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Unseen Hands: Women Printers, Binders and Book Designers    
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Aitken, Jane
American, born in Scotland, 1764-1832

Armstrong, Margaret
American, 1867-1944

Bacon, Peggy
American, 1895-1987

Bailey, Lydia
American, 1779-1869

Bonhomme, Iolande
French, active 1497-1556

Center for Research on Women
Stanford University, 1982

Club of Printing Women

Faithfull, Emily
British, 1835-1895

Franklin, Ann Smith
American, 1696-1763

Friedlander, Elizabeth
German 1903-1984

Gág, Wanda
American, 1893-1946

Gilpin, Laura
American, 1891-1979

Goudy, Bertha M. Sprinks
American, 1869-1935

Grabhorn, Jane Bissell
American, 1911-1973

Green, Ann[e] Catharine Hoof
American, born in Holland, ca. 1720-1774

Green, Elizabeth Shippen
American, 1871-1954

Guild of Women Binders
British, active 1898-1904

Housman, Clemence
British, 1861-1955

Johnson, W. Parke

Jones, Shirley
Welsh, 1934-

King, Susan E.
American, 1947-

Leighton, Clare Veronica Hope
British, 1898-1989

Merian, Maria Sibylla
German, 1647-1717

Oakley, Violet
American, 1874-1961

Palmer, Frances Flora Bond (Fanny)
British, 1812-1876

Price, Robin

Prideaux, S. T. (Sarah Treverbian)
British, 1853-1933

Rodney, Janet

Rusconibus, Helizabeth de
Italian, active 1527

San Jacopo di Ripoli, Nuns of
Italian, active 1476 - 1484

Smith, Jessie Willcox
American, 1863-1935

Troup, Augusta Lewis
American, 1848-1920

Walker, Kara Elizabeth
American, 1969-

Warde, Beatrice L.
American, 1900-1969

Woolf, Virginia
British, 1882-1941

Whitman, Sarah Wyman
American, 1842-1904

Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet
Irish, 1868-1940

Zapf von Hesse, Gudrun
German, 1918-


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