CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS: (C0101) 1880s- , 524 boxes and 226 vols. The bulk of the collection consists of author correspondence from the 1880s to 1970s, including extensive personal and editorial corre-spondence with Ernest Hemingway and editorial correspondence of Maxwell Perkins and other editors with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Edith Wharton, Thomas Wolfe, and hundreds of other authors, chiefly American and British. The archives also contain business records, photographs, and family-related materials, mostly related to Charles Scribner II (1854-1920). Related collections: PERKINS, MAXWELL E., LETTERS TO ELIZABETH LEMMON (C0655). See also the SELECTED PAPERS OF ALFRED DASHIELL (C0212), who did editorial work for Scribner's (1921-1967), and SELECTED CORRESPONDENCE OF ROBERT BRIDGES (C0209) who was also a Scribner's editor (1896-1939). There is also relevant correspondence in the F. SCOTT FITZGERALD PAPERS (C0187) and papers of other Scribner authors.

D. VAN NOSTRAND: (C0719) 1834-1969, 22 boxes, collected by Edward Crane (Class of 1945), contains family correspondence and business records of these publishers of trade, technical and scientific books, based in New York City, then after 1955 in Princeton.

DERRYDALE PRESS: (C0070), 1926-1960, bulk dates: 1928-1942, 106 boxes and 4 other containers. The archives of this press, founded in 1926 by Eugene V. Connett III, include correspondence and business records concerning both the authors and the illustrators of sporting books.

DOUBLEDAY PUBLISHING COMPANY: (C0162) 1885-1963, bulk dates: 1890s-1940s, 38 boxes and 2 other containers. The Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection is especially strong in correspondence and manuscripts of Rudyard Kipling, but also contains material related to Joseph Conrad, T. E. Lawrence, and W. Somerset Maugham. It includes F.N. Doubleday's memoirs and letters from over 100 corre-spondents. A major addition to these archives consists of the ELLEN McCARTER DOUBLEDAY PAPERS: (C0747) [1930s]-1978, 9 boxes and 4 other containers, including material reflecting her role on the board of directors of the publishing firm Doubleday & Co. after the death of her husband Nelson Doubleday. Among the correspondents are Daphne Du Maurier, W. Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward, Sinclair Lewis, Kenneth Roberts, and Booth Tarkington.

FARRAR & RINEHART, INC.: (C0716) 1932-1952, 1 box, contains selected files of this New York Publishing Company relating to Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound between the years 1932 and 1952.

G. P. PUTNAM & SON: (C0685) 1843-1869, 10 boxes and 2 other containers, consists of the correspondence (1851-1856) of G. P. Putnam and Putnam's Monthly Magazine with a wide range of mid-19th century American authors, including James Fennimore Cooper, Washington Irving, Herman Melville and Ralph Waldo Emerson, as well as portrait engravings, and two holograph manuscripts by George W. Bethune and Francis L. Hawkes.

GEORGE BRAZILLER, INC.: (C0795), 1960s-1995, 56 boxes. Press releases, reviews, correspondence and business files, relating mainly to the publication of art and architecture titles, but also to works in the fields of history, philosophy, music and the social sciences. Included among the figures published by Braziller are Octavio Paz, Ned Rorem, Erich Kahler, Meyer Schapiro, Conrad Aiken, Ford Madox Ford, Pavel Kohout, Margaret Mead, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

HARPER & BROTHERS: (C0103) 1909-1960, bulk dates: 1939-1955, 34 boxes. Selected records include editorial and business corre-spondence, as well as some manuscripts, of authors such as Richard Wright, André Maurois, and Sumner Welles, together with Cass Canfield's correspondence about Adlai E. Stevenson's 1956 presidential campaign.

HENRY HOLT: (C0100) 1859-1981, bulk dates: 1890-1943, 493 containers and 297 vols. These archives include business and financial records, publicity material, and trade catalogs, as well as correspondence and manuscripts of such authors as Robert Frost, Henry Adams, William James, Carl Sandburg, John Dewey, Albert Schweitzer, Hamlin Garland, and H. L. Mencken. Related collections: the MARIA HORNOR LANSDALE CORRESPONDENCE: (C0631), 4 boxes, contains correspondence with Holt, regarding her translation of Grazia Deledda's Doppo il Divorzio (1904). See also the WILLIAM M. SLOANE PAPERS (C0236) for correspondence.

THE INDEPENDENT: (C0818), 1882-1899, 1 box. This collection consists of selected editorial correspondence of the New York weekly, founded in 1848 by Henry Chandler as a Congrega-tionalist journal, but later expanded in scope to include literary and social topics. Editors include Henry Ward Beecher (1861-1864), William Hayes Ward (1868-1916), Kinsley Twining (1880-1899) and Hamilton Holt (1897-1921). Ca. 85 letters fron figures such as William Gordon Blaikie, Bliss Carman, and Sarah Orne Jewett, as well as 8 manuscripts, including 2 by Bliss Carman.

JOHN DAY PUBLISHING CO.: (C0123) 1926-1968, 570 boxes. These archives contain correspondence dating from the Day Publishing Company's founding in 1926 and include such names as Pearl Buck, James Branch Cabell, Mortimer Adler, William Rose Bénèt, Clarence Darrow, Babette Deutsch, George and Ira Gershwin, and Theodore Dreiser, as well as organizations such as National Geographic Magazine, The New Republic and the Theatre Guild.

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS: (C0728) 1906-1966, bulk dates: 1940s-1950s, 150 boxes, whose archives include correspondence of Datus C. Smith (director, 1941-1954) and others with authors, as well as catalogs, trade lists, executive committee minutes and annual reports of the editorial board. A large recent addition to the archives consists of author files for 1940-1980s, including correspondence, information on reprints and editions, corrections, permissions, contracts and agreements. Some of the authors included are Paul Alpers, Carlos Baker, Fredson Bowers, Peter Gay, Harvey Granville-Barker, U.C. Knoepfl-macher, Fritz Machlup, Arthur Schnabel, and Carl Van Doren. The PAUL ELMER MORE CORRESPONDENCE: (C0132) 1 box, consists of his correspondence with the Press, which published several of his books during the period from 1916 to 1936. Among books discussed are Platonism (1917), Religion of Plato (1921), and The Christ of the New Testament (1924).

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY COLLECTION: (C0609), 1933-1945, 7 boxes, consists of printed matter of Publishers' Weekly (the periodical published by the R.R. Bowker Company), as well as correspondence relating to the book publishing industry's problems during World War II, the industry's response to the demands of the war, and its dealings with public and private groups such as the War Production Board, Office of War Information, Office of the Alien Property Custodian, the Victory Book Committee, the Book Industry Committee for Roosevelt, and the Council on Books in Wartime.

STORY MAGAZINE: (C0104), 1931-1965, 168 boxes and 15 other containers. The collection consists chiefly of author correspondence, manuscripts, and other files kept by Whit and Hallie Burnett (owner-editors) and Martha Foley (editor) for Ludwig Bemelmans, Norman Mailer, J. D. Salinger, and other writers.


BRANDT AND BRANDT: (C0732), 1920s-1970s, 14 boxes. The archives of this literary agency contain contract files for works by Arthur Machen, Mary McCarthy and others.

DAVID LLOYD AGENCY: (C0060), 1928-1958, bulk dates: 1934-1952, 72 boxes, includes records consisting of legal documents and correspondence of author Pearl Buck when she was their client. Also reflects liaison with Day Publishing Co.

HAROLD OBER ASSOCIATES: (C0129), 1927-1982, bulk dates: 1968-1982, 336 boxes. These archives include correspondence with such figures as Chinua Achebe, Pearl Buck, Walter Edmonds, Marshall McLuhan, Victoria Glendinning, Arnold Rampersad and W.S.Merwin, as well as letters relating to the literary estates of William Faulkner, Dylan Thomas, Langston Hughes and F. Scott Fitzgerald, among others.


The Manuscripts Division also houses relevant materials in the papers and/or records of the following:

ADLER, ELMER, PAPERS: (C0262), 1951-1961, 431 boxes and 31 other containers, containing the business archives of the Pynson Printers and reflecting Adler's relations with figures such as Bennett Cerf, Alfred A. Knopf and Rockwell Kent.

BEACH, SYLVIA, PAPERS: (C0108), 1887-1966, bulk dates: 1920s-1950s, 238 boxes and 1 other container, who was proprietor of Shakespeare & Company, an American emigré bookstore and publisher in Paris, best remembered for publishing the first edition of James Joyce's Ulysses.

BRIDGES, ROBERT, SELECTED CORRE- SPONDENCE AND MISCELLANY: (C0209) 1896-1939, 12 boxes, consisting of papers pertaining to Bridges' edi-torial work at Scribner's, as well as to his Princeton activities (Class of 1879).

BROOM CORRESPONDENCE OF HAROLD LOEB: (C0110) 1920-1956, 2 boxes, who was based in Italy but corresponded (1921-1924) with such American authors as Fitzgerald and Hemingway, as well as European figures such as Cocteau and Matisse.

COMMINS, SAXE, PAPERS: (C0718) 1930-1973, 17 boxes, who, as editor from the 1930s to '50s at Boni & Liveright and Random House (including Modern Library), corresponded with such writers as Gertrude Stein, W. H. Auden, Sherwood Anderson, Bennett Cerf, Budd Schulberg and Eugene O'Neill.

COUNCIL ON BOOKS IN WARTIME ARCHIVES: (MC038), 1942-1947, 41 boxes and 3 other containers, includes records of the American organization formed during World War II by book publishers to further the war effort.

DASHIELL, ALFRED, SELECTED PAPERS: (C0212), 1921-1967, 3 boxes, consist of papers relating to Dashiell's editorial work at Scribner's and at The Reader's Digest. In addition to scattered letters by figures such as Robert Frost, H.L. Mencken, James Thurber and Carl Sandburg, there are several folders of Thomas Wolfe material. Also a Hemingway autograph.

DODGE, MARY MAPES: 1) WILKINSON COLLECTION OF MARY MAPES DODGE: (C0114), bulk dates: 1869-1900, 6 boxes and 1 container; 2) DONALD AND ROBERT M DODGE COLLECTION OF MARY MAPES DODGE: (C0113), bulk dates: 1866-1936, 13 boxes and 1 container; 3) ST. NICHOLAS CORRESPONDENCE OF MARY MAPES DODGE: (C0029), 1867-1903, 1 box. As editor of St. Nicholas Magazine, Dodge corre-sponded with Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Booker T. Washington, among others.

FRANKLIN BOOK PROGRAM, INC.: (MC057) 1952-1982, bulk dates: 1952-1977, 493 boxes and 4 other containers consists of extensive corporate, financial and publication records, and foreign and domestic correspondence concerning Franklin Book Program's activities in assisting developing countries, primarily in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, in the creation, production, distribution and use of books and other educational materials.

GOULD, BRUCE AND BEATRICE BLACKMAR, CORRESPONDENCE: (C0673), 1909-1967, bulk dates: 1950-1960, 14 boxes, pertains to the Ladies' Home Journal (1935-1967) as well as to The Saturday Review (1920s-'30s).

KRAUS, JOE WALKER: (C0368), 1977-1983, 4 boxes. This collection consists of Kraus's working papers for histories of two American publishers, Way & Williams (1984) and Messrs. Copeland & Day (1979).

NEW REVIEW CORRESPONDENCE OF SAMUEL PUTNAM: (C0111), 1927-1933, 5 boxes, reflects the years Putnam worked in France and include his editorial correspondence with Ezra Pound, Ford Madox Ford and others.

PERKINS, MAXWELL E., LETTERS TO ELIZABETH H. LEMMON: (C0655), 1922-1947, 2 boxes, discussing his relations with authors such as Thomas Wolfe, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others, while editor of Charles Scribner's Sons.

RICHARDS, GRANT, CORRESPONDENCE: (C0125), 1906-1923, 1 box, consisting of letters from various actors, illustrators, journalists, writers and other figures in the literary world, pertaining primarily to the publishing business. There are over 350 letters in the JOHN DAVIDSON COLLECTION (C0215), 4 boxes, most of which are addressed to Grant Richards who was his publisher.

SCIENTIFIC BOOK CLUB RECORDS: (C0781), 1930-1946, 4 boxes and 1 other container, consisting of selected financial records from the New York City office. The club was a specialty, subscription book club founded in late 1929 with an editorial and advisory committee of 16 distinguished scientists, including Arthur Comption, Edward L. Thorndike, Arthur A. Noyes, Vernon Kellogg, Robert A. Millikan, Kirtley F. Mather, and Maxwell M. Geffen. SLOANE, WILLIAM M., SELECTED PAPERS: (C0236), 1938-1970, 3 boxes, consist primarily of correspondence of Sloane ('29) during his publishing and editorial career. He was vice president and president of the Association of American University Presses (1966, 1969-70). There is also correspondence with the Council on Books in Wartime during Sloane's trip to China (1943-44), and with the publishing houses of Henry Holt & Co. (1938-46) and William Sloane Associates (1946-52), as well as with Lambert Davis of the University of North Carolina Press and Weldon A. Kefauver of the Ohio State University Press.

TORRENCE, RIDGELEY, PAPERS: (C0172) 1833-1952, 115 boxes and 4 other containers, which reflect Torrence's role as editor of The New Republic and include his correspondence with literary friends and contributors such as Robert Frost, Margaret Fuller, Vachel Lindsay, and Edwin Arlington Robinson.

WALKER, JAMES P., PAPERS: (C0356), 1850-1886, 5 boxes and 1 other container, including correspondence between the Boston publishing firm Walker, Wise & Co. and such intellectual and literary leaders of the day as William Cullen Bryant, William Lloyd Garrison, Julia Ward Howe, Harriet Martineau and Henry James (father of the novelist). The correspondence also reflects the firm's commitment to publication of the most liberal Unitarian clergymen and writers of the day.

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