; A Memoir of Thomas Hamitah Patoo (Andover, Mass.: American Tract Society [1825]) with cuts and a frontispiece portrait of the noble black; Corrected Proofs, by H. Hastings Weld (Boston: Russell, Shattuck & Co., 1836) has nothing to do with printing but does contain a title page vignette of a man correcting proofs in a form of type; Rural Residents, by Alexander Jackson Davis (New York: 1837) contains plans and color representations of four types of buildings with construction costs - a villa for $2,500., a rather elegant farmer's house for $1, 500, a stone estate for $12,000, and a village church of stone for $9,000.; New York in Slices, by [George G. Foster] (New York: W.H. Graham, 1849) praises the convenience and low price of the omnibus among other wonders of the city; The Night Side of New York, by Members of the New York Press (New York: J.C. Haney & Co., 1866) has an equal number of chapters on respectable social life and crime; An Account of Chang and Eng, the world renowned Siamese Twins (New York: T.W. Strong, 1853) is illustrated with cuts of the connected pair killing a snake, shooting a wolf, marrying sisters, and pitching hay; The Comical Medicine Man [by George G. Small] (New York: Collin & Small [1872]) is a spirited story of outdoor life opening with a Frank Beard illustration of that favorite outdoor friend, the Jersey mosquito; and That Convention; or, Five Days a Politician, by F.G.W[elch] et al. (New York and Chicago: F.G. Welch & Co., 1872) with numerous Beard cuts if political life in saloons and banquet halls. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

MORRIS L. PARRISH COLLECTION OF VICTORIAN NOVELISTS. Through the generosity of Robert H. Taylor '30 and Mrs. Donald F. Hyde, the Library was able to acquire for the Parrish Collection a number of items from the Charles Dickens collection assembled by the late Compte Alain de Suzannet. Foremost among them is a copy of Dickens' printed circular letter on "the wholesale piracy of British works" in the United States, 1 Devonshire Terrace, York Gate, Regent's Park, Seventh July, 1842, addressed in the author's hand to C. Cowden Clarke. Also of interest are a copy of Songs, Choruses, and Concerted Pieces, in the Operatic Burletta of the Village Coquettes ([London]: Bradbury and Evans, 1837), in which the names of the singers are written in the margin next to their songs; and the Cheap Edition of The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (London: Chapman and Hall, 1847), in the eight monthly parts. The other items acquired from the Suzannet collection are the following translations: Die Pickwickier (Leipzig, 1837-38), five volumes in three; Oliver Twist (Brunswick, 1838-79, in German, three volumes in one); Barnaby Rudge (Leipzig, 1841) in German, eight volumes in two; La Pleiade (Paris, 1842), containing "Le Baron de Grogzwig" from Nicholas Nickleby; Les Chefs-d'Oeuvre de Ch. Dickens (Paris, 1847); Les Contes de Ch. Dickens (Paris, 1847-53), in three volumes; Vie et Aventures de Martin Chuzzlewit (Pairs, 1858), in two volumes; Adventures de Monsieur Pickwick (Paris, 1859), in tow volumes; Le Neveu de ma Tante; Histoire Personelle de David Copperfield (Paris, 1859), in two volumes; Souvenirs de David Copperfield (Brussels [no date]), six volumes in two; Les Temps Difficiles (Paris [no date]); and Le Magasin d' Antiquit‚s (Paris, 1865). two volumes in one. Three additional translations of Dickens were obtained from another source: Nicholas Nickelby Lefnad och Afventyr (Stockholm, 1842), in three volumes; De Firma Dombey en Zoon (The Hague, 1847-48), two volumes in one; and David Copperfield den Yngres (Stockholm, [1852]), in three volumes.

The Library has long been interested in adding to the Collection translations, whether authorized or not, published during or shortly after the lifetime of the authors. Of the 24 other translations of various authors acquired during the year 1971-72 the following three are perhaps the most interesting: Charlotte Bront‰. Jane Eyre, Memoirs d'une Gouvernante (Brussels, 1849), two volumes in one; Wilkie Collins, Armadale (Stockholm, 1865-66), one volume in two, a translation in Swedish which precedes the first English edition (1866); and Mrs. Trollope, Zeden, Gewoonten en Huisselijk Leven der Noord-Amerikanen (Haarlem, 1833), in two volumes. Other additions to the collection include Mrs. Trollope, The Mother's Manual (London, 1833), from the library of Princess Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse Homburg, with an inscription in her hand stating that the book had been given to her by the authoress on July 24, 1833, bound in alligator; Anthony Trollope's copy of Charles Lamb's Poetical Works (London, 1836); and a copy of the revised edition of Bulwer-Lytton, King Arthur (Toronto, 1871), with a presentation inscription from Charles Reade to James Graham dated December 24, 1880.

July 72 - June 73:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

American Literature and Americana

Adams, Henry. The Education of Henry Adams (Washington 1907) with the signature of E.G.Hoyt on a front Flyleaf; Memoirs of Arii Taimai (Paris, 1901) with a presentation inscription from the author to Elisabeth G. Hoyt; Mont Saint Michel and Chartres (Washington, 1912) with a presentation from the author. The gift of Major General Miles Reber.

An Answer to An Invidious Pamphlet, Intituled, A Brief State of the Province of Pensylvania [sic]. London: S.Blandon, 1755. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Burke, Edmund. The Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq.; On Moving His Resolutions for Conciliation with the Colonies, March 22, 1775. London: J. Dodsley, 1775. With the ex libris of Henry Van Dyke. The gift of Timothy A. Pfeiffer '37.

Centro de Investigaciones Antropologigas de Mexico. Esplendor del Mexico antigua. Mexico, 1959. Latin American Fund.

Cummings, Edward Estlin. CIOPW. New York: Covici-Friede, 1931. No. 109 of 391 copies. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Eggleston, Edward. Mr. Blake's Walking-stick. Chicago: Adams, Blackmer & Lyon Publishing Co.; New York, A.D.F.Randolph & CO., 1870. BAL 5093, state A. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key. The Great Gatsby. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1925. Inscribed in the author's hand: "For Telulah [Bankhead], from her admiring friends Scott & Zelda. Paris, November 1925." Library Special Fund.

Payne, John Howard. Lispings of a Muse: A Selection from Juvenile Poems. London: R. and A. Taylor, 1815. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Remarks made at the presentation of the Margaret Jane Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson to the Princeton University Library. [Richmond, VA] The Attic Press, 1972. Limited edition of twenty copies. Includes comments made by Mrs. Pershing, Mr. Dix, and Mr. Ludwig at the presentation ceremon, June 7, 1969. The gift of Margaret Jane Pershing.

Staunton, Sir George Leonard, Bart. An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China. Dublin: P.Wogan, R.Cross [etc.,etc.] 1798. From the Morven Library of Richard Stockton, "the Duke" son of the Signer. The gift of Mrs. Margaret Dennis.

Stickney, Albert. A True Republic. New York: Harper & Bros., 1879. Woodrow Wilson's copy with his signature, dated Oct. 1879, and numerous marginal annotations in shorthand. Purchased in honor of President and Mrs. Robert F. Goheen '40.

Wright, Philip Green. The Dreamer. Galesburg, Illinois: Asgard Press [1906]. The "Forward" is signed, Charles [i.e. Carl] A. Sandburg. The gift of Mrs. Alexandra D. Schultze in honor of her father, the late John Nevius Dodd '93.

Zizendorf, Nicholaus Ludwig, Graf Von. The Remarks, which the Author of the Compendius Extract, etc, in the Preface to His Books, has Friendly Desired of the Rev. of Thurenstein. Philadelphia: B. Franklin, 1742. Evans 5108. Gift of Bernhard K. Schaefer '20.

Continental Books:

Apologia Verae Doctinae eorum qui Vulgo Appellantur Waldenses vel Picardi. [Witeberg: G. Rhav, 1538.] The gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer '20.

Carvalho da Costa, Antonio. Corografia Portugueza. Lisboa V. de Costa Desland, 1706-12. Presented by the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Corneille, Thomas. Les engagements du hazard, comedie. Roven: L. Muvrry pout G. de Lvyne, 1657. With the bookplate of the Bridgewater Library. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

Corvinus, Laurentius...Compendiosa et Facilis Diuersorum Carminum Structura. [Cologne: M. de Werdena, 1508.] At the end is a fine woodcut of a teacher instructing four students, each of whom is holding a book. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

Corvinus, Laurentius. Hortulus Elegantiaru. [Augsburg: S. Otmar, 1516.] Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

Court de Grebelin, Antonia. Histoire naturelle de la parole; ou, Precis de l'origine du langage & la grammaire universelle. Paris: Chez l'Auteru, Boudet...1776. Avakib Fund for the Humanities.

Dire Christianorum Illustrium in Lutherum Heresiarcham. [n.p., before 1547.] The Huth copy. Gift of Bernhard K. Schaefer '20.

Du Bellau, Joachim. Lovange de la France et du roy tres chrestien Henry II. Paris, F. Morel, 1560. LeBrun Fund.

Estienne, Henry Sieur de Fossez. L'art de faire les devises. Paris, J.Pasle, 1645. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

[Gonder, Pierre.] Histoire enciclopedique du siecle present. Amsterdam, 1773. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Lemaire de Belges, Jean. Les illustrations de Gaulle, et signularitez de Troye. Paris: I. Longis [1540]. LeBrun Fund.

Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. George Dandin; ou, Le Mary confondu. Comedoe. Paris: I. Ribov, 1669. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Montluc, Jean de, BP of Valence. Oratio Nomine Christianissime Galiarum Regis. Paris: I. Richerius, 1573. LeBrun Fund.

Orationes Viennae Austriae ad Diuum Maximilianum Caes. [Vienaa, 1516.] A collection of twenty-two addresses occasioned by the "Congress of Vienna" in 1515. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

Pausanias... Commentarii Graeciam Desribentes. [Venice: Aldus, 1516.] Presented by Miss Caroline Newton in honor of President Robert F. Goheen '40.

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. Tragoediae. Lugduni: Apud S. Gryphium, 1547. Avalon Found for the Humanities.

Spanish History and Exploration. Seven titles, including: Fernandez, Diego, Primera, y segunda parte, de La historia del Peru (Seville, 1571); Plautius, Caspar, Nova Typis Transacta Navigatio, Novi Orbis Indiae Occidentalis (n.p., 1621); and Veitia Linaje, Jode de, Norte de la contratacion de las Indias occidentales (Seville: J. Fransico de Blas, 1672). From the collection of the late Albert J. Parreno '41.

Telin, Guillaume. Bref sommaire des sept vertus, sept ars liberaulx, sept ars mechaniques, des philosophies, des quinze ars magicques. Paris: [N. Cousteau pour G. du Pre, 1533]. LeBrun Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius. Opera cum Commento Servii. Milano: 1492. Copinger, iii n. 6033. Not in Goff. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius... Opera. Luguni: Apud haeredes S. Vincentii, 1535. Memorial Fund.

Wurdtwein, Stefan Alexander. Bibliotheca Moguntina...hinc inde Addita Inventae Typographiae Historia. Augustae Vindelicorum: C.F.Burglen, 1787. An early bibliography and discussion of the development of Western printing in Mainz. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Early English Books:

Alabaster, William. Roxana Tragaedie. London: G.Jones, 1632. STC 250. The Britwell copy with an early depiction of the English Stage in one of the panels of the engraved title page. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

[Alleine, Richard.] a Murderer Punished and Pardoned. London, 1668. Wing A996. The Huth copy. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Bullein, William. Bulleins Bulwarke of the Defense against all Sicknesse, Soarenesse, and Woundes that do Dayly Assualte Mankinde. London, 1579. STC 4034. The Gift of Raymond H. Shrady '24.

[Butler, Samuel.] To the Memory of the Most Renowned DuVall: A Pindarick Ode. London, 1671. Wing B6336. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. The Familiar Epistles. London: E. Griffin [1620.] STC 5305. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Congreve, William. The Old Batchelour... 6th edition., corr. London, 1697. Woodward and McManaway 248; Wing C5870. Robert K. Root Fund.

D'Avenant, Sir William. Love and Honour. London, 1649. Woodward and MeManaway 314; WIng D329. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Defoe, Daniel. The Compleat Mendicant; or, Unhappy Beggar. London, 1699. Wing D830. Robert K. Root Fund.

Dryden, John. The Indian Emperour; or, The Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. London, 1667. Woodward and McManaway 414; Wind D2288. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Fane, Sir Francis. The Sacrifice: A tragedy. London, 1686. Woodward and McCanaway 562; WIng F411. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Firmin, Thomas] Some Proposals for the Imploying of the Poor... London, 1678. Wing F791. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

[Gould, Robert] To the Society of the Beaux Esprits: A Pindarick Poem. London: J. Knight and F. Saunders, 1687. Wing G1437. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

[Halifax, Charles Mountagu, Earl of] The Man of honour. [London? 1688 or 1689?] Not in Wing. Robert K. Root Fund.

Hopkins, John. The Victory of Death; or, The Fall of Beauty. A Visionary Pindarick Poem, Occasion'd by the...Death of...Lady Cutts. London, 1698. Wing H2750. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Howard, Edward. The Man of Newmarket. London, 1678. Woodward and McManaway 643; Wing H2969. Robert K. Root Fund.

La Bruyere, Jean de. The Characters, or the Manners of the Age. 2d ed., corr. throughout, and enl. London, 1700. Wing L105. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Mackenzie, Sir George. Moral Gallantry. London: 1669. Wing M176. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the Enlgish Renaissance.

Marsh, Henry. A New Survey of the Turkish Empire and Government. 2d ed., corr. London,1663. Wing M730. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Mason, William. Arts Advancements; or, The Most Exact, Lineal, Swift and Easy Method of Short-hand-Writing. London, 1682. Wing M941. Engraved throughout on one side of leaf only. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Ovidius Naso, Publius. Phaeton's Folly; or, The Downfall of Pride. London, 1655. Wing O692. With the ex libris of Anne Walwyn, 1741. Bound in silk with an embroidery of an olive tree on the upper boards and a floral arrangement and vase on the lower board. Each picture is framed in a border of connected flowers, sprigs and leaves. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

The Restor'd Maiden-head: A New Satyr Against Woman. Dondon [sic], 1691. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. London, 1695. Barlett 87; Woodward and McCananway 340; Surdna Foundation Fund.

Sorel, Charles. The Most Delightful and Pleasant History of Francion. London, 1661. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

[Speed, John.] Batt Upon Batt. A poem upon the Parts, Patience, and Pains of Barth, Kempster... London, 1680. Robert K. Root Fund.

A Step to Oxford; or, A Mad Essay on the Reverend Mr. Tho. Creech's Hanging Himself (as 'tis said) for Love. London, 1700. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

[Stephens, Edward.] Observations Upon a Treatise Intituled, Of Humane Reason. London, 1675. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

The Trappan Trapt; or, The True Relation of a Cunning, Cogging, Confident, Crafty, Counterfeit, Cosening, and Cheating Knight, alias Knave. By B.W. London, 1657. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

Wake, William, ABP. of Canterbury. The Principles of the Christian Religion Explained... London, R. Sare, 1699. Rudolph Schullinger '17 Fund.

English Literature - Eighteenth Century:

[Addison, Joseph] RosamondL: An Opera. London, 1707. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Ahmad, Ardabili. A Series of Poems, Containing the Plaints, Consolations, and Delights or Achmed Ardebeili. London, 1797. Avalon Fund.

The Ambulator; or, The Stranger's Companion in a Tour Round London. London, 1774. Richard Halliburton '21 Memorial Fund.

Baretti, Giuseppe Marco Antonio. An Introduction to the Italian Language. London, 1755. Preface by Samuel Johnson. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

The Beau in the Wood: A Satyr. London, 1701. Dedication signed: M.S. Robert K. Root Fund.

Chaves, A. The Cares of Love; or, A Night's Adventure. A Comedy. London: W. Davis and J. Chantry, 1705. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

[Crouch, Nathaniel.] The Antiquities of London and Westminster. London, 1722. Charles F. Wells Library Fund.

Defoe, Daniel. An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters. London, 1701. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel] A Golden Mine of Treasure Open'd for the Dutch. London, 1718. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel] An Impartial Enquiry into the Conduct of the Right Honourable CHarles Lord Viscout T------. London, 1717. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel] A Letter from a Gentleman at the Court of St. Germains. London, 1710. Robert K. Root Fund.

Epictetus. The Porch and Academy Opened. London, 1707. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Harrison, William. The Pilgrims; or, The Happy Converts. A New Dramatick Entertainment. London, 1701. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. The Works of Horace. Translated Literally into English Prose... by C. Smart, 2d ed. London, 1762. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Inayat Allah. Tales. London, 1768. Robert K. Root Fund.

Mean, cartographer. The Construction of Maps and Globes. London, 1717. Richard Halliburton '21 Memorial Fund.

[Musaeus, Johann Karl August.] Popular Tales of the Germans. London, 1791. This translation has been attributed to William Beckford. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Pike, Sarah Leigh] Israel: A Juvenile Poem. Bath, 1795. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Pope, Alexander. Saggio sull-uomo. Tradotte de Michele Leoni. Parma: Co'Tipi Bodoniani, 1819. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Richardson, John. The Great Folly, Superstition, and Idolatry of Pilgrimages in Ireland. Dublin, 1727. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Scott, James. A Spousal Hymn; or, An Address to His Majesty on His Marriage. London, 1761. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

[Scott, Sarah (Robinson).] A Description of Millennium Hall, and the Country Adjacent. 2d. ed., corr. London: 1764. Jeremiah Thomas Finch Memorial Fund.

Somner, William. The Antiquities of Canterbury. 2d ed., rev. and enl. by Nicholas Battley. London, 1703. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

[Thompson, William.] A Poetical Paraphrase on Part of the Book of Job in Imitation of the Style of Milton. Dublin, 1726. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Wilkes, Thomas. The Golden Farmer: A Poem. London, 1723. Presentation copy to Thomas Mayo with inscription by the author. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

The Works of the Celebrated Authors of Whose Writings there are but Small Remains. London, 1750. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Woty, William. Particular Providence: A Poetical Essay. London, 1774. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

English Literature-Nineteenth and Twentieth Century:

Arabian Nights. The Arabian Nights. Translated by the Reverend Edward Forster. With engravings, from pictures by Robert Smirke, R.A. London, 1802. Inscribed in the recipient's hand:"Eliz. Lucy Fraser given her by Lord Byron, Malta." Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. Christowell: A Dartmorr Tale. London, 1882. Presentation copy to Henry J. Bell with inscription by the author dated "Nov. 1881." Robert K. Root Fund.

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. Mary Anerley: A Yorkshire Tale. London, 1880. Presentation copy to Henry J. Bell with insciption by the author. Robert K. Root Fund.
Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. Springhaven: A Tale of the Great War. London, 1887. Presentation copy to Henry J. Bell with inscription by the author. Robert K. Root Fund.

Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett). The Enchantress and Other Poems. London, printed for private circulation, 1913. J. Frank Rushton Fund.

Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett). Epistle to a Canary, 1837. Edited by Edmund Gosse. London, printed for private circulation, 1913. "Edition limited to thirty copies." John A. Spoor's copy with his bookplate. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Latho, Francis. Very Strange, but Very True! or, The History of an Old Man's Young Wife. A Novel. London, 1803. Robert K. Root Fund.

Lawrence, Mrs. Rose D'Aquilar. The Last Autumn at a Favourite Residence, with Other Poems and Recollections of Mrs. Hemans. Liverpool, 1836. Presentation copy to the dedicatee, Major General George Charles D'Aquilar, with insciption by the author. This copy also contains numerous manuscript corrections by the author. Robert K. Root Fund.

Masefield, John. One hundred titles, including: The Battle of the Somme (London: W. Heinemann, 1919), No.119 of 250 copies; Enslaved and Other Poems (London: G. RIchards, 1920), No. 180 of 275 copies; and Salt-Water Ballads (London: G. Richards, 1902). The gift of Arnold Wood '21.

Moore, George. Moore Versus Harris. Chicago, 1925. In a manuscript note on the verso of the title page, the printer says that all but 60 of the 1000 copies printed were destroyed by fire on June 10, 1926. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Parris Collection.
More than sixty-five volumes were added to the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists but Purchase or Gift. The purchases were made mainly on the Robert K. Root Fund and the Acquisitions Committee Fund of the Friends of the Library, while girts were received from Frederick L. Arnold, Mrs. William C. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Mott, and The Silverado Museum. The most interesting of these additions are the following: James M. Barrie, Tommy and Grizel, Chapters I-X (New York, 1900) one of a few copies issued for copyright purposed; Charles Dickens, Le Grandi Speranze (Naples, 1864), two volumes in one, and Leven en Lotgevallen van Maarten Chuzzlewit (Amsterdam, 1843-44), in three volumes; John Ebers, Seven Years of the King's Theatre (London, 1828) with a presentation inscription from the author to John Penn; George Eliot, Romola Haarlem, 1864) three volumes in one, the first edition in Dutch; Mrs. Gaskell, Marguerite Hale (Nord et Sud) Paris, 1860; J. Wilson M'Laren, Sctos Poems and Ballants (Edinburgh, 1892) with a presentation inscription from the author to Robert Louis Stevenson; and Franes M. Trollope, The Widow Married (London, 1840), in three volumes. Also acquired was a set of proofs of Auguste Hervieu's fifteen illustrations for Mrs. Trollope's The Life and Adventures of Jonathan Jefferson Whitlaw (London, 1836). The most unusual printed item added to the Parris Collection in an album of thirty-seven pieces of sheet music which belonged to Emily and Anne Bront‰ (purchased on the Surdna Foundation Fund).

Ruskin, John. John Ruskin and Frederick Denison Maurice on "Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds." Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, London, 1896. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.
Shelley, Percy Bysshe. J.H. Leigh Hunt, ed. by Thomas J. WIse. London, 1894. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Sitwell, Edith. Poor Young People, by Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell. WIth Drawings by Albert Rutherson. London, 1925, No.130 of 375 copies. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library Fund.

Swineburn, Algernon Charles. A Lay of Lilies and Other Poems. London, 1918. J. Frank Rushton Fund.

Wordsworth, William. A Description of the Scenery of the Lakes in North of England. 3d ed. London, 1822. Bound with John Sturch's A View of the Isle of Wight, 3d ed. (London, 1787) Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Illustrated Books:

Bennett, Arnold. Venus RIsing from the Sea. With Twelve Drawings by E. McKnight Kauffer. London, 1931. No. 205 of 350 copies. Presentation copy to Major Gerald Thompson with inscription by the illustrator. Theodore W. Hunt Memorial Library.

Camerarius, Joachim. Symboloru & Emblematum ex re Herbaria Desumtorum Centuria una Collecta. Francfurt: J. Ammon, 1654. The four parts in the volume contain one hundred emblems for each of the four subject categories, herbs, animals, birds, and fish. This copy was withdrawn from the Garrison Library on Gibralter. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Collier, John. The Miscellaneous Works of Tim Bobbin, Esq. Manchester, 1820. Illustrated with twenty-seven hand-colored plates. Robert K. Root Fund.

Egan, Pierce. The Life of an Actor. The Poetical Descriptions by T. Greenwood. Embellished with twenty-seven Characteristic Scenes, etched by Theodore Lanel Enriched also with Several Original Designs on Wood, Executed by Mr, Thompson. London, 1825. The plates have been colored by hand. Jeremiah Thomas Finch Memorial Fund.

Eulenspiegel. Latin. Noctvae Speculum. Omnes Res Memorabilles, Variasque et Admirabiles, Tyli Saxonici. Francofurty ad Moenum, 1567. Illustrated with one hundred and three cuts. William F. Oliver '35 Memorial Fund.

Haeften, Benedictus Van. Regia via Crucis. Antwerp, 1635. A book of emblems treating the subject of the cross in religion. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Harrison, Frederick. English manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century. (c.1250 to 1400). London, 1937. No. 82 of 215 copies. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Martinet. Emblemes royales … Louis le Grand. Paris, 1673. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Nollim Giovanni Battista. Nuova pienta de Roma. [Rome] 1748-51. This collection of plans of Rome includes one engraving by Piranesi. William F. Oliver '35 Memorial Fund.

Otfrid Von Weissenburg. Evangelienharmonie. Graz: 1972. Facsimile of Codex Vindobonensus 2687 in the Austrian National Library with an introduction by Hans Butzmann. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Piranesi (F. et P. Freres) (Firm) Paris. Five prospectus for three works published by their firm: the collected engravings of Giovanni Battista and Francesco Piranesi; Tommaso Piroli's Antiquites d'Herculanum; and Piroli's and J.G. Schweighauser's Les monumens antiques du Musee Napoleon. Paris [1804?]. Friends of the Library Fund.

Pianesi, Giovanni Battista. Varia vedute di Roma antica e moderna disegnate e intagliate da celebri autori. Rome, 1748. Of the ninety-four small views, forty-eight are signed by Piranesi. Friends of the Library Fund.

Ruscelli, Girolamo. Le Imprese Illustri. Venice, 1566. An emblem book containing fifteen full-page, five double-page, and one hundred and fourteen half-page engravings and numerous decorative initials. Christian H. Zambriskie Fund.

Sinclair Hamilton '06 Collection of Early American Illustrated Books. Fifty-seven additions to the Collection, including Life in New York, in Doors and Out of Doors, by William Burns. New York, 1851. With forty engravings of women pursuing different means of employment including "The Book Folder," "The Print Colorer," "The Type Rubber," "The Book Sewer" and "The Press Feeder"; The Heathen Chinee, by F. Bret Harte. Illustrated by Joseph Hull. Chicago, 1870; The Book of Gold and Other Poems, by John Townsend Trowbridge (New York, 1878) a pristine copy with an illustrated paper binding depicting a bookseller surrounded by vignettes. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Vienna. National Bibliothek. Mss. (Codex Vindobonensis. Ser. Nov. 2652) Losbuch. Graz: Akademische Druck, 1972. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Wolfram Von Eschenbach. Parzival, titurel, Tagelieger. Stuttgart, 1970. Facsimile and Transcription of a manuscript in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Carl Otton von Kienbusch '06 Fund.

Private Press Books:

Bligh, William. The Voyage of the Bounty's Launch as Related in William Bligh's Despatch to the Admiralty and Journal of John Fryer. London, 1934. Friends of the Library Fund.
Bridges, Robert Seymour. Hymns. [Oxford: H. Daniel, 1899.] No. 61 of 150 copies/ J. Frank Rushton Fund.

Bridges, Robert Seymour. Shorter Poems. [Oxford, 1893] No. 30 of 150 copies. J. Frank Rushton Fund.

Gamble, Mary Ann (Fryer). John Fryer of the Bountry [London? 1939] Friends of the Library Fund.

Haberly, Loyd. Anne Boleyn and Other Poems. Newtown [Wales] 1934. Printed in black, red, and green. No. 113 of 300 copies. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Howard, Brian. God Save the King. Paris, 1930. One of 150 copies. Library Special Purchase.

Jones, Thomas. A Theme with Variations. [Newtown, Wales] 1933. No. 38 of 175 copies. Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Skelton, Raleigh Ashlin. A description of maps and architectural drawings in the collection made by William Cecil, first Baron of Burghley, now at Hatfield House; by R. A. Skelton and John Summerson. Oxford, 1971. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Lucretia Borgia... Engravings by Reynolds Stone. London, 1942. No. 79 of 350 copies. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

Thomas, Edward. Chosen Essays. [Newtown, Wales] 1926. No. 78 of 250 copies. Edward W. Sheldon '79 Memorial Fund.

Science and Medicine:

Adams, George. Micrographia Illustrata; or, Knowledge of the Microscope Explain'd. 2d. ed. London, 1747. Contains 65 engraved folding plates of objects observed under the microscope. National Science Foundation Institute Grant.

Boerhaave, Herman. Academical Lectures on the Theory of Physic. London, 1742-45. Presented by Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation.

Dickson, Samuel. Fallacies of Faculty, Being the Spirit of the Chrono-Thermal System. London, 1839. Presented by Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation.

Euclides. Elementorum Libri XV. Breviter Demonstrati, Opera Is. Barrow. Cantabridgiae, 1655. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

Euclides. Euclide Megarense Acutissimo Philiosopho, solo Introduttore delle Scientie Mathematice. Venice, 1569. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

Needham, John Turberville. New Microscopic Discoveries. London, 1745. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

Porzio, Simone. De Coloribus Oculorum. Florentiae, 1550. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

Tralles, Balthasar Ludwig, Usus Opii. Uratisaviae, 1757-60. National Science Foundation Institutional Grant.

July 1973 - June 1974:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

American Literature and Americana:

American Fiction. A group of nineteenth-century novels and novelettes, including: The Nymph of the Ocean, by Benjamin Barker (Boston, 1846); Lovell's Folly, by Caroline Lee Hentz (Cincinnati, 1833); The Odd Fellow, by Joseph H. Ingram (Boston, 1846); The Buccaneers, by Samuel B.H. Judah (Boston, 1827); and Fitzgerald and Hopkins, by Horatio N. Moore (Philadelphia, 1847). Gift of Willard Thorp.

American History . A collection of approximately six hundred volumes, mainly in the fields of American history and focusing on the Amerian Revolution, the French in the United States, exploration, Indian captivities, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Florida. Presented in memory of Alfred Goddard Kay '12.

Carochi, Horacio. Compendio del arte de la lengue mexicana. Mexico, 1759. Lathrop Colage Harper, Litt.D., Memorial Fund.

Class of 1917 Collection. A collection of publications of the members of the Princeton Class of 1917 including book and periodical appearances of the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Peale Bishop, George R. Stewart, and numerous others; and consisting of approximately four hundred hard-bound books, one hundred paperback books, three hundred magazines and pamphlets, and some correspondences. Gift of Landon T. Raymond '17.

A collection of association books of American writers of the period 1910 - 1913, including presentation copies from Harvey Allen, Dubose Heyward, Langston Hughes, Percy Mackaye, Gertrude Stein, and Thornton Wilder. Gift of Mrs. Irina A. Reed.

Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key. One hundred eight-one volumes of foreign translations of his works. Gift of Mrs. C. Grove Smith.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Benefactors of the Medical School of Harvard University. Boston, 1850. BAL 8758. Presentation copy to Dr. Bigelow. John E. Annan, Class of 1855, Memorial Fund.

Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. Echoes from the Sabine Farm, by Eugene and Roswell Martin Field. Chicago, 1893. BAL 5754. No. 138 of 500 copies. With poems in the hand of both authors, a note by Francis Wilson, who helped in the production of the book, and the autograph of M.L. Gray, to whom this edition of Echoes was dedicated. Robert K. Root Fund.

Humphreys, David. A Poem on the Happiness of America; Addressed to the Citizens of the United States. London, 1786. John E. Annan, Class of 1855, Memorial Fund.

Kenoza Lake Club, Haverhill, Mass. Proceedings at the Dedication of the Kenoza Club House, at Kenoza Lake, (Great Pond) Wednesday Afternoon, August 31, 1859. Haverhill, 1859. Contains "Kenoza" by John Greenleaf Whittier. John E. Annan, Class of 1855, Memorial Fund.

Long, John. Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader, Describing the Manners and Customs of the North American Indians. London, 1791. Friends of the Library Funds.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. The Alarm-Bell of Atri. Boston, 1871. BAL 12156, first printing. Willard and Margaret Thorp Fund.

Melville, Herman. White Jacket; or, The World in a Man-of-War. London, two editions: 1850 and 1853. John E. Annan, Class of 1855, Memorial Fund.

The New-England Primer Improved. London, 1771. The gift of Mrs. William D. Barnes in memory of Wilhelmus Bogart Bryan, class of 1877.

Pittsfield, Mass. Rural Cemetery. An Address by Rev. Henry Neill, and A Poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Delivered at the Dedication of the Pittfield (Rural) Cemetery, September 9th, 1850. Pittsfield, MASS, 1850. BAL 8756B. John E. Annan Class of 1855 Memoiral Fund.

Prince, Thomas. Christ Abolishing Death and Bringing Life and Immortality to Light in the Gospel: A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of...Mary Belcher...(Boston, 1736). Inscribed: "J. Belcher. Mary Emelia Elizabeth Jennison presented to her by her Honored Father - in the year 1775." Evans 4067. Bound with, as issued, Byles, Mather. To his Excelency Governour Belcher on the Death of his Lady: An Epistle (Boston, 1736) Evans 3999. Bookplate of Jonathan Belcher. Presented by Michael Papantonio in memory of his wife Eleanor.

[Turnbull, Robert James.] The Crisis; or, Essays on the Usurpations of the Federal Government. Charleston, S.C., 1827. Presentation copy to the North American Review by the author. Class of 1889 Fund for Books on American History and Politics.

Continental Books:

Ariosto, Ludovico. I suppositi. Vinegia, 1551. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Belon, Pierre...De Admirabili Operum Antiquorum et Rerum Suspiciendarum Praestantia. Paris, 1553. One of the earliest works on petroleum. LeBrun Fund.

Bible, N.T. Latin. 1584. Novum Iesu Christi Testamentum. Antwerpiae, 1584. Junius S. Morgan '88 was almost expelled from Princeton when he was faced with a charge of hitting an unpopular professor with a rotton tomato. His classmate C. Alvin Smith vouched that Morgan did not hurl the object and the "true" culprit was never discovered. In return for Smith's favor, Morgan gave him this book. Presented by Mrs. Frederick H. Biederstedt in Memory of her father, Rev. Charles Alvin Smith '88. The mystery behind the anonymous tomato-thrower remains unsolved.

Bonarelli Della Rovere, Guidubaldo, conte. Filli di Sciro, favola pastorale. Ferrara, 1607. The engraved title page incorporates a view of a handpress. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Burley, Walter. Das Buch von dem Leben und Sitten der heydnischen Maister, Augsburg: A.Sorg, 1490. The lives of ancient philosophers translated from the Latin by the printer. Goff B-1328. Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 Purchase.

Cesari, Cesare de. Cleopatra Tragedia. Venetia, 1552. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Desportes, Philippe. Les premieres oeuvres. PAris, 1583. LeBrun Fund.

Du Bellay, Joachim. Oeuvres. Paris, 1562. Surdna Foundation Fund.

French Literature of the Nineteenth Century. One hundred and sixty-two titles, including presentation copies of works by Balzac, Baudelaire, Dumas (pere et fils), Flaubert, Gautier, Gerard de Nerval, Hugo, Merimee, Musset, Verlaine, and Vigny. The collection will be the subject of a separate article in a forthcoming issue of the Chronicle. The gift of Mrs. Edward B. Meyer from the library of her late husband, a member of the class of 1921.

Fried, Johann Jacob. Bibliotheca Philosophorum Classicorum Authorum Chronologica. Tiguri, 1592. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Frischlin, Nicodemus. Priscianus Vapulans. Argentorati, 1580. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Giganti, Antonio. Carmina. Bononiae, 1595. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Six works, including first editions of Faust. Ein Fragment (1790), Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1774), and Die Wahlverwandtschaften (1809). Gift of Mrs. Caroline Newton.

Huygens, Constatijn. Heer van Zuilichem. Koren-Bloemen, nederlandsche Gedichten. Graven-Hage, 1658. This work contains the first translation itno Dutch on nineteen poems by John Donne. Robert K. Root Fund.

Justinus, Marcus Junianus... Historijs Externis Libri XLIII. Lugduni, 1538. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt.D., Memorial Fund.

Le Duchat, Louis Francois. Praeludiorum Lib III. Parisiis, 1554. LeBrun Fund.

Libro de marchi de cavalli con li nomi de tutti li principi et privati signori che hanno razza di cavalli. Venice, 1569. First edition of the first book of horse-brands, Friends of the Library Fund.

Luther, Martin. Additions to the Schaefer collection of Luther and his times, including: an indulgence of Didacus de Ribera, Bishop of Majorca, seeking financial aid for the war against the Moors (Majorca? 1509) and an anti-papal song in broadside-form consisting of twenty verses beginning "Der Luther hats nit woll besonne" (Wittenberg or Leipzig? 1520?). Gift of Bernhard K. Shaefer, '20.

Micquellus, Joannes Ludovicus. Aureliae Vurbis Memorabilis ab Anglis Obsidio, Anno 1428. Parisiis, 1560. LeBrun Fund.

Mller, Christoph Heinrich. Samlung deutscher Gedichte aus de, XII, XIII, und XIV. Iahrundert. [n.p.] 1784-85. Included in this collection of medieval German poetry is the first edition of the Nibelungelied. Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 Purchase.

Natale, Alfio Rosario, comp. Il Museo diplomatico dell' Archivio di Stato di Milano. Milano, [1968?) William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Oporinus, Joannes. Dramata Sacra, Comoediae atque Tragoediae. Basileae [1547] Surdna Foundation Fund.

Stillwell, Margaret Bingham. Gutenberg and the Catholicon of 1460: A Bibligraphical Essay...Together with an original leaf of the Catholicon. New York, 1936. Gift of Miss Caroline Newton.

Tasso, Torquato. Gierusalemme liberata. Ferrara, 1581. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Tasso, Torquato. Discorso della virtu feminile, e donnesca. Venetia, 1582. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Tasso, Torquato. Il Messaggiero. Venetia, 1582. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius...Opera. Paris, 1520. Illustrated with thirty-one unsigned woodcuts, some of which are repeated, and the device of Pierre Viart. Friends of the Library Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius...L'Opere/ Vinegia, [1568] Surdna Foundation Fund.
Early English Books:

Addison, Lancelot. The Present State of the Jews. London, 1675. General Library Purpose.

[Aulnoy, Marie Catherine (Jumelle de Berneville) comtesse d'.] The Novels of Elizabeth, Queen of England. London, 1680. Gift of Miss Caroline Newton.

Beaumont, Francis. Philaster; or, Love Lies a Bleeding... The Authors Being Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. The Fifth Impression. London, 1652. Woodward and McManaway 60. Robert K. Root Fund.

Bible, N.T. English. 1582. Rheims. The New Testament of Iesus Christ. Rhemes, 1582. STC 2884. The first edition in English of the Roman Catholic translation. The gift of Lindly G. Miller '43.

Botero, Giovanni. Relations of the Most Famous Kingdomes and Common-wealths Thorowout the World. London, 1630. STC 3404. Surdna Foundation.

Brahe, Tyge...Astronomical Coniectur. London, 1632. STC 3538. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Cokayne, Sir Ashton, bart. The Obstinate Lade: A New Comedy. London, 1657. Woodward and McManaway 230. J.P.Kemble's copy. Friends of the Library Fund.

Dryden, John. Secret-Love; or, The Maiden Queen. Longon: H. Herringman, 1669. Woodward and McManaway 447. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Imitatio Christi. English. Paraphrases. Milbourne. The Christian Pattern Paraphras'd; or, The Book of the Imitation of Christ Commonly Ascrib'd to Thomas A. Kempis, Made English by Luke Milbourne. London, A. Roper and R. Clavel, 1697. With the poem "To Callidor" written out by the translator on the front endpaper. Charles Grosvenor Osgood Fund for Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance.

Newport, Maurice. Sereniss. Pricipi Carlo Secundo. 3 ed. London, 1676. Robert K. Root Fund.

Quaker Tracts. A pamphlet volume of twenty-five works printed in London between 1656 and 1663. Two of the items are known in only one other copy. Gift of Robert R. Porter '45.

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus. Thyestes: A Tragedy. London, 1674. Woodward and McManaway 1018. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Taubman, Matthew. Londons Great Jubilee Restor'd and Perform'd on Tuesday, October the 29th 1689. London, L.Curtiss, 1689. Woodward and McManaway 1224. Surdna Foundation Fund.

English Books-Eighteenth Century:

Aristotles...De Poetica Liber. Oxonii, 1794. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Aubin, Penelope. The Strange Adventures of the Count de Vinevil and his Family. 2d ed. London, 1728. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Baynard, Edward.] Health, A poem. Shewing how to Procure, Preserve, and Restore it. 2d ed. Corr., London: J. Bettenham, 1719. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Jenner, Charles.] Letters from Altamont in the Capital, to His Friends in the Country. London, 1767. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Johnson, Samuel.] The Idler. 3d ed. with additional essays. London, 1767. Title page of v.1 inscribed: "The Gift of H:L: Thrale 1770." Presented in memory of Donald F. Hyde and in honor of Mary Hyde by Michael Papantonio.

The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, Commonly Call'd Mother Ross. London, 1740. Attributed to Daniel Defoe. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

The Lounger's Miscellany; or, The Lubrations of Abel Slug, Esq. London, 1789. Robert K. Root Fund.

Parsons, Eliza (Phelps). The History of Miss Meredith; A Novel. London: Printed for the Author, and sold by T. Hookham, 1790. Robert K.Root Fund.

Richardson, Jonathan. Two Discourses. I. An essay on the whole art of criticism as it relates to painting... II. An argument in behalf of the science of a connoisseur. London, 1719. Robert K. Root Fund.

Richardson, Samuel. The History of Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded. Abridged...Adorned with copper plates. London, 1769. The six hand-colored plates are signed "J.Lodge." Gift of Miss Caroline Newton.

Shakespeare, William. Othello, Moor of Venice. A Tragedy. London: R. Wellington, 1705. Friends of the Library Fund.

Shirley, John. The Renowned History (or the Life and Death) of Guy, Wearl of Warwick. London, [17-?] Surdna Foundation Fund.

Silvester, Tipping. Original Poems and Translations. London, 1733. RObert K. Root Fund.

Tea, a Poem. London, 1743. Robert K. Root Fund.

The Theatre-Royal Turn'd into a Mountebank's Stage. In Some Remarks upon Mr. Gibber's Quack-Dramatical Performance, Called the Non-Juror. London, 1718. Robert K. Root Fund.

English Books - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century:

Blake, William. The Book of Ahania. London, 1973. No. XIX of 32 copies "shewing the progressive stages of the collotype and hand-stencil process and a guide-sheet and stencil." Robert K. Root Fund.

Byron, George Gordob Noel Byron, 6th Baron. The Works. London: J. Murray, 1815. The first collected edition, with twelve engravings after paintings by Thomas Stothard. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Grote, George.] Analysis of the Influence of Natural Religion on the Temporal Happiness of Mankind, by Philip Beauchamp [pseud.] London, 1822. Based on material gathered by Henry Bentham. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Harold the Exile. London, 1819. A three-decker satire on Byron, Caroline Lamb, and others, edited by the author, the father of Gerard Manley Hopkins. This copy also contains some manuscript corrections. Robert K. Root Fund.

Maguire, John Francis. The Next Generation. London, 1871. Robert K. Root Fund.

Marryat, Frederick. Masterman Ready; or, The Wreck of the Pacific. London, 1841. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchse.

Merle, WIlliam Henry. Costanza: A Poem. London: Lopngman, Rees, Orme, Borwn, and Green, 1828. Presentation copy to George Cruikshank with inscription by the author. Signed and dated "1828" by Cruikshank. General Library Purchase.

Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings. Fifty-nine exhilarating additions to the Collection. Gift of Robert F. Metzdorf.

Shaw, George Bernard. Back to Methuselah. A Metabiological Pentateuch. London, 1922. Presentation copy to Eleanor Woodruff (Mrs. Dorsey Richardson) who appeared in the play, with inscription by the author. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Richardson.

Stories of the Temple in Edinburgh. By an Acolyte. London: G. Vickers, 1862. Robert K. Root Fund.

Graphic Arts Collection:

Frasconi, Antonio. Oda a Lorca [Los Angeles: Tamarind Lithographic Workshop, 1962.] Sixteen lithographic poems and prints in a portfolio. No.7 of 20 copies. Gift of Edward R. Schaible '34.

Gongora Y Argote, Luis de. El romance de cuando estuvo en Cuenca. CuencaL Museo de Arte Abstracto Espanol, 1969. Six Silkscreens and a series of progressive proofs by Eusebio Sempere, with typography by R, Giralt Miracle and Jaime Jorge Blassi. No. 9 of 100 copies. Elmer Adler Memorial Fund.

Liu-Hsiang. Ryuko Retsujo-den. Kyoto, 1653-54. The first Japanese edition of his Lives of Ancient Heroines, with newly cut sumizuri illustrations. Gift of Peter A. Benoliel '53.

Sayre, Eleanor. Late Caprichos of Goya. New York: Philip Hofer Books, Walker and Company, in association with the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library. [1971] Copy XIII with an extra suite of the etchings. The gift of Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert.

Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus. Northampton, 1973. Illustrated with etchings and wood engravings by Leonard Baskin. Elmer Adler Memorial Fund.

Illustrated Books:

Barbault, Jean. Les plus beaux monuments de Rome ancienne. Rome, 1761. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Bidloo, Govard. Relation du voyage de Sa Majeste Britannique en Hollande. Le Haye, 1692. With engraved title, portrait, and fourteen plates, eleven of which are double-page, by Romein de Hooge. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Blake, William...Water colour Designs for the Poems of Thomas Gray. Introd. and Commentary by Geoffry Keynes. [Paris] Trianon Press for the William Black Trust, London, 1972. Gift of Herbert S. Bailey, Jr., 42.

Bunyan, John. The Pilgrim's Progress. With a Life of John Bunyan by Robert Southley. London, 1830. Illustrated with two engravings after John Martin and thirty woodcuts by William Harvey. Robert K. Root Fund.

Dali, Salvador. Metamorphose de Narcisse. Paris, 1937. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Jerrold, Douglas Willaim. A Man Made of Money. With Twelve Illustrations on Steel by John Leech. London, 1849. In six parts, each with wrappers by Leach. Robert K. Root Fund.

Le Sage, Alain Rene. Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane. þ Londres, 1809. Illustrated by Robert Smirke. Surdna Foundation Fund.

More than three hundred English, American, and French illustrated books chiefly of the period 1870 to 1940. From the library of James Brownlee Rankin '23, the gift of Mrs. Rankin.

Pope, Alexander. The Rape of the Lock. Embroidered with Eleven Drawings by Aubrey Beardsley. London: L. Smithers, 1897. No. 3 of 50 copies on Japanese vellum. Presentation copy to Robert Underwood Johnson from Aubrey Beardsley. Also contains Johnson's bookplate designed by Timothy Cole. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Ragguaglio delle solenni esequie fatte celebrare in Roma nella Basilica di S. Clemente. Rome, 1733. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Rowlandson, Thomas. Funfzig erotische Grotesken. [Wien, 1907.] Friends of the Library Fund.

Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books from 1670 to 1870. Seventy-three additions to the collection including: A Few Lines Composed on the Dark Days of May 19, 1780. [Boston? 1780?] Evans 43859. An apparently unique copy with an illustration added to the top of the broadside; and The Massachusetts Magazine; or, Monthly Museum of Knowledge and Rational Entertainment (Boston, 1788-96.) Evans 21955, etc. Several of the copperplates depict views of buildings and streets in Boston, Washington, and Piladelphia. Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Sullivan, William Francis. Juvenile Sketches; or, The History of Mrs. Barton and Her Little Family. London: Dean and Munday, 1818. The three engravings, dated Dec. 2, 1816, are signed by Isaac Cruikshank (d.1811?) but were probably taken from some earlier work. From the library of George Cruikshank's bibliographer, Albert M. Cohn, who identifies the plates as the work of Robert Cruikshank, Isaac's son. Robert K. Root Fund.

Map Division:

More than three hundred historical charts and maps and several atlases spanning a period of five centuries with several items from the sixteenth century. Geographical coverage is concentrated on North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Notable cartographers represented include Evans, Faden, the Homanns, Honiud, Jefferys, Moll, Ortelius, and others. Most of the maps are colored, some are relatively rare variants and states of more widely known works, the great majority are in unusually fine condition. From the estate of Noel Bleecker Fox '99.

Three framed and colored items as follows: (1) Oblique view of the city of Cairo, by M. Florini. (Sienna, circa 1600); (2) General map of Palestine from Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. (Antwerp, 1570); and (3) General map of the Turkish Empire, by Willem and Jan Blaeu. (Amsterdam, 1660?) These maps will be on permanent display in Jones Hall. Presented by Mrs. Bayard Dodge.


Handel, Georg Friedrich. The Dr. James S. Hall Handel Collection consisting of three hundred twenty-five contemportary music scores, forty librettos, and related material. The Collection is the subject of a separate article in the issue of the Chronicle. Acquired through the generosity of Henry E. Gerstly '20, Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06, Professor and Mrs. J. Merrill Knapp, T.S. Matthews '22, Bernhard K. Schaefer '20, Frank E. Taplin '37, and Robert H. Taylor '30.

Private Press Books:

Browne, Sir Thomas. Four titles: The Garden of Cyrus, Hydriotaphia: Urn-Burial, A Letter to a Friend, and Religio Medici. Waltham Saint Lawrence: Golden Cockerel Press [1923.] Robert K. Root Fund.

Gibbon, Edward. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Illustrated from the etchings by Gian Battista Piranesi. [New York] Limited Edition Club, 1946. Friends of the Library Fund.

Leicester, Earls of. Library (Holkham Hall). The Holkham Library: Illuminations and Illustrations in the Manuscript Library of the Earl of Leicester. Ed. by W.O. Hassall. Oxford: Roxburghe Club, 1970. Presented to the members of the Club of Thomas William Edward Coke, Fifth Earl of Leicester. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French. Napoleon's Memoirs. Ed. by Somerset De Chair. [London] 1945. Charles F. Wells Library Fund.

Science and Medicine:

Adams, Joseph. Observations on Morbid Poissons, Phagendaena, and Cancer. London: J.Johnson, `1795. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Auenbrugger, Leopold. Nouvelle methode pour reconnaitres les maladies internes... Paris, 1808. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Bland, Robert. Observations on Human and on Comparative Parturition. London: J. Johnson, 1794. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Dewey, Dellon Marcus. The Specimen Book of Fruits, Flowers, and Ornamental Trees. Rochester, NY [187-?] A sales catalogue used by itinerant nurserymen for displaying their stock. The gift of Robert A. Winters '35.

Morgan, Thomas. Philosophical Principles of Medicine. London, 1725. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Oppenheimer, J. Robert. One hundred eighty-six association volumes from the late scientist's library, including: a presentation copy of Report on the Atom, by Gorden Dean, 2d ed. (New York, 1957); District of Columbia, by John Dos passos (Boston, 1952) inscribed "...Don't feel you have to read it. Maybe this mastiff will end it."; Oppenheimer's heavily annotated copy of The Meaning of Relativity: Four Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, May 1921, by Albert Einstein (Princeton, 1923); The Cocktail Party, A Comedy, by T.S. Eliot (London, [1950)] inscribed "to J. Robert Oppenheimer from the author: the play incubated at the Institute. T.S. Eliot, 6.iii.50."; and Senator Joe McCarthy [by] Richard H. Rovere (New York, 1959) initialed RO" on the recto of the front free endpaper. Charles F. Wells Library Fund.

Several volumes on magic, the occult, and astrology, including: De l'imposture et tromperie des diables, devins, enchanteurs, sorciers...par Pierre Masse (Paris, 1579) Of Credulity and Incredulity, in Things Natural, Civil, and Divine, by Meric Casaubon (London: T. Garthwait, 1668); A Theological DIscourse of the Angels, and their Benjamin Camfield (London, 1678); An Essay of the Nature and Actions of the Subterranean, by Robert Kirk (Edinburg, 1815); and The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century; or, The Master Key of Futurity, and Guide to Ancient Mysteries (London, 1825). From the library of James Brownlee Rankin '23, the gift of Mrs. Rankin.

July 74 - June 75:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

American Literature and Americana:

American Fiction of the 1850's. Eighty-eight titles, including: The Piazza Tales, by Herman Melville (New York, 1856); Marie de Berniere: A Tale of the Crescent City, by William Gilmore Simms (Philadelphia, 1853) and Inez: A Tale of the Alamo [by Augusta Jane (Evans) Wilson] (New York, 1855). Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06

Ampere, Jean Jacques Antoine. Promenade en Amerique: Etats-Unis, Cuba, Mexique. Nouv. ed. entierement rev Pairs, 1867. Class of 1889 Fund for Books on American History and Politics.

Codex Fernandez Leal. Codice Fernandez Leal. Publicado por Dr.Antonio Penafiel. Mexico, 1895. Annie Rhodes Gulick and Alexander Reading Gulick Memorial Fund.

D'Arusmont, Frances (Wright), Altorf, A Tragedy . Philadelphia, 1819. Robert K. Root Fund.

Dickinson, Emily. Poems. London, 1891. First English edition. Gift of Margaret Jane Pershing.

Dobbs, Arthur. An Account of the Countries Adjoining to Hudson's Bay, in the North-west Part of America. London: J. Robinson, 1744. With a frontispiece map of the "Hudson River, with the adjacent country." Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Four additions to the Herman Elfers Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson, including: Amos Bronson Alcott's Emerson (Cambridge: privately printed, 1865) and the copy of Letters and Social Aims (Boston, 1876) the author inscribed and presented to J.Haven Emerson. Gift of the Elfers Foundation and William Elfers '41.

Geraldin, Alessandro. Bp. Itinerariuum ad Regiones sub Aequinoctiali Plaga Constitutas. ROme, 1631. Contains the earliest poems written by a European in America. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Goupil, E. Eugene. Documents pour servir a l'histoire du Mexique. Paris, 1891. Friends of the Library Fund.

Harrisse, Henry. Les Corte-Real et leurs voyages au Nouveau-Monde. Paris, 1883. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Hemingway, Ernest. Sixty-five volumes and pamphlets by and about, fifty-eith periodicals, and numerous clippings concerning Ernest Hemingway, including presentation copies of Men Without Women (1927), A Farewell to Arms (1929), Winner Take Nothing (1933), To Have and Have Not (1937) and For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940). Gift of Archibald S. Alexander '28.

Humboldt, Alexander. Freiherr von. Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain... Trans. from the original French by John Black. London and Edinburg 1811. Surdna Foundation Fund.

[Louis XVIII, King of France.] Description historique d'un monstre symbolique. A Sante-Fe et se trouve a Paris: Chez le correspondant de l'auteur, 1784. A political satire set in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. New York, 1838. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Sanders, Daniel Clarke. A History of the Indian Wars with the First Settlers of the United States, Particularly in New-England. Montpelier, VT, 1812. Class of 1889 Fund for Books on American History and Politics.

Shaw, Mark. The John F. Kennedys: A Family Album. New York, [1964]. No. 50 of 250 copies signed by the author. Gift of Donald B. Shafto '60.

Simms, William Gilmore. The Vision of Cortes, Cain, and Other Poems. Charleston, 1829. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Tarkington, Booth. Fifty-two titles, including first editions, five presentation copies, and the author's copy of The Nassau Literary Magazine, v.47, no.4. (Nov.1891) to vol.48, no.5 (Dec 1892). Gift of Theodore T. Newbold.

Tarkington, Booth. Presenting Lily Mars. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran, and Co., 1933. One of three copies with a printed statement of limitation. The copy was presented to Russell Doubleday with an inscription by the author. Willard and Margaret Thorp Fund.


[Boudinot, Elias.] The Second Advent, or Coming of the Messiah in Glory. Trenton, NJ, 1815. Bound in full red straight-grained morocco for Mrs. Julia Rush, wife of Benjamin Rush, by J.Katez. Presented in honor of Robert H. Taylor '30 by Michael Papantonio.

Hobson, Geoffrey Dudley. Maioli, Canevari, and Others. London, 1926. Avalon Fund for the Humanities.

Robert F. Metzdorf Collection of Victorian Bookbindings. Six sumptous additions. The gift of the late Robert F. Metzdorf.

Continental Books:

Baif, Jean Antoine de. Les amours. Paris, 1572. Friends of the Library Fund.

Brez. Christian. Virtuosius Pantheon, Deo et Sanctis Erectum. Nurnberg, 1723. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Bruns, Paul Jakob. Beytrage zu den deutschen Rechten des Mittelalters aus den Handschriften und alt Drucken der akademischen Bibliotheck in Helmstadt. Helmstadt, 1799. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Buganza, Gaetano. Poesie latine. Firenze, 1786. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Casas, Bartolume de las. Bp. of Chiapa. Istoria o brevissima relatione della distrutiione dell' Indie Occidentali. Venetia, 1626. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Cocchi, Antonio. Dei discorse Toscani. Florence, 1761-62. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Desportes, Philippe. Les premieres oeuvres. Derniere ed., reu. & augm. Roven, 1600. Friends of the Library Fund.

Divaeus, Petrus, Lovaniensis...De Galliae Belgicae Antiquitatibus. Antwerp, 1566. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Forcadel, Etienne. Cupido iurisperitus. Lugduni, 1553. LeBrun Fund.

Hanthaler, Chrysostomus. Quinquagena Symbolorum Heroica, in Praecipus Capita et Dogmata S. Regulae...Benedicti...Augustae et Lincij, 1741. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Herberstein, Sigmund, Freiherr con Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarij. Antwerp, 1657. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Italian Imprints. Six volumes dating from the sixteenth to nineteenth century. Gift of Jean McCorison.

Krausz, Wilhelm Victor. Die Turkei im Weltkrieg (Wien, 1916) and Bulgarien im Weltkrieg (Wien, 1918). Gift of Walter Schick.

Lichtenberger, Johann. Trubsahl der gantzen Welt. [n.p.] 1633. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Martir Rizo, Juan Pablo. Historia de la muy noble y leal ciudad de Cuenca. Madred, 1629. William Watson Smith '92 Memorial Fund.

Nibelungelied. Chriemhilden Rache, und die Klage. Zyrich, 1757. Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 Fund.

Pastorius von Hirtenberg, Joachim. Bellum Scythico-Cosacicu. Dantisci, 1652. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Plutarchus. De Garrulitate. Lugduni: S. Gryphius, 1554. LeBrun Fund.

Quattrehomme, Louis. Discours en forme de comparaison sur les vies de Moyse & d"Homere. Paris, 1604. LeBrun Collection.

Schott, Gaspar. Ioco-Seriorum Naturae et Artis. [Wurzburg: A. Kircher, 1666.] Surdna Foundation Fund.

Traumbuchlein. Nurnberg. 1662. Bound with Zwolf Sibyllen Weissagungen (Nurmberg, 1689.) David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Vatican. Biblioteca Vaticana. Mss. (Chigi L.V. 176). Il codice Chigiano L.V. 176 autografo di Giovanni Boccaccio. Rome & Florence, [1974]. Colonel John S. Sensenbrenner '09 Memorial Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius. Bucolica cum Commento Familiari Discentibus quam Utilissimo. [Parma, 1530.] David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Viau, Theophile de, known as Theophile. Les Oeuvres...Derniere ed. Paris, 1660. Friends of the Library Fund.

Voiture, Vincent. Les entretiens de Monsieur de Voiture, et de Monsieur Costar. Paris, 1655. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Early English Books:

An Accurate Desciption of the United Netherlands... London: T. Childe, 1691. Wing C631. Rudolph N. Shullinger '17 Fund.

Amoret; or, Policy Defeated. In a Satyrical Dialogue between Mopsus and Damon. London: D.Brown, 1682. Letter of dedication signed: L.C. Wing C 80. Robert K. Root Fund.

Beverland, Adriaan...De Fornicatione Cavenda Admonitio. London, 1698. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

[Browne. Sir Thomas.] Religio Medici. 6th ed., corr. amd amended. London, 1669. Keynes 9. With the super ex libris of Francis Egerton. Robert K. Root Fund.

Cooper, Christopher. Grammatica Linguae Anglicanae. Londini, 1685. Wing C 6052. Rudolph N. Shullinger '17 Fund.

D'Avenant, Sir William. The Cruelty of the Spaniards in Peru. London, 1697. Woodward and McManaway 311. J.P. Kemble's copy. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Fletcher, John. Rule a Wife, and Have a Wife. A Comedy. London: Printed for S. Briscoe and sold by R. Wellington, 1697. Wing B1606; Woodward and McManaway 64. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

[Gildon, Charles]. The Roman Brides Revenge. A Tragedy. London: J. Sturton, 1697. Wing G736; Woodward and McManaway 600. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Gould, Robert. Love Given O're; or, A Satyr Against the Pride, Lust, and Inconstancy &c. of Woman. London: A. Green, 1682. Wing G1422. Robert K. Root Fund.

Greene, Alexander. The Politician Cheated. A New Comedy. London: R. Crofts, 1663. Wing G 1816. Woodward and McManaway 609. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

The Jacobites Hudibras, Containing the Late King's Declaration in Travesty. London: A. Roper, 1692. Robert K. Root Fund.

Kiranus, King of Persia, pseud. The Magick of Kirani. [London] 1685. Wing M 249. Robert K. Root Fund.

Massinger, Philip. The City-Madam, A Comedie. London, 1659. Wing M 1047. Woodward and McManaway 790. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Randolph, Thomas. Poems, with the Muses Looking-Glasse, and Amyntas, 3d ed. enlarged. Whereunto is added, The Jealous Lovers. London, 1643. Wing R 241 (variant); Woodward and McManaway 952. Robert K. Root Fund.

Rogers, Richard. Seven Treatises, Containing such Direction as is Gathered out of the Holie Scriptures... London, 1603. STC 21215. The title page and four other pages bear crude forgeries of Shakespeare's name; also present are three forgeries of John Harvard's signature. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Suckling, Sir John. The Works. London: H. Herringman, 1676. Wing S 6119; Woodward and McManaway 1187. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

English Books - Eighteenth Century:

[Anstey, Christopher.] The Prieft Dissected: A Poem. Bath, 1774. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Arguments Relating to a Restraint upon the Press. London, 1712. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

[Clayton, Robert] Bp. of Clogher. Some thoughts on Self-Love, Innate Ideas, Free Will, Taste, Sentiment, Liberty, and Necessity, etc. 2d ed. Dublin, printed; London, 1763. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17. Fund.

[Cleland, John.] Additional Articles to the Specimen of an Etimological Vocabulary. London, 1769. Presentation copy to E. K. Vaughan. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

[Cleland, John.] The Way to Things by Words, and to Words by Things... London, 1766. Presentation copy to E.K. Vaughan. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

De Coetlogon, Dennis. Diogenes's Rambles; or, Humorous Charactes of the Most Noted Poeple at Present in the World. London: T. Cooper, 1743. Friends of the Library Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel.] The British Visions, or Isaac Bickerstaff Senr. London: J. Baker, 1711. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel.] supposed author. New Discoveries of the Dangers of Popery. London: J. Roberts and A. Dodd, 1714. Robert K. Root Fund.

The Dramatic Historiographer; or, The British Theatre Deliniated, etc., London: F. Cogan and J. Nourse, 1735. Parker Lloyd-Smith Memorial Fund.

Goldsmith, Oliver. Le ministre de Wakefield... A Londres et a Paris: Pissot [et] Desiant, 1767. Robert K. Root Fund.

Gorjy, Jean Claude. Sentimental Tablets of the Good Pamphile, Written in the Months of August, September, October, and November, 1789. Trans. from the French, by P. S. Dupuy. London: Philanthropic Reform..., 1795. Charles Lamb revised this translation, the earliest book with which he was concerned. His name appears in the "List of Subscribers." Friends of the Library Fund.

Hanno. The Voyage of Hanno. Thomas Falconer. London: T. Cadell and Davies, 1797. Friends of the Library Fund.

[Hull, Thomas.] The History of Sir William Harrington. Written some years since, and rev. and corr. by...Mr. Richardson...London, 1771. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Hurdis, James. The Village Curate, A Poem. A new and improved ed. (being the fourth). Bishopstone, Sussex: Printed at the author's own press, and sold by J.Johnson, 1797. Robert K. Root Fund.

The Jolly Patriots: A New Ballad. London: W. Webb, 1774. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

[King, William.] Rufinus; or, An Historical Essay on the Favourite-Ministry under Theodosius, the Great and His Son Arcadius. London: J. Morphew, 1712. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Madan, Judith (Cowper). The Progress of Poetry. London: J.Dodsley, 1783. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Memoirs of a Scots Heiress. Addressed to the Right and Honourable Lady Catherine ******. Dublin: W. Porter..., 1791. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Oldmixon, John.] The False Steps of the Ministry after the Revolution. London: J. Roberts, 1714. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Parsons, Eliza. (Phelps). Errors of Education. Dublin: T. Jackson, 1792. Robert K. Root Fund.

[Stevenson, Roger.] Military Instructions for Officers Detached in the Field. London: D. Wilson and T. Cadell..., 1770. Major General Julius Ochs Adler '14 Memorial Fund.

[Tunstall, William.] Ballads and Some Other Occasional Poems. London: E. Berington, 1716. Robert K. Root Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius...Bucolica et Georgica. London: R. E. Pine, 1774. The mock-up of v. 1. of the 1774 edition, using mainly sheets of the 1775 edition. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

English Books - Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century.

Banks, Isabella (Varley). The Manchester Man. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1876. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Barry, William Francis. The New Antigone: A Romance. London and New York: Macmillan and Co., 1887. Lionel Johnson's copy with his signature in each of the three volumes, annotations, and an original poem. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett). An Essay on the Mind, with Other Poems. London: J. Duncan, 1826. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Burton, Sir Richard Francis. A Glance at the "Passion-Play." London: W. H. Harrison, 1881. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Burton, Sir Richard Francis. The Lands of Cazembe: Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798. London: J. Murray, 1873. William Watson Smith '92 Fund.

Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06 Angling Collection. Sixteen additions to the Collection, including Angling Reminiscences, by Thomas Tod Stoddart (Edingburgh, 1837); An Angler's Anthology, collected by A.B. Austin, illus. from drypoints by Norman Wilkinson (London, [1930]); and My Rod, My Comfort, by Robert Bruce Lockhart, with wood engravings by J. Gaastra (London, 1949) no. 496 of 550 copies. Gift of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06.

Carlyle, Thomas. History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Called Frederick the Great, 3d ed. London: Chapman and Hall, 1859 - 65. Presentation copy to Professor James Syme with inscription by the author. Volumes 1 contains two shoots of ivy from Carlyle's Chelsea garden; these were given to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Gift of Dr. Ralph G. Hills '25.

Fraser, James Baille. The Dark Falcon: A Tale of the Attruck. London: R. Bently, 1844. Robert K. Root Fund.

Great Britain, War Office. Record of Expedition to Abyssinia. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office... 1870. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Keats, John. Forty-six volumes by and about John Keats, including first editions of Poems (1817), Endymion (1818) and Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes and Other Poems (1820). Gift of Archibald S. Alexander '28.

Kipling, Rudyard. The Seven Seas Edition of the Works. Garden City, NY. Doubleday, Page, & Co., 1914-26. Vol. 1 signed by the author. No. 52 of 1050 copies. Gift of John Brush Hempstead '28.

Maxwell, William Hamilton. Life of His Grace, the Duke of Wellington. London: A.H.Baily and Co., 1839-41, In the original twelve parts. Friends of the Library Fund.

Russell, William Clark. The Convict Ship. London, 1895. Presentation copy to Mrs. Patrick Maxwell with inscription by the author. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

[Sterling, John.] Arthur Coningsby. London: E. Wilson, 1833. Asher E. Hinds Fund.

Swineburne, Algernon Charles. John Morley. Ed. by Edmund Gosse. London, 1914. One of twenty copies printed for Thomas J. Wise. Todd 349e. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Waddington, George. Journal of a Visit to Some Parts of Ethiopia, by George Waddington and Barnard Hanbury. London: J. Murray, 1822. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Illustrated Books:

Arabian Nights. English. The Arabian Nights. Trands. by Edward Forster. With engr. from pictures by Robert Smirke. 2d ed. London, 1810. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Aristophanes. Lysistrata. A new version by Gilbert Seldes with...illustrations by Pablo Picasso. New York: Limited Editions Club, 1934. No. 749 of 1500 copies signed by the illustrator. The gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

The Baquet of Momus. No. IV and VI. Islington: C. E. Knight [18-?] Cohn 47. WIth colored frontispiece, signed, by George Cruikshank. Known in one other copy. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Blake, William. The Song of Los. Lambeth, 1795. [London: Trianon Press for the William Blake Trust, 1975]. No. 106 of 458 copies. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Cameron, Julia Margaret. Illustrations to Tennyson's Idylls of the King, and Other Poems. London: Henry S. King & Co., 1875. First of two folio albums. Printed title page; twelve original photographic prints, signed, and Tennyson passages in script. One of thirteen known copies. Joint purchase: David H. McAlpin Fund of the Art Museum, Friends of the Library Fund, and the Elmer Adler Memorial Fund.

D'Arbeloff, Alexander. A.L. Christopher, pseud. The Word Accomplished. London: World End Press, 1974. Live d'artiste with seventeen etchings by Natalie d'Arbeloff; No. 55 of an edition of 75 copies. Gift of Mary Laura Gibbs, G.S.

Fuerstenberg, Ferdinand von. Bp. of Paderborn. Monumenta Paderbornensia. Amstelodami: D. Elsevir, 1672. Contains two portraits, thee double-page engraved maps, and twenty-eight engraved plates by Romein de Hooge. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Joyce, James. Ulysses. With...illustrations by Henri Matisse. New York: Limited Edition Club, 1935. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Nonody, Paul George. The Art of Walter Crane. London: G bell and Sons, 1902. Robert K. Root Fund.

The Month: A view of passing subjects and manners, home and foreign, social and general. By Albert Smith & John Leech. No. I (July 1851) - No. VI (December 1851). [London] Friends of the Library Fund.

Musset, Alfred de. Voyage ou il vous plaira. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1843. Illustrated by Tony Johannot. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista. Opere del Cavalier Piranesi che se vendono sciolte presso il medesimo nel palazzo del Sig. Conte Tomati... [Rome? 17-] Broadsheet list in Italian and French of the artist's works for sale. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.

Sinclair Hamilton collection of American Illustrated Books from 1670 to 1870. Fifty-four additions, including the earliest known book illustrated by Jonathan Fisher, Hancock Female Tract Society (Hancock, ME, 1804). (Fisher painted A North West Prospect of Nassau Hall [1807] after the Dawkins print of 1764 - see PULC, v.6, p.153-70.) Gift of Sinclair Hamilton '06.

Spenser, Edmund. Faerie Queene... Ed. by Thomas J. Wise. Pictures by Walter Crane. London: G. Allen, 1895-97. Each of the three volumes is bound in differing designs by Mrs. Walter Crane in the style of her husband. The bindings were executed in full brown calf by Ramage of London. Robert H. Taylor '30 Purchase.


Andrews, William Loring. Gossip about Book Collecting. New York: Dodd, Mead, and Co., 1900. One of 157 copies. Gift of W. Irving Harris '20.

Caroline Newton Bequest. A collection of books and other material by and relating to Thomas Mann; a collection of William Blake (in memory of her grandfather, Carl Edelheim); and a collection of material relating to Winston Churchill and his grandfather, Leonard Jerome. From the estate of the late Caroline Newton.

Classics. Seventeen works, including; Robert Hoe's copy of Anacreontis Teij Odae (Lutetia, 1554), Algernon Charles Swinburne's copy of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura (London: R. Taylor, 1813) five Baskerville imprints, and two works with fore-edge paintings. The gift of the late Stuart A. Young, Jr., '29.

Experimental Communities. A collection of approximately two hundred itms, including material on Utopias and certain writings of the French economists. Gift of Arthur C. Holden '12.

Templeton Crocker Books. Twenty-two items selected from the library of the late Templeton Crocker, including: Alaric at Rome [by Matthew Arnold[ (Rugby, 1840); Andromede tragedie [par Pierre Corneille] (Roven, 1651); Les graces [par Pierre Armand Marie Peyrot des Gashons] (Paris, 1769); Frederici Nauseae...Libri Mirabilium Septem (Cologne: P. Quintell, 1532) bound for "Tho. Maioli et amicorum"; L'imitation de Iesus-Christ. Trad. & paraphrasee en vers francois par P. Corneille (Roven, 1656); Le tartuffe, ou l'imposteur, par IBP de Moliere (Paris, 1669) Siena, by Algernon Charles Swinburne (London, 1868); and Thesaurus cornu copiae et Horti Adonidis (Venice: Aldus Manutius, Aug. 1496(, Goff T-158. Gift of Frederick C. Whitman '36.

Private Press Books:

Cokayne, Sir Thomas. A Short Treatise of Hunting. London: Nichols & Sons, 1897. "Presented to the Roxburghe Club by G.E.Cokayne." Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour's copy. Robert K. Root Fund.

Lindsay, Jack. Storm at Sea. With wood-engravings by John Farleigh. London, Golden Cockerel Press, 1935. No.99 of 250 copies. Robert K.Root Fund.

Mallarme, Stephane. L'apres-midi d'un faune. The translation by Aldous Huxley. Drawings by John Buckland Wright. London: Golden Cockerel Press, 1956. No. 85 of 200 copies. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Sonnets and Songs Towards a Work to be Called The House of Life. Maastricht: [C. Nypels] 1926 [i.e. 1927]. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwright '26 Fund.

Scottowe, John. John Scottowe's Alphabet Books [by] Janet Backhouse. [London] Printed for the Roxburghe Club at the Scolar Press, 1974. Maurice Lee, Lr. '46 Fund.

Trollope, Anthony. The Shakespeare Head Edition of the Barsetshire Novels. Ed. by Michael Sadleri...with photographs of Barsetshire by Charles S. Olcott. Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press...1929. No. 36 of 525 copies; with the photographs in color and black and white. Robert K. Root Fund.

Science and Medicine:

Culpeper, Nicholas...Astrological Judgement of Diseases. London: N. Brookes, 1655. Wing C7484. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Huxley, Thomas Henry. Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature. London and Edinburgh: Williams and Norgate, 1863. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Jung, Carl Gustav. Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido. Leipzig und Wien: F. Deuticke, 1912. William F. Oliver '35 Memorial Fund.

Keckermann, Bartholomaeus. Systema Compendiosum Totius Mathematices. Oxonii: G. Hall pro F. Oxlad, 1661. Wing K 123. General Library Fund.

Leonardo da Vinci. The Madrid Codices. [New York] McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1974. Rudolph N. Schullinger '17 Fund.

Monro, Alexander. The Works. Edinburgh: C. Eliot and G. Robinson, 1781. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Moore, John. Medical Sketches. 1st Amer. ed. Providence, RI: Carter and Wilkinson, 1794. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Fund.

Stoll, Maximillian. Aphorismes sur la connaissance et la curation des fievres. Paris: Regent et Bernard, Mequignon, 1797. Josiah Macy, Jr., Foundation Fund.

Recent Acuisitions - Manuscripts:

Coulborn, Rushton. The papers of the historian, Rushton Coulborn, have been presented by his widow, Dr. Imogen Sager Coulborn.

Fischer, Louis. (1896 - 1970). The papers of Louis Fischer were the gift of his sons, George Fischer and Victor Fischer.

Frelinghuysen, Peter. H.B., Jr. '38. His papers as a member of the United States House of Representatives, in the Eighty-third through Nintety-third Congresses. Gift of Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Lawrence, David (1888 - 1973) '10. The papers of David Lawrence have been received as his bequest.

Harold Ober Associates, Inc. The archives of Harold Ober Associates, literary agents, of New York, with the gifts of Miss Dorothy Olding, President.

July 1975 - June 1976:

Recent Acquisitions

This past December, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Holden gave the library their collection of one hundred and seventy books on the American Negro. The collection's main strength is in twentieth-century works on black literature, history, and sociology, but it also contains an interesting group of eighteenth and nineteenth-century books on blacks.

One pamphlet is the argument of a London attorney, Francis Hargrave, on behalf of a West Indian black, James Sommersett, in 1772. Hargrave's plea was successful and the victory established for the first time that blacks landing in England were free despite former servitude. Sommersett's case gave a significant boost to abolitionist morale in England. It also built enthusiasm in America, for the Hargrave pamphlet was reprinted in Boston two years later.

Another interesting eighteenth-century book in the Holden collection is the report of a New York judge on the proceedings resulting from the "Negro Riot" of 1741. At the time, New York was undergoing severe economic stress and was about twenty-percent black. As during any time of depression, thievery was frequent and a series of petty thefts led to a race riot. The trials were as grim as the riot. Thirteen slaves were burned alive, four whites and eighteen blacks were hanged, and over seventy others were banished. Even after the trials, tensions remained, so to dissolved doubts over the propriety of the proceedings, "The Recorder of the City of New York", Daniel Hormansden, published anonymously in 1744, his Journal of the Proceedings in the Detection of the Conspiracy Formed By White People in Conjunction with Negro and other slaves, for Burning the City of New York in America, and Murdering the Inhabitants. Fear of a Negro conspiracy was not altogether relieved by the report, for Hormansden also prepared the report to persuade others of "...the necessity there is for everyone that has negroes to kept a watchful eye over them and not to indulge in them with too great liberties which we find they make use of to the worse purposes."

Other interesting materials in the Holden gift are several abolitionist tracts, a small group of slave narratives, and a slave's manumission certificate dated at New York in 1814. Also found are a copy of the first collection of American Negro Spirituals, W.F.Allen's Slave Songs of the United States (NY, 1867) and one of the earliest comprehensive histories of blacks in America written by a black historian, William Wells Brown's The Rising Sun or the Antecedents and Advancements of the Colored People (Boston, 1874).

William Cowper

In 1962 the Library acquired the Nelson Campbell Hannay Collection of William Cowper, containing many Cowper letters together with a very large and strong gathering of his printed works. This past year the Library acquired an interesting copy of Cowper's Poems, published in London in two volumes. The first volume appeared in 1782 and the second in 1785. The Library's copy contains two rarely found, uncancelled leaves in the first volume and the unpublished preface to the Poems in the second.

The circumstances surrounding the bibliographical particulars of this copy are interesting, but perhaps those for the preface are the most amusing as well as informative. The preface was prepared by Cowper's literary agent, John Newton, who had assisted Cowper with the publication of a number of earlier works. The publisher, John Johnson, however, was troubled by the preface, declaring it "overserious and evangelical in tone." According to Cowper's bibliographer, Norma Russell, Librarian of Somerville College, Oxford, Johnson worried that it might hinder sale of the book and urged Cowper to withdraw it. "Cowper at first stood out," writes Ms. Russell, "but finally agreed to withdraw it only a week before publication when it was already printed."

In addition to Princeton's copy, two others are known to have the preface. It is perhaps impossible to explain this fact, but the answer may lie in John Newton's memoirs. There he writes that "if the purchases looked serious and methodical he probably was shown one with the preface, but promiscuous customers were not troubled by it."

Early Anthropology

In 1520, Hans Boehm, a German humanist, published a compilation of the manners and customs of all nations, his omnium gentium ritibus. By organizing the information available about the laws and governments of other nations, Boehm hoped not only to inform his readers conveniently but also to improve their political conduct. The book was widely translated and later editions were enlarged with sections on the Indians in America. Today, the book is recognized as one of the earliest, if not first, attempts at scientific ethnology. For many years the Library has owned later editions of the work, but it was not until this past year that it acquired a copy of the first edition, which was presented in Augsburg. Princeton's copy was once in the library of Sir Leicester Harmsworth.

Hamilton Collection

In the first volume of Early American Book Illustrations and Wood Engravers 1670 - 1870, Mr. Sinclair Hamilton described under the year 1717 a small pamphlet of ninety-two pages entitled A Dying Fathers Last Legacy to his Only Child: Or, Mr. Hugh Peter's advice to His Daughter... (Boston, 1717). The pamphlet contains a woodcut frontispiece portrait of the Reverend Hugh Peter and is signed "J.F. Sculp." This portrait are thee other contemporary woodcuts have been attributed by both Lawrence C. Wroth and Clarence Brigham to James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin.

Bloodgood Cutter

In Innocence Abroad, Mark Twain describes a man on tour as "Poet Lariat" of America.

"...We have a poet and a good-natured enterprising idiot on board and [he does] distress the company. [He] gives copies of his verses to Consuls, commanders, hotel keepers, Arabs, Dutch - to any body, in fact, who will submit to a grievous infliction most kindly meant. His poetry is all very well on shipboard, notwithstanding when he wrote an 'Ode to the Ocean in a Storm' in one half hour, and an 'Apostrophe to the Rooster in the Waist of the Ship' in the next, the transition was considered to be rather abrupt; but when he sense an invoice of rhymes to the Governor of Fayal and another to the commander-in-chief and other dignitaries of Gibralter, with the compliments of the Laureate of the Ship, it is not popular with the passengers."

Twain's character was based on the colorful Long Island farmer named Bloodgood Cutter, whom some today might described as America's worst poet of any age. Cutter's poems were ready for any occasion: Sunday School picnics, clam bakes, visits of royalty, funerals, trials, and reflective moments over a wheel barrow. He enjoyed the publicity Twain gave and used the sobriquet "Larriat" on the title page of his first published book of poems.

This past year the Library secured three singly published poems by Cutter as additions to its small collection given by Elmer Adler. Winsome relices of popular culture in Victorian America, the poems are verses for a picnic, a visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the arrival of "Cleopatra's Needle" in Central Park.

Flavius Josephus

In managing the Empire, Romans faced a number of colonial wars, some of which directed affected the course of politics at home. One such war was the Jewish War of A.D.66 through 73, whose hero, Vespasian, became the Emperor during his campaign in the East. What is known today about the Jewish War is based mainly upon the writings of Flavius Josephus. Originally a rebel Jewish commander, he became fiercely pro-Roman after his capture in A.D. 67.

Mr. Robert K. Porter has given the Library a copy of the first printed edition of Josephus' works. Published in Basle in 1544 by Froben, the edition was prepared by Arnoldus Paraxylus Arlenius. It was based on the manuscript belonging to Diego Hurtando de Mendoze, the Spanish collector whose library forms one of the main components of the Escorial.

Choderlos de Laclos

One of the most fascinating novels published in Paris immediately before the French Revolution is a collection of letters by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos entitled Les Liaisons Dangereuse ou Lettres recueilles dans une Societe et publiees pour l'instruction de quelques autres. Depicting a professional seducer and his victims in the upper classes, the book is regarded today as revolutionary as Beaumarchais' Marriage de Figaro. WHen first published in 1782, it went through sixteen different printings. Last fall, the Library received a copy of the first edition from Mr. Robert Taylor.

Thomas Hooker

Standing with Roger Williams and John Winthrop as a founder of New England is Thomas Hooker of Connecticut. A persuasive preacher and independent thinker, Hooker broke away from Massachusetts in 1636 and led his congregation from Newton into the Connecticut Valley. There he built a community based on free consent to authority, which scholars have identified as a landmark in the evolution of American democracy.

Hooker's ideas have given his writings a place in American literature. At auction in New England last winter, the Library acquired copies of two rare works, his Soules Humiliation (London, 1637) and Saints Dignitie and Dutie (London, 1651).

English literature and history. A selection of eighty-three volumes given by Mr. and Mrs. Max Adler.

Bohme, Jakob. Mysterium Magnum; or, An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. London, 1654; Vogt, Johann. Catalogus Historico-Criticus Librorum Rariorum. Hamburg, 1732. Gift of Mr. Howard L. Arnould.

Rossetti, Dante G. The Collected Works...Ed. By WM Rossetti. London, 1887. An elaborately bound and decorated copy with fore-edge paintings after JMW Turner and Rossetti and an autograph letter from Rossetti to George Boyce inserted. Gift of Mrs. George L. Craig, Jr.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. The Method of Nature. An Oration delivered before the Society of the Adelphi, in Waterville College, in Maine, August, 1841. Boston, 1841. William Elfers '41.

Sinclair Hamilton '06 Collection of American Illustrated Books. Sixteen additions, including Hugh Peter, A Dying Father's Last Legacy to his Only Child, Boston, 1717.

[Horsmanden, Daniel] A Journal of the Proceedings in the Detection of the Conspiracy Formed by some White People in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves for Burning the City of New York in America...New York, 1744. Gift of Mr. Arthur C. Holden '12.

Miriam Y. Holden Collection of Books about the Negro. Gift of Mrs. Arthur C. Holden.

Kierkegaard, Soren. One hundred and twenty-nine books by and about Kierkegaard for the Walter Lowrie Collection. Gift of Canon Howard A. Johnson.

Kahler, Erich. Approximately one hundred eight volumes from the library of the late author, all but a few containing presentation inscriptions from the authors addressed to him. Gift of Mrs. Erich Kahler.

Bry, Theodore de. Brevis Narratio eorum quae in Florida Americae provincia Gallis acciderunt. Frankfurt, 1591 [i.e. 1609] Gift of Mrs. Alfred G. Kay.

The Late Mr. C. Otto V. Kienbusch '06. Twelve books and nine maps for the Kienbusch Angling Collection.

Vergil. Opera. Lyons, 1534. Gift of Mr. Thomas V. Lange.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. Discours sur l'origine et les fondemens de l'inegalite parmi les hommes. Amsterdam, 1755. Mr. Jon Lorrain '69.

Fabre, Francois. Nemesis Medicale Illustree, Recueil de Satires...contenant trente vignettes dessinees par M. Daumier. Paris, 1840. Gift of Mr. Albert E. McVitty, Jr. '30.

Chruch, Benjamin. An Oration; Delivered March 5th 1773, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. Boston, Edes and Gill, 1773. Presentation copy to Samuel Adams. Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham. The Speech of the Right Honourable The Earl of Chatham, in the House of Lords, upon reading the Amendments in the Quebec Bill, on Friday, the 17th of June, 1774. London, E. Johnson, [1774]. Proceedings of his Majesty's Council of the Province of Massachusetts - Bay relative to the Deposition of Andrew Oliver, Consequence of the unhappy Affair of the 5th of March, 1770. [Boston, 1770]. Gifts of Danile Maggin.

Frost, Robert. A collection of books and other publications. Gift of Robbin Milbank '25.

Moore, George. Reminiscences of the Impressionist Painters. Dublin, 1906. Gift of Edward Naumberg '24.

Additions to the Margaret Jane Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson. Gifts of Mrs. John Pershing.

Rankin, James Brownlee '23. A selection of eighty-eight illustrated volumes from the collection of the late author. Gift of Mrs. James Brownlee Rankin.

Additions to the Princeton Class of 1917 Collection the gift pf Mr. Landon T. Raymond '17.

Trumbull, John. M'Fingal: A Modern Epic Poem, In Four Cantos. Hartford, 1782. Gift of Mr. Trumbull Richard '39.

Additions to the Rocking Angling Collection courtesy of Mr. Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

Hemingway, Ernest. Death in the Afternoon. Advance copy in wrappers. New York, 1932. Gift of Mr. Charles Scribner, Jr. '43.

Mann, Thomas. Doctor Faustus. New York, 1948. With a long presentation inscription from the author to Molly Shenstone dated Pacific Palisades, California, October 1, 1948. Gift of Professor Allen G. Shenstone '14.

In addition to books, the Library has received gift funds for the purchase of rare books during the past year. Listed below are outstanding rare book purchases made from the major funds.

Wilder L. Stratton '09 Fund:

Johann Wilhem von Archenholz. Picture of Italy. London, 1791.

John Cartwright. The State of the Nation. London, 1805.

Alberic Deville. Arnoldiana, ou Sophie Arnold et ses contemporaraines. Paris, 1813.

Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallengo. Castellamonte; an autobiographical sketch. London, 1854.

Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund:

Carlo d'Aquino. Sacra exequialia in Funere Jacobi II. Rome, 1702.

John Banks. The Rival Kings. London, 1677.

Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderlos de Laclos. Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Amsterdam and Paris, 1782.

Thomas Porter. The Villain. London, 1663.

Thomas Shadwell. The Miser. London, 1672.

James Wright. A Poem, being an essay on the present ruins in St. Paul's Cathedral. London, 1668.

Francesco Redi. Sonetti. Florence, 1702.

Antony Sucquet. Via Vitae Aeternae. Antwerp, 1625.


Recent Acquisitions - Books

The Graver and the Pen

In 1954, the staff of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections of the Library mounted the first exhibition in this country ever devoted to "Renaissance Emblems and their Ramifications." The show marked a turning point in the study of emblems at Princeton and established the Library as a major center for their study. It was based almost entirely on emblem books in the collections of the Library.

Since 1954, the emblem book collection has continued to grow and this year we added nearly twenty others, including some from the great collector of emblem books, Sir William Stirling-Maxwell.

In connection with collecting, we are preparing, together with Prof. William Heckscher, formerly at Duke University, a census of emblem books. Tentatively titled The Princeton Emblem Biography, the census will identify, first, all emblem books in the Princeton libraries, and, eventually, provide a listing of emblem books held by all libraries in North America. In addition to providing a transcription of the title page and details of the collation, each entry will carry a record of the artists, translators, editors, commentators, patrons, and other persons associated with the book's production. The census will also contain a comprehensive index covering the forms and subjects found in each emblem book.

Work on the census has been proceeding steadily since January, 1977, and has necessarily been concentrated on the first and one of the most widely published emblematists of the Renaissance, Andrea Alciati. At present, we are drawing on the Princeton collection along for bibliographical data, and would welcome from our readers contributions of information concerning emblem books and their whereabouts, literature pertaining to them, and emblem manuscripts.


This past year the Library's collection of Vergil was enriched with two gifts. Through the generosity of Arthur W. Machen '42,we received the Robert Hoe copy of the 1501 Aldine edition of Vergil's works. Given in memory of Arthur W. Machen (1827-1915), the donor's grandfather, and of his father, Arthur W. Machen (1877-1950), the book was purchased by the elder Mr. Machen at Part II of the Hoe sale conducted by Anderson Auction Co. on the afternoon of January 19, 1912. Several letters between Mr. Machen and his New York agent accompany the gift and tell us, among other details, that Bernard Quaritch was the underbidder for the Vergil. The copy is very clean and was bound at the Club Bindery in full red levant morocco with gauffered gilt edges.

It bears repeating that the 1501 Aldine Vergil holds two important places in the history of Western printing. On the one hand, it marks the first appearance of italic type, and, on the other, its small octavo format established a fashion for the small book. Through the gifts of Robert H. Taylor '30 and Henry E. Gerstly '20, we have acquired the first Paris edition of Vergil's works, printing in 1498 by Ulrich Gerig and Bertold Rembolt. This edition of Vergil's is not listen in F.R. Goff's Incunabula in American Libraries nor the Catalogue of Books Printed in the XVth Century Now in the British Museum. The only other copy known appears to be that at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The Constitutions of the States:

A Princeton book has come back to Princeton. This past year the Library has purchased a copy of the Constitutions of Several Independent States of America which was published in Philadelphia by order of Congress in 1781. The task of publication was assigned in December 1780 to Thomas Bee, John Witherspoon, and Oliver Wolcott to "collect and cause to be published 200 current copies of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Treaties between France and America and the Constitutions of the States." It was the first time that the state constitutions were issued together. On page 100 of our copy appears the signature of George Morgan. A comparison of this signature with the letters and diaries of George Morgan, Colonel in the Revolution, Indian agent, and proprietor of the farm Prospect in Princeton until 1796, shows that this copy of Constitutions was Morgan's. The book is bound in a well-preserved contemporary American binding of mottled calf with floral decorations on the spine, evidently done by James Leishman of Trenton.

A Renaissance Encyclopedia:
Of the several book collectors in Princeton's Class of 1888, the best known are Morris L. Parrish and Junius Spencer Morgan. From the collection of their classmate, Archibald Robertson Osmer, the Library received in May an immaculate incunable, given in his memory by his son, Gilbert G. Osmer '20. Beautifully bound in quarter leather pigskin over oak boards, the book is the Venice, 1497 edition of the standard one-volume encyclopedia of that day, the Catholicon of Johannes Balbus.

Hamilton Gifts:

Several Gifts have come this past year from Sinclair Hamilton '06 for the Library's collections of American and European illustrated books. Among the most outstanding are a copy of the first appearance of James Greenleaf Whittier's "The Barefoot Boy" in the January 1855 issue of The Little Pilgrim as well as a magnificent copy of Ulrich Pinder's Speculum Passionis (Nuremberg, 1507). The Speculum is considered one of the outstanding achievements of German book illustration in the early sixteenth century. It contains seventy-six woodcuts of the Passion of Christ, thirty-nine of which are full-page. The cuts are by Hans Schaufelein , Hans Baldung Grun and Hans von Kulmbach. It is believed that Schaufelein's work in this book was influenced by Albrecht Durer and may in turn have affected Durer's work.

War between the Noun and the Verb

In 1511, Andreas Guara's Bellum grammaticale appeared explaining grammar as a royal battle between two kings - the Noun and the Verb. The witty book was an immediate success, being reprinted five times in 1512, and another three in 1514. Eventually it reached 100 separate editions by the end of the eighteenth century and was translated into French, English, Italian, German, and Swedish. Oxford students rewrote it as a play perhaps as early as 1590 but certainly by 1635. In March, the Library acquired a copy of the first edition published in Cremona.

Wilder Gift:

Added to our collections is a gift from Miss Isabel Wilder. The book is her brother's presentation copy of The Bridge of San Luis Rey (London, 1927) and is inscribed: "For Isabel: With all my best. Thornton. On the flyleaf facing the title page Wilder recorded some particulars concerning his writing it:

Princeton Grad. College. Spring 26. Opening

Mrs. MacDowell's. Peterboro, N.H. Summer 26 Girlhood of

the Perichole.

Paris Fall Portrait of the Abbess

The "Spite" House, New Haven, Spring 27 The Marquesa - The


The following represent significant additions purchased for the Library's rare book and related special collections during the past year:

English History, Literature, and Art:

Berkeley, George. The Analyst; or, A Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician. London, 1734.

Fennell, James. A Statement of Facts Occasional of and Relating to the Late Disturbances of the Theatre-Royal Edinburgh. Edinburgh, [1788].

The Labour Book Service. A complete collection of forty titels issued under the auspices of the British Labour Party between 1936 and 1946.

The Left Book Club. A collection of two hundred and thirty titles published in London between 1936 and 1948, including a complete run of the Club's periodical, The Left News.

Lilburne, John. An agreement of the free people of England. Tendered as a Peace offering to this Distressed Nation. London, 1649.

Marlow, Jeremiah. A Book of Cyphers or Letters Reverst. London, 1683.

Newton, Sir Isaac. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. [Second edition] Cambridge, 1713.

Ortunez de Calahorra, Diego. The First Part of the Mirrour of Princely Deedes and Knighthood. London, [1599?]

Parsons, William. A New Book of Cyphers. London, 1704.

Reid, Thomas. Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man. Edinburgh, 1785. Purchased in memory of Nancy Newman.

The Rigth Book Club. A collection of fifty-seven titles published in London by W. and G. Foyle, Ltd. between 1937 and 1950.

Seller, John. A New System of Geography. London, 1690.

Yeats, William Butler. Plays for an Irish Theatre. London, 1913. Purchased in memory of Lawrence Heyl.

English Plays, 1641 - 1700.

Beaumont, Francis and John Fletcher. The Tragedy of Thierry King of France, and His Brother Theodoret. London, 1648.

Dryden, John. Secret-Love; or, The Maiden-Queen. London, 1669.

Dryden, John. The State of Innocence, and Fall of Man. London, 1690.

D'Urfey, Thomas. Madam Fickle; or, The WItty False One. London, 1691.

Gesta Grayorum...Together with a Masque. London, 1688.

Graphic Arts:

Bennett, George W. An Illustrated History of British Guiana. Georgetown, Demerara, 1866.

Blackburn, Jane. Illustrations of Scriptures by an Animal Painter. Edinburgh, [1854?].

Jeffrey, John. The Trees and Shrubs of Fife and Kinross. Leith, 1879.

Vlaminck, Maurice de. Communications, Poemes et Bois Graves. Paris, 1921.

History of Ideas and Science:

Maupertius, Pierre Louis Moreau de. La Figure de la Terre. Paris, 1738.

pastrengo, Guglielmo Da. De Originibus Rerum Libellus. Venice, 1547.

Taylor, Frederick Winslow. The Principles of Scientific Management. New York, 1911. Presentation copy.

Wolf, Friedrich August. Prolegomena ad Homerum. Halle, 1795.

French Literature

Costar, Pierre. Lettres de Monsieur Costar. Paris, 1658-59.

Dumas, Alexander. Une Annee a Florence. Paris, 1841.

Recueil des plus belles pieces des poetes Francois, tant anciens que modernes, depuis Villon jusqu'a M. de Benserade. Paris, 1692.

La Calprenede, Gaultier de Coste. Cassandre. Troyes, 1660.

Rousseau, Jean Jacques. The Confessions.

Tabrain, Jean Salomon. recuiel general des Oevres et Fantasies de Tabarin. Paris, 1625.

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouret de. Candide. Geneve, 1795. Variant of Wade 2.

Zola, Emile. Contes a Ninon. Paris, [1864].

As in past years, the Library has received many gifts for its general collection together with those for collections in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Listed below are a sampling of the recent major gifts:

Professor Gerald Eades Bentley. Two hundred and forty-eight volumes in English and American literature.

Professor Cyril E. Black. Gift of one hundred and seventy-nine books and pamphlets, mostly Bulgarian, covering the interwar period.

Professor Julian P. Boyd. One hundred and sixty-one books in the field of history.

Mrs. Frederick H. Harbison. Approximately five hundred and fifty books and eleven hundred pamphlets mainly on industrial relations, labor economics, and manpower problems, from the library of the late Professor Frederick H. Harbison '34.

Mr. Arthur C. Holden '12. Publications of the Society of Iconophiles, New York.

Mrs. Erich Kahler. Approximately one hundred and fifty books, pamphlets, articles, and other printed items by or about Erich Kahler.

Estate of Carl Otto von Kienbusch '06. Additions to the Kienbusch Angling Collection.

Alfred L. Newman '23. Aeronautical Collection. Approximately twenty-seven hundred and fifty books, six hundred pamphlets and issues of journals, twenty-four prints, and about one thousand medals.

Professor Coleman O. Parsons. Fifty-four volumes relating to Scotland.

Mr. David N. Pierce '67. Two hundred and ninety-six pamphlets concerning Utah and the Mormons.

Mrs. James Brownlee Rankin. Approximately four hundred and seventy illustrated volumes, from the library of the late James Brownlee Rankin '23.

Miss Harvena Richter. Copy no. 2 of a special edition of Conrad Richter, The Trees, New York, 1940.

Mr. William H. Scheide. The earliest identified printed of an American brand book: Coleccian General de las Marcas del Ganado de la Provincie de Buenos-Aires, [Buenos Aires, 1829].

Estate of Sir Aurel Stein. Twenty titles in thirty volumes by Sir Aurel together with two portfolios of photographs and clippings. Received through te courtesy of Dr. Gustav Steiner and Jeannette Mirsky.

Dr. J. Monroe Thorington '15/ Twenty-two volumes in the fields of mountaineering, art, and history.

Mr. James S. K. Tung. Thirty-six volumes for the Gest Library.

1977 - 1978:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

Last May, the Library acquired as its three-millionth printed book a small volume of early American verse. Published in New London, Connecticut by Timothy Green in 1725, the book is the first volume of verse printed in the colony. Entitled Poetical Meditation, Being the Improvement of SOme Vacant Hours, the book is by Roger Wolcott a colorful character who held numerous public offices in Connecticut, including service as governor of the colony from 1750 to 1754. Wolcott was in many ways a self-made man of the frontier and his Poetical Meditations is a collection of attempts at sacred poetry and heroic verse. The longest poem is more than thirteen hundred lines, being, ironically, "A Brief Account of the Agency of the Honourable John Winthrop, Esq, in the Court of King Charles the Second, Anno Dom. 1602. When he obtained for the Colony of Connecticut His Majesty's Gracious Charter." At the end of the book is an unusual three-page advertisement signed by Joseph Dewey, a man "imployed in the Making and Working of Cloth." Dewey advises that he paid for at least some of the publishing costs of Wolcott's Poetical Meditations and, continuing in the reflective mood of the book, he offers seven rules to insure better made and longer lasting clothing. His advice was of no small consequence at the time, since wills and inventories of this period show that clothing was among a man's most costly possessions and important enough to be bequeathed to one's heirs.

As well as being the three-millionth accession, the book was also bought as an official memorial to William S. Dix, University Librarian from 1953 to 1975, whose scholarly interest was in the field of American literature. In addition to purchasing this book in memory of Mr. Dix, the Library has also established a book fund from one hundred and thirty separate contributors. At present, the fund has accumulated more than eighteen thousand dollars in capital and is still open to contributions from all of our interested readers.

The following is a listing of significant additions to the holdings of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections between July 1, 1977 and June 30, 1978.

American Literature:

Baldwin, James. A collection of his works published since 1953. Purchase.

Bryant, William Cullen. The White Footed Deer and Other Poems. New York, 1844. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Cheever, John. A collection of his works published since 1953. Purchase.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. This Side of Paradise. New York, 1920. Presentation copy from the author to Elizabeth King, with full-page inscription dated May 4, 1920. Gift of Mr. Harry Kahn.

James, Henry. The Golden Bowl. New York, 1904. Gift of Willard Thorp.

McPhee, John. A collection of his books published since 1965, complete with copies of all titles in hardcover and paperback editions. Gift of the author.

Melville, Herman. Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas. Longon, 1847. Gift of Willard Thorp.

Tarkington, Booth. A collection of fifteen books, six of which have inscriptions from the author to Herbert Milton Rogers. Gift of Mrs. James B. Wyman.

Tate, Allen. Christ and the Unicorn. West Branch, Iowa, 1966. Given by the author in memory of William S. Dix.

Wescott, Glenway. The Bitterns: A Book of Twelve Poems. Evanston, Illinois, [1920]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Continental European History and Literature:

La bibliotheque bleue, enteirement refondue et considerablement augmentee. Paris, 1775-83. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Conditions of Peace, 1919. [Treaty of Versailles] in the first printing together with a copy of the Covenant of the League of Nations. Gift of Nicholas deB. Katzenbach '43.

Eschenberg, Johann Joachim. Denkmaler altdeutscher Dichtkunst. Bremen, 1799. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Hertel, Jacob... Vetutissimorum et Sapientis, comicorum quinquaginta. Basle, [1560]. Gift of George F. Kennan '25.

Les illustres proverbs nouveaux et historiques. Paris, [1665]. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

Jenisch, Daniel. Beleuchtungen des weise-narrischen und narisch-weisen Menschengeschlechts...Berlin, 1802. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

La Libre Belgique. [Brussels], 1915-1918. Gift of Nicholas deB. Katzenbach '43.

Nicolai, Christoph Friedrch. Ueber meine gelehrte Bildung... Berlin, 1799. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Schottelius, Justus... De Singularibus quibusdam et antiquis in Germanica Juribus et observatis. Frankfurt and Leipzig, [1704 - 1710?]. Gift of George F. Kennan '25.

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de. Candido. [Italy], 1759. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Emblem Books:

Ginther, Antonius. Speculum amoris et doloris in...corde Jesu. Augsburg, 1706. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Pona, Francesco... Cardiomorphoseos sive ex corde desumpta emblemata sacra. Verona, 1645. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Prazers, Joao Dos. O principe dos patriarcas, S. Bento. Lisbon, 1683 [-90], 2 vols. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

[La Feuille, Daniel de]. Essay d'un dictionnaire contenant la connaissance du monde...represente par des figures hieroglyphiques. Wesel, 1700. Purchase.

Solorzano Pereira, Juan de...Emblemata centum. Madrid, 1652. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

English Literature and History

Bacon, Sir Francis. The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral... London, 1680. Purchase.

Bacon, Sir Francis. Historia Vitae et Mortis. London, 1623. Purchase.

Boyle, Robert. Tracts...London, 1674 [bound with his] Essays of the Strange Subtily...of Effluviums...London, 1673. Gift of Dr. Ansley Gerard Van Dyke.

Cleland, William. A collection of several poems, composed upon various occasions. [Edinburgh?], 1697. Purchase.

A collection of merry poems: consisting of facetious tales, epigrams, &c...Number I. London, 1735. Purchase.

Cooper, Thomas. Thesarus linguae Romanae & Britannicae. London, 1573. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Cosens, James. The economy of beauty; in a series of fables: addressed to the ladies. London, 1777. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Cruikshank, George. Cruikshank's alphabet of oddities. London, 183-?. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

A funeral eclogue sacred to the memory of her most serene majesty our late gracious Queen Mary. London, [1695]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Fransham, John. The world in miniature: or, the entertaining traveler. Second edition. London, 1741. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Gothic Chapbooks. A collection of forty-two titles published in London between 1803 and 1810. Purchase.

La Motte, Jeanne de Saint-Remy de Valois, Comtesse de. Memoirs of the Countess de Valois de la Motte. London, 1789. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Laurence, Edward. The duty of a steward to his lord. London, 1727. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Lear, Edward. Nonsense songs, stories, botany, and alphabets. London, 1871. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Mackenzie, Henry. The man of feeling. Second edition corrected. London, 1771. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

Opie, Amelia (Alderson). The black man's lament; or, how to make sugar. London, 1826. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Peter, John. A Relation or Diary of the Seige of Vienna. London, 1684. Purchase.

A review of the tragedy of Jane SHore. Consisting of observations on the characters, manners, stile, and sentiments. London, 1714. Purchase.

Waller, Sir William. The tragical history of Jetzer. London, 1679. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

The Wood engravings of William Blake for Thornton's Virgil 1821. A New Printing from the Original Blocks. London, 1977. Purchase.

Fete Books:

An account of the visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent,with their imperial and royal majesties the Emperor of All the Russias and the King of Prussia to the Corporation of London. London, 1814. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Edlweckh, Joannes. Triumphus Virtutum in Funere Caroli VII... Munich, 1745. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor Fund.

History of Ideas and Science:

Accum, Friedrich Christian. A practical treatise on gas-light. London, 1815. Purchase, Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Ango, Pierre. L'Optique Divisee en Trois Libres... Paris, 1682. Gift of Mrs. Suzanne Stahl.

Descartes, Rene. Principia Philosophiae. Amsterdam, 1650, bound with his Specimina Philosophiae, Amsterdam, 1650, and Musicae Compendium, Utrecht, 1650. Gift of Mrs. Laurence J. Lafleur.

Emerson, William. Principles of Mechanics. London, 1758. Gift of William Morris.

Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye. En literair Anmeldelse. Copenhagen, 1846. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Maury, Matthew Fontaine. The physical geography of the sea. New York, 1855. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr Von... De jure naturae et gentium...libri octo. London, 1672. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Smith, Joseph. Bibliotheca Smithiana... Venice, 1755. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Tratado de Barnices y Charole...traducido del idioma Frances al Castellano por el Dr. Francisco Vicente Orellana. Valencia, 1755. Gift of William Morris.

Tull, Jethro. Horse-hoeing husbandry... Third edition. London, [1751].
Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Latin America:

Lope del rodo, Juan. Idea sucinta del probabilismo... Lima, 1772. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Mexico (Ecclesiastical Province) Council, 1555. Concilios provinciales primero, y segundo. Mexico, 1768. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

El Pensador del Peru. Lima, 1815. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

[Riesgo, Juan Miguel]. Memoria sobre las proporciones naturales de las provincias internas occidentales... Mexico, 1822. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

Vera Cruz, Mexico (State). Constritucion politica del Estado Libre de Veracruz... Jalapa, 1825. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.


Liebert, Alphonse. La photographie en Amerique ou traite complet de photographie pratique... Paris, 1864. Purchase. Surnda Foundation Fund.

Marey, Etienne Jules. Physiologie du mouvement. Le vol des oiseaux. Paris [1890]. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Western Americana:

Brush, Wilmot Proviso. Brand Book Containing the Brangs of the Cherokee Strip...Kansas City, 1882. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Foster, James S. Outlines of History of the Territory of Dakota... Yankton, 1870. Gift of Geoffrey Steele.

Illinois, General Assemnbly. In relation to the Mormon War. Springfield, Illinois. 1845? Purchase.

Jefferson and Broadwater Stock Growers Association. Brand book of the Jefferson and Broadwater Stockgrowers Association for 1900. Whitehall, Montana, 1900. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Montana Stock Growers' Association. Brand book of the Montana Stock Grower's Assoc. for 1894. Helena, Montana, [1893?]. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Proclamation by Brigham Young, Governor of the Territory of Utah. Great Salt Lake City, 1851. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Ross, John. Letter from John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Indians. Washington, 1836. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Ross, William Potter. Remarks in Opposition to the Bill to Organize the Territory of Oklahoma. Washington, 1874. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Wied - Neuwied, Maximillian Alexander Philipp, Prinz Von. Voyage dans l'Interieur de l'Amerique du Nord. Paris, 1840-[43?]. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

In the past year, the Library has received many gifts for its general collections. Listed below are some of the recent major donations.

Dr. George P. Berry '21. Six hundred and forty-one books mainly in the fields of medicine and literature.

Professor James H. Billington '50. Five hundred and forty-six books, pamphlets, and journals mainly in the fields of European and American History.

Mrs. Siang-mei Change. One hundred twenty-one titles in Chinese literature and history.

Professor Frank Whitson Fetter. Publications of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Professor Fred I. Greenstein. One thousand seven hundred and ninety-five books and other materials in the fields of political science, psychology, and sociology.

Mr. Lawrence Heyl, Jr. '40. Approximately five hundred and forty books and pamphlets on various subjects, from the library of his father, the late Lawrence Heyl.

Professor E.D.H. Johnson '34. A collection of eleven hundred and eighty books and more than four hundred and fifty issues of journals, mainly in the field of English literature.

Professor Fitz Machlup. Eight hundred and forty-five books and eighty pamphlets, mainly in the fields of economics and finance.

Mrs. James Brownlee Rankin. A selection of ninety volumes and twenty art periodicals from the collection of the late James Brownlee Rankin '23.

Dr. J. Monroe Thorington '15. The Thorington Collection of Wine Labels, in 19 albums; The American Alpine Journal, Vol. 1, No.1 - Vol. 21, No.1 (1929-1977).

Professor Willard Thorp. More than one hundred and thirty volumes in the fields of English and American literature.

Professor Robert C. Tucker. More than five hundred and fifty books and thirty-five pamphlets and issues of journals, mainly in the fields of history, politics, and international affairs.

Mr. Robert M. Wohlforth II '47. Six hundred and seventy pieces of piano and organ music.

Mrs. Margaret Wolcott. One hundred sixty-nine volumes on medicine and surgery.

1978 - 1979:

Sinclair Hamilton Bequest

Among the many gifts left to Princeton University by Sinclair Hamilton '06 upon his death is a group of more than 150 rare books. The gift includes 49 books bound by his wife Christine. who predeceased him in 1968, as well as over a dozen early printed books. There are also many American illustrated books in the gift which complement those already in the Sinclair Hamilton Collection.

Important titles among the early printed books are: Joannes Meder, filio prodigo. Basle, 1497 (Goff M-433); Hieronymus Savonarola, Dell' orazione mentale. [Florence, about 1495] (Goff S-232); Guilelmus Parisiensis, Postilla...super epistolas et evangelia de tempora et de sanctis. Basle, about 1500; Ces Present Heures a l'usiage de Rome...ont este faictes pour Simon Vostre. Paris, 1502 (Lacombe, p.73); Hortulus Animae. Lyon, 1518 (with woodcuts by Hans Springinklee and Erhard Schon); Old Testament in Greek, Strasbourg, 1526 (Vol. 3 only, covering Proverbs through Malachai and the Apocrypha); George Ruxner, Anfang, ursprung und herkommen des Thurnirs in Teutscher Nation. Simmern, 1530; Stephen Gardiner, A declaration of suche true articles as George Ioye hath gone about to confutre as false. London, 1546 (STC 11589); Johann Hoffer. Icones catecheseos. Wittenberg, 1560; Virgil, Poemata, quae extant, omnia. Frankfurt, 1579; A Book of ancient prayers collected out of the ancient writers. London, 1590 (STC 6431).

Also included in the gift are nine illustrated English books, including three with wood engravings by Thomas Bewick. There are also four French illustrated books published in Paris between 1840 and 1858, including Album chaos - Caricature de tout le monde with sixteen plates by Honore Daumier.

Forty-nine books have been given which were bound by Christine Hamilton. According to a family source,

...She studied bookbinding under Eleanor Van Sweringen in New York and Charles Pagnier in Paris. For many years she headed the Guild of Book Workers in New York. Books bound by her were exhibited at the World's Fair in San Francisco in 1939, at the exhibition at the Grolier Club in 1947, at the Princeton Exhibition in 1951, and on many other occasions. An exhibition devoted entirely to her work was held at the Argent Galleries at 42 W. 57th Street, New York City, in 1949. Specimens of her bindings will be found in the New York Public Library (Spencer Collection), the Princeton University Library, Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, Harvard College Library, Dartmouth College Library, the Library of the Grolier club, NYC, Columbia University LIbrary and the University of Pittsburgh (Frick Fine Arts Dept.).

The various books show that Mrs. Hamilton has attempted the full range of fine hand binding. There are modern bindings using bold designs and bright colors as well as retrospective bindings imitating classic styles. Two of Mrs. Hamilton's fine bindings are illustrated.

The following is a listing of significant additions to the holdings of the Dept. of RAre Books and Special Collections between July 1, 1978 and June 30, 1979.

American Literature and History:

Barnes, Djuna. The Book of REpulsive Women. New York, 1915. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Bishop, George. NEw-England Judged, by the Spirit of the Lord. London, 1702 - 1703. Gift of F.W.M. Janney '41.

Dickens, Helen. A Woman's Requital. A Novel. London, 1881. Purchase. Root Fund.

Dickey, James. Helmets; Poems by James Dickey. Middletown, Conn., 1964, Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Essays: Second Series. Boston, 1850. Gift of William Elfers '41.

Fenollosa, Ernest Francisco. East and West; the Discovery of America and Other Poems. New York, 1893. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Frost, Robert. A Cabin in the Clearing. New York, 1951. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Frost, Robert. The Guardeen; A Fragment of an Unpublished Play. Los Angeles, 1943. Thorp Fund.

Frost, Robert. Several Short Poems. 1924. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Jeffers, Robinson. Poetry, Gongorism, and a Thousand Years. [Los Angeles], 1949. Purchase. More Memorial Fund.

Jillson, Clark. Sketch of M'Donald Clarke, "The Mad Poet." Worcester, Mass., 1878. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Lowell, Amy. Fool O'The Moon. Austin, 1927. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Miller, Henry. Varda, the Master Builder. Berkeley, 1947. Purchase. Poole Fund.

Richter, Conrad. Translations of The Trees, The Fields, The Town, and two other works published 1940-ca.1970. Gift of Harvena Richter.

Robinson, John Hovey. The Maid of the Ranche; or, the Regulators and Moderators. A Story of Life on the Texan Border. New York, [186-?]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Salinger, J.D. Complete Uncollected Short Stories. [n.p., 1940]. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Sewall, Samuel. Mrs. Judith Hull of Boston. Epitaph. Boston, 1695. Purchase. Root Fund.

Sewall, Samuel. Upon Mr. Samuell Willard. Boston, 1700. Purchase. Root Fund.

Sinclair, Upton. Saved by the Enemy. New York, 1898. Purchase.

[Stark, Cordelia] attributed author. The Female Wanderer: A Very Interesting Tale. Boston, 1829. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

United States Census. 1790. Return of the Whole Number of Persons within the Several Districts of the United States. Philadelphia, 1791. Signed by Thomas Jefferson. Gift of F.W.M. Janney '41.

Continental European History and Literature

Berchoux, Joseph de. L'art politique, poeme en quatre chantes, suivi de pieces fugitives et oeuvres diverses. Paris, 1823. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Burchelati, Bartolommeo. Epitaphiorum dialogi septem. Venice [1583]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Chateillon, Sebastien. Dialogorum sacorum libri quatuor. Edinburgh, 1777. Gift of Miss Ann Maclaren.

D'Annunzio, Gabriele d'Annunzio. Tutte le opere di Gabriele d'Annunzio. Verona, 1927-1931. Gift of David Anderson.

Descartes, Rene. Principia Philosophiae. Amsterdam, 1650, bound with Musicae Compendium. Utrecht, 1650. Gift of Mrs. Laurence T. Lafleur.

Deslandes, Andre Francois Boureau. L'art de ne point s'ennuyer. Liege, 1771. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Du Marsais, Cesar Chesneau. Des tropes, ou des differens sens dans lesquels on peut prendre un meme mot dans une meme langue. Paris, 1810. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Edwards, Bryan. Histoire civile et commerciale des Indes Occidentales depuis leur decouverte par Christophe Colombo. Paris, 1804. Purchase. Halliburton Fund.

Gameren, Hannard Van. Turris sacra dilingana reverendissimi atque illustrissimi principis. [Dillingen], 1567. Purchase. Harper Fund.

[Graffigny, Francoise d'Issembourg D'Happoncourt de]. Lettres d'une Peravienne. [Paris? 1749?]. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Guerini, Giovanni Battista. Le berger fidele. La Haye, 1702. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Loyola, Ignacio de, Saint. Esercitii sprituali di S. Ignatio di Loyola, fondatore della Compagnia di Giesu. Rome, 1691. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

La sacre et couronnement de Louis XVI, Roi de France et de Navarre, dans l'Eglise de Reims, le 11 Juin 1775. Paris, 1775. Gift of David Duvivier '32.

Strada, Famiano. De Bello Belgico. The History of the Low Country Warres. Written in Latine English by Sr. Robert Stapylton. London, 1650. Gift of Mrs. Walton Butterworth.

Le triomphe royal, ou l'on voit descrits les Arcs de Triomphe, Piramudes, Tableaux...erigez a la Haye a l'honneur de Guillaume III, Roy d'Angleterre, Ecosse, France, & Irlande. La Haye, [1691?]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Valeriano Bolzani, Giovanni Piero. Pierri Valeriani amorum libri V. Venice, 1549. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Emblem Books:

Alciati, Andrea. Declaration magistral sobre las Emblemas de Andres Alciato con todas las historias, antiguedades...por Diego Lopez. Najera, 1615. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Alciati, Andrea. Emblemata denuo ab ipso autore recognita. Lyon, 1566. Gift of Thomas V. Lange.

Fabrizi, Principio. Delle allusioni, imprese, et emblemi del sig. Principio Fabricii da Teramo. Sopra la vita, opere, et attioni di Gregorio XIII. Rome, 1588. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[La Feuille, Daniel de'. Essay d'un dictionnare contenant la connoissance du monde... Wesel, 1700. Purchase. Harper Fund.
Mantels, Jan. Speculum peccatorum aspirantium ad solidam vitae emendationem. Antwerp, 1637. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Paiva, Sebastiao da Fonseca E. Relacam da magnifica, e sumptuosa pompa funeral... da serenissima Rainha N. Senhora D. Maria Sofia Isabel de Neoburg. Lisbom, 1699. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

These opticae et astronomicae. Has propugnabunt Joannes Baptista Thioly, Petrus Taillandier..., In aula Collegii Lugdunensis Sanctissimae Trinitatis Societatis Jesu. [Lyon], 1693. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

English Literature and History:

[Allan-olney, Mary]. The New Virginians, by the Author of "Junia". Edinburgh, 1880. Purchase. Root Fund.

Browne, John Murray. An Historical View of the Revolutions of Portugal, Since the Close of the Peninsular am Eyewitness. [London], 1827. Southey "Cottonian" binding. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Butler, Samuel. A Lecture on the Humour of Homer, Delivered at the Working Men's College, Great Ormond Street, London. Cambridge, 1892. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Byron, George Gordon Noel Byron. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. London, Roxburghe Club, 1936. Purchase. Root Fund.

Caryll, John. The English Princess; or, The Death of Richard III. London, 1667. Purchase.

[Caryll, John]. Naboth's Vinyard: or, The Innocent Traytor. London, 1679. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Coppee, Francois. . For the Crown; a Romantic Play, in Four Acts, Done into English by John Davidson. London, 1896. Purchase.

De la Ramee, Louise. A Tale of a Toad, by Ouida. [London, 1939]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

The Death Fetch, or the Student of Gottingen: Founded on a popular Opinion, Prevalent Even at the Present Time, In Ireland, Gemany, & Other Countries. London, 1826. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

[Defoe, Daniel]. The Family Instructor, in Three Parts. London, 1766. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Defoe, Daniel. The Political History of the Devil. London, 1726. Gift of Francis B. Shepard.

Donellan, Mary ANne (Faulkner). The Genuine Memoirs of Miss Faulkner; otherwise Mrs. D. London, 1770. Purchase. Hunt Fund.

Elphinston, James. Education in Four Books. London, 1763. Purchase. Hunt Fund.

Fanaticism and Treason: or, A Dispassionate History of the Rise, Progress, and Suppression of the Rebellious Insurrections in June 1780...London, 1780. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

The Fasionable Swindler. London, 1810. Purchase.

Greene, Graham. The Bear Fell Tree. London, 1935. Purchase.
Greene, Graham. Essais catholiques. Translated by Marcelle Sibon. Paris, [1953]. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Hartson, Hall. The Countess of Salisbury. A Tragedy. As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royale in Haymarcket. Dublin, 1767. Purchase. Root Fund.

[Hill, Elizabeth]. The Poetical Monitor: Consisting of Pieces Select and Original, for the Improvement of the Young in Virtue and Piety...London, 1796. Purchase. Root Fund.

Hobbes, Thomas. Opera philosophica, quae Latine scripsit, omnia. Amsterdam, 1668. Gift of Arthur C. Holden '12.

Keats, John. Three Essays. London, 1889. Gift of Mrs. Xaver von Erdberg.

Kingsley, Charles. Westward ho! Cambridge, 1855. Variant binding. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Labelye, Charles. A Short Account of the Methods Made Use of in Laying the Foundation of the Piers of Westminster Bridge. London, 1739. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Langhorne, John. The Poetical Works of John Langhorne. London, 1804. Purchase. Root Fund.

Lovibond, Edward. Poems on Several Occasions. London, 1785. Purchase. Root Fund.

MacCurtin, Hugh. The Elements of the Irish Language Grammatically Explained in English in 14 Chapters. Louvain, 1728. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth (Braddon). Henry Dunbar; or, The Outcast. New York. [1864-5?]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Mayhew, Augustus Semptimus. The Image of His Father. [London], 1848. Purchase.

Milton, John. A Defence of the People of Answer to Salmasius's 'Defense of the King.' [Amsterdam?] 1692. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Montagu, Charles. The Man of Honour. [London, 1689?]. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

A Political Lecture on Heads, Alias Blockheads...Drawn from Craniological Don Juan Asmodeus. London, [1820]. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Powys, T.F. Three Short Stories. Loughton, 1917. Purchase. Staake Fund.

Sharp, Granville. Remarks Concerning the Encroachments on the River Thames Near Durham-Yard. London, 1771. Gift of Miss Ann MacLeran.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. The Cenci. A Tragedy in Five Acts. Second Edition. London, 1812. Gift of Edward Steese '24.

Smith, Albert Richard. The Pottleton Legacy. [London?], 1849. Purchase.

Sophocles. Electra. Translated by C. Wase. Hague, 1649. Purchase.

Spender, Stephen. Poems of Dedication. New York, 1947. Purchase.

Stapleton, Sir Robert. Pliny's Panegyricke: A Speech in Senate. Oxford, 1644. Gift of Coleman O. Parsons.

Surtees, Roberts. Jorrock's Jaunnts and Jollities. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. London, 1869. Gift of F.W.M. Janney '41.

The Tailors and Their Cabbage! With a Caricature Engraving [by George Cruikshank]. London, [1813?]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Tennyson, Alfred Lord. Poems. London, 1842. Purchase. Root Fund.

Tom Tyler and His Wife. London, 1661. Purchase.

Victorian Bookbindings. Addition of seventeen books for the Metzdorf collection. Gift of Michael Papantonio.

Weston, WIlliam. The Complete Merchants's Clerk: or, British and American Compting-House. London, 1754. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Wilson, John. Andronicus Comnenius. London, 1664. Purchase.

Woolf, Virginia. A Room of One's Own. New York, 1929. Gift of Terence Carmody.

History of Science:

Brett, John Watkins. [Negocations of John W. Brett with the English and Foreign Governments, for Aid to Establish Oceanic Telegraphs between England, the Continent and the Colonies. [London, 1859?]. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Einstein, Albert and Leopold Infeld. The Evolution of Physics. New York, 1942. Inscribed by Albert Einstein. Gift of William H. Scheide '36.

Godfrey, Boyle. Miscellanea vere utilia: or Miscellaneous Experiments and Observations on Various Subjects. London, 1737. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Johnson, William. Lexicon chymicum. Cum obscuriorum verborum, et rerum hermeticarum. London, 1660. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

London. Royal College of Physicians. The Dispensatory of the Royal College of Physicians, London, Translated into English with Remarks. London, 1748. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Sutton, Samuel. An Historical Accound of a New Method for Extracting the Foul Air out of Ships, etc. London, 1745. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Vockerodt, Gottfried. Introductio in notitiam societatum literariarum Jenae. [Jena], 1687. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

Western Americana:

Campos, Domingo. Relacion que hace el doctor Don Domingo Campos de sy viaje a Yucatan, y cuenta que da al publico de su piadosa comision. Mexico, 1849. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Gonzalaz Mollinedo Y Saravia, Antonio. Para la solemne proclamacion en esta capital del Rey Ntro. Sr. D. Fernando VII. Guatemala, 1808. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Henry, James P. Resources of the State of Arkansas, with Description of Counties, Railroads, Mines, and the City of Little Rock, the Commercial, Manufacturing, Political and Railroad Center of the State. Little Rock, 1872. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Mendez, Jose Mariano. Memoria del estado politico y eclesiastico de la Capitania general de Guatemala...Madrid, 1821. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Ortega Reyes, Manuel. Carta corografica del Estado de Oaxaca. Oaxaca, 1883. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Penafiel, Antonio. Monumentos del arte mexicano antiguo. Berlin, 1890. Purchase. Root Fund.

Puebla, Mexico (State). Constitution. Proyecto de constitucion del Estado de la Puebla. Puebla, 1825. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

Washington (Ter.) Governor. (Elisha P. Ferry.) Governor's Message. Delivered in Joint Convention of the Two Houses of the Legislative Assembly. Olympia, 1873. Purchase. Surdna Foundation Fund.

Other rare books:

Borghini, Raffaello. Il riposo. Florence, 1584. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Castro, J. Grammatica Lusitano-Anglica ou Portugueza, e Inglieza. [Lisbon?, 1751?]. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Cecconi, Giovanni Francesco. Roma sacra, e moderna gia descritta dal Pancirolo ed accresciuta da Francesco Posterla. Rome, 1725. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. In Omnes...Orationes Doctissimorum Virorum Lucubrationes, accurate in unum volumen collectae. Venice, 1552. Gift of Arthur W. Machen '42.

Durao, Jose de Santa Rita. Caramuru. Poema epico do descubrimento da Bahia. Lisbon, [1781]. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Erizzo, Sabastiano. Discorse...sopra le medaglie de gli antichi. Vinegia, [1559]. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Faluschi, Giovacchino. Breve relazione delle cose natabili della citta di Siena. Siena, 1784. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Flindall, John Morris. The Amateur's Pocket Companion: or,A Description of Scarce and Valuable Engraved British Portraits. London, 1813. Purchase. Root Fund.

Horatius, Quintus Flaccus. Opera. Parma, 1793. Gift of Milton G. Englert '34.

[Isaacs, George]. The Queen of the South: A Colonial Romance: Being Picture of Life in Victoria in the Early Days of the Diggings. [Gawler, Australia], 1858. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Longinus, Dionysius Cassius...De Sublimitate Commentarius. London, 1752. Annotated by Jonathan Edwarsd, class of 1765. Purchased with the assistance of Arcibald G. Elias, Jr. '66.

Pecci, Giovanni Antonio. Relazione della cose piu notabili della citta di Siena. Siena, 1752. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Poggio-Bracciolini. Poggiana, ou la vie, le caractere, les sentences, et les bons mots de Pogge Florentin. Avec son histoire de la republique de Florence. Amsterdam, 1720. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Ripa, Cesare. Iconologia. Siena, [1613]. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

Scotland. A collection of sixteen rare books about Scotland from Coleman O. Parsons.

[Sherer, Moyle]. Recollections of the Peninsula. London, 1823. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Sheridan, Charles Francis. A history of the late Revolution in Sweden...Dublin, 1778. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Ulloa, Antonio de. Noticias Americanas. Madred, 1792. Gift of Miss Ann MacLaen.

Vasari, Giorgio. Le vite de piu eccelenti architetti, pittori, et scultori italiani. Florence, 1550. Gift of Mrs. Millard Meiss.

The following is a listing of significant additions to the printed book holdings of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections between July 1, 1979 and June 30, 1980, not previously noted in the Chronicle.

American Literature and History:

Burt, Struthers '04 and Katharine Newlin Burt. A collection of their published works (46 volumes together) with many volumes containing inscriptions and annotations by the authors. [Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and other cities, 19-]. Gift of their daughter Mrs. J.B. Atteberry.

Chaudron, Jean Simon. Oraison funebre du frere George Washington prononcee le premier Janvier 1800, dans la loge Francaise l'amenite. Philadelphia, 1801. Presentation copy bound in red morocco to General J.V.M. Moreau. Stamped in gilt on the cover: "A Moreau. si je t'offre comme un hommage l'eloge d'un Heros 'Cher a la Humanite', c'est qu'avec lui, tu dois partager le Sufrage de la juste Posterite." Rival of Napoleon, Moreau lived in exile in Morristown, New Jersey between 1800-1813. Bound in at end: Ode sur les evenemens du Nouveau Siecle. Philadelphia, 1801. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Chesnutt, Charles Waddell. The conjure woman. Boston and New York, 1899. Purchase: Cartwright Fund.

[Combe, William]. The tour of Doctor Syntax, in search of the picturesque. First American edition. Philadelphia, [ca. 1817]. List of subscribers at end, including Joseph Talbot of Princeton. One of the three copies recorded in American libraries. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

[Cooper, James Fenimore]. The prairie: a tale. Liverpool, 1839. Purchase: Dix Fund.

Coxe, Tench. A view of the United States of America. Philadelphia, 1794. Gift of Julian P. Boyd together with many other books and periodicals on American history.

Frost, J. The art of swimming; a series of practical instructions. New York, 1818. Affidavit tipped in at end states that this book came from the library of Abraham Lincoln. Purchase: Reed Fund.

James, Will. The drifting cowboy. New York, 1925. With an inserted autograph letter from the author to Struthers Burt (22 April, 1925) and a signed drawing by the author (1927). Gift of Mrs. J.B. Atteberry together with a number of other books associated with Mr. and Mrs. Struthers Burt.

Massachusetts (Colony) Governor, 1730. By His Excellency Jonathan Belcher...A Proclamation for the Encouragement of Piety and Virtue. Boston, [dated 22 September 1730] 1730. Not in Evans, Shipton & Mooney, or Bristol. Gift of Ronald K. Snell from the papers of his ancestor Sylvanius Davis, a sheriff of York Co., Maine.

Oates, Joyce Carol. By the north gate. New York 1962. The author's first book. Purchase: Thorp Fund.

Pope, Alexander. An essay on man, in four epistles. Lansingburgh, [N.Y.], 1790. Printed with the type used for printing Benjamin Franklin's Bagatelles at Passy. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

Pound, Ezra. Exultations. London, 1909. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp.

Pound, Ezra. Personae. London, 1909. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp.

Rodgers, John. The faithful servant rewarded: A sermon...occasioned by the death of the Rev. John Witherspoon. New York, 1795. Presentation copy to Joseph Bloomfield. Gift of Jacob L. Emdin.

Shellabarger, Samuel. A collection of 19 volumes of translations of his novels into German, Danish, Swedish, and Spanish published in the fist half of the 20th century. Purchase: American Literature Fund.

Street, Julian. Civilized Drinking. [New York], 1933. Presentation copy to Margot Street. Gift of Mrs. Julian Street together with 23 other books.

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Seventh edition. Philadelphia, 1884. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp.

Continental European History and Literature:

Annaes das sciencias, das artes, e las letras... Paris, 1818-1822. Purchase: History, Romance Languages and Friends of the Library Funds.

[Arblay, Frances Burney D']. Evelina, ou, l'entr‚e d'une jeune personne dans le monde. Ouvrage traduit de 'Anglais. Paris and Amsterdam, [1779]. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

[Bouhours, Dominique]. Opuscules sur divers sujets. Paris, 1684. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de. Reflexiones upon ridicule, or, What it is that makes a man ridiculous. London, 1706. Purchase: Root Fund.

Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de. Reflexiones upon ridicule, or, What it is that makes a man ridiculous. London, 1739. Purchase: Root Fund.

[Boutet, Claude]. Ecole de la mignature, dans laquelle on peut asi‚ment apprendre a peindre sans maitre. Lyon, [1679]. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Bowring, Sir John. Rossiiskaia antologiia. Specimens of the Russian Poets. London, 1821. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

Detaille, Edouard. L'Arm‚e Francaise. Paris, 1885-1889. Gift of John M. Kauffmann '45.

Du Loir. Les voyages du sieur du Loir...ensemble de ce qui se passa a la mort du feu Sultan Mourat... Paris, [1654]. Purchase: Friends of the Library.

[F‚nelon, Francois de Salignac]. The adventures of Telemachus. Jena, 1749. Second edition of the first full length book in English to be printed in Germany. The first edition was issued at Jena in 1726. Gift of Dr. Ruth Ivor together with three other books.

Forteguerri, Niccolo. Ricciardetto di Niccolo Carteromaco. Paris, 1738. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

[Gogol, Nikolai Vasil'evich]. Home life in Russia. By a russian noble. Rev. by the editor of "Revelations of Siberia." London, 1854. First English translation of Dead Souls. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

Goldoni, Carlo. Componimenti diversi. Venice, 1764. First edition. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

[Hamilton, Anthony, Count]. M‚moires de la vie du comte de Grammont....Cologne, [1713]. Purchase: Sutton Fund.

Jarry, Alfred. A collection of 180 books and pamphlets as well as 143 other items by or about Alfred Jarry and the College de Pataphysique. [Paris, 19-]. Gift of Charles K. Warner.

Journal da Sociedade Literaria Patriotica. Lisbon, 1882. Purchase: Latin American and Iberian Fund.

Ibsen, Henrik. Samlede vaerker; mindeugave. Christiania, 1906-1907. Purchase: Literature Fund.

La Motte-Fouque, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de. The magic ring: a romance, from the German of Frederick, baron de la Motte Fouque. Edinburgh, 1825. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

Maistre, Xavier, Comte de. Frederic Latimer; or, the history of a young man of fashion. London, 1799. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

Marseille, Chambre du Conseil de L'Hotel de Ville. Journal abreg‚ de ce qui s'est pass‚ en la ville de Marseille...par le Sr Pichatty de Croislainte...Paris, 1721. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

[Morande, Charles Th‚venot de]. Le gazetier cuirass‚; ou, anecdotes scandaleuses de la cour de France. [London?, 1772]. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Palmerin of England. Cronica de Palmeirim de Inglaterra... Lisbon, [1786]. Purchase: Taylor Fund.
Neuere Geschichte der Evangelischer Missions...Anstalten zu Bekehrung der Heiden in Ostindien...Halle, 1823-1848. Purchase: Anthropology Fund.

Nicholaus von Dinkelsbhl. Concordantia in passionem dominicam. Ulm, ca. 1480. Purchase: Keinbusch Fund.

Petrarca, Francesco. Petrarca con doi cþmenti sopra li sonatti & canzona. Venice, 1503. Title page woodcut is first appearance of a portrait of Petrarch in a printed edition of his Rime, Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

[Piccolomini, Alessandro]. L'amor costante. Comedia del signor Stordito Intronato....Venice, 1550. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Portugal. Laws and Statutes, etc. Collecao das leis, decretos, e alvar s, que comprehende o feliz reinado del rei fidelissimo. D. Jos‚ o I. nosso senhor. Lisbon, 1797-[1803]. 7 vols. Collection covers 1750-1803. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Poesie per l'ingresso solenne di Sua Eccellenza il Signor Giovanni Colombo cavaliere e cancellier grande. Venice, 1766. Engraved throughout, a beautiful copy of a Venetian border book. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

[Richer, Adrien]. Vie de Jean-Bart, chef d'escadre sous Louis XIV. Amsterdam, [1780]. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Schez, Pierre. Historia ducum Styriae. Graz, 1728. Purchase: Keinbusch Fund.

Totti, Ranieri. Gli amanti furioso, favola boscareccia.... Venice, 1597. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de. Babouc, or the world as it goes. London, 1754. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de. The princess of Babylon. London, 1768. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

English History and Literature:

Amatory poems, selected from many literary characters, by one who has sacrificed largely at the shrine of the favourite goddess. [London?], Privately printed, 1800. Purchase: Class of 1875 Fund.

Baker, Robert. Remarks of the English Language, in the manner of those of the Vaugelas on the French...London, [1779]. Purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

The batchelor: or speculations of Jeoffrey Wagstaffe, esq. Dublin, [1769-1773]. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

[Blake, Lemeul]. Genuine edition of Shakespeare. Lemeul Blake, Boston, proposes to print by subscription, the plays of William Shakespeare. Boston, 18-? Purchase: McEwen Fund.

Braithwaite, Richard. The English gentlewoman, drawne out to the full body...London, 1631. Purchase: Osgood Fund.

Bridges, Robert Seymour. The tapestry, poems. London: 1925. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Brown, Thomas. The world at Westminster, a periodical publication. London, 1816. Purchase: Root Fund.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Casa Guidi windows. London, 1851. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp.

Bythner, Victorinus. Lyra prophetica Davidis regis; sive; analysis critico-practica psalmorum. London, 1653. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Child, Josiah. Brief observations concerning trade and interest of money. London, 1668. Gift of Arthur C. Holden '12 together with two other early English books on trade.

Clio; or A secret history of the life and amours of the late celebrated Mrs. S-n-m-, written by herself, in a letter to Hillarius. London, 1752. Purchase: Root Fund.

Cowley, Abraham. The second and third parts of the work of Mr. Abraham Cowley....London, 1689. Purchased in memory of Norman F. Carroll '09.

[Cowper, William]. W. Belch's diverting history of John Gilpin. London, [c. 1815]. Purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

The cuckold's chronicle: being select trials for adultery, incest, imbecility, ravishment &c. London, 1793. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

[Cumberland, Richard]. The brothers. A comedy. Dublin, 1775. Purchase: Lloyd-Smith Fund.

[Dibdin, Charles]. The songs, choruses, and serious dialogue of the masque called the institution of the garter...London, 1771. Purchase: Root Fund.

Duncan, John. An essay on happiness, in four books. London, 1772. Purchase: Hinds Fund.

Du Plesses's memoirs; or, variety of adventures. Interspers'd with characters and reflections, moral, satirical, instructive and humourous. With a description of some strolling players, amongst whom the memorialist travell's awhile, before his last departure from England. London, [1757]. Novel set in South Carolina. Purchase: Hunt Fund and Friends of the Library.

[Dryden, John]. Absalom and Achitopel. The seventh edition. London, 1692. Gift of the estate of Professor Daniel Seltzer '54.

Eckel, John C. The first editions of Charles Dickens. A bibliography, illustrated. New York, 1932. Gift od Professor E.D.H. Johnson '34 together with 171 other books in English and American literature.

Fielding, Henry. The history of Tom Jones, a foundling. Dublin, [1749]. Purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee to enquire into the burning of London. A true and faithful account of several informations....[London], 1667. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Greenwood, James. The virgin muse. Being a collection of poems. London, 1717. Purchase: Root Fund.

The happy return, or King William welcome home from Ireland. London, [1690]. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

[Hayward, John]. The first part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the III. London, 1599. gift of the estate of Professor Daniel Seltzer '54.

Higden, Henry. The wary widdow: or, Sir Noisy Parrat. London, 1693. Purchase: Root Fund.

Holland, Samuel. Wit and fancy in a maze. Or, the incomparable champion of love and beautie...London, 1656. Purchase: General Fund.

Hollingshead, John. Odd journeys in and out of London. London, [1860]. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Hudson, Elizabeth. A bibliography of the first editions of the works of E.O.E. Somerville and Martin Ross. New York, 1942. Purchase: English Literature Fund.

In fair Verona: English travellers in Italy and their accounts of the city....Cambridge, 1972. Purchase: Fennelly Fund.

Jenkins, Richard. Henbury: a poem. Bristol, 1775. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

Leeds, Francis Godolphin Osborne, Fifth Duke of. The marquis of Carmarthen, against the marchioness of Carmarthen. [London? 1779?]. Purchase: History Fund.

The legion club: a vision. [London? 1783?]. Purchase: Root Fund.

Letters, poems and tales: amorous, satyrical, and gallant. London, 1718. Purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

[Mapletoft, John]. Select proverbs, Italian, Spanish, French...London, 1707. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Marryat, Frederick. Newton Forster; or, The merchant service. 3 vols. London, 1832. Purchase: Root Fund.

Marryat, Frederick. Percival Keene. London, 1842. 3 vols. Purchase: Root Fund.

Miller, William. The fairy minstrel, and other poems. Edinburgh, 1822. Purchase: Root Fund.

Milton, John. Comus: a masque. London, [1740]. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

More, Hannah. Sir Eldred of the bower, and the bleeding rock: two legendary tales. 2d edition, corrected. London, [1778]. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

Morris, William. The Defence of Guenevere. London, 1848. Gift of Professor Willard Thorp together with 61 other volumes.

Morray, Thomas. The literary history of Calloway, from the earliest period to the present time....Edinburgh, 1822. Purchase: Sheldon Fund.

Musae cantabrigienses, serenissimis principibus Wilhelmo et Mariae....Cambridge, 1689. Purchase: Hinds Fund.

[Muschet, George]. The Bishop of London his legacy. St. Omer, 1624. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

The muse in good humour: or, a collection of comic tales. London, [1751]. Purchase: Hinds Fund.

Otway, Thomas. Venice Preserv'd, or, a plot discover'd. London, 1682. "Theatr" issue. Purchased in memory of Paul C. McPherson '14.

Pain, Barry. A collection of over 60 volumes by Barry Pain published in England between 1891-1927. Purchase: Root Fund.

Palma, Martin. Julia Ingrand. A tale of the confessional. London, 1877. Purchase: Sturges Fund.

[Percy, Thomas, Bishop of Dromore]. Reliques of ancient English poetry...Dublin, [1766]. Purchase: Hinds Fund.

[Percy, Thomas, Bishop of Dromore]. Reliques of ancient English poetry...London, [1775]. Purchase: Hinds Fund.

Poetical amusements at a villa near Bath. Bath, [1775]. purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

Pope, Alexander. The beauties of Pope. London, 1783. Purchase: Root Fund.

Pope, Alexander. The sixth epistle of the first book of Horace imitated. London, [1737]. Purchase: Rushton Fund.

[Alexander Pope]. Sober advice from Horace, to the young gentlemen about town. As deliver'd in his second sermon. London, [1735]. Purchase: Class of 1875 Fund.

Poradge, Samuel. Poems upon several occasions. By S.P. Gent. London, 1660. Purchased in memory of Hamilton Cottier '22.

Pownall, Thomas. Principles of polity, being the grounds and reasons of civil empire. London, 1752. Pownall's own copy with extensive autograph revisions throughout. Evidently the revisions date after Pownall's governorships in America, the last of which ended in 1760, when he returned to England. Purchase: King Fund.

Quarles, Francis. Divine fancies, digested into epigrams, meditations and observations. London, 1652. Purchase: Osgood Fund.

Quarles, Francis. Divine fancies, digested into epigrams, meditations and observations. London, 1675. Purchase: Osgood Fund.

Reade, Charles. Peg Woffington. A novel. Boston, 1885. Publisher's advance reading copy in unprinted wrappers with long inscription on cover from publisher, J.T. Fields, to N.P. Willis. Gift of Goodspeed's Bookshop.

Rolt, Richard. A poem, sacred to the memory of the late Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. London, 1749. Purchase: Root Fund.

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. The critic. London, 1781. Gift of Mrs. Stevens Baird in memory of Archibald S. Alexander '28.

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. A trip to Scarborough. London, 1781. Gift of Mrs. Stevens Baird in memory of Archibald S. Alexander '28.

Smollett, Tobias. The expedition of Humphry Clinker. Dublin, 1771. Gift of Mrs. Stevens Baird in memory of Archibald S. Alexander '28.

The state of Rome, under Nero and Domitian: a Messrs. Juvenal and Persius. London, 1739. Purchase: Root Fund.

Steele, Sir Richard. The conscious lovers. London, 1724. Purchase: English and American Literature Fund.

Theobald, Lewis. Decius and Pauline, a masque. London, 1719. Purchase: Root Fund.

Two Worlds Monthly. Vol. 1, No. 1 and 2; Vol 2, No. 1-4; Vol. 3, No. 3. New York, 1925-1927. Pirated edition of Joyce's Ulysses issued by Samuel Roth. Gift of Mrs. Virginia Kays Creesy and Purchase: Kennedy Fund.

[Ward, John]. Happiness, a poem. London, 1737. Purchase. Root Fund.

Wilde, Oscar. De profundis. Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Max Meyerfeld. Berlin, 1905. Purchase: Keinbusch Fund.

Emblem Books:

Bundeto, Carlos. El espejo de la muerte, en que se notan los medios de prepararse para morir.....Antwerp (i.e. Amsterdam), 1700. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

[Harvey, Christopher]. The school of the heart; or, the heart of it self gone away from God brought back....London, 1676. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Pereira Veloza, Joseph. Desejos piedosos do huma alma saudosa do seu divino Esposo Jesu Christo. Lisbon, 1688. Purchase: Harper Fund.

Raccamadori, Dominico. Rosa Limensis, seu symbola, quibus virtutes, gesta, et miracula Rosae se Santa Maria Fermo, 1711. Purchase: Reed Fund.

History of Science:

Avellar Brotero, Feliz de. Compendio de Botanica. Paris, [1785]. Purchase: History of Science Fund.

L. Junius Moderatus Columella. Of husbandry...and his book concerning trees. London, 1745. Gift of Mrs. Stevens Baird.

Desaguiliers, John Theophilus. Cours de physique experimental. Paris, [1751]. Purchase: History of Science Fund.

Donati. Marcello. Marcelli Donati...De historia medica mirabili libri sex. Frankfurt, [1613]. Purchase: History of Science Fund.

Eiffel, Gustave. Compl‚ment de la premiŠre ‚dition de la r‚sistance de l'air et l'aviation. Paris, 1911. Purchase: Zabriskie Fund.

Eiffel, Gustave. La r‚sistance de l'air et l'aviation. Paris, 1910. Purchase: Zabriskie Fund.

Eiffel, Gustave. La r‚sistance de l'air et l'aviation. Paris, 1911. Purchase: Zabriskie Fund.

Lauremberg, Peter...Institutiones arithmeticae. Hamburg, [1621]. Purchase: Keinbusch Fund.

Magalotti, Lorenzo, Conte. Della opere de Lorenzo Magalotti. Milan, 1806. Purchase: History of Science Fund.

Mawe, John. A descriptive catalogue of minerals, intended for the use of students...London, 1816. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Nansen, Fridtjof. Fram over polhavet den norske polarfaerd 1893-1896. Christiania, 1897. First edition of the narrative of the Arctic expedition which reached the farthest north latitude yet attained in 1896 (86o 14'). The author later became a diplomat and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

Peurbach, Georg von. Novae theoricae planetarum Gerogii Peurbachii astronomi celeberrimi....Venice, 1534. Purchase: History of Science Fund.

Scofield, Samuel. An Inaugural dissertation on the nature and origin of vaccine, or cow-pock. New York, 1803. Purchased in memory of Paul C. MacPherson '14.

Thomson, Alexander. The family physician; or, domestic medical friend....New York, 1802. Purchased in memory of Paul C. MacPherson '14.

Vico, Giovanni Battista. Principj de scienza nuova de Giambattista Vico...terza impressione. Naples, 1744. Purchase: Sutton Fund and Reed Fund.

Vockerodt, Gottfried. Gothofredi Vockerodt, exercitationes academicae....Gotha, 1704. Purchase: Keinbusch Fund.


Aesopus. Aesop naturaliz'd: in a collection of fables and stories from Aesop, Locman, Pilpay, and others. London, 1711. Purchase: Root Fund.

Coleccion de las aplicaciones que se han haciendo de los Bienes, Camas, y Colegios....Lima, 1722. Purchase: Reed Fund.

D'Oyly, Sir Charles. Indian Sports. Behar, [1828]. Purchase: Reed Fund.

[Knox, Vicesimus]. El espiritu del despotismo. Philadelphia, 1822. Purchase: Surdna Foundation Fund.

Mexico (City). Colegio de La Paz. Constituciones del colegio de S. Ignacio de Loyola de Mexico....Madrid, 1766. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Morfi, Juan Augustin. La nobleza, y piedad de los montananese por...Cristo de Burgos. Mexico, 1775. Purchase: Reed Fund.

The following is a listing of significant additions to the printed book holdings of the Department of are Books and Special Collections between July 1, 1980 and June 30, 1981, not previously noted in the Chronicle.

American Literature:

Ashberry, John. Turandot and other poems. New York, 1953. Purchase: Rushton Fund.

Barlow, Joel. The Columbiad, a poem. Philadelphia, 1807. Autographed by Chief Justice John Marshall. Gift of Mrs. William S. Dix.

[Bevan, Philip]. America: a poem. Cincinnati, 1848. With a note in the author's hand on the title page. Purchase: Cartwright Fund.

Fessenden, Thomas G. A poetical petition against tractorising trumpery, and the Perkinistic Institution. London, 1803. Purchase: Dix Fund and McEwen Fund.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott '17. This side of paradise. New York, 1920. Publisher's file copy. Gift of Professor Matthew J. Bruccoli.

Hoshour, Samuel Klinefetter. Letters to Esq. Pedant, in the east, by Lorenzo Altisonant, an emigrant to the west. Cambridge City, Wayne Co., Iowa, 1844. Purchase: Cartwright Fund.

[Motley, John Lothrop]. Morton of Morton's Hope; an three volumes. London, 1839. Purchase" Dix Fund.

Oates, Joyce Carol. A collection of 21 volumes of translations of her novels published over the las two decades. Gift of Joyce Carol Oates.

Saunders, Henry S. 100 Whitman photographs. Toronto, 1946. Gift of Walter Teller.

Shan, Ben, The shaope of the content. Cambridge, 1957. Inscribed copy to Erich Kahler with a drawing by the author on the front free endpaper. Gift of William H. Scheide '36.

Stevens, Wallace. The relations between poetry and painting. New York, 1951. Purchase: Rushton Fund.

Street, Julian. Abroad at home. New York, 1914. With the author's notes in his hand. Gift of Mrs. Julian Street together with other books from her library.

Thomas, Frederick William. Clinton Bradshaw; or, the adventures of a lawyer. Philadelphia, 1835. Purchase: Dix Fund.

Webber, Charles Wilkins. Wild scenes and song-birds. New York, 1854. Purchase: Graphic Arts Fund and Reed Fund.

Continental European History and Literature:

A America. Lisbon, 1868-18[?]. A Portuguese periodical directed toward Brazil. Purchase: Latin American Studies Fund and Surdna Fund.

Antidoto salutifero contra o Despertador Constitucional Extranumerario No. 3. Lisbon, 1827. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Avis et conseil pour se bien marier. Paris, 1598. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Barbier D'Aucour, Jean. Sentimens de Cl‚ante sur les entretuens d'Ariste et d'Eugene. Paris, 1730. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Barros, Andr‚ de. Vida de ...Antonio Vieyra da Companhia de Jesus. Lisbon, 1746. Purchase: Sutton Fund.

Menno Simons. Fundamentum. [Basel, ca. 1740]. Purchase: History Fund.

Ratzeberger, Simon, pseud. Vademecum fr lustige leute. Berlin, 1777. Gift of Henry E. Blenke.

Riccoboni, Antonio. De historia commentarius, cum fragmentis M. Porcii Catonis [and of others]. Venice, 1568. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Robiano, EugŠne Jean Baptiste, Comte de. Collection des desseins des figures colossales & des groupes qui ont ‚t‚ faits de neige. Antwerp, 1773. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Sarpi, Paolo. Historia del concilio Tridentino. London, 1619. Gift of Mrs. Edith Dulles Sylvester.

Tasso, Torquato. Aminta: the famous pastoral...translated into English verse by John Dancer. London, 1660. Purchase: Root Fund.

Villani, Giovanni. Croniche nelle quali si tratta dell' origine di Firenze. Venice, 1537. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

English Literature and History;

Anecdotes of Mary; or, the good governess. By the author of the history of the Davenport family. London, 1795. Purchase: Hunt Memorial Fund.

Blake, William. William Blake's designs for Edward Young's Night Thoughts. London, [1980]. Purchase: Class of 1875 Library Fund.

Butler, Samuel. Ancora sull' origine siciliana dell' Odissea. Acireale, 1894. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Butler, Samuel. L'origine siciliana dell' Odissea. Acireale, 1893. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Byron, George Gordon, Lord. English bards and Scotch reviewers; a satire. London, 1810. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Caryll, John. The English princess, or the death of Richard III. A tragedy. London, 1810. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Cooper, Myles. Poems on several occasiones. Oxford, 1761. Purchase: Hunt Memorial Fund.

[Dodd, William]. An African prince, now in England, to Zara at his father's court. London, 1749. Foxon D361 (no copy located). Purchase: Hunt Memorial and Reed Funds.

D'Urfey, Thomas. Love for money, or, the boarding school. A comedy. London, 1691. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

The gentleman's journal; or the monthly miscellany. London, 1692-1694. A complete run of the first literary magazine, with contributions by Matthew Prior, John Dennis, Nahum Tate, Thomas D'Urfey, Charles Sedley, Aphra Behn, and William Congreve, as well as printed music in each number, including many songs by Henry Purcell. Purchase: English Literature Fund.

Hayward, Thomas. The British muse, or, a collection of thoughts moral, natural, and sublime, of our English poets. London, 1738. Purchase: Class of 1875 Library Fund.

The history of the proceedings in the case of Margaret, commonly called Peg, only lawful sister to John Bull, Esq. London, 1761. Purchase: Hunt Memorial Fund.

The Indian vocabulary. To which is prefixed, the forms of impeachments. London, 1788. Purchase: English Literature Fund.

[Lockwood, Ralph Ingersoll]. Rosine Laval. A novel. By R. Smith, Esq. London, 1833. Purchase: Harper Fund.

Marryat, Florence. Fighting the air, a novel/ London, 1875. Gift of Mark S. Lasner.

Memoirs of the amours, intrigues, and adventures of Charles Augustus Fitz-Roy, Duke of Grafton, with Miss Parsons. London, 1769. Purchase: Hunt Fund.

More, Sir Thomas. A collection of 159 volumes by or about Sir Thomas More. The collection will be the subject of a separate note in the forthcoming issue of Chronicle. Gift of Canon F. Sydney Bancroft '27.

Morris, William. A book of verse...a facsimile of the manuscript in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. London, 1980. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

Pennecuik, Alexander. An historical account of the blue blanket; or, crafts-men's banner. Containing the fundamental principles of the good-town. Edinburgh, 1722. Purchase: Fund in memory of Henry L. Savage '15.

Quarles, Francis. Solomans recantation, entitled Ecclesiastes, paraphrased. With a soliloquie and meditation upon every chapter. London, 1645. Purchase: English Literature Fund.

Richardson, Samuel. Pamela. London, 1801. Purchase: Taylor Fund.

A relation of the now present warres, between the illustrious L. Charles Emanuel, D. of Savoy, Piedmont, &c. and the L. Cardinal of Mantua, D. of Montserrat; seconded by the King of Spaine. London, 1615. Purchase: Reed Fund.

The shifts of Reynardine the son of Reynard the Fox, or the pleasnat history of his life and death. London, 1684. Purchase: Osgood Fund and Reed Fund.

Emblem Books:

Alciati, Andrea. Emblemata. Antwerp, 1591. Edited by C. Minois. Purchase: Reed Fund.

Budovec Z Budova, Vaclav. Circulus horologii lunaris et solaris. Hanau, 1616. Purchase: History Fund, Reed Fund, and Friends of the Library Fund.

Gymnasium Societatis Jesu, Ypres. Illustrissimo et reverendissimo domino d. Joanni Baptistae de Smet decimo quinto Iprensium episcopo...M.D.CC.XXI. Ypres, 1721. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Picinelli, Filippo. Mondo simbolico. Milan, 1653. Purchase: Reed Fund.

History of Science:

Albin, Eleazar. A natural history of spiders, and other curious insects. Illustrated with 53 copper plates, engraved by the best hands. London, 1736. Gift of Mrs. Daniel W. Evans in memory of Daniel Webster Evans, class of 1887, together with the original manuscript and colored drawings.

Holbrook, John Edwards. North American herpotology; or, a description of the reptiles inhabiting the United States. Philadelphia, 1836-1840. Gift of Mrs. Daniel W. Evans in memory of Daniel Webster Evans, class of 1887.

Pharmacopoeia Bateana, qua nongenta circiter pharmaca, pleraque omnia e praxi Georgii Batei, regis Caroli II. medici primarii excerpta. Louvain, 1752. Autographed by American army physician, Hugh Mercer, who died at the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777. Purchase: History of Science Fund.


Aesopus. The fables of Aesop, and others, with designs on wood by Thomas Berwick. Newcastle, 1823. Gift of Mrs. Albert C. Whitaker Jr.

Caballero, Fermin. La Turqu¡a, teatro de la guerra presente. Madrid, 1828. Purchase:

Cambini, Andrea. Della origine de Turchi et imperio delli Ottomanni. Florence, 1537. Purchase: Near Eastern Studies Fund.
Menezes, Fernando de. Historia de Tangere, que comprehende as noticias desde a sua primeira conquista at‚ a sua ruina. Lisbon, 1732. Purchase: Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Montiero de Barbuda, Claudio Lagrange. Instruccoes com que...D. Jose I. Mandou passar as estado da India. Pangrim, 1841. Purchase: Friends of the Library Fund.

Newton, A. Edward. A collection of books and pamphlets by and about A. Edward Newton published in the first half of this century. Gift of Eugene C. Worden Jr.

Rio de Janeiro. Biblioteca Nacional...Estampas. Rio de Janeiro, 1976. Plates restruck from those first published at the Oficina tipogr fica, calcogr fica e liter ria do Cego, Lisboa. Purchase: Sutton Fund.

Schmied, Francois Louis. Copy no. 12 of an edition of 177 copies of his publication of Le Paradis Musulman, selon le texte et la traduction du Dr. J.C. Mardius, Paris, 1930, together with numerous sketches, proofs, and other material preparatory for the book. This special copy, together with his Catalogue des livres...expos‚s en mars 1927 chez Arnold Seligmann Rey and Co., Paris, 1927 will be the subjects of a note in the forthcoming issue of Chronicle. Gift of Mrs. William Atwood, Ms. Maryvonne Hemming, and George H. Cadgene '40 in the memory of their brother Henri M Cadgene '36.

Thomson, John. Illustrations of China and its People. London, 1873-1874. A four-volume series of 200 photographs, with descriptions. Gift of Donald Mackie '44 and Mrs. Mackie.

1981 - 1982:

Recent Acquisitions - Books

During the past academic year, over 750 printed books and 716 pamphlets were purchased for the various collections. Donors presented more than 450 titles as well. Because these numbers as so large and space to record them is limited, only some 130 notable books have been listed.

American Literature and History:

The adventures of Timothy Peacock, esquire, or Freemasonry practically illustrated. Middlebury, 1835, Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

The American bee; a collection of entertaining histories. Leominster, Mass., 1797. Purchase. Root Fund.

Bliss, Henry. The genius of Federalism, a poem, in three cantos. Pittsfield, Mass., 1813. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Butler, James. Fortunes foot-ball: or, The adventures of Mercutio. Founded on matters of fact. Harrisburg, 1797 - 1798. First American novel published west of Philadelphia. Purchase. Rosborough Memorial Fund.

Cherokee Nation. The census of the Cherokee nation for 1880. Tahlequah. 1880. With this were purchased several other rare Cherokee imprints. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

The confessions of Madison. [St. Louis?, 1841]. Purchase. Rollins Fund.

The Connecticut Gazette. New Haven, 1755-1757. Gift of John S. Abbot '49.

Elcho, Rudolph. Wilde Fahrten. Erinnerungsblatter aus dem amerikanischen burgerkrieg. Hanover, 1872. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

The gambler, or Memoirs of a British Officer, distinguished in the war of the American Revolution. Washington City, 1802. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Hemingway, Ernest. For Whom the Bell Tolls. New York, 1940. Presentation copy to Charles Scribner, Sr. Gift of Charles Scribner, Jr. '43.

Herbert, Henry William. Marmaduke Wyvil; or The Maid's revenge. An historical romance. London, 1843. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

[Lawson, James.] Tales and sketches by a cosmopolite. New York, 1830. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Oates, Joyce Carol. With shuddering fall. New York, 1964. Purchase. Rosborough Memorial Fund.

Osceola; or, Fact and fiction: a tale of the Seminole war. New York, 1838. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Plath, Sylvia. A collection of 58 books and other printings of her poetry assembled by biographer Edward Butscher. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

Rowson, Susanna Haswell. Charlotte. A tale of the truth. Philadelphia, 1794. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Sidney, Edward William. The partisan leader; a tale of the future. Washington, 1836. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

Tate, Allen and Ridly Wills. The golden mean. [Nashville, 1923]. Purchase. American Literature Fund.

Thompson, Daniel Pierce. May Martin; or The money diggers. A Green Mountain tale. Montpelier, 1835. Purchase. Cartwright Fund.

The Yankee in London; or A short trip to America. Philadelphia, 1826. Cartwright Fund.

Continental European History and Literature:

Ariosto, Ludovico. Le satire de...., tratte dall'originale. Venice, 1556. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Boulaese, Joannes. Tabula chronographica ex collatione temporum Habraeorum, Italorum, Chaldaeorum, et Aegyptiorum. Paris, 1573. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Cavalcanti, Bartolomeo. La retorica di..., divisa in sette libri. Venice, 1559. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Le cercle ou conversations galantes. Paris, 1673. Purchase. Sutton Fund.
Delille, Abbe. Les Jardins, ou l'art d'embellir les paysages. Trianon, 1782. Purchase. Surdna Fund.

Diderot, Denis, ed. Encyclopedie, ou dictionnaire raisonne de science. des arts et des metiers...Troisieme edition. Geneva, Neuchatel, and Lyon, 1778 - 1781. The so-called quatro edition. Purchase. Reed Fund and History Fund.

Elizabeth of Russia. [An account of the solemn ceremonies in the city of Moscow for the holy coronation of her august and imperial mejesty]. Saint Petersburg, 1744. Printed in Russian. Title above translated from the engraved title page. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Gaza, Theodorus. Liber de mensibus Atticis. Basel, 1536. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Ghiradelli, Cornelio. Cefalogia fisonomica divisa in dieci deche. Bologna, 1670. Purchase. Surdna Fund.

Icones biblicae pracipuas sacrae scripturae historias eleganter et graphice represetantes. Amsterdam, 1648. Gift of Mrs. Lila Tyng.

Justel, Henri. Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l'Amerique. Paris, 1674. Gift of Mrs. Christian Aall.

Leo Africanus, Joannes. De totius Africae descriptione, libri ix. Antwerp, 1556. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Manzoni, Alessandro. The betrothed lovers: a Milanese tale of the XVIIth century . Pisa, 1828. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Miraulmont, Pierre de. Memoires de...sur l'origine et l'institution des cours souveraines. Paris, 1584. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Noseret, Luis Fernandez. Coleccion de las principales suertes de una corrida de toros. [Madrid?, 179]]. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Perez de Moya, Juan. Philosofia secreta. Madrid, 1585. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Rechenberg, Adam. De studiis academicis. Leipzig, 1691. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[Sadelet, Aegidius, Jan I, and Raphael I]. Recueil d'estampes, d'apres Raphael, Titien, Carache,... et principalement d'apres Martin Devos, gravees par les celebres Sadeler, contenant plus de 500 estampes. Paris, 1748. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

Scaliger, Joseph. Cyclometrica elementa duo. Leyden, 1594. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Spanish and Catalan legal tracts. A collection of 716 tracts printed at Barcelona and other places during the 17th and 18th centuries. Purchase. History Fund and Latin American Studies Fund.

Tasso, Torquato. O Goffredo, ou Hierusalem liberata, peomata heroyco. Lisbon, 1682. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Tolstoi, Lev Nicholaevich. War and peace: a historical novel. New York, 1886. Purchase. Sturges Memorial Fund.

English Literature and History

[Arbuthnot, John]. Art of political lying. [London], 1712. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

[Barker, Jane]. Love intrigues: or, The history of the amours of Bosvil and Galesia, as related to Lucasia, in St. Germains Garden. A novel. London, 1713. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Blacklock, Thomas. Poems. Edinburgh, 1793. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Burns, Robert. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Kilmarnock, 1786. Gift of Dr. Howard T. Behrman.

Character Books, English. A collection of 55 character books published in London between 1633 and 1750, the majority of which were printed in the 1680's. Purchase. Taylor Fund and Hunt Memorial Fund.

Coelebs in search of a wife, comprehending observations on domestic habits and manners, religion and morals. London, 1808. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, annotator. Encyclopedia Londinensis. Volumes VI and VII. London, 1814. With holograph marginalia by Coleridge in both volumes. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Cottle, Joseph. Alfred, an epic poem, in twenty-four books. London, 1808. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Defence of English commodoties. [London], 1720. Purchase. Taylor.

Defoe, Daniel. The life and strange-surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe; The father adventures of Robinson Crusoe; and Serious reflections...3 vols. London, 1719-20. Gift of Dr. Howard T. Behrman.

Despotism: or The Fall of the Jesuits. A political romance, illustrated by historical anecdotes. London, 1811. Purchase. Root Fund.

Dictionarium rusticum & urbanicum: or, A dictionary of all sorts of country affairs, handicrafts, trading, and merchandising. London, 1704. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

England. Proclamations. Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God to call to his mercy out of this transitory life our Soveraigne Lady...ELizabeth. London, 1602. Proclamation announcing the accession of James I. Purchase. Taylor Fund and History Fund.

[Erskine, Thomas]. Armata: a fragment. London, 1817. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Farther excursions of the observant pedestrian, exemplified in a tour to Margate. London, 1801. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

The first satire of the second book of Horace, imitated in a dialogue between ALexander Pope of Twickenham...on the one part and his learned council on the other. London, 1733. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Freemasons. The constitutions of the Free-masons. Containing the history, charges, regulations, etc. of that most ancient and right worshipful fraternity [compiled by James Andeson]. London, 1723. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Harrington, James. The Oceana of..., and his other works. London, 1700. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Harwood, John Edmund. Select Poems. [London], 1793. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Hawkins, Laetitia Matilda. The countess and Gertrude; or Modes of discipline. London, 1811. Purchase. Root Fund.

Haywood, Eliza. The invisible spy. By exploralibus. London, 1755. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Hickelty pickelty; or, A medley of characters, adapted to the age, relating to different persons. London, 1708. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Higgons, Thomas. A penagyrick to the king. [London, 1660]. Purchase. Osgood Fund.

Hudibras redivivus: or A burlesque poem on the times. London, 1708.
Purchase Taylor Fund.

In imitation of Hudibras. The dissenting hypocrite, or occasional conformist; with reflections on two of the ring leaders, etc. London, 1704. Purchase. Taylor Fund,

Laureated leaves and rhimes for royalty: collecting New - Year and birthday odes. [London?], 1833. Factitious collection of poetry from contemporary newspapers and magazines. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Locker, Frederick. Poems, London, 1868. Large-paper copy. Extra-illustrated. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Love without interest: or, The man too hard for the master. A comedy. London, 1699. Woodward and McManaway 765. Purchase. Root Fund.

Middleton, Thomas. The Spanish gipsie. As it was acted (with great applause) at the private house in Drury lane and Salisbury Court. The second impression. London, 1661. Woodward and McManaway 816. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

The miracles perform'd by money: a poem. By the author of the humours of a coffee house. London, 1692. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

The mirroure of the wordle. MS Bodley 283 (England c.1470-1480). The physical composition, decoration and illustration. With an introduction by Kathleen L. Scott. Oxford, 1980. Gift of Charles Rsykamp.

Mr. Taste's tour from the island of politeness, to that of dulness and scandal. London, 1733. Purports to have been written by Alexander Pope. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Newcastle, Margaret. Poems and fancies. London, 1653. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Pasquin risen from the dead: or, His own relation of a late voyage he made to the other world, in a discourse with his friend Marforio. Translated from the Italian. London, 1674. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

The philanthropist; pr, Philosophical essays on politics, government, morals and manners. By a society of gentlemen. London, 1797. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Plain sense: a novel. London, 1795. Purchase. Hunt memorial fund.

Proposals for printing by subscription, a general system of horsemanship in all its branches. [London?, 1742]. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

A serious proposal to the ladies for the advancement of their true and greatest interest. London, 1694. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Settle, Elkanah. Ibrahim, the illustrious Bassa. A tragedy. London, 1677. Woodward and McManaway 1045. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Shotterel, Robert. Archerie reviv'd, or The Bowman's excellence. An heroick poem: being a description of the use and noble vertues of the longbow. London, 1676. Purchase. Root Fund.

Smith, Charlotte. The young philosopher: a novel. London, 1798. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Songs in the opera of Antiochus as they are perform'd at the Queen's Theatre. [London? 1712]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Southey, Robert. Letters written during a short residence in Spain and Portugal. Bristol, 1797. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Abel Massinger: or The aeronaut. London and Edinburgh, 1846. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Styles, John. An essay on character. London, 1806. Purchase. Lloyd-Smith Memorial Fund.

A supplement to one thousand seven hundred thirty-eight. London, 1738. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Swift, Jonathan. Letters between Dr. Swift, Mr. Pope, etx. From the year 1714 to 1734. London, 1741, Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Swift, Jonathan. S---T contra omnes. [London?, ca. 1736?]. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Tencin, Claudine Alexandrine Guerin de. The siege of Calais. London, 1740. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

A treatise on the passions, so far as they regard the state: with a critical enquiry into the theatrical merit of... [London? 1747]. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Trotter, Catherine. The unhappy penitent, a tragedy: as it is acted, at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, by His Majesty's servants. London, 1701. Purchase. Hunt Memorial Fund.

Vulgus Britannicus: or The British Hudibrass. London, 1711. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Watts, Isaac. Horae lyricae. Poems chiefly of the lyric kind. London, 1715. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Wilson, John. The cheats. A comedy. London, 1664. Woodward and McManaway 1306. Purchase. Taylor Fund.

Emblem Books:

Amoris divini et humani antipathia sive effectus varii e variis sacrae scripturae locis deprompti emblematis suis expressi SS.P.P. authoritatibus. Antwerp, 1670. Third edition. First published in 1626. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Brovio, Carolo. Rhetoricae suburbanum. Rome, 1676. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Ginther, ARD. Antonius. Speculum amoris et doloris in sacratissimo ac diviissimo corde Jesu. Augsburg, 1731. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Quarles, Francis. Emblems, divine and moral. London, 1718. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Redel, August Casimir. Annus symbolicus, emblemmatice, et versu leonino, quemcumque statu, hominum incitans ad animum pie recreandum. [Augsburg, ca. 1695]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Spinniker, Adriann. Leerzaame zinnebeelden. WIth this is bound his Vervolg der leerzaame zinnebeelden en spiegel der boetvaardigheid. Haarlem, 1757-58. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Suderman, Jan. De godlievende ziel vertoont in zinnebeeldn door Herman Hugo en Otto van Veen met dichtkunstige verkaringen van...Amsterdam, 1737. Purchase. Reed Fund.

History of Science:

Forster, Johann Reinhold. A catalogue of the animals of North America. London, 1771. Gift of William M. Larrabee '25.

Gil, Jayme. Perfecta y curiosa declaracion de los provechos grandes, que dans las colmenas bien administradas y alabancas de las abejas. Zaragoca, 1621. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Hillary, William. Observations on the changes of the air and the concomitant epidemical diseases in the island of Barbadoes. London, 1766. Gift of Mrs. Christian Aall.

Lettsom, John Coaklet. History of the origin of medicine: an oration. London, 1778. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Newton, Sir Isaac. Opticks: or A treatise of the reflexions, refractions, inflexions, and colours of light. London, 1704; and the third edition corrected, London, 1721. Gifts of Professor Henry DeWolf Smyth '18.

Nicholas, Pierre Francois. Methode de preparer et conserver les animaux de toutes les classes, pour les cabinets d'histoire naturelle. Paris, [1801]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Pliny the Elder. Historia naturalis. Rome, 1470. Gift of Arthur W. Machen, Jr. '42.

Smyth, Henry Dewolf. Atomic energy for military purposes. The official report on the development of the atomic bomb. Princeton, 1945. Copy of the sixth printing signed by Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, Henry deWolf Smyth, and others associated with the Mahattan Project. Gift of the Princeton University Press.

A treatise of the deseases most frequent in the West-Indies, and herein more particularly of those which occur in Barbadoes. London, 1726. Purchase. History of Science Fund.


Buratellus, Gabriel. Praecipuarum controversiam Arist. et Platonis conciliatio, opus diu desideratum,...Venice, 1573. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Caro, Joseph. Shulham 'arukh. Cracow, 1578-1580. Purchase. History Fund.

Confederacion de Centro America, 1823 - 1840. Proyecto de bases constitucionales para las provincias unidas del centro de America, presentado en la Asemblea Nacional Constituyente por la Comision de Constitucion. [Guatemala, 1824?]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Felice, Constanzo. The conspiracie of Catiline....[translated by T.Paynell] with the historye of Jugurth by Salus...[translated by A. Barcklaye]. London, [1557]. STC 10752. Purchase. Taylor

Fridolin, Stephan. Der schatzbehalter oder schrein der wahren reichthumer des heils und der ewigen seligkeit. Nuremberg, 1491. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Garcia, Manuel. Derechos legales y estado de Tierra Santa. Coleccion de documentos y noticias...Palma de Mallorca, 1814. Presented by the dedicatee, Admiral William Sidney SMith, to Lord Stuart de Rothesay. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Hughes, Griffith. The natural history of Barbados. London, 1750. Gift of Mrs. Christian Aall.

Lesclache, Louis de. La philosophie expliquee en tables par...[and other works by the same author]. Paris, 1652-1663. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Poyer, John. The history of Barbados, from the first 1605, till...1801. London, 1808. Gift of Mrs. Christian Aall.

Rickman, Philip. A selection of bird paintings and sketches. [London], 1979. Purchase. Zeiss Memorial Fund.

Sacramento, Antonio de. Viagem santa e peregrinaco ao devota que aos santos lugares. Lisbon, 1748. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Spinoza, Benedict. Reflexions curieuses d'un esprit des interresse sur les matieres les plus importantes au salutm tant publique que particulier. Cologne, 1678. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

Virgil. Bucolica et georgica. Rome, 1490. With commentary by Antonio Mancinelli. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund and Duplicates Fund.

Von Breydenbach, Bernhard. Peregrinatio in terram sanctam. Mainz, 1486. Gift of Robert H. Taylor '30.

Whistler, James. The etched works of Whistler. New York, 1904. Gift of H. Kenaston Twitchell.


Recent Acquisitions - Books:

During the past academic year (1982-1983), the Library acquired by purchase for the General Rare Book Collections well over 1,100 books. Their range in subject matter is great. As in past years, they reflect the areas in which the rare book collections are strongest, namely, English and American literature and history. Added to these purchases were 184 gifts of various sorts, the most outstanding of which is the gift of many 18th-century French belletristic works from teh library of the late Professor Ira O. Wade. A survey of the numerous acquisitions reveals the following categories of purchases: poetical miscellanies of the 18th-century England; emblem books; 17th-century English plays; several outstanding first editions of the Danish existentialist philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard; translations of Russian novels into English; European social history; literature relating to the English stage in the 18th and 19th centuries; rare books on the Near East; history of science; modern Latin American literature; Edwardian novels; and books of the Renaissance.

In many ways, these current acquisitions reflect the very nature of the General Rare Book Collections; they are a microcosm of the enormously varied University Library Collectios. Indeed, the totality of the special sub-collections within the General Rare Book Collections is yet to be determined, but we do know from out recently completed Guide to Selected Special Collections of Printed Books and Other Materials in the Princeton Univeristy Library that their number is nearly 200. This past year, as in other years, we have tried to add to some of these sub-groupings, but our desire to do so is always controlled by availability of both funds and books, to name only two limitations.

Since the academic year 1979-1980, the Library has been a member of the Research Libraries Group and consequently has been utilizing its automated shared cataloguing system, called RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network). Records for all the recent acquisitions acquired for the General Rare Book Collections are now found in RLIN.

The following are only some of the year's more outstanding acquisitions.


We continue to add to our collection of the printed works of selected contemporary Latin American authors, a collecting program begun in conjunction with teh Manuscript Division's effort to acquire the papers of several leading contemporary authors. This year we added books by Jose Donoso, Reinaldo Arenas, Carlos Fuentes, and Guillermo Cabrera Infante.

In 1974 we received as a gift from Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert an object long used in the New World for the recording of events and the keeping of accounts. It is called a quipu and consists of a bundle of knotted cords. It was used by the Incas between the 13th and 15th centuries and was recorded to be in use in the 19th century in the interior of Peru and Bolivia. This year we added a study of the quipu published in Naples in 1750. The circumstances of its publicatio make a long story indeed, since the book was written as a defense of a work claiming to have been translated from quipus. The defender was a learned Neopolitan inventor and linguist, Raimondo Sangro (1710-1771), and his book includes several plates printed in color demonstrating knots for "master words," Peruvian songs, and so forth.

Also in the area of Americana, we have added Heinrich Alting's Theologia eleuctica nova (Amsterdam, 1654), once in the library of Jonathan Edwards, theologian and president of Princeton at the time of his death in 1758. The Library already owns nearly 60 books once belonging to Edwards.

We have also added the subscription proposals for printing an 18th-century ethnography of American Indians by a Scotsman, David Doig, who had been Deputy Provost Marshal General Commander in West Florida. The projected book, The Manners and Customs of the American Indians, was evidently never published. The proposals have been unrecorded heretofore, and they contain reports of numerous circumstances of Doig's 23-year residence in America.

Thaddeus Burr Wakeman, Class of 1854.

During the early part of 1983, the greater portion of the library of a late 19th-century Baltimore ship captain, James H. Graff, became available on the antiquarian book market. His library consisted of more than 330 "yellowbacks" (now in the hands of a Philadelphia bookseller) as well as a gathering pf books on socialist and radical political themes. From the latter group, the Library recently acquired seven books, including one by a member of the Princeton Class of 1854, Thaddeus Burr Wakeman. Born in Connecticut, Wakeman came from a staunch Presbyterian family and evidently was expected to enter the ministry. At graduation, he declared he could not do so, and instead he read law in a New York City law office. He was admitted to the bar in 1856 and practiced in New York City for many years. Instead of theology, his mind turned to politcal thought and religious free thinking. A newspaper obituary declared him "one of the most advanced advocates of liberalism in this country." His early politics were anti-slavery, and after the war he was a follower of Horace Greeley. After 1868, he was active in Free Thought movements in New York; leader in the Humanity Society; president of the Manhattan Libreral Club; and president of the National Liberal League and the New York State Free Thinker's League. He was editor of Man, a liberal journal, as well as the Torch of Reason. Wakeman was knwon for his oratorical skills (he was a perennial convention speaker, according to one historian). The book recently acuired is Wakeman's address before the Committee on Charitable and Religious Societies of the Assembly of the State of New York on March 23, 1881. Entitled Liberty and Purity: How to Secure both Safely, Effectively, and Impartially, it was delivered in opposition to a bill to increase the powers of the Society for the Suppression of Vice, which had succeeded in establishing the Comstock Postal Laws which aimed at excluding all mail "designed to incite lust."

Wakeman was a controversial character, no doubt, and it is interesting to observe that only one of his 24 books is found today in the Library's Princtoniana or so-called "P" collection. The "P" collection gathered books, pamphlets, autograph albums, bound manuscripts, and pictures relating to Princeton and its alumni. The earliest known date of existence for the "P" collection is 1905. At that time it amounted to 3585 volumes, including the large collection of Princetoniana presented by Professor William Libbey, Class of 1877. Active collecting stopped about 1948. In the collection, some Princeton writers, such as Booth Tarkington and John Witherspoon, are well represented, but Wakeman's works are conspicuously lacking.

Restoration and other Seventeeth-Century English Plays:

The Library has been diligently collecting the English Restoration and other 17th-century plays the 1930s. Records of the early collection are nonexistent, but our knowledge of acquisitions make during the past 20 years is quite complete. Since 1963, the Library has added 176 plays to the existing collection of about 700 volumes. During that 20-year period, the rate of acquisition has averaged about eight plays per year. This past academic year, we collected a bonanza of more than twice our usual fund - 17 plays to be exact. To us this seems extraordinary, in light of the fact that a recent specialized antiquarian dealer's catalogue listed 116 Restoration plays, and we had them all! The titles of the plays reflect many of the political and social interests of the day, such as the Glorious Revolution (The Late Revolution: Or, The Happy Change. A Tragi-Comedy, As it was acted throughout the English Dominions in the Year 1688. London, 1690. Wing L558); love and marriage; and religion.

Edwardian Novels

In the spring 1981 issue of the Library Chronicle we announced the purchase of a collection of Edwardian novels. During the past academic year, this collection has been completely catalogued on RLIN under a grant from the United States government as part of the Higher Education Act, Title II-C. This past year we purchased from a Philadelphia bookseller another collection of Edwardian novels consisting of many titles that augmented the holdings of the authors' works included in the 1981 purchase. Also rounding out this year's purchases are many novels by women authors. Again under Title II-C, cataloguing of this recently acquired collected of 667 volumes has been completed. The cataloguing was based on the processing of the 1981 purchase, thus allowing a considerable saving of time and effort.

English Poetical Miscellanies

Recently purchased from a Princeton bookseller is a collection of English poetical miscellanies published between 1625 and 1800. In its entirety, the collection consists of 86 titles in 71 volumes. These 86 join more than 200 other editions of English poetical miscellanies for the same period already in the Library. Although it is not known exactly when the Library began to gather these miscellanies, impetus for collecting them came in 1935 when the first comprehensive bibliography of English poetical miscellanies was published. The Princeton copy of Case shows intensive use by the Associate Librarian, Lawrence Hely, as he began to search and purchase miscellanies for our growing collections. Mr. Heyl not only annotated entries for copies held by Princeton but also noted variations of Princeton copies with the published descriptions.

Miscellany, as a term meaning a collection of literary works gathered together in one volume, was first used in 1638. Nonetheless, poetical miscellanies had existed in ENgland at least since 1557m the year in which Richard Tottel published his famous Songs and Sonnettes, written by the ryght honorable Lorde Henry Haward late Early of Surrey and other, today known as Tottel's Miscellany. In fact, some claim that the London, 1532 edition of Chaucer's Works ought to be called the first English poetical miscellany since it contains some 20 pieces not by Chaucer. In any event, since they first appeared, poetical miscellanies were enormously popular in England. Their popularity is evidenced by the large hunber of miscellany editions issued under the same title both during Elizabethan times and afterwards. (Tottel's Miscellany alone went through nine editions between 1557 and 1587. Many of these editions were completely read to pieces; in some cases, proof of their existence is based on only one surviving copy.) In addition, titles of miscellanies proliferated, with about 85 per year being issued at the end of the 18th century.

The role of poetical miscellanies in English literary life is only partly understood. They sometimes contained the first appearance of an author's work. Notable examples are the publication of Alexander Pope's first poetical work in volume six of Tonson's Poetical Miscellanies (London, 1709), or playwright Nathaniel Lee's first publication in Musarum Catabrigiensium Threnodia (Cambridge, 1670). Another example, as well, is that of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea, nee Kingsmill (1666?-1720). Her Pindaric ode, The Spleen, was first published in A New Miscellany in 1701. A fourth example in John Locke's first appearance in print, a poem in John Owen's Musarum Oxoniensium, published at Oxford in 1654. Indeed, the foundation stone of any collection of English romantic poetry - Lyrical Ballads, a collection of poems by Wordsworth and Coleridge (Bristol, 1798) - from one point of view looks entirely like a kind of poetical miscellany. Like other miscellanies, none of the poems is signed (many are now famous, such as "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey") and no editor's name appears on the title page.

What a modern scholar says of Elizabethan miscellanies is true for all:

Yet modern readers...are surprisingly unfamiliar with the miscellanies, and no bibliography has yet recorded their full number without omission or error. Their varied interests for present scholars remain largely unexplored. The collections shed light on he history of taste and on the directions of change in poetic theme and technique. Their story reveals the practices of a flourishing book trade and patterns of imitation and interaction between poets and poetic types. Literary conventions passed in and out of their development, shaping one volume or filling out substance in another. Yet of the many questions they raise, only one, perhaps the least fruitful, has been pursued at all: identification of the authors of the many anonymous poems. The miscellanies have not been assessed as a phenomenon or as a form; nor have their gatherings of poetry been studied in particular literary contexts.


"Wit's Descant on any Plain-song": 17th-Century English Character Books

Character is a complicated concept stemming from the Greek word meaning "to scratch". Such a graphic, literal meaning has given way to the many figurative uses common today - the distinguishing traits of an object; the qualities of the human personality; one's reputation; an odd or eccentric person; a "character" actor; the behavior of a moral or immoral person.

Some writers of 17th-century England focused on these concepts and a number developed a literary genre called "a character." Collections of these short descriptions of types of individuals were known as character books. They wrapped in a shrewdly persuasive rhetoric worldly wisdom, moral insight, satiric observation, humor, and entertainment. Today they seem to have few counterparts, but perhaps the newspaper cartoon or The Preppy Handbook comes closest to the spirit of the character book.

The work of the Greek writer Theophrastus served as the model for the earliest English character books. He was first translated into English in 1616, and has remained available in English in varying editions down to the present. These early translations of Theophrastus were generalized "type" portraits intended to personify abstract concepts. At the outbreak of the Civil War, so-called "controversial" characters appeared, usually as eight-page pamphlets in quatro format. Unlike "type" portraits, "controversial" characters had a particular focus but left their subject unnamed. In 1675, there was a small and successful outrush of quatro format "type" characters, but these were overtaken by a wave of "controversial" broadside and folio characters in 1680 - 83. These related directly to the Popish plot, religious controversy, and political infighting. Thereafter the character book appeared less frequently until the Glorious Revolution of 1688 inspired a brief outburst (1688 - 1691). In the subsequent early years of the 18th century, Ned Ward reverted to the "type" character book in his works on the army and navy that were frequently reprinted.

Because of the specific circumstances surrounding the writing and publishing of character books, these intriguing half-sheet broadsides, four and eight-page pamphlets are extremely scarce today. In 1982 the Library had the remarkable fortune to acquire 55 of them. Most are known in only one or two copies, and a great majority of them date from the 1680s.

Sir Thomas More

In November 1980, the Library received a collection of early printed books by and about Sir Thomas More. Beheaded in 1535 and declared a saint in 1935 - quite a while later, More was a complex man whose central role in the rise of the English nation makes him a fascinating individual for many collectors. The gift is the collection of Canon F. Sidney Bancroft of the Class of 1927, who began collecting More many years ago.

The collection includes more than 125 volumes, of which 42 were printed during the era of the hand press. These 42 include many editions of Utopia, including a translation into French published in 1643. The earliest edition of Utopia in Canon Bancroft's collection is one printed at London in 1543. The Library already has the first edition of Utopia (Louvain, 1516) and the Bancroft collection greatly augments our holdings of subsequent editions.

The facts about More's life have been manipulated in the past to serve the needs of political ideology or religious opinion. Evidently with such a fact in mind, Canon Bancroft collected several of the important early biographies of More, including an early edition of the biography by Thomas Stapleton, the recusant of New College, Oxford. Stapleton's Tres Thomae translated Roper's English work into Latin and added other material. The biography by Cresacre More, Sir Thomas' great grandson, published in 1642, borrowed from both Roper and Stapleton. To the narrative, Cresacre More added stories of the "decorative miracles" as the Encyclopedia Britannica (11th edition) puts it.


Recent Acquisitions - Books

The following represent gifts and additions to the Library's General Rare Book Collections and related special collections made during the past two years, 1982-1984, but not previously recorded in the Chronicle.

English Literature and History:

An Address to the ladies on the Indecency of Appearing at Immodest Plays. London, 1756. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The Admonition, An Execrable New Ballad to the Tune of the Times. [London 17-]. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Advertisements. That there is lately come to town, a new set of curious Puppets...[Edinburgh, 1757]. Relates to the Douglas Controversy. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The Algerine Captive; or, the Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill. London, 1802. Purchase. James H. McEwen, Jr. '44 Fund.

Banks, John. The Rival Kings: or the Loves of Oroondates and Statira. London, 1677. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Banks, John. Vertue Betray'd: or, Anna Bullen. A Tragedy. London, 1692. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Cassandra. The Fam'd into English by an Honorable Person. London, 1652. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

Cato Examin'd: or, Animadversions on the Fable or Plot, Manners, Sentiments, and Diction of the New Tragedy of Cato. London, 1713. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Churchill, Sir Winston. Their Finest Hour. Boston, 1949. Inscribed by Churchill to Charles Scribner '13 with accompanying letter. Gift of Charles Scribner III '73.

Cole, John. A Descriptive Catalogue of a Select Portion of the Stock of John Cole, Bookseller, Scarborough. Scarborough, 1825. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

The Count de Gabalis: Being a Diverting History of the Rosicrucian Doctrine of Spirits. London, 1714. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Dryden, John. The Mall: or the Modish Lovers. A Comedy. London, 1674. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

English and American History - Eighteenth Century. A collection of several volumes on the subject. Gift of Lawrence C. Woods, Jr. '22.

English and American Literature. A collection of books in these subjects received as a gift from Willard Thorp.

English and American Literature and History. . A collection of books on these subjects as well as in several other fields received as a gift from Mrs. William M. Adams.

English Literature of the Eighteenth Century. A collection of books on these subjects received as a gift from Paul Fussell.

An epilogue to the tragedy of Douglas, Spoke by the Author. [London, 17-]. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

An Essay on the Theatres: or, the Art of Acting: A Poem. Dublin, 1745. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Etheridge, Sir George [sic]. A Defence of Sir Fopling Flutter, A Comedy. London, 1722. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Farquhar, George. The Constant Couple. Or a Trip to the Jubilee. A Comedy...The Second Edition, with a New Scene added. London, 1700. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

The Female Soldier; Or, the Surprising Life and Adventures of Hannah Snell. London, 1730. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The Folly of Priest-Craft. A Comedy. London, 1690. Purchase, Friends of the Library Fund.

Ford, Ford Madox. Sixty-six books by Ford Madox Ford, including inscribed copies, selected by Mr. Naumburg from his extensive Ford collection. Gift of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

H.S. Do no right, Take no Wrong; Keep what you have, Get what you can: or, The Way of the World Displayed. London, 1711. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

The History of Henry, Earl of Moreland. London, 1781. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

The Late Revolution: Or, The Happy Change. A Tragi-Comedy. London, 1690. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

[Le Loyer, Pierre, Sieur de la Brosse]. A Treatise of Specters or strange Sights, Visions, and Apparitions appearing sensibly unto me. London, 1605. Gift of Mrs. James Brownlee Rankin.

A Letter from Dick Estcourt, the Comedian, to the Spectator. London, 1713. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The Life and Character of Marcus Portius Cato Uticensis: Collected from the Best Ancient Greek and Latin Authors...Second Edition, with large Additions. London, 1713. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Loggan, David [illustrator]. Cantabrigia Illustrata. Cambridge, [1688]. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

The Miseries of Goals [sic] and the Cruelty of Goalers. Being a Narrative of Several Persons now under Confinement. London, 1729. Purchase. Charles M. Cartwright '94 and Levering Cartwight '26 Fund.

The Mysteries of Love & Eloquence, Or, the Arts of Wooing and Complementing; As they are manag'd in the Spring Garden, Hide Park, the New Exchange, and other eminent places...the Third Edition, with additions. London, 1685. Purchase. Katherine Jeanette Palmer Sutton Memorial Fund.

Orrery, Roger Boyle, Early of. The Tragedy of Kind Saul. London, 1703. Purchase, English Literature Fund.

Philips, John. The Works. London, 1712. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

The Present State of Betty-Land. London, 1684. A Utopian novel. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Purcell, Daniel. A New Opera; Called Brutus of Alba: or, Augusta's Triumph. London, 1697. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Ramsey, Laon (pseudonym of Ramsden Balmforth). Landon Deecroft: A Socialistic Novel. London, [18-]. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Record, Robert. The Grounde of Arts, TEaching the Work and Practice of Arithmeticke, bothe in Whole Numbers and Fractions. London, 1579. Record's work "was by far the most influentil of the early books upon the subject as far as English-speaking peoples were concerned..." Only known perfect copy of second variant issue of the 1579 edition. Bound in contemporary dark calf by the Morocco Binder. Purchase. History of Science and Surdna Foundation Funds.

Ruskin, John. Praeterita. London, 1886 - 1889. Three volumes, including Dilecta. Correspondence, Diary Notes, and Extracts from Books, illustrating Praeterita. Gift of Arthur C. Holden '12.

Saint Thomas's Mount. A Poem Written by a Gentlemen in India. London, 1774. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

Some Remarks upon Mr. Collier's Defense of his Short View of the English Stage, etc. London, 1698. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Some Thoughts Concerning the Stage in a Letter to a Lady. London, 1704. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

To Diabebouloumenon: or, The Proceedings at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. London, 1723. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

A Tour to the Isle of Love. London, 1788. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

A True and Exact Catalogue of all the Plays that were every yet Printed in the English Tongue; with the Authors Names against each Play...and continued down to October 1713. London, 1713. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The True Mannor and Forme of the Proceeding to the Funerall of the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe. London, 1646. Purchase. Katherine Jeanette Palmer Sutton Memorial Fund.

The Vale of Guasco; or The Maid with Seven Lovers. London, 1813. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Wilkes, John. Wilke's Jests, or the patriot wit. Being a collection of bon-mots, puns, repartees, and other witticisms, respecting John Wilkes Esq. and the Ever Memorable Number Forty-Five. London, 1770. Purchase. Katherine Jeanette Palmer Sutton Fund.

Winter, William. Shakespeare's England. [Boston, ca. 1890]. One volume extended to three with extra illustrations. Gift of Arthus C. Holden '12.

Wits Led by the Nose; or, a Poet's Revenge. A Tragi-comedy. London, 1678. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

American Literature and History

A.D. 2050. Electrical Development at Atlantis. By a Former Resident of "The Hub." San Francisco, 1890. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

American Colonial History. A collection of several important British pamphlets relating to this subject received as a gift from Lawrence C. Woods, Jr. '22.

American History. A collection of boooks on this subject received as a gift from Mrs. Alan Valentine.

American Literature - Twentieth Century. A collection of books on this subject received as a gift from Mrs. Alice Tibbetts.

American Literature - Twentieth Century. A collection of works by Finis Farr '26, John O'Hara, H. Allen Smith, and others presented by Joseph Bryan III '27 in grateful and affectionate memory of Julian Street. All copies have presentation inscriptions by the author to Mr. Bryan.

American Literature - Twentieth Century. A collection of works by Robert Benchley, Corey Ford, S.J. Perelman, Donald Ogden Stewart, Frank Sullivan, and others presented by Joseph Bryan III '27 in memory of Finis Farr '26. All copies have presentation inscription by the author to Mr. Bryan.

Buck, Pearl. A collection of 87 editions of translations of Pearl Buck into Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Noweigian, German, and Dutch published in various cities between 1932 and 1956. Gift of Andrea Lloyd.

Burt, Struthers '04. A collection of works by Struthers Burt given by William John Buckson.

Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell to Arms. New York, 1929. First edition, one of 510 numbered copies signed by Hemingway, specially bound. This is one of the first 10 copies reserved for presentation purposes. Gift of Charles Scribner III '73.

Lindbergh, Charles A. The Spirit of St. Louis. New York, 1953. First edition, one of 829 specially bound copies signed by Lindbergh, with ALS from Lindbergh to John Hall Wheelock. Gift of Charles Scribner III '73.

Lowell, James Russell. A Fable for Critics. The first corrected and the second editions. New York, 1848. Gift of Arthur C. Holden '12.

McPhee, John '53. A collection of 10 editions of the author's works published between 1969 and 1983. Gift of the author.

Oates, Joyce Carol. A collection of several translations of the author's works published in Europe in recent years. Gift of the author.

Smith, Logan Pearsall. Saved from the Savage. With a memoir of teh author by Cyril Connolly. Edinburgh, 1982. Gift of Howell J. Heaney,

Tarkington, Booth '93. Gentle Julia. New York, 1922. Inscribed by the author to Julia B. Burt, sister of the donor, Nathaniel Burt '36.

Tate, Allen. Selected Poems. New York, 1937. First edition with TLS from Tate to Maxwell Perkins, an early Table of Contents, and a four-page typescript of Tate's "Ode to the Confederate Dead." Gift of Charles Scribner III '73.

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Author's edition. Camden, New Jersey, 1876. Inscribed to Charles Scribner '13 by the author. Gift to Charles Scribner III '73.

William, William Carlos. A Book of Poems Al Que Quiere! Bost on, 1917. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

Emblem Books:

Alciati, Andrea. Emblemata. Leyden, 1591. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Doni, Antonio Francesco. I marmi. Venice, 1552 - 53. Purchase. Lathrop Colgate Harpe, Litt. D., Memorial Fund.

Ginther, Antonio. Mater Amoris et Doloris...nunc Explicata per Sacra Emblemata. Augsburg, 1726. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

Mendo, Andres. Principe perfecto y ministros aivstados, documentos politicos, y morales. En Emblemas. Lyon, 1662. Purchase. David Aiken Reed 'oo Memorial Fund.

Continental Books:

Alexis ou de l'age d'or. Riga, 1787. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

Andrade. Alonso de. Itinerario historial que deve guardar el hombre para caminar al cielo. Barcelona, 1684. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Blosio, Ludovico. Las obras de...traduzidas por fray Gregorio de Alfaro. Barcelona, 1609. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Bremond, Sebastien. Le Double-Cocu. Paris, 1678. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Brove, Salomon de la. Le Cavalerice Francois...troisieme edition reveve et augmentee. Paris, 1612. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Chateaubriand, F.A. Atala; or the Amours of Two Indians in the Wilds of America. London, 1801. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Epistolae ad Addicum, Brutum, & a. fratrem. Lyons, 1548. Gift of Victor Lange.

De la veneracion que se deve a los cuerpos de los sanctos...Madred, 1611. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Eca de Queiroz, Jose Maria de. A Relinquia. Porto, 1887. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

Fonte, Moderata. Il Merito delle Donne. Venice, 1600. Purchase. History and Duplicates funds.

French Literature and History - Eighteenth Century. A collection of books on this subject received as a gift from Thomas P. Cook '32.

Moliere. L'amour medecin. Comedie. Paris, 1669. Purchase. Katherine Jeanette Palmer Sutton Memorial Fund.

Monarquia del amor de Jesus, establecida en el corazon de las senaras. Barcelona, 1701. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Montany, Didier d'Arclais de. Ordre et reglements qui s'observant dans la Maison de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans, pour la conduite de la Bouche. Paris, 1764. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Navarro, Martin de Azpilcueta. Manual de confessores y penitentes. Salamanca, 1557. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Pacheco, Miguel. Epitome de la vida, acciones, y milagros de S. Antonio natural de la cuidd de Lisboa. Madred, 1674. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Reineccius, Reiner. Sammelband of six first or early editions of his recessions of classic German chronicles as well as the first edition of his theoretical treatise on the writing of history. Frankfurt, 1577-1580. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

Los reyes nuevos de Toledo. Madrid, 1674. Purchase. Iberian Peninsular Languages Fund.

Russian History. Six Columes of early printed books on the subject. Gift of George F. Kennan '25.

Sadi. Gulistan ou L'Empire des Roses...Traduit en Francois par Andre dy Ryer. Paris, 1634. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Schoelcher, V. Histoire des crimes du deus decembre. London, 1852. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Vergilius Maro, Publius. Opera. Bucoliza, Georgica, Aeneis. Manoscritto 492 della Biblioteca Reccardiana di Firenze. Florenc, [1969]. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

History of Science:

Buchanan, Robertson. Practical essays on Mill work and other machinery...second edition corrected, with notes and additional Thomas Tredgold. London, 1823. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Cowper, William. Myotomia reformata, or, an anatomical treatise on the muscles of the human body: illustrated with figures after the life. London, 1724. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Galen. Opera Omnia. Venice, 1541-1545. 8 volumes. Purchase: David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

James, Robert. A Dissertation on Fevers and Inflammatory Distempers...Second edition. London, 1749. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

James, Robert. A Dissertation on Fevers and Inflammatory Distempers...Fourth edition. London, 1758. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

James, Robert. The following medicines are sold by Francis Newbery, at the only warehouse for Dr. James' Powder,...[London, 1779?]. Broadsheet. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

James, Robert. Nuova Farmacopea Universale...Tradotta dall' Idioma Inglese nell' Italiana. Edizione Prima Veneta. Venice, 1758. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

James, Robert. Pharmocopea Universalis: or, A new universal English dispensatory...Second edition. London, 1752. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

Primatt, Humphry. A dissertation on the duty of mercy and sin of cruelty to brute animals. London, 1776. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

Simonelli, Jacobus Philipus, and others. Scientia Eclipsium ex imperio, et commercio cinarum illustrata. Rome and Lucca, 1747. Purchase. History of Science FUnd.

Stenius, Joannis. Pro dignitate Philosophiae Eculideae tuenda. Paris, 1567. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.

Toalado, Guiseppe. Della vera influenza degli astri, delle stagioni, e mutazioni di tempo, saggio meteorologico fondato sopra lunghe osservazioni, ed applicato agli usi dell'agricultura, medicina, nautica ec. Padua, 1771. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Tull, Jethro. The horse-hoing husbandry, or, and essay on the principles of tillage and vegetation. London, 1733. With the bookplate of Dudley Woodbridge, Anglo-Americanus. Purchase. David Aiken Reed '00 Memorial Fund.


Angling. A collection of books on angling and other related subjects received as a gift from H. Robert Samstag '19.

Angling. Several additions to the Rockey collection of angling books in the Library. Presented in memory of Isabelle A. Rockey. Gift of Kenneth H. Rockey '16.

Benjamin, J.J. Eight years in Asia and Africa from 1846-1855...with a preface by Dr. Berthold Seemann. Hanover, 1859. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Grtler, Nicolas. Origines Mundi. Amsterdam, 1528. Purchase. Lathrop Colgate Harper, Litt.D., Memorial Fund.

[Kierkegaard, S”ren]. Af en endnu Levendes Papirer. Copenhagen, 1838. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

[Kierkegaard, S”ren]. Afluttende uvidenskabelig Esterskrift til de philosophiste Smuler. Copenhagen, 1846. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

[Kierkegaard, S”ren]. Frngt og Boeven. Copenhagen, 1843. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

[Kierkegaard, S”ren]. Synspunktet sor min forsatter Virksomhed. Copenhagen, 1959. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

Machado de Assis, Joaquim Maria. Contos Fluminenses. Rio de Janiero and Paris, [1870]. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

Meurisse, Martin, O.F.M. Artificiosa Totius Logices Descriptio. [Paris, 1614]. Engraving on large sheets depicting Meurisse's explication of mental process based on his version of Aristotle's logic as interpreted by Duns Scotus. Two related charts are in the British Library, one treating the moral 9published 1630?) and the other the physiological (published 1615?). Purchase. History and Graphic Arts Funds.

Music and Literature-Twentieth Century. A collection of books on these subjects given by Charles A. Perera '26.

Theatre in New York City. Scrapbooks assembled by Miriam Y. Holden ca. 1915. Each contains a large number of programs, clippings etc. Gift of Arthur C. Holden.



The following represent significant gifts and additions to the Library's General Rare book Collections and related special collections made during the past year, 1984-1985.


An Account of a Plan whhich has been successfully pursued for three years, in conducting a Penny Saving's Bank for Children, with the Addition of a Working Fund for Females; including Direction and Patterns for cutting out every sort of wearing apparel for girls, shirts and pinafores for boys... London, 1822.

ADAMS, JANE. Miscellany Poems. Glasgow, 1734. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

CAPPER, JAMES. Observations on the Passage to India, Through Egypt, and accross the Great Desert;...The Second Edition, with Additions. London, 1784.

CRISPE, HENRY. ...An Elegy on the lamented Death of the Right Honourable, and Vertuous Lady Elizabeth Late Marchioness of Carmarthen... London, 17xx. Foxon C506.

DRYDEN, JOHN. The cancellandum signature A in King Arthur London, 1691.

The Elzevir Miscellany: Consisting of Original Poems, Translations, and Imitations. By the most Eminent Hands, viz. Mr. Rowe, Mr. Shippen... London, 1715.

ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE AND HISTORY. A collection of 169 volumes. The gift of Mrs. Bernard Peyton.

FORD, FORD MADOX. Christina's Fairy Book. London, 1903. From the collection of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

FORD, FORD MADOX. No More Parades. New York, 1925, with presentation inscription to William McFee and 26 other books, several with presentation inscriptions, as well as 12 issues of the Transatlantic Review (January-December, 1924). The gift og Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

FORD, FORD MADOX. Some Do Not. London, 1924. With presentation inscription from Ford to John Cournos. The gift of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

FORD, FORD MADOX. The Shifting of the Fire.

FORD, FORD MADOX. The New Humpty-Dumpty. London and New York, 1912. From the collection of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

FORD, FORD MADOX. Zepplin Nights. London and New York, 1916. From the collection of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

JAMES I. The Peace0Maker: or, Great Brittaines Blessing...London, 1619. Purchase, Reed Fund.

KIPLING, RUDYARD. Poems 1886-1929. London, 1929.

LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE. A collection of books by Walter Savage Landor. The gift of Professor Robert H. Super.

The Merry droll, or Pleasing Companion. Consisting of a Variety of
Facetious and Engaging Stories; and Familiar Letters....The Whole Moral, Instructive and Entertaining. London, 1769.

MOFFETT, THOMAS. Healths Improvement: or, Rules comprising...the...manner of preparing all sorts of food. London, 1655. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

A New Song ... (London, 16xx) Wing N761.

NEWCASTLE, MARGARET, DUCHESS OF. Philosophical Letters: or, Modest Reflections Upon Some Opinions in Natural Philosophy. London, 1664. Purchase, Robert H. Taylor Fund.

ORRERY, ROGER, EARL OF. Altemira. A Tragedy. London, 1702.

POWELL, ANTHONY. A Question of Upbringing (1951), A Buyer's Market (1952), The Acceptance World (1955), and the nine other novels comprising Powell's sequence, A Dance to the Music of our Time (1951-1975), along with his four-volume autobiography, To Keep the Ball Rolling (1976-1982). The gift of Robert C. McNamara '29.

RUSSELL, JOHN A. Remains of the Late Rev. Charles Wolfe, A.B....with a Brief Memoir of His Life Dublin, 1825.

SMART, JANE. A letter from a lady at Madras to her friends in London. London, 1743. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

STREET SONGS. A collection of some one hundred and five street song
sheets, mostly nineteenth century. One is an English printing of Oh Suzannah!

SETTLE, ELKANAH. Eusebia Triumphans. To the most happy inauguration of the Hanover succession...London, 1715. In Settle binding. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

The Trinket; a novel. London, 1774. Purchase, Duplicates Fund.

[WHARTON, THOMAS]. A New Song...(London, 1689) Wing N761. Purchase. English Literature Fund.


AUTON, JEAN D' Histoire de Louys XII, Roy de France, ... et des chose memorables aduenèes de son Regne, e's ann®es 1499, 1500, & 1501. ... par...& nouuellement mise en lumiere par Theodore Godefroy. Paris, 1620.

BARCLAY, JOANNIS. Pietas sive publicae pro regibus, ac principibus, et private pro Guilielomo Barclaio Parente Vindiciae. Paris, 1612.

CADABAL, ALVARO DE. Rithma en honor, celebridad y recommendacion dal illustrissimo y reuerendissimo senor el obispo don Iuliande Alba. Lisbon, 1566. Purchase. Iberian Studies Fund.

CONGREGATIONE DELLE FILLIPINI (ROME). Collection of 23 documents printed in Rome by xxxxxxx and others relating to litigation between the Congretation and the neighboring hous of xxxxx concering the enlargement of the Congregations house ca. 1736-174x.

DAVID, JOANNES. Paradeys des Breutigams und der Braut ... Mariengart geziert mit Frèchten...... verteètscht durch R.P.F. Carolum Stengelium mit 100 Kupfferstucken gezieret. Augsburg, 1617. A translation of his Paradisus Sponsi et Sponsae: first published in Antwerp in 1607.

Helvetius, Claude Adrien. De l'homme, de ses facult‚s intellectuelles et de son education. London (?), 1773. Purchase. Reed Fund.

HOTMAN, FRANCOIS. Consolatio e sacris litteris petita. Liber postumus, nunc primum editus. Geneva, 1593.

HOTMAN, FRANCOIS. Partitiones Iuris civilis elementariae. Secunda editio locupletior. Basel, 1561.

MARCONVILLE, JEAN DE. Traicte enseignant d'ov procede la diversite de opinions des hommes. Ensemble l'excellence de la loy Chrestienne par sus toutes les autres. Paris, 1563.

MENANTES. La Civilit® moderne, oder die HÌflichkeit de Heutigen Welt. Hamburg, 17xx.

MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE. Les Essais ... Edition Novvelle.... Rouen, 1617.

Les Nevf Matinees dv Seigneur de Cholieres. Dediees ¡ Monseigneur de Vendosme. Paris, 1585.

PHAEDRUS. Ezonische fabelen van Fedrus.....Amsterdam, 1704. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

ROMAN, HIERONYMO. Historia de los dos religiosos infantes de Portugal. Medina,

SIEYES, L'ABBE. Reconnoissance et exposition raisonnee des droits de l'homme & du citoyen. Versailles, 1789.

TRIGAULT, NICOLAS. Vita Gasparis Barzaei Belgae e Societate Iesu B. Xavierii In India Socij. Antwerp, 1610.

TYPOTIUS, JACOBUS. ......Varia diversorum Principum Scaro-Santae Ecclesia & Sacri Imperii Romani. Arnheim, 1679.

VERGILIUS MARO, PUBLIUS. Bucolica. Paris, 1538.


BAARDT, PETRUS. Devgden-Spoor; in de On-Devghden des Werelts
aft-gebeeldt:.... Leewaerden, 1645. Praz, p. 264.

BANOS DE VELASCO, JUAN. L'Anneo Seneca illustrado en blasones
politicos, y morales Madrid, 1670.

CAMERARIUS, JOACHIM. Symbolorum ac emblematum ethico-politicorum
centuria quartor. Moguntiae, 1712.

CONTILE, LUCAS. Ragionamento di sopra la propriet¡ delle impresse Pavia, 1574.

DAVID, JOANNES. Paradeys des Breitigams und der Fraè ... verteètscht durch [Carolus Stengelius] mit 100 Kupfferstucken gezieret. Augsburg, 1617.

Emblemsmes sacres avec leurs explications nouvelles... Auxerre, 1687. with the engraved title: Les Emblemse d'amour divin et humain ensemble ... par des vers fran©ois par us Pere Capucin. Paris, [1687?]
Epitome of Gospel Mystery emblematically illustrated. [London, c. 1650]
Large folio broadside engraved on a single sheet. A grand emblematic engraving, showing the spring of "Gospel Mystery" flowing from a fiery sun through two hearts yo irrigate the Tree of Life. Text in rhymed couplet and triplets.
HUGO, HERMAN. Pia Desideria. Antwerp, 1659. Purchase. Reed Fund.

LAFEUILLE, DANIEL DE. Livre nouveau et util® pour toutes sortes d'
artistes.... Amsterdam, 1697.

LUIKEN, DANIEL DE. Beschowing der wereld. Amsterdam, 1708. Purchase. Reed Fund.

MARTIN, J. Le Paradis terrestre, ou emblemes sacrez de la solitude dediez au Saint Ordre des Charteuz. Paris, 1655. Purchase. Reed Fund.

MEISNER, DANIEL. Thesaurus sapientiae civilis sive vitae humanae ac virtutum et vitiorum theatrum. Frankfort, 1626. Purchase, Reed Fund.

MENESTRIER, CLAUDE FRANCOIS. Histoire du Roy Louis Le Grand par les medailles, emblemes, devises.... Paris, 1691.

MENDO, ANDREA. Il Principe Perfetto e ministrati adattati... Rome, 1816

SCARLATINI, OCTAVIUS. Homo et eius partes figuratus & symbolicus, ... collectus et explicatus cum figuris, symbolis, anatomiis, factis, emblematibus, moralibus, .... Augsburg and Diligen, 1695.

TYPOTIUS, JACOBUS. Symbola varia diversorum prinicpum sacro-santae ecclesiae & sacri imperii romani. Arnheim, 1679. Purchase, Reed Fund.


BEVERWYCK, JOHAN VAN. Alle de Werken, soo in de Medecyne als Chirurgye. Amsterdam, 1652. Given by Charles Eyre Greene in memory of Raymond A. Beck '43.

GUALTIERI, NICHOLAS. Index testarum conchylliorum. Florence, 1742. Gift of Mr. Robert R. Porter '45.

RUMPF, GEORG. Thesaurus imaginum piscium testaceorum...Leyden, 1711. Gift of Mr Robert R. Porter '45 together with several other printed books on various sunjects.


Les trŠs riches heures du Duc de Berry. Facsimile published in Lucerne in 1984 and given to the Library by Lloyd E. Cotsen '50, Mrs. Gerard B. Lambert, and William H. Scheide '36. Added to the collections of the Marquand Art Library.



POUND, EZRA, Cavalcanti Poems, New York, xxxx. Purchase. xxx Fund.

EDGEWORTH, MARIA, Belinda, London, 1801. Purchase. xxx Fund.
The Kentish Fable of the Lion and the Foxes. Or, the Honesty of the Kentish Petition made Manifest., London, 1701. Purchase. xxx Fund. The Midnight Spy, or a View of the Transactions of London and Westminster, form the hours of ten in the evening, till five in the morning;..., London, 1766. Purchase. xxx Fund.

DART, JOHN, The Complaint of the Black Knight from Chaucer, London, 1718. Purchase. Saxnay Fund.; The Contry Justice. A Poem., London, 1774. Purchase. Saxnay Fund.

POWNALL, THOMAS, Intellectual Physicks; An Essay concerning the Nature of Being, and the Progression of Existence, Bath, 1795. Purchase. xxxxxxxx Fund.; Triumphus Hymenaeus. A Panegyrick to the King and Queen's most Sacred Majestie, upon their ever to be remembered most glorious passing upon the River of Thames, Coming from Hampton-Court to White-Hall; August the 23d 1662., London, 1662. Purchase. xxxx Fund.; The French Wanderer; or; the Straggler form Mareschal Talard. Detain'd by the City Mermidons., London, 1705. Purchase. xxx Fund.; Obi; or, the History of Three-Fingered Jack. In a series of Letters from a resident in Jamica to his friend in England., London, 1800. Purchase. xxxx Fund.; The Adventures of a Dramatist, On a Journey to the London Managers. In Two Volumes., London, 1813. Purchase. xxx Fund.

EVE, JOSEPH., Poems on Several Occasions., Nassau: Printed at the Office of the Bahama Gazette, 1800. Purchase. xxx Fund. First literary work printed in the Bahamas.

QUARLES, JOHN, Fons Lachrymarum; oa Fountain of Tears: From whence doth flow Englands Complaint, Jeremiahs Lamentations paraphras'd..., London, 1649. Purchase for the Robert H. Taylor Collection ???? xxx Fund.

CASTIGLIONE, BALDASSARE, The Courtyer of Count Baldessar Castilio divided into four Books...done into Englyshe by Thomas Hoby., London, 1561. Purchase. xxx Fund. .ca (EX)BJ1604.C37.1561
, The Battel of Uodenarde. A Poem in Two Canto's, Norwich, 1709. Purchase. xxx Fund. Marriage Defended, or, the Ladies Protected. To which is Added, a Reply to the Late whimsical letter, written
orignially by A.B.C. Quaker., London, 1741. Purchase. xxxx Fund.
, Poems; Amorous, Moral, and Divine., London, 1718. Purchase. xxx Fund.; An Heroi-Comical Epistle from a certain Doctor to a certain
gentle Woman, in defense of the most ancient art fo punning., London, [17xx]. Purchase. xxx Fund. An excellent old ballad made at the ??stauration of K. Charles II with a second part to the same tune by a modern hand. [London, 17xx]. Purchase. xxx Fund.
, L'Allegro ed il Penseroso in Sonno: or the Power of Sleep. An Ode., London, 1742. Purchase. xx Fund.; The Pacifick Fleet: a New Ballad., London, 1729. Purchase. xxx Fund.

[HINCHIFFE, WILLIAM], An Ode presented to the King upon his majesty's arrival at Greenwich., London, 1714. Purchase. xxx Fund.
Foxon H243

JACOB, HILBEBRAND, Hymn to the Goddess of Silence., London, 1734. Purchase. xxx Fund. , The late gallant exploits of a famous balancing captain: Or, a new song to the tune of the King and the Millers., London, 1741. Purchase. xxx Fund.

[HAMMOND, JAMES], An elegy to a young lady in the manner of Ovid ... with a Answer by a Lady, Author of the Verses to the imitator of Horace., London, 1733. Purchase. xxx Fund.

[STENNETT, JOSEPH], A Poem to the memory of his late majesty William the Third., London, 1702. Purchase. xxx Fund.

TRAPP, JOSEPH, Lectures on poetry read in the schools of Natural Philosophy at Oxford., London, 1742. Purchase. xxx Fund.

[WALPOLE, HORACE], Description of the Villa....., Strawberry Hill, 17xx. Gift of Sally Aahl.

[DOIG, DAVID], Two letters on the savage state, addressed to the late Lord Kames, London, 1792. Purchase. xxx Fund.

ELIOT, THOMAS STEARNS, The complete poens and plays., New York, [1952]. With a presentation inscription fromJohn Berryman to Erich Kahler, 1952. Purchase. English Literature Fund.; A true and perfect account of the examination, confession, tryal,
condemnation, and execution of Joan Perry, and her two sons ... for the murder of William Harrison, Gent., London, 1676. Purchase. xxx Fund.

LOGGAN, DAVID., Oxonia Illustrata, sive omnium celeberrimae istius Universitatis Collegiorum, aularum, bibliothecaw Bodleianae, ... nec non urbis totius scenographia., Oxford, 16xx. Purchase. xxx Fund.; Orginal and genuine letters sent to the Tatler and Spectator
during the time those works were published., London, 1725. Purchase. xxx Fund.

WRIGHT, MICHAEL, The civil Warres of Great Britain and Ireland containing an exact history of their occasion, original, progress and happy end., London, 1661. Purchase. xxx Fund.

An Account of his excellence Roger Earl of Castlemaine's Embassy,
from...James the his holiness Innocent XI., London, 1688. Purhcase. xxx Fund.

BRAITHWAIT, RICHARD, Times Treasury: or, the Academy for Gentry., London, 1652. Purchase. xxx Fund.

FORTESCUE, THOMAS., The Forest or Collection of Historyes no less profitable, then pleasant and necessary, doone out of French into English..., London, 1576. Purchase. xxx Fund.

The Revelation of Revaltions particulary as an Essay towars the unsealing, opening and discovering the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders, and the New-Jersualem State., London, 1683. Purcahse. xxx Fund.

CAMUS, J P, The Loving enemie or, A famous true History written
orginally in the French...made English by Major Wright..., London, 1650. Purchase. xxx Fund.

FLAMAND, M, The Art of preserving and restoring Health...written in French...and
faithfully transllated into English., London, 1697. Purchase. xxx Fund.; An Essay upon Modern Gallantry., London, 1726. Purchase. xxx Fund.; The Order and Ceremonies used for the solemn Interment of...George late Duke of the Year of our Lord 1701., [London?, 1701]. Purchase. xxx Fund.; four Hudibrastick Canto's, being Poems on Four the greatest Heroes..., London, 1715. Purcahse. xxx Fund.

W., N., trans., L&eg. Hor&eg. di recreatione or The pleasant Historye of Albino and Bellama..., London, 1638. Purchase. xxx Fund., The Parson and the Maid, a Tale., London, 1722. Purchase. xxx Fund.

WITHER, GEORGE, A Satyre: dedicated to his most excellent Maiestie., London, 1615. Purchase. xxx Fund., Room for the Cobler of Gloucesterand his wife: with several carloads of abominable irregular, pitiful stinking Priests;..., [London], 1668. Purchase. xxx Fund.


OELICHS, JOHANNES CARL CONRAD, Entwurf einer Bibliotheck zur Geschichte der Gelahrtheit in Pommern. Mit historich-critischen Anmerckungen., Alten-Settin and Leipzig, 1765. Purchase. xxx Fund. Author's copy with
numerous annotations, inserts and corrections.

B&UU.CHNER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED., Schediasma historico-literarium, de vitiorum inter eruditos occrrentium scriptoribus..., Leipzig, 1718. Purchase. xxx Fund.

CONCINI PAMPHLETS, A collection of 12? pamphlets relating to the Concini affair. Purchased
from Bennet Gilbert -- ?, France, 17th century. Purchase. xxx Fund.
, Instrucion, die der Konig ausfertigen lassen um vorl&au.usig das
exercitium seiner infanterie darnach einzurichten vom dreyssigsten May
1775., Strassbourg, 1775. Purchase. xxx Fund.; Les amours, intrigues, et caballes des domestiques des grandes
maisons de ce temps...dedi&ea. &ag. un intendant d'une grande maison., Paris, 1632. Purchase. French Literatrue Fund.

SUSO, HENRY, Oeuvres spirituelles de ... nouuellement traduittes de Latin
en Fran&cd.ois par F.N. LeCerf...., Paris, 1586. Purchase. French Literature Fund.

KLOTZ, HOFRATH, Ueber das studium des alterhums., Halle, 1766. Purchase. xxx Funds.; La vie de Nivet, dit Fanfaron...., Paris, [16--]. Purchase. xxx Fund., Engoulesme., Poitiers, 1567. Purchase. xxx Fund.

SCH&OU.TTGEN, CHRISTIAN, Altes un neues Pommerland, oder gesammlete nachrichten von verschiedenen zur pommerischen historie geh&ou.rigen st&uu.cken..., Stargard, 1721. Purchase. xxx Fund.

MENATES, La civilit&ea. moderne, oder die h&ou.flishkeit de huetigen welt., Hamburg, [17--]. Purchase. xxx Fund.
, Les Avantures de Mousiur d'Assoucy., Paris, 1677. Purchase. French Literature Fund.

D'YVR&EA.E, ELEONOR, Les malheurs de l'amour. Premiere nouvelle., Paris, 1687. Purchase. xxx Fund.

MOREAU, Les sainctes prieres de l'ame Chrestienne, Paris, 1632. Purchase. xxx Fund.

POUQUEVILLE, F.-C.-H.-L., Voyage de la Gr&eg.ce...deuxi& edition., Paris, 1826. Purchase. xxx Fund.

BR&OU.NDSTED, P.O., Voyages dans la gr&eg.ce accompagn&ea.s de recherches arch7ea.ologiques., Paris, 1826. Purchase. xxx Fund.

PLATO, Le Phedon de Platon traittant de l'immortalite de l'ame... [and other works]... traduit de Grec en Fran&cd.ois ... par Loys le Roy., Paris, 1553. Purchase. xxx Fund. , Programme g&ea.n&ea.ral des cours des &ea.coles normales., Paris, An IIIe [179-]. Purchase. xxx Fund.

AUGUSTINIUS EUGUBINIUS, Cosmopoei, vel, de mundano opificio, expositio trium capitum genesis, in quibus de creatione tractat Moses., Leyden, 1535. Purchase. xxx Fund.

LA POPELINI&EG.RE, LANCELOT DU VOISOIN, DE., La vraye et entiere histoire de ces derniers troubles: advenus, tant en France, qu'en Flandres, & pays circonuoisins..., Cologne, 1571. Purchase. History Fund.

[SALA, GASPAR], Proclamacion catolica a la magestad piadosa de Filipe....Los concelleres y conseio de ciento de la ciudad de Barcelona., Barcelona, 1640. Purchase. xxx and Iberian Studies Funds.

DIDERDOT, DENIS Pens& philosophiques., Hague, 1746. Bound together with, Pens&ea.s chretiennes mises en parallele, ou en opposition avec les Pens&eas. Philosophiques., Rouen, 1747. Purchase. xxx Fund.

MARMONTEL,JEAN FRAN&CCD.OIS., B&ea.lisaire., Paris, 1765. First edition. Purchase. xxx Fund., Pantheon [of the leading writers of the day], Moscow, 1801. Purchase. Russian Literature Fund.

GESNER, JOHANNES MATTHIAS, Institutiones rei scholsticae accessit praefatio Io. Francisci Buddei., Jena, 1715. Purchase. History Fund.

COYSSARD, MICHEL, Thesaurus P. Virgilii Maronis., Paris, 1683. Purchase. xxx Fund. , Facecieuses paradoxes de bruscambille, & autres discours comiques. Le tout nouuellement tir&ea. de l'escarcelle de ses imaginations., Rouen, 1615. Purchase. French Literature Fund. , Novvelles poesies ou diverses pieces choises tant en vers qu'en
prose, de Mademoiselle Certain., Paris, 1665. French Literature Fund.

RAMBACH, JOHANN JACOB., Versuch einer pragmatischen litterairhistorie., Halle, 1770. Purchase. xxx Fund. , Idea converstionis civilis ad hodiernum statum accommodata., Udenopoli, 1685. Purchase. xxx Fund. Neuester gelehrter staat von Paris worrinnen zul&au.nglicher bericht von denen iztlebenden hochber&uu.hmten Parisischen gelehrten...., Jena, 1723. Purchase. xxx Fund. ROTH, C.H.W., Versuch einer mappe-monde litteraire., ??????????? Purchase. xxx Fund.

TRISTAN, FLORA, M&ea.moires et p&ea.r&ea.graintions d'une paria 1833-1834., Paris, 1838. Purchase. xxx Fund., Maximes de Madame la Marquise de Sabl&ea. en pense& diverses de M.L.D., Paris, 1678. xxx Fund.

CENTELLAS, JOACHIM DE, Les voyages et conquestes des roys de Portugal en Indes d'Oriente, Ethopie, Mauritanie d'Afrique & Europe., Paris, 1578. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

BOUCHET, GUILLAUME, SIEUR DE BROCHOURT., Premier livre des serees., Lyon, 1608. Purchase. xxx Fund.

LIONNOIS, J.J., Tables historiques, gen&ea.alogiques, et geographiques...., ????????? Purchase. xxx Fund.

RIPAMARANCI, ANTONIO SANTUCCI DA., Dichiarazione della ruota perpetua., FLorence, 1590. Purchase. xxx Fund.

Orpheus Eucharisticus sive Deus absconditus ... Opus novum...
Paris, 1657. Purchase. xxx Fund [RLIN number xxxx]

TOLSON, F, Hernathenae, or Moral Emblems, and Ethnick Tales, with explanatory notes., [London, 17xx]. Purchase. xxx Fund. [RLIN number 86-xxxx]

WEIS, GEORG, praeses, Aristoltles ex euripo emersus, seu ex genuina Aristotles
philosophia Theses ..., Prague, 16??. Purchase. xxx Fund. [RLIN number xxxx]

Livret des emblemes
Paris: Wechel, 1536

Emblemes D'Alciat de nouueau Tra[n]slatez en Fra[n]cois vers pour
vers iouxte les Latins. Ordonnez en lieux co[m]muns auec briefues
espositions, & Figures nouuelles appropriees aux derniers Emblemes.
Lyon, Mace Bonhomme, 1549.
First edition of Aneau's translation; Green no. 38.
Acquired in April 1986 from McKittrick.
[RLIN number NJPG 86-xxxxxxx]

Sinryke fabulen, verklaart en toegepast tot alderley seede-lessen...
Amsterdam: H. Sweerts, 1685
Purchased from W. Salloch in October, 1985

Orbis Phaethon, hoc est, De universis vitiis linguae
Cologne, Cornel de Egmond, 1631
Purchased from Mancevice in August, 1985

Cologne: Egmond, 1634
Purchased from H. D. Lyon in March 1986
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxx]

Princeps christiano-politicus...nunc denuo recusus & auctori
Wurzburg, Typis Hertianis, 1667
Second edition with a preface by Hiob Hertz.
Purchased from Mancevice in April, 1986
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxx]

Amplissimo, ac Reverendo...D. Amando Hovelync...In Monte
Blandino Iuxta Gananvvm, Abbati Meritissimo.
Ghent, [Bernard Benedicuts Kechoven for] Jan Kerchoven
[before 14 May] 1656
Purchased in Feb. 1986 from McKittrick

Afectos Divinos con Emblemas Sagraqdas
Valladolid, Gregorio de Bedoya, 1658
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxx]

Segunda Parte de los Conceptos....
Barcelona, Jayme Cendrat for Hieronymo Margarit, 1607.
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxx]

De Onwaardige Wereld...Amsterdam, Arentz, 1710
Purchased from H. D. Lyon in March 1986
[RLIN NJPG 86-B9711-1]

Emblemata philosophico-moralia
Dilingae: Typis Joannis Caspari Bencard, 1692
Purchased from W. Salloch in October 1985

Idea de el buen pastor, copinda por los ss. doctores, respresentada
en empresas sacras...Tercera impression
En Leon: Anisson, Posuel y Riguand, 1688
Purchased in March 1986

Idea de el buen pastor, copinda por los ss. doctores, respresentada
en empresas sacras...Secunda impression
Valencia: V. Cabarrera, 1685
Purchased in Sept. 1985 from H. D. Lyon

Ver, Oir, Oler, Gustar, Tocar.
Lyons: Anisson, Posuel, and Rigaud for Francois
Brugieres, 1687
Praz 441

Floral Emblems,
London, Saunders & Otley, 1825
Purchased in March 1986 from H. D. Lyon
[RLIN NJPG 86-B9714-1]

London: Printed for J. W. and F. E....., 1663
Purchased from Hamill and Barker in July, 1985
[RLIN NJPG85-B21994]

Reales Exequias Que a Su Augusta Soberana Da. Maria....
consagro el Rendido Amor, y Gratitud de la mui Ilustre
Ciudad de Barcelona en los Dias 23, 24 de Abril de 1761.
Barcelona: Maria Teresa Vendrell, y Texido,
An issue without the license to print dated January 1762.
Palau 251917

L'Idea del Principe Christiano
Venice, Brigna, 1684 [(Ex)N7710.S3216.1684s]
Purchase in Sept. 1985 from H. D. Lyon
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxxx]

Via Vitae Aeternae
Antwerp: M. Nutius, 1620

Symbola Divina et Humana
Frankfurt: Schonwetter, 1642 [(Ex)N7710.T98.1642q]
Purchase in Sept. 1985 from H. D. Lyon

Symbola Divina et Humana
Arnhem: J. F. Hagius, 1679
Purchase in Sept. 1985 from H.D.Lyon

VAENIUS, OTTO. Theatro Moral de la Vida Humana....
Brussels, Francois Foppens, 1672 (-73)
Praz 524; Peeters-Fontainas 1273
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxxxx]

Livre curieux et utile pour les scavans et artistes,....
Paris: Jean Jomhert [1685]
Purchased from Bennett Gilbert in August, 1985
[RLIN NJPG 85-B24809]

Empresas Espirituales y Morales.
Baeza, Fernando Diaz de Montoya, 1613
Praz 529
[RLIN NJPG 86-xxxxxxxx]

, Ideen Magazin f&uu.r Liebhaber von g&au.rten, Englischen Anlagen und f&uu.r Besitz von Lang&uu.tern... unter der aufsicht von
Johann Gottfried Grohmann. ... Zweite auflage., Leipzig, 1797. Gift of Sally Aahl.

VANDERMONDE, XXXXXXX, Avis aux ouvriers en fer, sur la fabrication de l'acier, publi&ea. par ordre du Comit&a. de Salut Public., Paris, [179-]. Purchase. xxxx Fund.

HUSSON, ARMAND, &eca.tude sur les hospitaux consid&ea.r&ea.s sous le rapport de leur construction...., Paris, 1862. Purchase. xxx Fund.

BOFFITO, GIUSEPPE, l'Aeronautica italiana nell'immagine 1487-1875., Milan, 1938. Purchase. xxx Fund.

VICO, GIAMBATTISTA., Notae in Acta Eruditorum Lipsiensia mensis Augusti MDCCXXVII. ubi inter nova literaria unum extat de eius libro cui titulus: Principi d'una Scienza Nuova dinotrno all Natura delle Nazioni., Naples, 1729. Vico's first published defense of his
newly issued .us Scienza Nuova. Purchase. xxx Fund.

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ARGENS, MARQUIS D', La philosophie du bon-sens., London [i.e. Amsterdam?], 1737. Purchase. xxx Fund.

VAUBAN,, Vertable maniere de bien fortifier...avec un trait&ea. pre&ea.liminaire des principes de geom&ea.trie...par monsieur l'abbe du Fay., Amsterdam, 1692. Purchase. History of Science Fund.
HUGENS, CHRISTIAN, Exerciatationes mathematicae et philosphicae ex manuscriptis in bibliotheca academiae Lugduno-Batavae., Hague, 1738. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

KARSTEN, JOHANNES GUSTAV, Lehrbegriff der gesamten Mathematik., Griefswald, 1778. History of Science Fund.

ARGOLUS, ANDREAS., Tabulae primi mobilis., Rome, 1610. Purchase. xxx Fund.

TILLET,, Dissertation sur la cause qui corrompt et noircit les grains de bled dans les &ea.pis; et sur les moyens de prevenir ces accidens., Bordeaux, 17?? Purchase. History of Science Fund.

HOFFMAN, JOHANNES MAURICIUS, Dissertationes anatomico-physiologicae, ad viri clarissimi Dn. D. Johannis
van Horne...annexa appendicius loco epistola de genitalibus Dn. D. van Horne, cum notis Joh. Swammerdamii ac indice rerum & verborum., Altdorf, 1685. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

BERNARD, CLAUDE., Le&cd.ons sur les anesth&ea.siques st sur l'asphyxie., Paris, 1875. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

DAMHOUDERE, JOSSE DE., Le refuge et garand des pupilles, orphelins, et prodigues traite fort utulle et necessaire a tous legistes, practiciens, ...aorn&ea. de figures convenables a la matiere., Antwerp, 1567. Purchase. xxx Fund.

MARTELLUS, HUGOLINUS., De anni integra in integrum restitutione., Leyden, 1582. Purchase. xxx Fund.

W&UU.RTETEMBERG. LAWS, STATUTES, ETC., Schul Ordnung wie es mit der Lehre un Disciplin in den particular Sch&uu.len des F&uu.rstenthumbs W&uu.rtemberg gehalten werden solle., T&uu.bingen, 1559. Purchase. xxx Fund.

SIBER, ADAM., Ludus literarum apud chemnicium misnae, qua ratione admiinstrtur A. Siberi., Leipzig, 1559. Purchase. xxx Fund.

, The Sporting Fishes of the Bristish Isles. An Anthology
compiled and illustrated by D.R. Wakefield., London ???, Chervington Press, 1985. Purchase. Otto von Kienbusch Fund.

Oraculos de las doce Sibilas. Profetisas de Cnristo neustro Senor entre los Gentiles., Cuenca, 1621. Purchase. Spanish Literatrue Fund.

VERGIL, The Georgics done into English prose [by] J.W. Mackail., Portland, Maine: Thomas B. Mosher, 1906. Dos-&ag.-dos binding by Silvie Rennie. Purchase. Friends of the
Library Fund.; The Russian Catechism, composed and published by order of the
Czar. to which is annexe'd a short account of the Church-government
and ceremonies of the Moscovites., London, [17xx]. Purchase. xxx Fund.

JOSEPHUS, L'histoire escripte premierment en Grec...., Paris, 1530. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

List of New Accquistions for the General Rare Book Collections
made during the period 1 July 1987 to 16 October 1987.

SIXTEENTH CENTURY French school-texts (1572-1573) annotated by
student based on the lectures of his master Full description of this acquistion in dealer's description attached.

SCOTTISH LEGAL TRACTS. A collection of 198 pamphlets bound in three volumes. The printed documents date from 17 to 17 . Several involve famous figures of the period and place, such as James Boswell, Lord Monboddo, et al. Full description of this acquistion in dealer's description attached.


COLLECTION of several editions of early English books on the art of discourse and how to make converstion.

SEVERAL ADDITIONS to the Library's collection of English plays from the period 1640-1700.

SEVERAL ADDITIONS to the Library's collection of French clandstine literature of the Eighteenth Century.



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BENEZET [BENEZET, ANTHONY]. The Mighty Destroyer Displayed. In Some Account Of The ... Mistaken Use as well as Abuse of Distilled Spirituous Liquors. Philadelphia, 1784. First American book on temperance. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

LONG, JOHN. Voyages chez diff&ea.rentes nations sauvages de l'Amerique septentrionale ... traduits de l'anglois par J.B.L.J. Billecocq. Paris, an II [1794]. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

LOWELL, J. R., editor. The Pioneer. A Literary and Critical Magazine. Vol. 1, No. 1 to No. 3. Boston, 1843. Purchase. Duplicates and Reed Funds.


EUSDEN, LAURENCE. A Letter to Mr. Addison, On The Kings's Accession to the Throne. London, 1714. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

FISHER, PAYNE. Marston-Moor: Sive de Obsidione Praelioque Eboracensi Carmen; Cum Quibusdam Miscellaneis. London, 1650. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[FORD, EMANUEL]. The Most Famous. Delectable and Pleasant History of Parismus, the Most Renowned Prince of Bohemia. London, 1704. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

FORD, FORD MADOX. A collection of nineteen books and pamphlets by Ford Madox Ford, including the dedication copy inscribed by Ford to William Michael Rossetti of .us The Benefactor (London, 1905), together with two issues of .us Blast and 24 issues of .us The English Review, all being issues with contributions by Ford. Gift of Edward Naumburg, Jr. '24.

HAMILTON, NEWBURGH. The Doating Lovers. London, 1715. Presentation copy. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Brett-Smith in memory of Sinclair Hamilton.

HAMILTON, NEWBURGH. The Petticoat-Plotter. London, 1720. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Brett-Smith in memory of Sinclair Hamilton.

[HARRINGTON, JOHN]. A New Discourse Of A Stale Subject, Called The Metamorphosis of Ajax. [London], 1596. STC 12781. Purchase. xxx Fund.

HEMING, WILLIAM. The Fatal Contract, a French Tragedy. London, 1661. Woodward and Mcmanaway 628. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[HUGHES, JOHN]. An Ode to the Creator of the World. Occasion'd by the Fragments of Orpheus. London, 1713. Foxon H382. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

JEVON, RACHEL. Exultationis Carmen to the Kings Most Excellent Magesty Upon His Most Desired Return. London, 1660. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

[LEFEVRE, RAOUL]. The Destruction of Troy in Three Books. ... The Twelfth Edition, Corrected and much Amended. London, 1702. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

[LESLIE, CHARLES]. Mum. A Political Ballad, For The Present Times: With Annotations Political, Critical, and Historical. Edinburgh, 1712. Foxon L114. Purchase. xxx Fund.

MANNING, FRANCIS. Greenwich-Hill. A Poem. London, 1697. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

MONRO, ROBERT. Monro His Expedition With The Worthy Scots Regiment (Called Mac-Keyes Regiment) levied in August 1626. ... Collected and gathered together at spare-houres, by Colonell Robert Monro ... To which is annexed the Abridgement of Exercise... London, 1637. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

NEPTUNES ADDRESS TO HIS MOST SACRED Neptunes Address To His Most Sacred Majesty Charls [sic] The Second:... Congratulating His happy Coronation Celebrated The 22th Day of April, 1661. London, 1661. Purchase. xxx Fund.

NEWTON, JOHN. Messiah. Fifty Expository Discourses on the Series of Scriptural Passages, Which form the Subject of the celebrated Oratorio of Handel. London, 1786. Purchase. xxx Fund.

The Power of Love, Over Reason, Two happy Marriages, and Honourable Behaviour of a young Philosopher deeply in Love. London, [17--]. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

POWYS BROTHERS AND MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILY. A collection of more than 250 volumes of books by the Powys brothers and members of their family, mainly published in London and New York between 1915 and 1970's. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

A Rod for Tunbridge Beaus, Bundl'd up at the Request of the Tunbridge Ladies, to Jirk Fools into more Wit and Clowns into more Manners. A Burlesque Poem. To be Published every Summer... London, 1701. Foxon R245. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

RYMER, THOMAS. The English Monarch: An Heroick Tragedy. London, 1691. Woodward & Mcmanaway 1001. Purchase. xxx Fund.

SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Poems. The Second Volume. Bristol, 1799. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

TAUBMAN, MATTHEW. A Letter to Mr. Addison, On The King's Accession to the Throne. London, 1714. Purchase. xxx Fund.

TAUBMAN, MATTHEW. An Herock Poem To His Royal Highness The Duke of York, On His Return From Scotland. With Some choice Songs and Medleyes On The Times. London, 1682. Purchase. xxx Fund.

A Trip To Litchfield With A Character of the French Officers there. London, 1705. Purchase. xxx Fund.


A L'Arrest d'amour donne fur le reglement requis par les Femmes a l'encontre de leurs Maris: Pardeuant le Pere des Cornards de la ville de Rouen. Paris, (ca. 1600). A mock lawsuit. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[BOISGUILBERT, PIERRE, LE PESANT DE]. Testament politique de Monsieur de Vauban, Marechal De France & premier Ingenieur du Roi. n.p., 1707-1708. Purchase. Reed Fund.

DOSIO, GIOVANNI ANTONIO. Urbis Romae aedificiorum illustrium quae supersunt reliquiae a I. A. Dosio stilo ferreo descriptae et a I. B. de Caualeriis aeneis tabulis incisis representatae. [Rome?], 1569. Gift of Michael Wurmfeld '61.

DRELINCOURT, CHARLES. La deuxieme partie du triomphe de l'eglise, ou l'examen du triomphe du Sr Nicolas Caussin Jesuite, par Charles Drelincourt .... Geneve, 1632. Purchase. xxx Fund.

ENGRAMELLE, MARIE DOMINIQUE JOSEPH. La tonotechnie ou l'art de noter les cylindres, et tout ce qui est susceptible de notage dans les instrumens de concerts mechaniques. Paris, 1775. Purchase. Music Department and Reed Funds.

FARET, NICHOLAS. Recueil de lettres nouvelles. Paris, 1634. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

FERNANDEZ, ALONSO. Historia de los insignes milagros que la magestad divina ha obrado por el rosario santisimo de la Virgen soberana su Madre ... Adonde se refieren dozientos y treze milagros ... Madrid, 1613. Purchase. Spanish Literature Fund.

GENEBRARD, GILBERT, trans. Hebraeorum Breve Chronicon. .us off Bound with as issued .us Seder Olam Zuta in Hebrew. Paris, 1572. The Hebrew text is fully annotaed and corrected both interlinearily and marginally in contemporary manuscript, similar to the copy at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Purchase. Reed Fund.
Di Geniali della dialettica delle donne ridotta al suo vero principio. Bologna, 1771. Sometimes attributed to Petronio Zecchini. Purchase. Italian Literature Fund.

GLANTZBY. Les Voyages de Glantzby dans les mers Oriental de la Tartaries. Paris, 1729. An imaginary voyage describing the Kingdom of the Nerreos, north of Japan. Purchase. Reed Fund.

GORKY, MAKSIM. Amerike [In America]. Berlin, 19xx.
Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

JACOBUS &AG. SANCTO MICHAELE. Sacrorvm Novi Testamenti Librorvm Omnivm Analysis Catholica, Et Oeconomia Generalis. Lyon, 1670. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

KLOTZ, CHRISTIAN ADOLPH. Beytrag zur Geschichte des Geschmacks und der Kunst aus M&uu.nzen. Altenburg, 1767. Purchase. Reed Fund.

LEGNELT DU FRESNOY, NICOLAS. A collection of 96 volumes mostly inclluding the major early editions of Legnelt du Fresnoy's various works. The collection was formed by Manson Milner Brien '27 and given to the Library by his widow in memory of her husband.

MONTAIGNE, MICHEL. Les Essais De Michel, Seigneur De Montaigne. Nouvelle edition ...
et enrichie & augmentee ... eesemble la vie de l'autheur. Amsterdam, 1659. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

OBERLIN, JEREMIE JACQUES. Essai sur le patois Lorraine des environs du Comte Du Ban De La Roche, fief Royal d'Alface. Strasbourg, 1775. Purchase. Linguistics Fund.

OSTERVALT, F. Cours de Geographie Elementaire.
Amsterdam, 1793. Gift of Mr. Walter Van B. Roberts.

PLUTARCH. Opuscula. De Garrulitate. De Auaritia. [and other works]
Omnia per eximium Richardum Paceum Agliae oratorem elegantium versa. [Venice, 1522]. Purchase. Reed? Fund.

[PRADES, JEAN MARTIN DE]. Mandement de Monseigneur L'Archeveque De Paris, Portant condamnation d'une Th& soutenue en Sorbonne le 18 Novembre 1751 par Jean-Martin de Prades. .us off Bound with .us Censura S. Facultatis Parisiensis. Paris, 1752. Sorbonne theologians attack on Prades' thesis friendly to .us philosophe ideas on the soul, miracles, revealed and natural religion, society, and human nature. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Quattre voyes spirituelles. [Paris, ca. 1519]. Purchase. History, Religion and Sanxay Funds.

ROSSELLIO, COSMA. Thesaurus Artificiosae Memoriae. Venice, 1579. One of the leading Renaissance works on 'artificial memory'. Purchase. Reed Fund.

SUSENBROTUS, JOANNES. Grammaticae Artis Institutio. Leyden, 1556. Purchase. Classics Fund.

Tabula Christiane Religionis valde utilis & necessaria cuilibet christiano: qua omnes scire tenentur. [Rome, Eucharius Silber, undated but ca. 1510]. cf. Oates 1550. Purchase. Reed Fund.

TOLSTOY, LEO. Narodnye rasskazy [People's stories]. Prage (i.e. Moscow), 1888. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

VALENCIA, PEDRO. Academica Sive De Iudicio Erga Verum, Ex ipsis primis fontibus. Antwerp, 1596. Purchase. Spanish Literature Fund.

VILLENEUVE, GABRIELLE SUZANNE BARBOT DE. Le Beau-Frere Suppose par Madame D.V. Londres, [i.e. Paris?], 1752. Purchase. Harper Fund.

VIRGIL. L'Eneide di Virgilo Marone trasportata dal Latino in ottava rima. Napoletana dal Sigr. Giancola Sitillo. Naples, 1699. Purchase. Reed Fund.

VIRGIL. L'Eneide di P. Virgilio versione dell' Avv. Aurelio Colla. Ferrara, 1892. Purchase. Reed Fund.

ZOPH, JOHANN HEINRICH. Grundlegung der Universal Historie. (2nd edition). Halle, 1732. Gift of Mr. Walter Van B. Roberts.


BASEDOW, JOHANN BERNHARD. Zum Nachdenken und Nachforschen. Von der Lehrform der Latinitaet durch Sachkenntniss. Mit Beschreibung und Anbietung einer Vor=Academie der lateinischen Studien. Hamburg, 1785. Purchase. Reed Fund.

BOETTINGER, KARL AUGUST. Ueber die besten Mittel die Studiersucht derer die zum Studieren keinen Beruf haben zu hemmen. Eine Schulschrift. Leipzig, 1789. Purchase. Reed Fund.

COMENIUS, JOHANNES AMOS. Janua Linguarum Reserata: Sive, Omnium Scientiarum & Linguarum ... The Gate of Languages Unlocked ... now newly added the Foundation to the Janua ... London, 1652. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

GENLIS, STEPHANIE FELICITE DUCREST DE ST. AUBIN. Le&cd.ons ou traite elementaire de dessen et de peinture. Leipzig, 1805. Purchase.

GRIVEL, GUILLAUME. Th&ea.orie de l'&ea.ducation. Paris, 1775 Purchase. Harper Fund.

TURBEN, FRAN&cd.OIS. Idees d'un citoyen sur l'institution de la jeunesse, ou projet d'&ea.ducation generale et particuliere.
[Paris?], 1762. Purchase. Reed Fund.

VIERTHALER, FRANZ MICHAEL. Element der Methodik und Paedagogik, nebst kurzen Erlaeuterungen derselben. Salzburg, 1791. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[WANDELAINCOURT]. Plan d'&ea.ducation publique. .us off Bound with .us Vue sur l'&ea.ducation d'un prince. Paris, 1777 Purchase. Harper Fund

[WASE, CHRISTOPHER]. Considerations concerning Free Schools, As settled in England. Oxford, 1678. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.


Af-beeldinghe van D'eersrre eevwe de Societeyt Iesv voor ooghen ghestelt door de Dvyts-Nederlantsche Provincie der selver Societeyt. Antwerp, 1640. Translation of .us Imago primi saeculi Societatis Iesu. published in Antwerp, 1640. Purchase. xxx Fund.

ALCIATI, ANDREAS. Diverse impresse accommodate a diverse moralita, con versi che i loro significati di chirano tradtte da gli Emblemi dell' Alciato. Lyons, 1549. Purchase. Hamilton Fund.

ALCIATI, ANDREAS. Declaraci&oa.n magistral. Valencia, 1684. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

ARNDT, JOHANN. Ob Istinnom Christianstve [Of True Christianity]. Moscow, 1835. A translation of Arndt's .us Vier B&uu.cher vom warhen Christenthum, first published in 1606. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

[BROCAS, -]. The Emblematical Garden. By a Lady, Author of the Indispensable Requisites for Dandies of Both Sexes. London, [1821]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Les images des dieux des anciens. Recueillies en Italien par Vincent Cartari, & maintenant traduites en Fran&cd.ois & par Ant. du Verdier. Lyon, E. Michel, 1581. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

DREXEL, JEREMIAS. The Considerations of Drexelius upon Eternity. Made English from the Latin. By S. Dunster, A.M. London, 1710. Purchase. xxx Fund.

DREXEL, JEREMIAS. De aeternitate considerationes. Munich, 1621. [Colophon: 1620]. Purchase.

GINTER, ANTONIUS. Speculum amoris et doloris ... Editio 3. Augsburg, J.J Lotter, 1731. Purchase.

LASSENIUS, JOHANNES. Himmlicher Morgen=Thau der Suessen Gnade Gottes Copenhagen, 1730 Purchase. Harper Fund.

[WYNNE, JOHN HUDDLESTONE]. Riley's Emblems, natural, historical, fabulous, moral, and divine. London, 1781. Purchase. xxx Fund.


Description des & qui ont r& depuis quelques ann& dans la g&ea.n&ea.ralit&ea. de Paris, avec la topographie des Paroisses qui en on &ea.t&ea. afflig& Pr&ea.c&ea.d&ea.e d'une instruction sur la mani& de pr&ea.venir & traiter ces maladies dans les campagnes. .us off Bound with .us Description des & qui ont r& en 1783, dans .us la g&ea.n&ea.ralit&ea. de Paris. Paris, 1783 and 1785. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

GUIBERT, PHILIBERT. Toutes les oeuvres ... reveu&eu.s corig&, & augment& en cette derniere Edition par l'Autheur. Toulouse, 1655. Purchase. Reed Fund.

HEINRICH, PLACIDUS. Die Phosphorescenz der K&ou.rper oder die im Dunkelm bemerkbaren Lichtphanomene der anorganischen Natur. Nurnberg, 1811. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

HERVIEUX DE CHANTELOUP, J.C. A New Treatise of Canary-Birds. Containing The manner of Breeding ... with Curious Remarks relating to ... their Distempers.... London, 1718. Purchase. xxx Fund.

KAHN, KARL GOTTLOB. Die neuesten Entdeckungen in der phyikalischen und medizinchen Eletrizit&au.t. Leipzig, 1796. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

De Noxiis Paludum Effluviis, Eorumque Remediis. Libri Duo. Romae, 1717. Purchase. History of Science.

LIBRI, GUILLAUME. M&ea.moires de math&ea.matique et de physique. Florence, 1829. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

MORATO, FULVIO PELLEGRINO. Del significato de colori e de mazzoli. Operetta ... nuouamente ristampata, & ben reuista. Brescia, [1564]. Purchase. History of Science Fund.
.bib RECUEIL Recueil des pieces qui ont concouru pour le prix de l'Acad&ea.mie Royale de chirurgie. Paris, 1753. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

SMITH, JAMES EDWARD. A Grammar Of Botany Illustrative of ... Classification With An Explanation Of Jussieu's System ... To Which Is Added, A Reduction Of All The Genera . New York, 1822. First American book illustrated with lithographs. Purchase. History of Science Fund.


M&ea.moires pour servir a
l'histoire de Madame De Maintenon ...
Seconde Edition.
Amsterdam, 1756. Purchase.

[COYER, ABB&ea.]. L'Annee Merveilleuse. .us off Together with his .us La Magie d&ea.emontr&ea.&ea.. [Paris?, 1748]. Coyer's second book and its sequel, both describing utopias. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[CR&ea.BILLION, CLAUDE PROSPER JOLYOT DE, fils]. Tanza&iu. Et N&ea.adarn&ea. Histoire Japonoise. Pekin, [i.e. Paris?], 1740. Purchase.

La fausset&ea. des miracles des deux testaments, prouv&ea.e par le parallele avec de semblables prodiges op&ea.r&ea.s dans diverses sectes. n.p., ca. 1760. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[HOLBACH, PAUL-HENRI-DIETRICH THIRY, BARON D']. Systeme social ou principes naturels de la morale et de la politique. Londres, 1773. Purchase. Harper Fund.

HUME, DAVID. Oeuvres philosophiques de M. D. Hume, traduites de l'Anglois. Londres, 1788. Purchase. Reed Fund.

LEVESQUE, PIERRE CHARLES. L'Homme pensant, ou essai sur l'histoire de l'esprit humain. Amsterdam, 1779. Purchase. Harper Fund.

[MABLY, GABRIEL BONNOT DE]. De la l&ea.gislation, ou principes de loix. Amsterdam, 1776. Purchase.


BIBLE. O.T. PSLAMS. ARABIC. Liber Psalmorum Davidis Regis, Et Prophetae. Ex Arabico Idiomate in Latenum translatus. A Victorio Sciale Accurensi & Gabriele Sionita Edeniensis. Rome, 1614. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

CAMPOS, JOAQUIM PINTO DE. Jerusalem. Lisbon, 1874. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Compendio delle conquiste, e vittorie del R&eg. Tafiletto in Affrica scritte da un' agente della M. Britannica in Tanger. Rimino, 1670. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Copia de huma carta, escrita da cidade de Constantinopla por hum mercador francez a outro, que se acha em Alexandria, e da lingua Francesa traduzida na nossa Portugueza pela curiosidade de Sebastiam Pires Correya ... [Lisbon], xxx. Caption title.
Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund. .bib DISTINTA RELATIONE Distinta relatione della rassegna dell'essercito del gran turco, quando sorti in Campagno, con la descrittione del Trena, & Vittouaglie, e distributtione de' Campeggiamenti della medema armata. Mantua and Genoa, xxx. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Floro historico de la guerra movida por el sultan de los Turcos Mehemet IV. contra el augustissimo Leopoldo Primero ... traducido de Italiano En Castellano, ... por Don Francisco Fabro Bremundan. Madrid, 1684. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

FRORIEP, JUSTUS FRIDERICUS. Arabische Bibliothek. Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1769. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

GLAIRE, JEAN BAPTISTE. Lexicon Manuale Hebraicum Et Chaldaicum ... Cum Indice Latino Vocabulorum ... Paris, 1845. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

GROSVENOR, ROBERT, LORD. Extracts from the Journal of Lord R. Grosvenor being an Account of his Visit to the Barbary Regencies in the Spring of 1830. Chester, [183-]. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

KORAN. L'Alcoran de Mahomet. translate d'Arabe en Francois par le Sieur du Ryer, Sieur de la Garde Malezair. Paris, 1647.
Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Espeio sacro profetico, a favor de la Iglesia, contra el imperio Otomano, y secta Mahometana. Valencia, 1686. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

NIEBUHR, CARSTEN. Voyage de M. Niebuhr en Arabie et en d'autres pays de l'Orient. Suisse, 1780. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund. .bib NOTICIA DA EMBAIXADA Noticia da embaixada, que o gra&ot. Sulta&ot. manda a S. Magestade Prussiana sendo embaixador Achmet Effendi. Lisbon, 1763. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Nova rela&cd.a&ot. da embaixada, que mandou o imperador de Marrocos a El-Rey Catholico, e da viagem, que fez o embaixador Cide Hamet Elgazel e Grandeza.... Lisbon, 1766. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund. .bib OVINGTON OVINGTON, JOHN. Voyages de Jean Ovington faits &ag. Suarate, & en d'autres lieux d'Asie & de l'Afrique. Paris, 1725. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.
RAMUSIO, PAOLO. Della guerra de Costantinopoli per la restitutione de gl'Imperatori comneni fatta da' Sig. Venetiani Et Francesi l'anno MCCIV. Libri sei. Venetia, 1604. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

Relationi hauute da diuerse parti intorno alla liberatione di Vienna dall' Assedio delle Armi Ottomane. Florence and Genoa, 1683. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund. .bib SAGREDO SAGREDO,
GIOVANNI. Memorias historicas de los Monarcas Othomanos, que escrivio en lengua Toscana traduzidas en Castellano .... Madrid, 1684. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.


BEAUCHESNE, JEAN DE. Le Tresor de escriture. Lyons, 1580. Selected leaves. Purchase. xxx Fund.

GAUDI, FRIEDRICH WILHELM. Versuch einer Anweisung f&uu.r Officiers von der Infanterie ... Vierte Auflage. Wesel, 1778. Purchase. Reed Fund.

GUIGNES, CHR&ea.TIEN LOUIS JOSEPH DE. Voyages a Peking, Manille et l'Ile de France, faits dans l'intervalle des ann& 1784 &ag. 1801. Paris, 1808. Author's copy with his annotations in manuscript. Purchase. xxx Fund.

[JOHNSON, JOHN, comp.]. Inscriptiones Historicae Regum Scotorum. Amsterdam, 1602. STC 14787. Purchase. English Literature Fund.

MEXICO. TAMAULIPAS. Constitucion politica del estado libre de las Tamaulipas. Ciudad Victoria, 1848. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

Department of Rare Books and Special Collections


To: W.L. Joyce and Curators

From: Steve Ferguson

Date: 16 October 1987
List of New Accquistions for the General Rare Book Collections made during the period 1 July 1987 to 16 October 1987.
SIXTEENTH CENTURY French school-texts (1572-1573) annotated by student based on the lectures of his master. Full description of this acquistion in dealer's description attached.

SCOTTISH LEGAL TRACTS. A collection of 198 pamphlets bound in
three volumes. The printed documents date from 17 to 17 .
Several involve famous figues of the period and place, such as
James Boswell, Lord Monboddo, et al.
Full description of this acquistion in dealer's description

COLLECTION of several early editions of the novel THE ENGLISH

COLLECTION of several editions of early English books on the art
of discourse and how to make converstion.

SEVERAL ADDITIONS to the Library's collection of English plays
from the period 1640-1700.

SEVERAL ADDITIONS to the Library's collection of French clandstine literature of the Eighteenth Century.

A very biting and witty satire: A MODERN ACCOUNT OF SCOTLAND;

1988 - 1989:


FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT, Class of 1917. This Side of Paradise. New York, 1920. Gift of Willard Thorp.

JAMES, HENRY. A collection of numerous editions of Henry James, including a copy of The Princess Casamassima (1886). Gift of Willard Thorp.

LITERATURE. A collection of 35 first editions, mostly by 20th-century writers. Gift of Richard M. Ludwig.

POETRY. A collection of 20th-century American poetry being formed in honor of Richard M. Ludwig. Gift of Leonard L. Milberg '53.

TATE, ALLEN. Saggi. Rome, 1957. Inscribed by the author: "To Bobbie and John with love from Allen. February 5, 1958." Gift of Leonard H. Unger.

WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE. Grand. New York, 1964. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.


AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON. Auriol. First edition. London, 1850. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

CONRAD, JOSEPH. The Rover. London, 1923. Presentation copy from Joseph Conrad to Ford Madox Ford, later presented by Ford to his American mistress, Rene Wright. Gift of Edward Naumburg, Jr.

Cupid's Decoy, or, An Emblem of the State of Matrimony. London, early 18th century. Large engraving with four columns of verse entitled "Explanation of the Emblem." Gift of Bernard Quaritch Ltd.

An Elegy on the Death of David Garrick, Esq. The second edition, with additions. London, 1779. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

FIELDING, HENRY. Julien l'apostat, ou, Voyage dans l'autre monde. Traduction de l'anglois. Geneva, 1782. Purchase. David A.Reed Fund.

KENNETT, BISHOP WHITE, Collector. Volume of 13 pamphlets bound together with the bookplate of Bishop White Kennett and a table of contents in his hand. London, 1714-1717. Gift of Alexander D. Wainwright '39.

Lycidus, or, The Lover in Fashion: Being an Account from Lycidus to Lysander of his Voyage from the Island of Love ... Together with a Miscellany of New Poems. London, 1688. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

MAXWELL, MARY ELIZABETH BRADDON. The Cloven Foot: A Novel. First edition, first issue. London, 1879. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

MILTON, JOHN. The Poetical Works of Milton: With A Critic upon Paradise Lost, by Mr. Addison. Edinburgh, 1755. Gift of Jeffrey Teich, M.D.

ROSS, ALEXANDER. The New Planet No Planet, or, The Earth No Wandring Star Except in the Wandring Heads of Galileans. London, 1646. Gift of Jeffrey Teich, M.D.

RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL. Lex, Rex: The Law and the Prince. London, 1644. Gift of Allan F. Saunders.

SAUNDERS AND OTLEY, PUBLISHERS, LONDON. Advice to Authors, Inexperienced Writers, and Possessors of Manuscripts, on the Efficient Publication of Books Intended for General Circulation or Private Distribution. London, 1853? Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

TROLLOPE, EDWARD. The Family of Trollope. Lincoln, England, 1875. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.


ALBERTI, LEON BATTISTA. Fables diverses de Leon Battiste Alberti en italien et en francois: accompagnees de sens moraux & politiques par Louis Pompe. Paris, 1693. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

APPERT, CHARLES. Essai sur les pr‚positions, et de leur usage dans la langue fran‡aise. Naples, 1827. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

ARNAUD, FRANCOIS-THOMAS-MARIE DE BACULARD D'. Les degouts du teatre: epitre a Monsieur ***. Paris, 1746. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

BASSVILLE, M. DE. El‚mens de Mythologie: avec l'analyse de poemes d'HomŠre & de Virgile. Geneva, 1784. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

Discours en la faveur des dames, contre les mesdisans. Paris, 1600. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

DUBOURG, JACQUES. Chronographie, ou, Description des tems: Contenant toute la suite des souverains de l'univers, & des principaux evenemens de chaque siecle, depuis la creation du monde jusqu'a present: En trente-cinq planches gravees en taille-douce, & reunies en une machine d'un usage facile & commode. Par M. Barbeu Dubourg, docteur en medecine, & professeur de pharmacie en l'Universite de Paris. Paris, 1753. Forty-four engraved sheets pasted together in a continuous roll and mounted in its original folding scroll case. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

FARET, NICOLAS. Des vertus necessaires a vn prince pour bien gouuerner ses sujets. Paris, 1623. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

HOTMANN, FRANCOIS, SIEUR DE VILLIERS SAINT PAUL. Brutum fulmen Papae Sixti V. aduersus Henricum. Rome? 1585. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

IMBERT, JEAN. Les quatre liures des institutions forenses, ou autrement practique indiciaire. Paris, 1552. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

LISLE, FRANCOIS DE. Mathematica pro Lucano: Apologia aduersus Iosephum Scaligerum. Paris, 1582. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

LUTHER, MARTIN. Von der Wydertauffe: An zwen Pfarherrn, eyn Brieff. Wittenberg, 1528. Gift of Mrs. Bernhard K. Schaefer.

MAYERNE, THEODORE TURQUET DE, SIR. Sommaire description de la France, Allemagne, Italie & Espagne: auec la guide des chemins pour aller & venir par les prouinces & aux villes plus renommees de ces quatre regions. Geneva, 1605. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

MICHEL DE LA ROCHEMAILLET, GABRIEL. Chronologie universelle. France? 17th century. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

Ein Neuer Sendbrieff von den bosen geystlichen, geschickt tzu yrem rechten herrenn. Germany? 1528. Knaake 966. Gift of Mrs. Bernhard K. Schaefer.

RANGOUZE, SIEUR DE. Lettres heroiques aux princes du sang, et aux grands de l'estat.Paris, 1647. Purchase. Theodore F. Sanxay Fund.

SANTEUIL, JEAN DE. Poeme latin de Mr de Santeuil de Saint Victor, pour le roy. Traduit par Monsieur Le Noble. Paris, 1692. Title of original: Ad Santolium Victorem hymnos scribentem, Gallia. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

UNCY, MADEMOISELLE. Contes moraux, dans le go–t de ceux de Mr. Marmontel: recueillis de divers auteurs. Amsterdam & Paris, 1763. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.


De Gantsche pligt van een Christen of de christelyke zedekunde: voorgestelt op eene klaare en gemeenzaame wyze, tot gebruik van alle menschen : verdeelt in XVII. hoofd-deelen die, op elke zondag 'er een geleezen zynde, alle driemaal in 't jaar konnen door geleezen worden. Tweede druk. Amsterdam, 1741. Purchase.
Sinclair Hamilton Fund.

HUGO, HERMAN. Pia desideria, or, Divine Addresses, in Three Books. Englished by Edm. Arwaker. The fourth edition, corrected. London, 1712. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

KARL LUDWIG, ELECTOR PALATINE. Philothei Symbola Christiana. Frankfurt, 1677. With book label of Cyrus Hall McCormick. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

KLINKHAMER, GOVERT. Leerzaame zinnebeelden en Bybelstoffen: bestaande in het leven van den propheet Elisa, Moses aanspraak aan Israel, en de verheugde Zacharias. Amsterdam, 1740. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

KLINKHAMER, GOVERT. Stichtelyke zinnebeelden en Bybelstoffen. Amsterdam, 1740. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

LASSENIUS, JOHANNES. Sionitische Erquick-Stunden: voll heiliger Andachten und christlicher Betracht- und Nachsinnungen aus heiliger Schrifft und unverworffenen Kirchen-Lehrern. Hamburg, 1708. Six emblematic plates covering January to June. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

PICINELLI, FILIPPO. Mundus symbolicus. Cologne, 1729. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

SPIEGHEL, H. L. (HENDRICK LAURENSZOON). Hertspieghel en andere zede-schriften. Amsterdam, 1694. Includes his Hieroglifica, illustrated with eight emblematic plates as well as engravings illustrating Plato's Cave and the Tabula Cebetis.
Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

ZEEUS, JAKOB. Gedichten: met veele kopere kunstplaten versiert. Zweede druk. Amsterdam, 1737. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

ZSAMBOKI, JANOS. Emblemata, et aliquot nummi antiqui operis Ioan. Sambuci Tirnauiensis Pannonii. Antwerp, 1566. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.


BALL, RICHARD. Astrology Improv'd, or, A Compendium of the Whole Art of That Most Noble Science. The second edition, very much enlarg'd. London, 1723. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

BARCLAY, WILLIAM. Callirhoe, Commonly Called the Well of Spa or the Nymph of Aberdene. Aberdeen, 1799. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

CHRISTOPHERS, JOHN CROWCH. Observations on Syphilis, and on Inoculation as the Means of Diagnosis in Ulcers and Discharges Invading the Genital Organs. London, 1853. Author's own copy with his extensive revisions in manuscript. Purchase. Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

COLLEGIO ROMANO. MUSEO. Musaeum Kircherianum, sive, Musaeum a P. Athanasio Kirchero in Collegio Romano Societatis Jesu. Rome, 1709. Prepared by Filippo Buonanni. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

Cursus mundi = Der Welt Lauff vnd Practick. Germany? 1625. A German translation of Recueil general des caquets de l'accouchee, first published in parts in 1622. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

Vues sur la propret‚ des rues de Paris. Paris, 1782. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.


Le Ciel ouvert … tout l'univers. Par ... J. J. 1782. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

CREBILLON, MONSIEUR DE (CLAUDE-PROSPER JOLYOT). Les amours de Zeokinizul roi des Kofirans. Ouvrage traduit de l'arabe du voyageur Krinelbol. Amsterdam, 1746. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

FRERET, NICOLAS. Lettres … Sophie: Contenant un examen des fondemens de la religion chr‚tienne, & diverses objections contre l'immortalit‚ de l'ame. Londres, Dix-huitieme siŠcle. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

HOLBACH, PAUL HENRY THIRY, BARON D'. La politique naturelle, ou, Discours sur les vrais principes du gouvernement. Par un ancien magistrat. Londres [i.e. Amsterdam], 1773. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

TAITBOUT. Essai sur l'isle d'Otahiti, situ‚e dans la mer du sud, et sur l'esprit et les moeurs de ses habitans. Avignon & Paris, 1779. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

VOLTAIRE. La Bible enfin expliqu‚e par plusieurs aumoniers de S.M.L.R.D.P. Londres [i.e. Amsterdam], 1776. Purchase. Katharine Jeanette Palmer Sutton Memorial Fund.


AUSTRIA. Ruf : Es ist durch mehrere Zeit her missfallig beobachtet worden, dass sich von einer gewissen Gattung Menschen die Freyheit herausgenommen wird, bey verschiedenen Gelegenheiten, auf Platzen und Gassen, vorbergehende Leute zu beunruhigen. Vienna, 1781. Broadside labeled in pencil on front wrapper: Gegen Ruhest”rung Juden. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

BOHME, JAKOB. The Works of Jacob Behmen, the Teutonic Theosopher. London, 1764-1781. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

BOSMAN, WILLEM. A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea: Divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts. The second edition. London, 1721. Purchase. Lathrop C. Harper Fund.

LLULL, RAMON. Opera. Strasbourg, 1651. The author's prose writings. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

OVID. Metamorphoseon libri XV. Paris, 1637. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

PHILIPPI, HENRI. Chronologiae veteris Testamenti accuratum examen. Cologne, 1637. Gift of Bruce McKittrick.

RANDALL, JOSEPH. A Course of Lectures in the Most Easy, Useful, and Entertaining Parts of Geography, Astronomy, Chronology, and Pneumatics, as They are Deliver'd by Way of Text to the Youth of the Academy at Heath, near Wakefield, Yorkshire.
London, 1750. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

SOCIETY OF DILETTANTI. Specimens of Antient Sculpture: Aegyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman. Selected from Different Collections in Great Britain by the Society of Dilettanti; with descriptive text by R. P. Knight. London, 1809-1835. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin Maull.

SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. Concerning the Earths in our Solar System Which are Called Planets, and Concerning the Earths in the Starry Heaven: Together with an Account of Their Inhabitants, and Also of the Spirits and Angels There: From
What Hath Been Seen and Heard. Now First Translated from the Latin. London, 1787. Purchase. David A. Reed Fund.

VILLANOVA, C. S. Supplementum ad Aeneida, seu, Aeneidos liber decimus-tertius. Paris, 1698. Purchase.Christian A. Zabriskie Fund.

1989 - 1990:


FICTION of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. More than 100 titles acquired from the collection of Dr. Max Miller. Purchase. American Literature Fund.

FRENEAU, PHILIP, Class of 1771. Conditions. New York, 1796. A hitherto unknown printed prospectus for Freneau's literary tri-weekly, Time-Piece, which ran for about two years in 1797 - 1798. Purchase. Behrman Fund.

KINNELL, GALWAY. Daybreak. [Napa, California, 1980]. Broadside. Purchased for the Richard M. Ludwig Collection of American Poetry with funds donated by Leonard L. Milberg, Class of 1953.

MELVILLE, HERMAN, owner. Milton, John. The Poetical Works. Boston, 1836. Herman Melville's copy, annotated in pencil by him and dated 1849, 1860 and again in 1868. Purchase. Behrman Fund and with other special assistance.

RICH, ADRIENNE. Ariadne, A Play in Three Acts, and Poems. Baltimore, 1939. Adrienne Rich's first publication, privately issued by her parents when she was 10 years old. Purchased for the Richard M. Ludwig Collection of American Poetry with funds donated by Leonard L. Milberg, Class of 1953. Also added to the Ludwig Collection were more than 120 poetry books purchased on the Milberg Fund.

TATE, ALLEN. A collection of his works,. New York and other places, 1924:t=:t1987, with many signed by the author. Gift of Edward Naumburg, Jr.


ADDISON, JOSEPH. Rosamond. An Opera. London, 1707. Purchase. x Fund.

BARKER, NICOLAS. Two East Anglian Picture Books. [London, 1988] Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

BORUWLASKI, JOSEPH. Memoirs of the Celebrated Dwarf, Joseph Boruwlaski, a Polish Gentleman . . . translated from the French by Mr. Des Carrieres. London, 1788. Purchase. x Fund.

BOYER, A. Characters of the Virtues and Vices of the Age; or, Moral Reflections, Maximes, and Thoughts Upon Men and Manners. London, 1695. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

BROWN, THE REV. GEORGE. The English Letter-Writer; The Whole Art of General Correspondence. London, [1771]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Canadian editions of publications by Wilkie Collins (2), Dickens (1), George Eliot (3), Bulwer-Lytton (2), and Anthony Trollope (1). Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund and Theodore F. Sanxay Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

CARROLL, LEWIS. Sylvie and Bruno. With forty-six illustrations by Harry Furniss. London and New York, 1889. First edition in a green diagonal fine rib cloth binding, with the front cover and spine blocked in gold and black and the back cover blocked in blind, a variant of the other copies in the Parrish Collection. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

CARY, ROBERT. Palaeologia Chronica. A Chronological Account of Ancient Time. London, 1677. Purchase. Reed Fund.

CHUDLEIGH, MARY?. Essays Upon Several Subjects. London, 1710. Purchase. Willard Thorp Fund.

COLLINS, WILKIE. The Evil Genius. Chicago, 1886. In a dark brown diagonal fine rib cloth binding, a variant of the copy in the Parrish Collection. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

DEFOE, DANIEL. R[ogue]'s on both Sides. In which are the Characters of some R[ogue]'s not yet describ'd; with a true Description of an Old Whig, and a Modern Whig; an Old Tory, and a Modern Tory; High-flyer, or Motly; As also of a Minister of State. London, 1711. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

DEFOE, DANIEL. Some Remarks on the Tale of a Tub. London, 1704. Purchase. Behrman Fund.

DICKENS, CHARLES. Sketches by Boz, Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People. New Edition, Complete. Philadelphia, 1839. With two plates by George Cruikshank, etched by J. Yeager. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

DICKENS, CHARLES. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. A New Edition, with Numerous Illustrations, by Sam Weller, Jr., and Alfred Crowquill, Esq. Philadelphia, 1838. Gift of John H. Stutesman, Jr., Class of 1942. For the Parrish Collection.

DRYDEN, JOHN. Albion and Albanius: An Opera. London, 1685. Woodward & McManaway 376a. Purchase. Willard Thorp Fund.

ELIOT, GEORGE. The Legend of Jubal and Other Poems. Copyright edition. Berlin, 1874. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

FAREWELL, GEORGE [PILGRIM PLOWDEN]. Farrago. London, 1733 [1734?]. Purchase. x Fund.

FISHER, PAYNE. Irenodia gratulatoria, sive illustrissimi amplissimiq; viri Oliveri Cromwelli, &c. epinicion. Dedicatum domino praesidi Bradshawo . . . [London, 1652]. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

FLEMING, ROBERT. The Mirrour of Divine Love Unvail'd, in a Poetical Paraphrase of the High and Mysterious Song of Solomon. London, 1691. Purchase. Willard Thorp Fund.

HUNT, VIOLET. Affairs of the Heart. London, 1900. Marked with annotations in her hand. Purchase. Willard Thorp Fund.

[KING, WILLIAM]. Animadversions on a Pretended Account of Danmark. London, 1694. Purchase. Behrman British Fund.

KING, WILLIAM. The art of cookery, in imitation of Horace's Art of poetry. With some letters to Dr. Lister, and others: occasion'd principally by the title of a book publish'd by the Doctor, being the works of Apicius Colius, ... To which is added Horace's Art of poetry, in Latin. By the author of the Journey to London. Humbly inscrib'd to the Honourable Beef Steak Club. The second edition. London, [1712]. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

MACKENZIE, ROBERT. The Man of the World. Philadelphia, 1783. Signed by previous owners: Philip Syng Bunting, Jacob Randolph (Philadelphia surgeon, 1796:t=:t1848), and Richard Randolph Parry. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Kosinski.

MINSHEU, JOHN. [Subscriber's list for the first English subscription book] A catalogue and true note of the names of such persons, which (vpon good liking they haue to the worke, being a great helpe to memorie) haue received the Etymologicall dictionarie of XI. languages ... from the hands of Maister Minsheu the author and publisher of the same in print ... [London, 1618?] [STC (2nd ed.), 17944A.7] as well as copy of the dictionary Guide into the tongues. Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

Observations on the Bedford Charity. London, 1761. Purchase. x Fund.

OUERBURY, SIR THOMAS. His Wife. With Additions of New Newes and divers more Characters.... the tenth impression augmented. London, 1618. Purchase. Reed Fund.

POPE, ALEXANDRE. Essai sur L'Homme, Poeme Philosophique. Strasbourg, 1762. Rare pentalingual edition (English, French, German, Latin, and Italian) of his Essay on Man. Purchase. Reed Fund.

READE, CHARLES. The Wandering Heir, A Christmas Story. Detroit: Craig and Taylor, [1872?]. Sheets of the Hunter, Rose edition of 1872 with an American title page. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

SAY, SAMUEL. Poems on Several Occasions, Place? Publisher? 1745. Purchase. Friends Fund.

SOCIETY FOR PROPAGATING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. State of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge. Edinburgh, 1741. Bound with several contemporary rare pamphlets about the Society. Purchase. Reed Fund.

TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, editor. British Sports and Pastimes. London: Virtue & Co.; New York: Virtue and Yorston, [n.d.]. Green pebble cloth with the imprint of Strahan & Co. at foot of spine. A variant not noted by Sadleir. Purchase. Theodore F. Sanxay Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

TROLLOPE, ANTHONY. Phineas Finn, the Irish Member. With twenty illustrations by J. E. Millais. London: Virtue & Co., 1869. 2 vols. in 1. Maroon sand grain cloth with the imprint of Strahan & Co. at foot of spine. Remainder issue of the first edition. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund. For the Parrish Collection.

VICTORIAN NOVELS. Thirty-two volumes were presented to the Library by Alexander D. Wainwright, Class of 1939, for addition to the Morris L. Parrish Collection of Victorian Novelists in memory of Robert H. Taylor, Class of 1930. Included in the gift were presentation copies of three novels by Wilkie Collins: Basil (New York, 1874), No Name (London, 1862), and The Woman in White, New Edition (London, 1875); a copy of Robert du Pontavice de Heussey's L'Inimitable Boz (Paris, 1889), with a presentation inscription from the author to Collins; presentation copies of three books by Thomas Hughes: Life and Times of Peter Cooper (London, 1886), one of only fifty copies printed, Rugby, Tennessee (London, 1881), and Tom Brown's School Days, Seventy-first Thousand (London, 1870); Bulwer-Lytton's privately printed Weeds and Wildflowers (Paris, 1826) from the library of the author's father, W. Earle Bulwer, and a presentation copy of Bulwer-Lytton's The New Timon (London, 1846); a presentation copy of Charles Reade's White Lies (London, 1857); a copy of the third edition of Anthony Trollope's The Bertrams (London, 1860) with a presentation inscription from the author to his niece, Edith Tilley; and three books from (which ?) Trollope's library.

WALLER, SIR WILLIAM. Divine Meditations Upon Several Occasions; with a Daily Directory. London, 1680. Purchase. x Fund.

WARTON, THOMAS. Poems on Several Occasions. London, 1748. Purchase. Behrman English Fund.

WHITAKER, WILLIAM. The Conspiracy or the Change of Government. A Tragedy. London, 1680. Narcissus Luttrell's copy dated 5 May 1680. Purchase. x Fund.



AESOP. Fabvl‘ ’sopi Selectiores, Gallic‘, Gr‘c‘, Latin‘. Paris, 1650. Purchase. Reed Fund.

CHAMPFLEURY. Chien-Caillou; nouvelle illustree de dix-neuf eauxfortes et de trente-cinq vignettes de Paul Guiggnebault. Paris, [1903]. Zabriskie Fund.

COMBALUSIER, FRAN€OIS DE PAULE. Memoire de L'universite. [N.p.], 1762. Purchase. Reed Fund.

DE VIDAMP, MADAME LA COMTESSE. Melanges de poesie et de prose. London, 1777. Purchase. Harper Fund.

DE LA MOTTE, ANTOINE HOUDAR. Fables nouvelles. Amsterdam, 1729. With ownership signature of Alexander Boswell, father of James Boswell, and dated 1723. Gift of Bruce Willsie, together with several other books.

DE JUMIGNY, M. Le Pere gouverneur de son fils. Bourges, 1780. Reed Fund.

DEGERANDO, JOSEPH MARIE. De la Generation des connoissances humaines. Berlin, 1802. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

DEGERANDO, JOSEPH MARIE. Des Signes et de l'art de penser. Paris, ____. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

FRANCE. CONVENTION NATIONALE. COMITE DE SALUT PUBLIC. D‚veloppemens su l'ensignement adoptiv‚ pour l'‚cole centrale des travaux publics. Paris, 179?. Purchase. Harper Fund.

GAVOTY. Manuel du fileur-cordier par demandes et r‚ponses.. Paris, 1810. Purchase. ? Fund.

GENLIS, STEPHANIE FELICITE, COMTESSE DE. La Botanique historique et litteraire. Paris, 1810. Purchase. ? Fund.

GOTTSCHLING, CASPAR. Receuil de quelques contes divertissants, de quelques entretiens, de plusieurs lettres et de quelques maximes de morale: tir‚es de plusieurs autheurs fran‡ois, pour l'usage de ceux, qui veulent apprendre la langue fran‡oise. Brandebourg, 1716. Purchase. Harper Fund.

LABBE, PHILIPPE. Les Tableaux methodiques de la geographie royale. Paris, 1646. Purchase. Harper Fund.

LE NOBLE, EUSTACHE. L'Esprit de Gerson. 33 sols. [Paris?], 1692. Purchase. Reed Fund.

LUPUS OF FERRIERES. Epistolarum liber. Paris, 1588. Purchase. Harper Fund.

Memoires de l'Academie des Colporteurs. [Paris?], 1748. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

MONTAIGUE, MICHEL DE. Journal du Voyage...en Italie. Rome and Paris, 1774. Gift of David DuVivier, Class of 1932.

MORGUES, MATTHIEU DE, SIEUR DE SAINT-GERMAIN. Pieces curieuses en suite de celles du sieur de S. Germain. [N.p.], 1643. Purchase. ? Fund.

RAYNAL, GUILLAUME THOMAS FRAN€OIS. Historia politica de los establecimientos ultramarinos de las naciones europeas. Madrid, 1784. Spanish translation of his famous Histoire philosophique et politique des ‚tablissemens et du commerce des Europ‚eens dans les deux indes. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

RICHER, LOUIS. Rhetorices compendiosa expositio, ex celeberrimis oratoribus: in XIII. tabulas, aere incisas, ordine pellucido distributa... Paris, 1671. Purchase. Harper Fund.

SCIPION, M. L'Ethiqve ov philosophie morale. Paris, 1610. Purchase. Reed Fund.

UNIVERSITY OF PARIS. Catalogus Magistrorum Honorandae Gallorum Nationis. Paris, 1703. Purchase. Harper Fund.


ALBUMASAR. Flores astrologiae. Augsburg: Erhard Ratdolt, 18 Nov. 1488. [Goff A-356.] Gift of David DuVivier, Class of 1932.

JUSTINUS, MARCUS JUNIANUS. Epitomae in Trogi Pompeii historias. Venice, 1479. [Goff J-618.] Gift of George M. Elsey, Class of 1939.

SILIUS ITALICUS. Punica. Venice, 1483. [Goff S-507.] Gift of George M. Elsey, Class of 1939.


BOYSE, SAMUEL. Miscellaneous Works, Serious and Humorous: in Verse and Prose. Design'd for the Amusement of the Fair Sex. Reading, 1740. Only copy recorded in North America. Purchase. Willard Thorp Fund.

DE LAMBERT, MADAME LE MARQUISE. Lettres sur la veritable education. Amsterdam, 1729. Purchase. Reed Fund.

DORIA, PAOLO MATTIA. Ragionamenti di Paolo Mattia D'Oria, indirizzati alla Signora D. Aurelia D'Este, duchessa di Limatola: ne' quali si dimostra la donna, in quasi che tutte le viru piu grandi, non essere ali'uomo inferiore. Frankfurt, 1716. Purchase. Reed Fund.

GRENAILLE, M. DE (FRANCOISE), SIEUR DE CHATOUNIERES. Les plaisirs des dames. Dediez a la reyne de la Grande Bretaigne. Paris, 1641. Purchase. Reed Fund.

HENRIETTE ***. Der gute Genius des weiblichen Geschlechts von einem Madchen. Leipzig and her Verthedigung der Leipziger Damen. Lepigig, 1798. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

Petitions et doleances du beau sexe: adressees au roi au moment de la tenue des Etats-Generaux. [Paris? : s.n., 1789?] A pamphlet on women's rights signed at end: Par l'auteur de l'Unique remede aux maux de l'etat. Reed Fund.
[POULLAIN DE LA BARRE, FRAN€OIS]. De l'‚ducation des dames pour la conduite de l'esprit dans les sciences et dans les moeurs. Entretiens. Paris, 1674. Purchase. Harper Fund.

ST. JEROME. Lettera di San Girolamo a leta matrona romana intorno alla educazione della figliuola tradotta in lingua Italiana ed illustrata con note da Carmindo Gerenio P.A. Perugia, 1795. Purchase. Reed Fund.

WAYCROFT, DOROTHY. The Lady's New-years Gift; or, Advice to a Daughter. London, 1688. Purchase. Reed Fund.


BARZIZZA, GASPARINO. Opera. Rome, 1723. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Breve Dissertazione. Firenze, 1714. Purchase. x Fund.

BRANDOLINI, AURELIO LIPPO. De ratione scribendi libri tres. Rome, 1735. Purchase. Harper Fund.

CORDARA, JULIUS. Collegi Germanici et Hungarici Historia Libris IV. Comprehensa. Rome, 1770. Purchase. Harper Fund.

HAGELGANS, JOHANN GEORG, Atlas Historicus. Frankfurt, 1718. First edition and only copy recorded in the United States. A visual encyclopedia of world history, with time-charts and maps covering "Ancient Face of the Globe; Wanderings of Nations; Changed State of Affairs; [and its] New Face." Plates engraved by Georg Daniel Hemann. Purchase. Reed Fund.

KRITZINGER, FRIEDRICH ADOL. Die Spaziergange bey Leipzig in Gesellschaft eines Freundes besucht, und gereimt beschrieben. Leipzig, 1781. Purchase. x Fund.

LAMY, BERNARD. Apparatus ad Biblia sacra. Gratianopolis,??? 1687. Purchase. Harper Fund.

NIEBUHR, CARSTEN. Beschreibung von Arabien aus eigenen beobachtungen und im Lande selbst gesammlten Nachrichten abgefasset von Carsten Niebuhr. Copenhagen, 1772. Gift of John Elliott. (Which one? Middle initial? Class of ??)

PEDEGACHE, MIGUEL TIBERIO. Conjecturas de varios filosofos. Lisboa, 1758. Purchase. Hamilton Fund.

SCHOPPE, KASPAR. De Arte Critica. Nuremburg, 1597. Early Renaissance work on textual criticism. Purchase. Harper Fund.

SCHUBERT, CLEMENS. Libri quatuor De scrupulis chronologor[um] in quibus non solum calculus Sacrae scripturae cum serie quatuor monarchiarum, & Olympiadibus Graecorum, atq[ue] annis ab urbe Roma condita pulcherrima harmonia conciliatur : sed etiam quam plurimi et difficilimi scrupuli, qui hactenus in hanc harmoniam irrepserant, multosq[ue] antiquitatis & veritatis diligentissimos inquisitores non parum torserant, itaeximuntur, ut maiore cum luce, fructu & voluptate tam sacrae quam prophanae historiae ab omnibus legi possint / conscripti a Clemente Schuberto. Strasburg, 1575. Purchase. Harper Fund.

STOLLE, GOTTLIEB. Anleitung zur Historie der Gelahrheit. Jena, 1727. Purchase. Keinbusch Fund.

TWELVE SIBYLS. Early, untitled, vernacular Italian illustrated book of the twelve sibyls consisting of captioned engravings, sometimes attributed to Antoine Lafrery (1512:t=:t1577). Perhaps 16th century. Purchase. Reed Fund.

WELLING, GEORG VON. Opus mago-cabbalisticum et theosophicum: darinnen der Ursprung, Natur, Eigenschafften und Gebrauch des Saltzes, Schwefels und Mercurii, in dreyen Theilen beschrieben... Bad Hamburg, 1735. Includes articles by Johann Thomas Hensing and George Ripley (cf. Princeton University Library Chronicle 19, pp. 201:t=:t202, for illustrated note about the Library's Ripley Scroll.) The Library's copy of von Welling's Opus is Peter Ensminger's copy with his manuscript notes on three loose endpapers. Purchase. Kienbush Fund.


BARRIN, JEAN. Venus dans le CloŒtre...r‚impression de l'‚dition de Cologne 1719. Paris, [1934]. Purchase. Reed Fund.

[BONTEMPS, ROGER, pseud.?] Nouveaux Contes a rire, et avantures plaisantes ou recreations Fran‡oises. Vingti‚me edition. Cologne, 1722. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Le Joujou des demoiselles. Larnaca [i.e. Basel], [1882]. First published in 17??. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Memoires de M. le comte de St. Germain ... ecrits par lui-meme. En Suisse, 1779. Purchase. Teisch Fund.

La Nouvelle Academie des Dames, ou Histoire de Mlle. de B****, D.C.D.L. Cythere, 1776. Purchase. Reed Fund.

M‚langes de Litt‚rature. Philosopolis, 1783. Purchase. Harper Fund.

MERCIER, LOUIS-SBASTIEN. Songes Philsophiques, Premiere Partie. Londres, 1768. Purchase. Reed Fund.

RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE. Le Pornographe ou idees d'un honnete-homme sur un projet de reglement pour les prostituees. Londres, 1770. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.


BODIKER, JOHANN. Emblemata gratulationum hieroglyphica: serenissimis et augustissimis principibus, Domino Friderico Wilhelmo, Electori Brandenb. &c. &c. &c. Pater Patriae, in natalem, superato feliciter climactere heroico anni 63. d. 6. Februar. & Dominae Dorotheae, Electoriss. Brandenb. &c. &c. &c. Patriae Matri, in onomasma / cum comprecatione omnigenae salutis universae domui Brandenb. humillime erecta ac explicata a Johanne Bodikero, P. Gymn. Colon. Rectore. Berlin, 1683. Broadside with title and explanatory verses printed in letterpress, surrounding plate of emblematic letters etched by Johann Gottfried Bartsch spelling out "Fridericus Wilhelmus Magnus Pater Patriae vivat!" Purchased by the Friends of the Princeton University Library in honor of Prof. William S. Heckscher on his 85th birthday.
DREXEL, JEREMIAS. Recta Intentio omnium humanarum actionum Amussis. Cologne, 1634. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

RIPA, CAESAR. Iconologia: or, Moral Emblems. London, 1709. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.

SAAVEDRA FAJARDO, DIEGO DE. Idea Principis Christiano Politici, Centum Symbolis Expressa. Pestini, 1748. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

WITHER, GEORGE. Emblemata. London, 1635. Robert Southey's copy presented to him by Charles Lamb, as mentioned in Lamb's letter to Southey dated 18 October 1798. "I have at last been so fortunate as to pick up Wither's Emblems for you, that `old book and quaint,' as the brief author of Ros[amund] Gray hath it:t==:tit is in most detestable state of preservation, and the cuts are of a fainter impression than I have seen. Some child, the curse of antiquaries and bane of bibliopolical rarities, hath been dabbling in some of them with its paint and dirty fingers, and in particular hath a little sullied the author's own portraiture, which I think valuable, as the poem that accompanies it is no common one; this last excepted, the Emblems are far inferior to old Quarles. I once told you otherwise, but I had not then read old Q. with attention. I have pickt up too another copy of the Quarles for ninepence!!! O tempora! O lectores! so that if you have lost or parted with your own copy, say so, and I can furnish you; for you prize these things more than I do...." Purchase. Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.


A collection of 23 herbals and other grand boticanical books chiefly from the library of Thuya Lodge, Mt. Desert, Maine, including Elizabeth Blackwell's Curious Herbal (London, 1739:t=:t1751), L'Heritier de Brutelle's rare illustrated work on dogwoods, including several from America (Paris, 1788), as well as one of the earliest English books on farming, the Mason Rustique, or the Countrie Farm, by Charles Estienne and Jean Liebault (London, 1600). The collection will be described in an article in a future issue of the Chronicle. Gift of an anonymous donor.

GALEN. Ars Medica, Quae & Ars parva, Marino Acakia ... interprete, & enarratore. Venice, 1543. Heavily annotated in a contemporary hand and dated 15??. Purchase. History of Science Fund.

QUILLET, CLAUDE. Callipaedia; seu, De Pulchrae Prolis Habendae Ratione. Paris, 1655. One of the first books on eugenics. Purchased together with several other editions and translations. The Reed Fund.

1990 - 1991


DOUGLAS, AMANDA. A collection in 71 volumes of the writings of Amanda M. Douglas, including her first book, In Trust, or Dr. Bertrand's Household (Boston, 1866). Gift of Paul Douglas '41.

KUNZE, JOHN CHRISTOPHER (1744-1807) the book-plate of this important Lutheran clergyman of Philadelphia, in his copy of Quintus Rufus Curtius,
Historiarum libri., (Leyden, 1633, i.e. 1653). Gift of Mr. Percy Preston, Jr. and Miss Frances L. Preston.

CREELEY, ROBERT. Le fou: poems. (Columbus [Ohio], Golden Goose Press, 1952. The author's rare first book. Purchased together with thirty-two other books by the poet for the Richard M. Ludwig Collection of American Poetry with funds donated by Leonard L. Milberg.

POUND, EZRA. Digest of the Analects [of Confucius]. Milan, XV [i.e. 1937]. Gallup A44. Purchase. English and American Literature Fund.

POUND, EZRA. Umbra. The Early Poems of Ezra Pound. London, 1920. Copy number 42 of the 100 special edition copies described in Donald Gallup's Ezra Pound: A Bibliography (Charlottesville, 1983) number A20(b). Purchase. English and American Literature Fund.

SEQUOYAH. Cherokee Alphabet. Characters as arranged by the Inventor. [New Echota, Ga.?, 1828?]. Small broadside. Purchase. Reed Fund.


BAILLIE, JOHANNA. Epilogue to the Theatrical Representation at Strawberry Hill. written by ... and spoken by the Hon. Anne S. Damer, November 1800. [London, 1800 or 1804]. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

BENTLEY, RICHARD AND SON, PUBLISHERS. A List of the Principal Publications issued from New Burlington Street during the last three Months of the Year 1829 [to part of the year 1898]. London, 1893-1920. A private list `for Official Use only' of all the publications of the firm from its beginning in 1829 as `Colburn and Bentley' to its acquisition by Macmillan's in 1898. Set in double-page format: on left: author, title, production details; on right: notes giving biographical details about authors, details of plot, reviews in the press, even remarks on law-suits. A full set except for the number for 1897. Purchase. Reed Fund.

BRINSLEY, JOHN. A Consolation for our Grammar Schooles. London, 1622. First English book on elementary education in British North American. Purchase. Reed Fund.

BURNS, ROBERT. Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Philadelphia, 1788. Henry St. George Tucker's copy. Gift of Geoffrey E. Sage.

DILLWYN, ELIZABETH AMY. The Rebecca Rioter: a Story of Killay Life. London, 1880. The author was a pioneer of women's rights in industrial and public life. This is her first book and covers the tax protests in South Wales in 1843, whose male participants disguised themselves as women, known as 'Rebecca and her Daughters.' Purchase. Reed Fund.

FARQUHAR, GEORGE. The Stage Coach. A Comedy, As it was acted at the New Theatre in Lincolns-Inn Fields by His Majesties Servants. London, 1705. The first edition. Purchase. Reed Fund.

FARQUHAR, GEORGE. The Stage Coach. A Comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, By His Majesty's Servants. London, 1718. Purchase. Reed Fund.

FORD, FORD MADDOX. The Fifth Queen Crowned. London, 1908. Inscribed on the front free end-paper: "Joseph Conrad aff[ec]t[ionate]ly from Ford Madox Hueffer 26th March MCMVIII." From the collection of Edward Naumburg '24. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

KIRKMAN, FLETCHER. The Wits or Port upon Sport. In Selected Pieces of Drollery, Digested into Scenes by way of Dialogue. ... Part I. London, 1672. The Library has long had the second part. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

KUHNE, FRIEDRICH THEODOR. Die Maskeraden eine Komoedie verfertigt nach einem der Schauspiele von Holberg... Braunschwieg, 1792. A remarkable German play text designed for the teaching and learning of English. It is printed in three columns: original German, parallel English translation, and phonetic rendering of the English translation typeset in Gothic letterforms. Purchase. Reed Fund.

KULL, OWEN [pseud.]. Sanfordiana Hibernica. Volume II. Chapter V. Containing the Writings, Sayings, and Actions, of Lady Ann Sandford during the Month of April MDCCXLIX. by Owen Kull, History Professor in the University of Kinnard. Kinnard, 1749. Unrecorded comic novel. "[A]pparently a masterpiece of facetious nonsense alluding to Tom Jones. [There is some thought, but] "... no evidence to link this talented piece with the young Goldsmith." -- Nicolas Barker in The Book Collector (39:4; Winter 1990) p. 540. Purchase. Reed Fund.

LINGARD, RICHARD. A Letter of Advice to a Young Gentleman leaving the University, concerning his Behaviour and Conversation in the World. London, 1671. A rare English courtesy book, the text of which served as copy for the first etiquette book printed in British North America (New York, 1695). Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

RICE, WOODFORD. The Rutland Volunteer influenza's; or, a Receipt to a Patriot, a Soldier, or a Poet. London, 1783. A satiric poem mocking the British military. With an etched frontispiece showing a soldier holding open a copy of this poem, the work included references to pamphleeters of the period, such as Ricahrd Price, Josiah Tucker, and Samuel Johnson. Purchase. Thorp Fund.

[SHERIDAN, FRANCES]. Memoires de Miss Sidney Bidulph, extraits de son journal, et traduits de l'Anglois. Amsterdam, 1762. Purchase. Reed Fund.

SHADWELL, THOMAS. The amorous Bigotte: with the Second Part of Tegue O Divelly. A comedy. London, 1690. Unrecorded variant issued with signature þ on titlepage. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

SMITH, SIR THOMAS. De Republica Anglorum. The maner of Governement or policie of the Realme of England. London, 1584. Second edition. STC 22858. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

W., E.J. Constance Mordaunt; of, Life in the Western Archipelago. London, 1862. A scarce novel set on the island of St. Vincent and based on actual events. Purchase. Reed Fund.


Conseils a une amie par Madame de P***. Frankfurt and Mainz, 1750 [i.e. England?, 1750?]. For the Library's collection of livres philosophiques. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.

Des Bons Mots et des bons contes de leur usage, de la raillerie des anciens, de la raillerie & des railleurs de n“tre temps. Paris, 1692. Signed on titlepage: Henrietta Vanbrugh. She was Dame Henrietta Maria Vanburgh, wife of Sir John Vanburgh, playwright and architect, whom she married in 1719. Purchase. Zabriske Fund.

FALCONNET DE LA BELLONIE, CAMILLE. La Psycantropie ou nouvelle th‚orie de l'homme. Spectacle des espirits, des caracteres, et des vertus. Geneva, 1748 and 1752. The "spectacle" covers such topics as genius, poetry, happiness, chance, nobility, pleasure, tragedy, drama, memory, imagination, taste, and beauty. Purchase. Harper Fund.

GOUSTE, CLAUDE. Traicte de la Puissance et authorite des rois. Paris, 1561.
Unrecorded edition of a translation from the Latin. Gouste was evidently Gallican in leanings; both editions were issued without mention of publisher or royal priviledge. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

L'Histoire de Valentin et Orson. Troyes, 1719. Purchase. Reed Fund.

JARRY, ALFRED. Additions for the Library's collections relating to Alfred Jarry, including numbers 9 to 16 of the Monitoires du cymbalum pataphysicum. Gift of Charles Warner.

MAREUIL, PIERRE DE. Devoirs des personnes de qualite. Traduit de l'anglois.
London [Paris?], 1751. Second issue of the only French edition of the popular English courtesy book by William Darrell, The Duties of Great Men. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Monumens de la Vie priv‚e des douze cesars, d'aprŠs une suite de pierres grav‚es sous leur rŠgne. Capri (?), 1780. For the Library's collection of livres philosophiques. Purchase. Reed Fund.

SWIFT, JONATHAN. Le Conte du tonneau contenant tout ce que les arts, & les sciences ont de plus mysterieux. A La Haye, 1721. Translation of his Tale of a Tub. Purchase. Zabriskie fund.

OVID. Les Quinze livres de la Metamorpose d'Ovide interpretez in rime fran‡oise, selon la phrase latine par Franþoise Habert. Paris, 1557. Purchase. Harper Fund.

VIRGIL. Les Oeuvres traduites de Latin en Francois...par Cl. M[arot], R. le Blanc,...Loys de Masures...[et] P. Mouchault. Geneva, 1615. Latin and French parallel text. Purchase. Reed Fund.

VOLTAIRE. Candide, ou l'optimisme. Traduit de l'Allemand. De Mr. le Docteur Ralph. [Italy, 1759]. First Italian printing of the French text in its earliest state, preserving the extra paragraph in Chapter XXv (beginning "Candide ‚tait afflig‚..."), which was dropped by Voltaire at the last minute from the Geneva first edition. Purchase. Friends of the Library Fund.


BOXHORN, MARCUS ZUERIUS. Monvmenta illvstrivm virorum, et elogia. Cura ac studio Marci Zverii Boxhornii. Amstelodami, 1638. This is the reworking of Tobia Fendt's 125 engravings by Marcus Zuerius Boxhorn. Fendt's suite of epitaphs and sepulchral monuments was first issued in 1574 in Frankfurt by Sigmund Feyerabend. Boxhorn, evidently, added text to face each engraving and had the plates reissued by Janzoon in Amsterdam in 1638. In the Princeton copy, the 125 plates are divided into two parts: Monvmenta illvstrivm virorum (plates 1-87) followed by Monvmenta aliquot sepulchralia veterum romanorum aeriincisa. (pl. 88-125). In the Princeton copy, Boxhorn's commentary ends with plate 72. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Ermanung fr dir Jugend. Basel, printed by Samuel Apiarius, [1570?]. Broadside with verse and woodcuts teaching children the vices of beggars. [Mark check this??]. Curiously, the verso of the broadside is the outer forme of quire D from an unknown edition of The testament of the twelve patriarchs. There are similar or identical copies of this broadside at the Pierpont Morgan Library and in Munich. Purchase. Kienbusch Fund.

LAVATER, JOHANN CASPER. A sammelband of five French translations from the German, covering physignomy, character and personality analysis, as well as handwriting analysis. Purchase. Reed Fund.

MELANCHTHON, PHILIP. Elementorum rhetorices libri duo: Martini Crusii questionibus explicati in academia Tybingensi. Basle, 1564. First edition of Crusius's recension of Melanchthon's popular rhetoric, annotated throughout
probably by Jacob Hanckelmann, who signed and dated the book in 1569. Bound in contemporary blindstamped pigskin with panel stamping as follows: upper cover: seated woman and demon's? head, putti surmounting the woman, with stamped initials I.H.P. and dated 1565; lower cover: arms. Purchase. Zabriskie Fund.

PALMER, THOMAS, FL. 1306-1316. Flores Bibliae, sive loci communes omnium fere materiarum ex veteri ac novo testamento excerpti .... Paris, 1566. This book is based on the early 14th century Irish divine's Manipulus Florum, a compendium, arranged by subject, of Biblical verses, excerpts from the Church Fathers as well as other leading theologians and scholars. Its format and arrangement could be considered proto-emblematic. Purchase. Reed Fund.


ALCIATI, ANDREA. Emblemata libri duo. Lyon: Jean de Tournes and Guillaume Gazeau, 1547. First De Toures edition with the first use of the suite of woodcuts by Bernard Salomon. Only other copy in the US at the Huntington. Purchase. Harper Fund.

ALCIATI, ANDREA. Emblemata libri duo. Geneva: Jean de Tournes, 1614. In this copy, the imprint place "Geneva" is struck-over the rubbed-out original imprint place "Colonia Allobrogum." Moreover, the last numbered page is "241", a misprint for "257." The Landwehr copy. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

BOLLANDUS JOHANNES. Imago primi saeculi Societatis Iesu a provincia Flandro-Belgica eiusdem Societatis repraesentata. Antwerp, 1640. First edition. Centenary festscrift for the Jesuit Order. Purchase. Reed Fund.

DISCALCED AUGUSTINIAN HERMITS OF PRAGUE. Corona virtutum et laudum S. ducis et martyris Boemorum inclyti Wenceslai. Prague, 1657. Bought at Sotheby's New York, 15 June 1990, lot 357. A rare Bohemian emblem-book on the patron saint of the nation, Wenceslaus, composed by the Discalced Augustinian Hermits of Prague as a Festschrift for the saint's feast-day, 15 November 1657. Engraved plates throughout, some decorated with gold. Purchase. Reed Fund.

PINAMONTI, GIOVANNI PIETRO. Spiegel sonder bedrogh. Antwerp, 1733. Translation into Dutch from his Lo Specchio che non ingama, first published at Florence in 1686. The Landwehr copy. Purchase. Sutton Fund.

MUSART, CHARLES. Adolescens academicus sub institutione. Douay, 1633. Purchase. Reed Fund.

POIRTERS, ADRIAAN. Ydelheyt des Werelts. Antwerp: The Widow and & hiers of Jan cnobbaert, 1645. First edition of this Dutch emblem book satirizing in prose and verse the joys and vanities of the material world. Purchase. Reed Fund.

REINZER, FRANCIS. Meteorologia philosophico-politica, das ist: Philosophische und politische Beschreib- und Erkl„rung der Meteorischen ... Augsburg, 1712. Purchase. Duplicates Fund.

ROSSI, G.G. de. Scherzi poetici e pittorici. Parma: Bodoni, 1804. Purchase. Reed Fund.

VISSCHER, ROEMER. Zinne-Poppen. Amsterdam, 1678. Purchase. Reed Fund.


BRAHE, TYCHO. Epistolarum Astronomicarum libri. Frankfurt, 1610. Colophon has the imprint Uranibourg, 1596. The third issue of the first edition printed at Tycho's press on the island of Hven. These letters are chiefly the scientific correspondence of Tycho with his patron, William, Landgrave of Hesse. Includes illustrations of an observatory. Purchase. History of Science and Friends of the Library Fund.

CLEAVELAND, PARKER. An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geology. Boston, 1816. First American book on mineralogy. Purchase. Reed Fund.

GALILEI, GALILEO. Discorsi e dimonstrazioni matematiche, intorno … due nuove scienze attenenti alla mecanica & i movimenti locali...con una appendice del centro di gravit… d'alcuni solidi. Leyden, 1638. First edition of Galileo's last and greatest work, considered to be the first modern textbook of physics and the foundation of modern mechanics. Given to the Library by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in honor of Dr. William O. Baker *39 in recognition of more than two decades of service as an adviser and trustee of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and as a Trustee of Princeton University, December 1990. Signed on titlepage: C:Baltemore. This "C:Baltemore" may well be one of two Lords Baltimore, the colonial proprietors of Maryland. It could be the signature of the second Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert (1605-1675) or the signature of his son, the third Lord Baltimore, Charles Calvert (1639-1715). The Princeton University Library holds a 1683 document signed by the third Lord Baltimore and the signature on that document shows close similarity to that on the title page of the Galileo book.

SOUTHALL, JOHN. A Treatise of Buggs ... London, 1730. Purchase. Sanxay Fund.


ABEL, PIERRE. Observations Sommaires Sur La Coutume de Bretagne, ... avec La Reduction de la Mˆme Co–tume, ... Tremoille, 1689. Purchase. History Fund.

DE LA FONS, CLAUDE. Co–tumes Generales et Particulieres du Bailliage de Vermandois. St. Jacques, 1688. Purchase. History Fund.

LANGLOIX, M. Principes G‚n‚raux de la Coutume De Paris, Ou les Articles du Texte, & les Ordonnances qui y ont rapport, sont rang‚s dans un ordre m‚thodique, pur en faciliter l'usage. Paris, 1746. Purchase. History Fund.

NORMANDY. La Coutume reform‚e du pa‹s et duch‚ de Normandie, anciens ressorts et enclaves d'iceluy. comment‚e par M. Josias B‚rault, Jacques Godefroy, &
d'Aviron, ... Divis‚e en deux tomes. Rouen, 1684. Purchase. History Fund.


ABU MA'SHAR. Traumbuch Apomasaris, das ist Kurtze Ausszlegung und bedeutung der Tr„wme, nach der Lehr der Indianer, Persianer, Egypter unnd Araber. Wittemberg, [c. 16--]. Translation into German by an unknown translator from the Latin translation Apomasaris Apostelesmata; sive, Di significatis et eventis insomniorum made by Johannes Leunclavius from the Greek and first published in 1577. The Greek, in turn, was translated from the Arabic. A copy of the 1577 Latin edition is in the Library's Cook Chess Collection. Purchase. Harper Fund and Near Eastern Fund.

CEVHERI-MEHMED ED-VANI. Vankulu lugati. Istanbul, 1729. The first Ottoman Turkish imprint; from the famed press of Muteferrika. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

FRAHN, C. M. Das Muhammedanische Munzfabinet des Usiatischen Museums der Raisert. St. Petersburg, 1821. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

JONES, WILLIAM. A Grammar of the Persian Language. London, 1775. Purchase. Reed Fund.

REYNIER, L. De L'conomie Publique et Rurale des Arabes et des Juifs. GenŠve, 1820. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

SPILMAN, JAMES. A Journey through Russia into Persia; by Two English Gentlemen, Who went in the Year 1739. London, 1742. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

WELLS, CHARLES. Ilm Tedbiri Milk "The Science of the Administration of a State;" or, An Essay on Political Economy in Turkish. London, 1860. Purchase. Near Eastern Studies Fund.

JUAN BAUTISTA, FRAY, 1555-ca.1613. Advertencias para los confessores de los naturales compuestas por el padre fray Joan Baptista. Segunda parte. Mexico, en el conuento de Sanctiago Tlatilulco, por M. Ocharte, 1600. One of the first books printed at the press in Tlatilulco, outside Mexico City, in the monastery where the Franciscans had established a school for educating sons of Aztec nobles. The author covers not only instructions for religious who are parish priests to the Indians but also the royal decrees, papal bulls, audiencia and viceregal decisions affecting missionaries to the Indians and regualting their relations with them. Purchase. Reed Fund.

Diario gaditano (Cadiz, Spain), Numbers 140-289; 1 February 1821 to 30 June 1821. Partial run of a very rare Spanish periodical. Gift of Bruce Willsie '86.

SPANISH AND CATALAN PERIODICALS. Additions to the Library's collection of over 684 separate runs of serials and documents issued by the numerous and multifarious political, labor, and church movements, leagues, and groups, chiefly in Catalonia during the transition period 1950 to 1980. Purchase. Latin American and Iberian Studies Fund as well the Reed Fund.


MARIN, MARIA JOSEPH. Vida inimmitable en carrera imcomprehensible de Santa Juana de Valois, Franzia. Palermo, 1747. Only edition of a biography in Spanish verse of an important woman of the Renaissance, Jeanne de Valois, Duchess de Berry (1464-1504), founder of the Order of the Annunciation and a college at Bourges. Purchase. Spanish Literature Fund.


About 80 books dating from the sixteenth century to the early twentieth century given by Hugh Trumbull Adams, Class of 1935, including several important travel books, such as John Ross's Voyage of Discovery ... exploring Baffin's Bay, (London, 1819). The books are given in memory of Mr. Adams's classmates: Richard Lindsay Freeman, Gordon Lithgow Keen, and Duncan Van Norden.

A Jean Rhys collection and a Mary Webb collection as well as single books of poetry, all signed, by Padraic Colum, Jos‚ Garcia Villa, Marianne Moore, Stephen Vincent Ben‚t, Stephen Spender, Paul Engle, John Drinkwater, and Tennesse Williams. Also included for the Theatre Collection is a large photograph of Robert. M. Crawford. Gift of Edward Naumburg '24.

Fifty-one volumes of modern fiction, poetry, and drama in the field of American and English literature, including a first edition in dust jacket of Saul Bellow's first book, Dangling Man. Gift of Richard M. Ludwig.